Reg E. Cathey is Sue & Johnny Storm's Dad in 'Fantastic Four' Reboot

May 8, 2014

Reg E. Cathey

Ever since Michael B. Jordan and Kate Mara were cast as the superhero brother and sister of Johnny and Sue Storm (aka The Human Torch and The Invisible Woman) alongside Jamie Bell as The Thing and Miles Teller as Mr. Fantastic., we've known that the family dynamic in Fantastic Four was going to be a little different than what we've seen before. Now we know who the father of these two siblings will be as THR reports Reg E. Cathey, best known for starring in the HBO series "The Wire," will be playing Dr. Storm, a scientist and father to Johnny and Sue. That likely means Kate Mara will be an adopted sister or a step-sister since genetics and her appearance makes it unlikely she's an actual blood relative of Dr. Storm.

There's been some senseless dissension about having Sue and Johnny Storm each be a different race, mostly because people are ignorant and clamoring for some kind of correlation to the comic books that doesn't actually matter beyond a surface-level presence and doesn't change anything important in the story. We're interested to see how the more hardcore fans react to this news, and by interested we mean we're ready to cringe at the blatant racial insensitivity that will inevitably come from this angle. Funnily enough, Cathey has also appeared on "House of Cards," which also starred Mara. So there you go.

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Not that I really care...but I can't wait to see how they explain how Sue (Mara) is a white, freckled, and blonde woman with a black dad...of course adoption or marrying a woman who already had a child will probably be the answer...but if they go the biological route that would be interesting.

Xerxexx on May 8, 2014


I didn't know Rashida Jones was half-black at first. Nor do I care. But there are some lesser know actresses out there that could "pull off being mixed race better". Yes, I'm ashamed how horrible that sounded. Or gasp, a whole black Storm family. Really. As long as their race isn't pushed down our throats I don't care what their (LOL) nationality is.

Akirakorn on May 10, 2014


Otherwise known for his famous line in Airheads, "You wanna take a step back? You're standing on my d!ck, man."

anonymouse on May 8, 2014


He's still Querns in my book, and only Adebisi liked him.

Akirakorn on May 10, 2014


Reg was legendary on HOUSE OF CARDS. Looking forward to his performance.

DAVIDPD on May 8, 2014


Well im glad u dont make movies cause we would have a White Shaft female batman Mexican Superman and Sean Connery playing Spiderman People want things to look like the source material and all the sudden they are racists Its whats wrong with the World.... Im sure u would have no objection to a Wakanda King finding a white baby in a basket and raising him as his own and the white baby eventually becomes Black Panther....

John on May 8, 2014


Gotta love the comic fans' thin line between fact & fiction. They accept a woman can turn invisible but have trouble believing she could have relatives of a different race 🙂

whoafilms on May 8, 2014


When is a Comic book movie not a Comic book movie? ...... when its not based on the comics. I came to see an FF movie, I don't know wtf this is, guess Fox won't be getting my $20, but hey its only fiction ....... oh wait our money's pretty real to Fox studio's though isn't it.

MarvelFan_1 on Jun 13, 2014


Imagine a white shaft dude there would be an uproar.

Guest on May 9, 2014


Waaah... the source material... waaah there's no 3D printer to make my fanboy wet dreams a 100% reality. Meanwhile, Freddy is Dr. Storm. Nice get, Trank.

TJW on May 8, 2014


I have been a comic fan for over 35 years and it doesn't faze me any. Listen, these iconic heroes were created over 75 years ago by mostly white men for white kids; do you honestly think that if Bob Kane created Batman to be black or Stan Lee created anyone of his characters to be Hispanic or Asian, that their bosses would be like, "Yes! America is ready." I am a multiracial and love to cosplay at cons, but still find it difficult to find non-white heroe who are as big as Spidey, Bats, Supes, etc...look at Halloween costumes, not even the Ultimate Spider-Man Morales Miles can be found. My 9 yr old nephew has been bumblebee, snake eyes, Optimus Prime and Iron Man, and is now starting to wonder why he can't find heroe costumes that aren't different races. He'll look at Lupita Nyong'o, she won freakin best oscar and voted most beautiful woman by People, but do you see Hollywood beating down her door? Nope. Emma Stone? I love and embrace all races and cultures, but my eyes just see things differently as do all that come here, which is why I can come here and view the difference and not be offended if you do not agree with my opinions.

mooreworthy on May 8, 2014


Bumblebee and Optimus aren't even human bruh. And Storm Shadow > Snake Eyes. PS: I was wondering why Snake Eyes was. not. asian. in the new Joes. (although kudos to Ray Park) Um. There is pretty much nobody as big as Spidey, Bats, and Supes in the hero world. Period. Ultimates, variants, and other editions of established characters are never anywhere near as popular as their originals. You missed the big one: Green Lantern. I knew very little of him aside from the 90s toons, and John Stewart is the Lantern for me. Mostly because he seemed more mature and relatable (emotionally) than the other DC heroes. Not just another wisecracking smart ass, or uptight do-gooder. Most costumes are based on recent movies and trends. I'd prefer 'original' transformers anyway, but yeah, I'd prefer more options out there... for boys. Biggest girl costumes I recognize are Disney Princesses and Dora the Explorer. Lastly, Lupita has at least 2 or 3 major movie deals coming up, so she's fine. Emma is/was hollywood "IT girl" for the akward appeal category. Plus she's genuinely funny and watchable.

Akirakorn on May 10, 2014


The options for white based character costumes still outweigh all other charters, even in the comic world, but you made some valid points because you have a different perspective that I do not or overlooked. Comments appreciated.

mooreworthy on May 11, 2014


I hate that excuse "These hero's were created 75 yrs ago when they didn't make black hero's" DUDE! Marvel has been around ever since, have you not noticed that since the 1950's more characters were created?? Falcon was made in 1969, Black Panther in 1966, they didn't stop making hero's in the 50's.

MarvelFan_1 on Jun 13, 2014


Thank god that the gallant writers of firstshowing are such grand champions of social justice. Ive gotten over this whole situation because Hollywood just doesnt care about properly contrust a movie. They care about money and if the movie just happens to sticks to the source material, so be it. So i go to movies without expecting a spot on recreation because it just doesnt happen anymore. But if a Black Panther movie was made with an Asian lead or another Zorro movie was made with a white lead, people would be up in arms

Chris on May 9, 2014


Because Blank Panthers race is the basis of his origins and defines his character. Johnny Storm's race wouldn't stop him from becoming the Human Torch or his role in the FF. Besides their was already a precursor to the King of the Jungle who was white- Tarzan.

mooreworthy on May 9, 2014


I've only (clearly) remember seening the Ian Holm - Christopher Lambert Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, and Disney toon versions; but I'm pretty sure Tarzan was a lost white kid raised in the jungle... google... From Wiki: The novel tells the story of John Clayton... Clayton is named "Tarzan" ("White Skin" in the ape language). Bad example there, but yes it does matter in a many known characters, and hollywood is known for anglo-sizing non-white ones. Aang in Avatar would be a better example. I think.

Akirakorn on May 9, 2014


That was my point, that Tarzan was white on purpose, it was the whole background of his origin.

mooreworthy on May 11, 2014


Taking into consideration that in the comics they weren't black this whole idea doesn't make sense to me. Even Nick Fury got a race change in the comics so for it to be on film makes sense but why the race change for the this movie that's what bothers me. This idea just seems more of a publicity stunt to start a trend. The reason why Iron Man did so well is because the origin was very similar to the original story with some minor adaptations to fit into today's world. After seeing how well that formula works and how much fans and none fans came to love Iron Man I still find it baffling that some studios can't hop on board and adopt the same idea and formula. Its simple, its works and it pleases everyone. If you want to make movies about black super heroes then do so I am all for that but don't change the race of super heroes just because you think you have the right. See Marvel got greedy and sold off the rights to some of their most iconic characters and now they are going to have to deal with the consequences.

blkstar on May 9, 2014


F U ALL... they are BOTH adopted! Oh how I would piss myself laughing! And for the nTH time, pretty sure "black" Nick Fury in the comics was done before the movie was even pitched, and they based his look (A LOT) like Sam Jackson. Similar to Wanted, where they based the main character (A LOT) like Eminem. Pretty sure this whole 'debate' started with Donald Glover being the fan favorite for Amazin' Spidey, mostly because most of us liked him better than the other candidates AND... we were hoping the 'race change'... would. not. matter. We wanted a quality Spidey. Not 'urban' spidey. Not 'black' spidey. Not an 'african-american' spidey. Just a little bit different. I.E. no over-handed racial stereotyping, background, setting. Period.

Akirakorn on May 9, 2014

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