Review: 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Regresses Comic Book Films 20 Years

May 2, 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Meanwhile over at Sony's take on the Marvel cinematic universe, things have gotten ugly. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 rides a high wave of comic book fandom in the movie world, but that doesn't mean it carries with it the same weight or impact we've seen recently. The first film of this ill-timed reboot was worthless, a cheap retread over familiar territory that added little to the Spider-Man universe. The sequel, however, is littered with moments and ideas that bring about some very genuine emotion. Unfortunately, those moments are few and far between, and instead of getting something fun, fresh, or original, we are bombarded by the same cartoonish tropes and over-the-top performances that nearly killed the comic book movie in the 1990s. Congratulations, Marc Webb, some comparisons to Joel Schumacher are in order.

But while he'll inevitably get the blame for how messy and rancid this film is, director Webb is far from the primary culprit working against The Amazing Spider-Man 2. On the contrary, the way this movie looks is one of its top selling points. Digital effects have come a long way since Sam Raimi gave us his version of the webslinger. In 2014, we're able to flawlessly jump from skyscraper to skyscraper, giving chase to criminals with the superhero and enjoying the thrilling views. The camera work and action scattered throughout The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is quality.

It's the multitude of villains, the poorly conceived drama surrounding our central hero, and the complete lack of cohesion going on in Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci's screenplay that quickly put the brakes on this film's excitement. That "multitude of villains" is chiefly made up of Jamie Foxx as Max Dillon/Electro and Dane DeHaan as this film's take on Harry Osborne/Green Goblin. Evidently, James Franco didn't get the job done well enough. While that's only two villains, the amount of time given to each of them in this 140-minute movie is staggering and cumbersome. That's not saying anything about the way their handled. Foxx's villain is in full-on Jim Carrey/Ridler mode. His backstory of loneliness and obsession with Spider-Man, who has saved his life, might be more interesting if Foxx weren't hamming it up left and right. The dub step that seems to permeate the world whenever he's pissed off doesn't help matters either.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

I've gone this long without discussing the film's actual synopsis, but to write it out would be to hit every comic book plot-point we've discussed a dozen times over the past 15 years. Spider-Man/Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) is in that ever-present struggle between doing what's best for his city and what's best for the health of his relationship with Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone). Her personal health is a constant point of concern for the hero, as well, as he's continuously haunted by the ghost of her father (Denis Leary) whose life Spider-Man failed to save.

Also Parker is continuing his search for the truth about his missing scientist father. Also Harry Osborne, a childhood friend of Parker's, comes to town and learns of a very rare disease he's inherited from his dying father. Also the thing with Electro trying to short out half the city. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 bounces between these storylines with all the finesse of a mechanical rhino.

Speaking of which, did I mention Paul Giamatti? He also pops up a couple of times as a Russian gangster, extremely heavy on the Russian. If Foxx's insane performance goes to 11, Giamatti's craziness doesn't even register a number. You can't blame the actor (neither can you blame Foxx) since the driving idea behind this follow-up seems to be bigger, bigger, bigger and more, more, more. The fact that Giamatti is barely in the film is evidence to just how much shit Webb and his crew tried to pack in here.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

It has to be mentioned that this lack of development on most aspects to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 completely kills any chance it has of utilizing its greatest asset, that being Sally Field in the role of Peter's Aunt May. It's not surprising that Field can carry the weight of any role, and she delivers in this film with full-on strength and range. She even finds a way to slip in some restraint now and a gain. What's surprising are the little moments of character between her and Garfield in this film, little beats or lines of dialogue in the screenplay that could have easily been stretched to an interesting subplot. The fact that her character has taken on a night-shift job at a hospital and feels compelled to keep her outfit a mystery from her nephew creates a really interesting dynamic between the two. Unfortunately, it's completely gets lost in the dumpster fire swirling up around it.

At least seeming to attempt to keep up with all the plotlines going on is Garfield, who's always been a solid choice to take on the lead of this franchise. It's a good-news-bad-news situation that he seems to give his character a different persona for each of the villains/mysteries/dramas he's facing this time around. He's trying. Really, he is. Fortunately, he's talented enough of an actor to switch gears with ease, trading quips and punches with Foxx as effortlessly as he drops cuteness and tears when he's around Field or Stone. In another world, Garfield would have been the shining star of a quality slate of Spider-Man films. Unfortunately, those films aren't hear and now.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will surely be hit with a barrage of "Worst Comic Book Movie of All-Time" hate, and, to an extent, it deserves some of it. That's not to say that it IS the worst comic book movie ever made, far from it. There's an idea of a good Spider-Man movie tucked inside this God-awful mess of a film. There are several ideas for several good Spider-Man movies in here, to be fair. Sadly, nothing about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 gels, and the unfortunate mess that results from too may cooks being in the kitchen is one of the most horrendous seen recently. It almost makes you yearn for Tobey Maguire to show up wearing black and nailing a dance number. Almost.

Jeremy's Rating: 3 out of 10
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if I remember correctly didn't u give the first amazing spider-man the same score. Anyways, I will wait for a netflix or something, I really hated the first one as well

me on May 2, 2014


just check back on the original one, its 4.5,lol

me on May 2, 2014


The Amazing Sony-Man. I yearn for a Marvel-controlled Spidey. Not a reboot, just a well thought out movie that is interested more in a coherent story than the bottom dollar. Oh, and holy proofreading, Batman. Ridler and a gain (again). 🙂

yomandenver on May 2, 2014


Don't forget the there in wrong context.. Shees. Review the review!!

David Bozenski on May 2, 2014


Ouch indeed...! I enjoyed it, but this is just brutal. To each his own, eh. 🙂 Good review anyway - thanks for being honest and letting it all out.

Alex Billington on May 2, 2014


Have you ever thought of posting 2 reviews for each film?

Quanah on May 2, 2014


I'm just not that much into reviews in general. I prefer everyone post their own thoughts, and everyone makes up their own mind. There are thousands of reviews of every movie you can read all over the place. We also post a Sound Off for this reason - because I want to hear your thoughts more than another formal review.

Alex Billington on May 3, 2014


I get you. Although I didn't think Spiderman 2 wasn't great, I was not surprised at all by Jeremy's review. Seems to be a trend and would like to occasionally see another reviewers opinion. Don't get me wrong Jeremy, you're a well groomed writer, but I think you need a hug sometimes.

Quanah on May 3, 2014


I agree. Kirk is a great reviewer even though I disagree with him...I would like to see more reviews from Billington and friends.

Xerxexx on May 3, 2014


HONESTY level: Jeremy 7.5 Kirk. It stings.

Xerxexx on May 2, 2014


Oh I'm sorry, I thought Spider-Man was a comic-book character. Anyone going into this movie expecting high-brow drama and characterisation has clearly missed the whole point and drive of the medium the film is based on. I fail to see how the reviewer deems this movie to be in the same league as Schumacher's mess. I also fail to see how the film could be construed as unexciting - it was a well acted and brilliantly realised depiction of a campy, larger-than-life, comic-book (there's that phrase again) world. Anyone going into theatres expecting anything more than that has clearly got a skewed vision of what actually happens in comics. And I agree with other commentors - if you want such a scathing review to be taken seriously please have the decency to use proper grammar and spelling.

Ozzie Ozzie on May 2, 2014


So robbing a bank with big bags of golden coins with giant dollar signs in them, surrounding your characters with super-models pretending to be every women in New York, having a suit of armor made for the military that has a helmet with the face of a goblin, a cartoon of a magazine boss, those are not pushing the "comic book films back to the 90's? And I'm not even gonna talk about the third one! Amazing Spiderman 2 is a good movie, fun and aware of the fact that IT IS ABOUT A COMIC BOOK CHARACTER!!!

Héctor Pérez Tovar on May 2, 2014


Wow you really didn't like that movie. I myself enjoyed it. I couldn't stand the first one but I thought this one was pretty good. Will wait for Sound Off to say anything.

TK on May 2, 2014


I'm actually kinda glad I didn't read any reviews before going in. I really enjoyed myself. Yes, there is some god awful things about this flick, dialogue being one ("time to light my candles" really?!) and Electro barely having anything substantial to do, but overall it made me feel like a kid again. And that's all I wanted.

Carlo on May 2, 2014


i gotta say i liked the movie had enough big action, nice romance that every other superhero movie lacks(chemistry b/w the leads too) and a very good hero.... dont expect a batman when you are watching spiderman...

Rahul Radhakrishnan on May 2, 2014


Wow, so much hate on this movie. I loved the movie. I enjoyed it a lot, And I can't wait for the next one.

Jose Gomez on May 2, 2014


'Rancid?' Really? Seems like somebody's whining about not having your pet Spiderman movie. Seriously, you don't use words like that unless you're just personally offended by something that really got your panties in a wad. Comparing Carrey's Ridler to Electro here is a valid point, but I don't really see how that's a bad thing.

Ezlo on May 2, 2014


I think that this movie was really amazing. I believe that we can find really good fx on any other movie (like The hobbit ) and in Amazing Spiderman 2 (AS2) the actions scenes were great. I can´t complain nothing on that. What i love about the movie, was that Parker understood a lot of his problems in many ways and levels. Specially the part when he understands the suffering of the people he loves, when he hide from them, for their security. He understands his parents, when he finds out that he did the same thing with Gwen, and his aunt did the same for him. Also, Osborn had the same problem with his dad. So we can see that the lesson that Parker understands, about leaving our love ones was like the main subject of the movie. Also, i love the little gags that show us a Peter parker/ Spiderman more innocent and "goofy" like in the comic. One of my favorite were when he sees Gwen and starts crossing the street and a car smashes a mirror with his elbow. And all this "geeky" personality that i think that makes Peter Parker/Spiderman a hero that had more than super powers, and that charm that make him a so loved superhero in his beginnings. We can´t find that in Raimi´s movies. And that Gwen´s "surprise" took my breath away. The only critic i have about the movie, was that green goblin had just a little time on the movie , and the make up of the green villian seems to compromise a little bit the performance of DeHaan, specially his tooth. And the Rhino appearence was really ridiculous. Si, i can said that AS2 was a great movie, better than the first one, and with a lot of details that remind me the Spiderman that Raimi left on the oblivion (i dont say taht Raimi´s Spiderman 1 and 2 sucked, i really enjoy those films (the 3rd one suck a lot jaja)) PD.- i´m sorry for my bad english. PD2.-I love your page 😀

Pablo José Moctezuma Méndez on May 2, 2014


I haven't seen it yet but I am always laughing when people comment with things like "it's a comic book movie!" as if that's any excuse for poor writing. If you've read a variety of comics in the past decade, you'd know how thoughtful and well written some comics can be... including the superhero genres. Long story short: a movie based off a comic book still should hold up to some quality standards but Hollywood is just out trying to take money from suckers who have no sense of quality.

syntaxterror on May 2, 2014


To enjoy something, for what it's worth, whilst being ignorant of "quality" is not a flaw my friend. I would much rather be the fool that is in love with crawfish than the critic that can only eat caviar.

dvt on May 3, 2014


"It is better to be Socrates dissatisfied than to be a pig that is satisfied." --- John Stuart Mill

Christopher Roberts on May 3, 2014


"some comparisons to Joel Schumacher are in order." Whoa, easy my man. Sure, he had a large hand in the raping of the Batman franchise, but that was only two movies. He has made plenty of fantastic movies in his career, its a damn shame he's only remembered for those two. And honestly, Batman Forever was a hell of a lot better than that other shitball that shall go nameless.

grimjob on May 2, 2014


Joel Shumacher has made some fantastic movies? Really? Lost Boys is a cult classic merely for its camp and homoeroticism so obvious that it is amazing that Schumacher slipped it past the studio. He has made a handful of competent films, Falling Down, 8mm, Phone Booth, Tigerland, The Client, that you might be able to call good. But Batman and Robin isn't his only incredible turkey. He made Dying Young, Flawless (which is awful despite a great Philip Seymour Hoffman), The Number 23 and Trespass. Most of the rest of his films are mediocre at best. I wouldn't call any of his films "fantastic."

Christopher Roberts on May 3, 2014


Perhaps fantastic is an overstatement, but I don't get how anyone can label Falling Down as "competent." THAT movie is fantastic. Some of those others are damn good as well. My point is that he gets unfairly labeled due to his unfortunate involvement with those other two, and people easily overlook the fact that the man has made some damn fine films. No filmmaker has a flawless track record.

grimjob on May 3, 2014


I remember you gave the first one a terrible review and that was alright. This one is probably alright too I guess.

Guy who comments on things on May 2, 2014


I agree with the score. The movie is a mistake and the franchise needs to go back to Marvel.

Guest on May 3, 2014


I got a big "Batman and Robin" vibe from this movie, as if the makers were trying to pack too much into this outing. (Jamie Foxx's Electro and Arnie's Mr Freeze, same colour scheme!) In the end, it just got too silly.

MAWG on May 3, 2014


3/10? It wasn't that godawful. Well at times it kinda was. But still I was entertainet watching it. Action parts are great, but pacing and the fact that storyline is jumping allover the place made it feel like a rolleroaster. At times it is the best spiderman movie ever, and in the next minute it suks big time... Im not decided on Foxes performance yet, Dehaan was exellent.

ProjectionistHP on May 3, 2014


EDIT. " their handled" should be "... how they're handled". Gotta proof your shiz, playa. #professional

RJmacready on May 3, 2014


3/10 for the writing his abilites I should imagine. 😉

Steven on May 3, 2014


So buthurt about a review. Hahaha

Alexander L on May 3, 2014


It was a cynical joke.....nothing more. I don't really put much weight in heavy sided reviews to be honest. Alex B's review is far more rounded, professionally critical and positive.

Steven on May 3, 2014


I don't give a shit what he says, I will always agree with someone named after the almighty Kurt Vogel Russell.

Astroboy3000 on May 3, 2014


Also, I'm not convinced Sally Field is the "greatest asset" in a 200 million dollar superhero movie. It'd be pretty weird if Aunt May got the most screen time in the film.

RJmacready on May 3, 2014


Comments aside, I thought the movie sucked too.

RJmacready on May 3, 2014


Please do not take this as personal attack or disrespect, I would like to know who is Jeremy Kirk and what you studied, do you have anything to do with movies ? or it is just a hobby for you to speak about and critique movies ? As for your opinion about giving Captain America 2 : 9/10 and Amazing Spiderman 2 : 3/10 shows you have no education in movies or in journalism too. put the hate and personal opinion aside while giving a public review about movie or anything ells, put the truth and the reality of the movie and the making and the story of it . Take this as an advice , not as a personal attack for your future reviews if you will continue doing this job . Best wishes

alin2014 on May 3, 2014


Take this advice to shut the fuck up, when you can't accept someone having another opinion than your own. AMS2 is bad, while CA2 was great. 🙂

Alexander L on May 3, 2014


He's questioning his professionalism, not his right to have an opinion. Stop acting the troll with rude advice.

Steven on May 3, 2014


No. He's masking an attempt at saying his opinion is wrong by attempting to touch upon his professionalism. This review, as it stands and is written, shows Jeremy Kirk's opinion of the film. His professionalism is perfectly fine. The OP here feels that his opinion differs greatly and thus thinks that Kirk is being rude, and is taking Kirk's opinion as a slight to his own ideals.

Mike P. on May 3, 2014


If his "professionalism" was perfectly fine" why didn't he check his spelling? Beside that pedantic point, it's clear that real film criticism is not the standard here. For some folks there is no substance, its all just opinion.

S freud on May 3, 2014


It's also clear that you are butthurt that he doesn't share your opinion. Mistakes can happen, but the change from a pedantic asshole sure is "clearly" hard.:)

Alexander L on May 3, 2014


Sounds like you still live with your mom

S freud on May 4, 2014


Yes we live in a very sad mire wherein many ,many people cannot distinguish between the substantive footing of informed, seasoned judgments of values and insight and the topical mush of opinion. Case in point is the emotional maturity displayed by Sam Rami and that of Marc Webb. Webb's not a great action director but he easily surpasses Rami when it comes to the interior life. To be fair maybe Rami is just not interested. Problem is action is just a whirly gig without the emotive resonance. Notice the subtle range of emotion in Garfeld's voice? Its a very impressive choice. Far more complex than the mean growl that Bale hits us over the head with when he is behind the mask. Action sequences alone are forgettable. Those select emotive responses are not and they carry on I will never forget that scene in the first movie when Uncle Ben is reprimanding Peter "If your father was here…" and the shocking deep resonance of Peter's response: "So where is he now?".

S freud on May 5, 2014


You and your only 4 comments her in just this topic shows that you need to grow up, I didn't attack you and I didn't attack Jeremy Kirk , I just showed him his mistake nothing ells. who are you to protect him ? and why you do this ? he is man enough to answer him self and defend his words . Calm down and take your pills and remember we are helping to make things better .

alin2014 on May 7, 2014


No you are wrong , I critique his mistake in reviewing .. not his right to review , anyone can review of course but no one should accept wrong reviews . give the truth about the movie not just putting 3/10 and that is it . I wrote that this site is good but I never read any good reviews in it because they are good as a movie news site . not as a reviewing site . and I am saying this because I check this site every day . I want to see the news and what is going on not some unprofessional fan boy come and write a low opinion with many mistakes about a movie which he hate or didn't get . why I do not critique anyone ells in their comments because everyone have the right to write . but I critique the heads of the site because they can not review a movie . and if you read my comment again you see it was not an attack it was a try to make him think and be better if he continue to review movies . but again you have the right to understand me as you wish and like . but until now you was wrong .

alin2014 on May 7, 2014


CA2 was sooooo overrated. I honestly don't understand the love for that film.

whoa on May 3, 2014


same here too .

alin2014 on May 7, 2014


Captain America 2 did deserve a 9/10 though.

Rotk99 on May 3, 2014


How much you gave The Dark knight then ?

alin2014 on May 7, 2014


if you were a Batman fan prob a 12 . as a reviewer , that's more problematic ...highlighted by the " TDKR vs The Avengers - which was better ? " discussions I remember .. Personally I'd give it a 7 or 8 but I am tired of DC rebooting the same two heroes every three years . A trend being copied by Sony here . Which means I may wait till it comes on HBO or Showtime to see it ... on the plus side YES the web-slinging looks AMAZING , and may be worth an IMAX trip to some ..

Dominic on May 11, 2014


LOL - "Regresses comic book films 20 years" ha ha ha. lolwut? Look, I didn't really enjoy the film all that much either (it was okay), but Garfield's and Stone's performances alone deserve it to be a 5/10. To say the story/handling of villains was a mess would be a fair assessment of the film, but it wasn't that awful. It wasn't that bad that it rivals Schumacher's film. lol. Appreciate your time to write a review on your opinion, but c'mon! And to be clear, CA2 was overrated as hell. Will someone explain to me what it was that was so great about it? I felt it was painfully uninspired, not very entertaining (some of the action sequences were great), the Winter Solider villain was decent, and it was this very very mediocre political thriller cloaked in a superhero film that had very small thoughts on big issues. - whoa

whoa on May 3, 2014


CA2 wasn't great but it was very well thought out and executed. more than a little predictable but so balanced between dialog and action. it is one of the best paced action films I have seen. The action choreography was up there with the best in super hero movies. More than enough ass kicking to make up for its absence in the first movie.

MrKuel on May 3, 2014


I think Andrew Garfield plays an excellent Spiderman, but not a very good Peter Parker. I never imagined Peter being a hipster, supremely confident, and wearing such nice clothes. I related better to the struggles Tobey Maguire faced in Spiderman 2. I feel that when Peter Parker puts on the suit, it gives him the confidence to be what he can't as Peter. Also, I felt there was way too much screen time dedicated to Gwen and Peter's relationship; it seemed to throw off the pacing for about a half hour in the movie and pulled me out of it. The special effects and action scenes were well done and I enjoyed Dane Dehaan's performance and his musical theme. Unfortunately, it's really hard to best Danny Elfman's original score and I'm a big believer in impressionable scores.

terces7 on May 3, 2014


I saw a "Making Of " on it Garfield does the usual " This Is a Dream Role for me because i WAS a Spidey fan ' thing . which may or may not be true ... he's a little too tall maybe ? or is the Director specifically going for this less-nerdy look ?

Dominic on May 11, 2014


Did you write this review a month before seeing the movie, and then went through the motions just to fill in the details? This level of vitriol betrays a predilection toward bias that could not be surmounted no matter what was delivered on the screen. Can you truly say that you went into this movie without extreme prejudice? If not, perhaps you're not the one to offer this critique. Why don't you save us all time and post your slam-bang review for AS3.

97point6 on May 3, 2014


This proves it.... Jeremy Kirk is an idiot. He and Ethan are embarrassing

Mr Marvelite on May 3, 2014


"This" proves only that you still act like a little bitchy child. Grow the fuck up.

Alexander L on May 3, 2014


Yes, because they must not have a difference of opinion.

mooreworthy on May 3, 2014


I have to say I COMPLETELY disagree with your opinion. Yes the story was choppy and cohesion wasn't the film's strong suit. But the incredible action sequences, the touching romance, the genuine whimsical feel of the film, and the awesome villains were spectacular. This is the best Peter Parker we've seen, Andrew Garfield absolutely nails the funny and serious side of Parker/Spider-Man. This is Spider-Man, not The Dark Knight. I don't expect a gritty Drama, I expect a fun comic book story, and that's what I got. I think Marc Webb nailed the feel of the comics, and I thouroughly enjoyed the movie. 8/10 for me.

AntonyPacker on May 3, 2014


AntonyPacker nailed it. People are expecting the wrong movie when they go and see SpiderMan. It is supposed to be whimsical, comical, and cheesy at times. If you don't like that, then go watch a different movie. Or do you also complain that Seth Rogen's latest movie doesn't have enough horror / drama?

chris hofmann on May 5, 2014


Firstshowing is not to be trusted in respect to taste or perspicacity. Just in case anyone out there hasn't noticed that by now.

S freud on May 3, 2014


Or proofreading.

Chris Hutcheson on May 4, 2014


Well, it wasn't great but wouldn't compare it with Schumacher's B&R, although electro is straight the campy ridler ripoff. But other than that the movie had drama which the other one was lacking and was darker too. For my taste too much focus on the Gwen and Peter's relationship, finding the truth about his father was compeling but could have been shorter. Vilains were total sh*** and many ideas/ scenes were straight out from previous spidey or other superhero movies...

Armitall on May 3, 2014


The movie was horrible, same problems from Spider-Man 3 and they did nothing to avoid it. Will some folks like it? Sure, and good for them, but for me, Awesome CG can't cover the smell of bad writing. I agree with score and it doesn't make me an idiot or "hater" (can we please stop using that word in 2014), nor do I think you are an idiot if you liked it. Everyone has different expectations going in and many remember the bad taste Rami's 3 left most of us.

mooreworthy on May 3, 2014


Is "hater" even a word? I'm asking because English isn't my native language. I do think that "hater" is a stupid word! I liked this new movie by the way.

MLTC on May 4, 2014


It is a slang that needs to go way. I am glad you liked it- I don't think anyone is stupid for liking it, for me, I wanted something different and more.

mooreworthy on May 5, 2014


first off Jeremy, thank you for you bold review. I would like to say I agree in some ways but for different reasons. Overal I found AS2 watchable. My main problem was actually not the amount of villains or the campiness but more so the focus on Gwen Stacy. I found her to be established in the first film and I thought most of her scenes in AS2 slowed the movie down and this all to set up a 'dramatic' death. To me mission failed as I wanted her dead ASAP after the speech in the opening minutes (cliché and BORING!) and I am also anxious at what they will do with Mary Jane. The main flaw of this movie is that it shouldve focussed on Oscorp and Electro much more than it shouldve foccused on Gwen. Doing this meant all the villains felt rushed and backstories underdeveloped. A couple of scenes I missed: Well the scenes from the trailer that didnt make the final final for 1 seemed rather important and unmissable! 2. Harry consoling Peter after parents dissapearance when they were small or at least something establishing their tight friendship. 3. Harry feeling sick before his father tells him about it! Scene made no sense this way. Just to name a few! Basically the main thing Sony should get about a Spiderman film is that the main story should be about him beating a supervillain and not about going all 'the Notebook' over his girlfriend. In AS2 Electro and the other villains became second to this love story and that is unacceptable! For AS3 I hope they redeem Rhino by getting rid of the mech suit and hopefully give the villain(s) decent backstories. I will assume they go for Kraven the Hunter and Kingpin. Just a guess! Something to throw out here! PS dear Sony, if you are reading this it is not too late to recast Smythe! Talk about a miscast! I was thinking more like Crispen Glover or Joel Edgerton!

Deconmpose on May 3, 2014


wow, I'm terribly disappointed. I saw the film today with 4 kids and a friend. it was uncomfortable to watch the screen when there was no action. if you loved the film I'm glad but I would question your ability to judge a film. I know harsh words but it really was not well done. WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD first and foremost the writing was bad. the choice to use "the death of Gwen Stacy" comic story line with Electro injected is puzzling. way to much screen time devoted to Gwen and Peter. I get it, they love each other but it can never be. 142 minutes was way to long considering there were only 2 fight scenes. Sh*t even Marvel Studios gets the idea that super heroes are most interesting when they are kicking ass. if I want melodrama I'll watch Ang Lee's Hulk movie. the side story about Peters parents is a mess. the characters were very well done with the exceptions of the Goblin, the Rhino and the bit players. Having Harry Osborn come in late in the story didn't give enough time to develop him as a character, his relationship with Peter or establish his motives. I'm glad Paul Giamatti wanted to do the movie but his character was pointless and he was totally miscast. Who was the kooky Germanic evil scientist? (really, I was waiting for him to break out with "lets do the time warp again) and enough of the standard palooka New Yorkers. I really liked Electro. He was very well done.why can't they get the Green goblin right? he looked like a cross between Halo and Lord of the Rings. the Rhino was really interesting but was way to far off from the comics and not well thought out. the special effects and fight scenes stole the movie. to their credit they really captured Spiderman's movements to the level of comic book realism. I had a few roller coaster flashbacks when he was web slinging. I could go on and bash but others have beat this dead horse already.

MrKuel on May 3, 2014


spot on, spot on, better than the above review. The only thing I'll say is that after all the screen time they wasted on peter/gwen, they HAD to kill her. I don't know all the details of her death in the comics, but in this film, the way they presented her character, she had to die.

TYRONE POWERS on Aug 22, 2014


CANNOT agree with this review more. I'm a huge Spidey Fan and I'm afraid the franchise has hit rock bottom with this movie. Yes the action and effects are awesome. But that is where I'll end the kudos. Dumb writing, ill-conceived scenarios, over-the-top hammy one liners (I am the Rhino?!), a taco turd boatload of exposition to subplots that do not pay off at all. I'm afraid I will not see another great Spidey flick again as long as Sony goes in this direction. Marvel this is all your fault.

Scared S#!tless on May 3, 2014


My son and I saw it today. We both agree that it was a lot goin on and was overall 'pretty decent.' It's funny, my son is 9 and we left the movie and the first thing he said was: 'wow, it seemed like three different stories was goin on.' Ha! It was indeed a lot goin on. Not as memorable to me as a Marvel produced film but good enough for Sony I guess. I guess we'll never know how Marvel would do an actual proper Spidey flick since Sony wants to milk it dry. I guess they really wanna expand the universe because it seemed like all they wanted to do was introduce more and more characters. Anyway, waiting for X-Men. That looks like it'll be better (even though it's Fox produced).

JudgeMethos on May 3, 2014


Are you guys just paid lots of money to hate on everything? The movie was entertaining as hell. Quit being such assholes about everything.

davidshaw on May 3, 2014


He gave 300: Rise of an Empire a solid 7-7.5 out of 10 if I remember right. He doesn't just 'hate on everything'. Not being able to handle dissenting opinions is a sign of immaturity.

Chris Groves on May 3, 2014


So he doesn't hate on everything, he just has god awful tastes then. Thanks. And if you could actually comprehend my words, I don't have a problem with dissenting opinions. It's the warrantless hatred all over every damn movie site that bugs me. Grow up.

davidshaw on May 4, 2014


You using fallacies left, right and centre to say absolutely nothing other than hate is just fine though, right?

JN on May 4, 2014


or, maybe it's just a shitty movie and everyone but you has figured it out?

Wooster66 on May 4, 2014


The original Spider-Man movies came out in 2002, 2004 and 2007, not the 1990s. Next time try that thing called "fact checking" before you publish something. Also, check your spelling and grammar, too. You should be ashamed.

Christopher James Jensen on May 3, 2014


You are critizising someone's spelling with a sentence like this -> "Also, check your spelling and grammar, too"

Tester on May 4, 2014


you spelled "criticizing" wrong. 😉

aldo13 on May 5, 2014


let's just face it guys, spelling isn't our strong soot

Danimal on May 5, 2014


Hello, I'm from the Department of Redundancy Department. Greetings.

Christopher James Jensen on Feb 11, 2015


I'm pretty sure he was referring to the schumacher batman films and their campy nature...which came out in the mid-late 90s. So...yeah.

Scott French on May 6, 2014


This movie was pure dog shit.

Astroboy3000 on May 3, 2014


I enjoyed this movie, it did bounce around a lot but I wouldn't blame that on the amount of villains (which everyone does when it comes to Spider-man) but just trying to establish Electro and Goblin was too much. Someone has to take a back seat.

Tyrell Antonio on May 3, 2014


so, you don't blame the amount of villains but the problem was the amount of villains?

Astroboy3000 on May 4, 2014


Why is anyone surprised by the review. It had Orci and Kurtzman writing the script and the same director as the equally lame first film. It's about time that comic films came under the same level of critical scrutiny and not be carried through on a sea of 'oh that's so cool' rabid fandom.

Payne by name on May 4, 2014


People are dogging on this movie so much ease the fuck up! Lol I enjoyed this a lot in Imax 3D.

SkyNet300 on May 4, 2014


take away the 3D....whats left? i most agree with Jeremy Kirk. Well put Mr.

nobody on May 4, 2014


Way to go back to the 80's to find 2014's green goblin; keep it up Sony.

mooreworthy on May 4, 2014


Glad I saw this in a 4 dollar theater in Gainsville. Not worth a expensive movie ticket for sure. This film is a super-spider mess. Kinda a cross between Batman and Robin and Spidey #3. I wanted to give the sequel a shot after the first film had me on the rocks, but I'll think I'll just wait for the next installment on home video.

Movie-Man Smith on May 4, 2014


I admit that I didnt expect that Spiderman script. The acting was a little cheesy on Peter's part but mostly Electro's scenes and some areas kinda dragged but i do have to admit the choreography was pretty awesome so i wont smear shit on the movie. I hope to see more of Dane Dehaan as Green Goblin in the next one, his makeup looked pretty spot on.

Rock n Rollllll on May 5, 2014


I didn't have high expectations for this movie and I came out thinking that it was a fun, good movie. It wasn't great but I enjoyed it, it was a little cheesy at the beginning but it turned around. Probably better than Webb's first Spider man movie, and I so far have preferred Webb's take over Raimi's trilogy. I thought the green goblin was a better version than the first. I think the comparisons to the awful batman movies are not accurate. I'd say the original trilogy would be more comparable to the awful batman movies than this movie.

rickvanr on May 5, 2014


I agree this movie took two steps back. This is not what it should have been. It reverted backwards and I got the Sam Rami feel it from SP3. It had no real back bone to it. The first ASM was good because of the serious undertone and how it made the character believable. Sorry gave it two thumbs down.

Angel on May 5, 2014


SPOILER*** I personally enjoyed the film. It definitely had it's weak points though. Goblin looked terrible, the over-exaggerated nerdy Jamie Foxx (Pre-electro) was unbearable, and Rhino was completely thrown in there with no significance to the story. Once things got going though, the action was fantastic, Electro looked pretty badass most of the time, and the relationship between garfeild and stone was nearly perfect. The one thing I will say is, the death of Gwen Stacey was one of most well-done, gut-wrenching deaths i've seen in a long time.

Danimal on May 5, 2014


agreed, saw it coming and still got choked up...

Erick Dimaggio on May 6, 2014


I can't understand how any fully grown male could write what you wrote. The death of Gwen Stacy left me feeling hollow; it was satisfying, but nowhere near enough to make up for the time I wasted watching her and peter go on again off again in the worst hipster teen drama that I've ever seen. peter parkers whining, aunt mays whining, gwens whining; never have I despised main characters so much as these three. Spidey/Elektro/goblin-osbourne scenes are the only things worth a damn in this picture. you sicken me sir

TYRONE POWERS on Aug 22, 2014


As soon as I saw Jamie Fox painted blew and glowing it made me think of Mr. Freeze from the Schumacher Batmans that were so bad, i hated them as a kid. I knew other people would say the same thing. Please give the writing and directing to someone with a better work history in crafting a new Spiderman cuz this one looks to be for naive little kids.

shane willett on May 5, 2014


I might have liked this movie if I hadn't already seen it four times. I'm glad you brought up Shumacher, because Electro was giving me some serious Mr. Freeze flashbacks. Just painful.

Nick Perkins on May 5, 2014


whoa whoa whoa I didn't love Elektro here, but give some credit, NOTHING is like Arnold's Mr. Freeze lol

Erick Dimaggio on May 6, 2014


Yeah, sorry, that title alone is such a blatant hyperbole I had a hard time taking the rest of the review seriously. This is certainly a flawed film, but far from the worst comic-book movie to grace our screens in the last 10 years (Wolverine: Origins, Elektra, Catwoman, Green Lantern, do I need to go on?) - let alone 20. TASM2 is actually quite watchable, thanks mostly to the efforts of Garfield and Stone (once again)... but I also thought it did the best job of any Spidey film portraying him in his element. The way he interacted with the denizens of New York - criminals, civilians, kids, etc - felt so true to the spirit of the character. It's just a shame the rest of the film couldn't live up to that spark.

Ali Miller on May 5, 2014


I knew as soon as I started reading this review it was yours Jeremy as it just reeks of a fucking baby throwing their toys out of the pram because they didn't get the movie they wanted, grow the fuck up you child and maybe just maybe realise that your opinion isn't the be all and end all, thank god the world doesn't think like you and to save myself some time I'm going to stop reading your verbal diarrhea from here on in!

Beard2bfeared on May 5, 2014


You are a child. Because the guy had an opinion you throw a tantrum? Because he didn't like a terrible movie? The reason we keep getting awful, made by committee movies like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is because people like you keep going to see them. And defending them. Have a little taste people. Have some self respect.

NinjinSteve on May 5, 2014


Kiss my ass Ninjin whatever, the movie stayed true to the canon of the comics and I've been reading them since before you were a scratch in your daddies balls boy, your problem is you were expecting a batman film, dark, twisted and all thriller! Spidey isn't like that, he's fun, quirky and over the top laced with dramatic action sequences which as far as I could see this movie was full of, so who's the child now eh? Go stand in the corner while the grown ups talk!

Beard2bfeared on May 5, 2014


So now you're just admitting that you're some old guy who acts like a kid by insulting others? Not sure how that makes you look mature. I've never heard an adult above 25 talk like a 15-year-old who thinks saying stuff like verbal diarrhea is funny. Anyway … which canon are you referring to? Much of it was from Ultimate, not the Amazing series. But then they borrowed Gwen's death from Amazing (and if you don't realize that, then perhaps you haven't actually read as much as you say you have). So it actually hops around and it only follows canon if you're a fan of Ultimate (which I am not) and actually cheats that canon, too. And don't you realize that a big problem people have with both films is because they ARE being given a darker treatment like Batman? Peter mopes and broods around the first film and for much of the second. His parents' deaths are a constant dark cloud hanging over him. He's pretty much a dick to everyone around him. And at the end of ASM2, they kill off Gwen by brutally slamming her head into the ground … which, personally, I believe is something from the comic that they have no need to follow as it serves no shock or purpose. So anyone wanting to see a Batman-like Spider-Man movie would probably be a fan of this movie because that's exactly what they've done. Seriously, I don't see any real "fun" being had by Peter in this movie. All he does is stress over his parents' deaths, stress over his promise to Gwen's father, and stress over his refusal to give Harry (his "best friend" after not seeing him since he was ten years old lol) some of his blood … yeah, Spider-Man sure is having a barrel of laughs.

Zeroed Out on May 23, 2014


Gren Goblin hehe hehe he

Fidel Reyes on May 5, 2014


You're a buttmunch spiderman hehe hehe hehe

AL on May 6, 2014


Me and my son loved it. The action was visually amazing. I LOVED the dub step every time Electro came out. Also, i hated the way Green Goblin looked before i saw the movie, but loved it on the big screen. This movie was meant for IMAX 3D only. On a regular screen Im pretty sure that this would not be nearly as good. It was silly, but in a way that a Spiderman movie should be. Every kid i know loved it and I work at a school so im around kids all day.

Snowmanfloza on May 5, 2014


How old are all these kids who went to see a movie where the filmmakers decided to murder a young woman by slamming her head into the ground? Please tell me none of them cheer about that. lol

Zeroed Out on May 23, 2014


I'm sorry, but I automatically stopped reading the minute to wrote 'Osborne'. If you're going to try and critique a film properly and pass judgement on why it ruins comic book movies then it's just common courtesy to actually know the characters names

Joe Teulon on May 5, 2014


Yes Joe! Ignorant bastards.

Simon James on May 5, 2014


They're handled, not their handled. Now and again, not now and a gain. Here and now, not hear and now. Jesus man learn to write before you become a journalist.

Chris Sherwood on May 5, 2014


Thank you, that shit was bugging me!

billy on May 6, 2014


Right on the nose. Bravo for this review.

Johnny Neat on May 6, 2014


Add me to the chorus of voices disagreeing with this review. Yeah, the film has its problems. Chief among them for me is the relationship between Peter and Harry -- the film couldn't get me to believe that they were good friends before their relationship went sour. That's something that was handled a lot better by the Raimi trilogy. But "regresses the superhero genre by 20 years"? Puh-LEEZE. If you don't like the film, fine, but such hyperbole is unnecessary.

Edward Curtis on May 6, 2014


Dear Jeebus, please let the comic book movie bubble bust SOON...

Greeb0 on May 6, 2014


Here's a tip: less is more. Just like less in this film would have been more, the same can be said to a review that goes on and on and on about what's wrong with a film. While I have no problem with someone not liking a film, it's very irksome to so often see a review pronounce a movie "the worst since" or any other derivations of that mantra. This review is no different that some of the hyperbole and overdone aspects of the movie. You make enough valid points to not go off the deep end with the title of the review or drone on in this review. This was far from a perfect movie. I liked it but not nearly as much as the first Amazing Spiderman. I agree the Goblin seemed shoe horned in but Electro was fantastic and Rhino, well, I had no problem how they used him as a tease for the future (though not a fan of the mech suit by any stretch). Gwen and Peter's relationship, at times, was a bit campy but it also showed the love they had for each other which made the ending so much more heartbreaking. Overall, I'd give this movie a 6.5 though it had the possibility of an 8 or even 9 with a couple of tweaks.

Daoofgeek on May 6, 2014


I wish they were able to stick with one Villain in the movie. Don't know why I had to see the Rhino at the end. They could of left him off for another movie. Sad part is Jamie Foxx is a much better actor if they let him really act.

Satansrevenge on May 6, 2014


Don't waste you money on this film. Unless you are a teenage girl it will bore you to tears. Instead save some cash and watch this one again: --one of the best Superhero movies ever.

trans on May 6, 2014


This movie could have been better, it definitely wasn't shitty. The thing I hated to most was the camera work during Richard Parker's fight scene on the plane. I hate movies like that. Just back the fuck up and keep the camera steady.

billy on May 6, 2014


Why are you finding a bone to pick when there is none? Why not go watch an actual bad movie like Scary movie 1-5, come back to this one, and see if you can really give it a 3 out of 10? It's a thoroughly enjoyable movie with a coherent plot, I'm sure a 10 yr old is not going to be confused at any point. Just because you have read the comics, doesn't when the movie doesn't fit your own personal angle or representation, it's got to be a bad movie. Just by looking at your score it's easy to say you got way too carried away to be to be reviewing it fairly.

Megamiaow on May 6, 2014


While i respect the reviewers opinion i couldnt disagree more. Look, I could go on for hours with what worked and didnt work in The Amazing Spiderman 2. The way i see it the films not up there with the likes of The Dark Knight or even Spiderman 2 and some scenes felt rushed,coincidental or outright cheesy...But thats not the point i still had a fun time watching this movie and i would give it a 7/10, the reviewers 3/10 is just way too harsh, while its not the most complex superhero film its really not as bad as some people say definitely NOT worst superhero film of all time .

DanTheGamer1988 on May 6, 2014


agree here 3/10?? C'mon now it was NOT that bad...

Erick Dimaggio on May 6, 2014


I would say it deserved a 5 or 6. I enjoyed it much more than Man of Steel … but that isn't saying much, to be honest. lol

Zeroed Out on May 23, 2014


What surprise? We all knew it was coming since the first movie.

Nunya on May 6, 2014


Looks like all the disagreement with this 3/10 review came after my comment critiquing Jeremy Kirk's ability of reviewing and journalism . My point was that he can understand his mistake and become better . well after all those other comments that saying almost the same and showing Jeremy Kirk's disability of reviewing movies, and still Jeremy Kirk is silent does not react - comment - defend to anyone, or even insist on his own words shows two things : 1- He is rebooting him self and begin to read books with title: how to review a movie , what is journalism !!! which is a good thing to do, but I doubt he is doing it ... because he at least had to say sorry for that 3/10 . 2- He doesn't care if people react - read - comment his reviews . His only point is to make people come to this site and open it which makes a good rating for the site and keep it working . This is a trick which every marketing companies now days are using just to make scandals and bring your attention to the things they do or sell . for me it is a big shame that you go so low and do that . In another hand I like this site , I like it as a movie news site , not as a movie reviewing site. because with my respect no one until now gave a good review of any kind that was good enough to learn something from it . I check this site every day , Please try to keep it a movie news site only, stop reviewing movies because you are not good in it, and most of the time you are making mistakes and your reviews are wrong .

alin2014 on May 7, 2014


alin by your logic , you shouldn't read ANY reviews . As a reviewer is always going to be to nit-picky and opinionated , and maybe not looking at the movie in the way YOU are . I take every review , and nowadays even some of the good ones , with a " grain of salt " ... Your criticisms and the resultant threads after , could have been more constructive . Why donlt you tell Jeremy EXACTLY why , even tho you Might accept his view of the pacing and script focus ruining the movie , YOU can pick out scenes and character dvelopment and SFX that makes the movie watchable and enjoyable , For You .. BTW I think #2 there is VERY professional , as u note that ALL in the "industry " want to to do this . old Newspaper trick , to make you buy it from the newsstand . On radcon websites , the headline is RARELY indicative of the true story ....Nothing to be ashamed of - once u click on the story it's on You ... I think we have just had too many Spidey movies ( and Supes/Bats too ) ; the character(s) needs to progress now , not redo old ground . Or reviewers are gonna savage it ..A previous version may always be more popular ...

Dominic on May 11, 2014


His review was fair and clear. Unlike much of your message, I might add. A review is an opinion … how can that be wrong? You might not agree, but others do. I thought this film was pretty darn bad, and he missed a lot of bad points that I would have made. So would I just be saying those things as a marketing ploy? Is anything negative about something you don't like automatically not sincere and only being used to draw in clicks? Is that what you're saying?

Zeroed Out on May 23, 2014


In terms of Electro , the Making Of special touched on producer and director noting , that Foxx BROUGHT this character to THEM . i.e. , Foxx invented the jeri curl , glasses , walk and look for the character . They just took a glance , and said " OK go for it ..." and the differeing voices of villain/alter ego , which for Electro FOXX decided would have to be more gravelly because emitting the electricity should burn his throat .... It's Top actors bringing their skills to play characters in this genre , because WE CB fans Own Hollywood now ...So maybe the movie itsel sucked ( shrugs - too many Spidey reboots ) but certain actors and SFX makes it worth seeing ?? decide for yourself ... we could all name several movies that we would have to admit sucked but we love certain actors/scenes , and watch them over and over ....

Dominic on May 11, 2014


Too many Spidey reboots? Name another one, please. And what is a CB fan? For some reason, I can't figure this out and I'm sure it should be obvious.

Zeroed Out on May 23, 2014


CB = Comic Book so I am figuring you are a newish type fan who didn't grow up reading these stories u now see brought to film ... yes in the MOVIES there's only Rami's versions and this one . BUT they've been making Spiderman series on TV since the late 70's . so compared to OTHER heroes , these movies feel like reboots ...5 movies total , going over the SAME info , same Nerd with two GFs ? and amazing powers , same villians .. this is almost as bad as the constant Supes/Bats reboots . Spidey at one point had 4 titles running at same time under his name ; each went to at least 50 issues ( one into the 400's ) , so they aren't hurting for stories to tell .the one thing they've gotten better at , is representing the web-swinging . That saves this version from being unwatchable( from the " Making Of... " promo I saw plus reviews here echoing this ) ; but still , we chewed this fat already ...

Dominic on May 23, 2014


I have no idea why I didn't get that, except that I'm running on three hours sleep for the past day and a half. It's seriously 4:45 in the morning and I just finished a project for a client. Anyway … I was thinking along the lines of the movie world and how people who prefer CG over story are winning the war on some fronts (Man of Steel), plus those who are fans of this dystopian future kick (every other movie, it seems). So my brain was stuck in that gear, so I wasn't clear as to precisely what you were saying. I read the comics when I was younger. Not every single one, but quite a bit of them. I was very aware of the Gwen storyline and the Spider-Man No More storyline and a number of others (though they were a bit before my time). I collected nearly the entire McFarlane series, up until the point that he left (or it ended -- can't remember which -- it's been a while). I tried getting into Ultimate, but thought the first issue was surprisingly bad so I ended it before I even got started. And judging from what I've seen in ASM and ASM2 that's been taken from that series, I'm glad I didn't continue reading it. Though, I have to say that I'm very curious if they'll stick with that series and kill off Peter Parker. That being said, it's hard to consider the TV series as actual precursors to Raimi's movies. I realize we had some live action representations here and there, but I don't count those because … well, I just don't. It's not like anyone would consider Burton's Batman a remake of the Adam West TV show … unless maybe you do. Movies are a completely different beast and should be treated as such, in my opinion. I've never heard anyone with your opinion before, which is why I didn't understand what you were referring to. I don't think many other people see it the way you do because if they did, then they've be comparing every single Spidey incarnation, including the Electric Company, that weird Japanese version, that ultra-weird Italian Spider-Man (though that is a spoof, of course), all the animated shows even going back to Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, etc. But all anyone is fighting over when it comes to "which is better" are Raimi's movies and Webb's movies.

Zeroed Out on May 23, 2014


it's all entertainment . the screen is just bigger ... Rami ve Webb ? well not me who 's a fan from ASM #1 . Obv I'm bored with watching the same story over again , from either director , just because it's 10 years later and SFX are better ( don't need to see the new Godzilla either same reason ) only the better web-slinging might get me to watch it when it comes on cable ...just like Batman and Superman , the penetration of the character into OUR culture is so great , its iconic behaviors don't need to be "rebooted ' . just expanded and refined . taken down a new path ... How nice of you to list ALL the versions of Spidey that you have seen , as you make my point for me .Why did Webb have to retell two of Rami's movies ? instead of a fresher villian . No matter how good Foxx is as Electro .. Reboots and sequels aren't the greatest thing since sliced bread P.S.Obv neither burton's nor nolan's batman is compared to west's BUT the fact that those are essentially reboots FOR Hollywood of the character , darker versions , is the point . West's IS always counted as an iteration of the character ; Affleck makes the 5th or the 6th ? version ....

Dominic on May 23, 2014


Worst ever? Cat Woman. Elektra. Batman and Robin.. Mic drop.....

Matt Khourie on May 12, 2014


Superman IV. Worst super hero movie ever. No, I wouldn't put Spidey down there with those movies. Still, it was really bad.

Angie Mac on May 24, 2014


Totally forgot the "Quest for Peace". Great call Angie.

Matt Khourie on Jul 10, 2014


Mostly agree with this review...although I'm no "Comic Book" expert...I haven't read a real comic since I was 10. I give the movie a bout a 6/10...better than the first reboot (4/10 or worse). It does seem like more of these movies are following, from what I hear, the actual comic book "feeling and experience". Well, to me, that sucks. I wish superhero movies would go back to being "inspired" by the comics instead---but I'm sure I'm in the minority. For a point of reference, some of my movie ratings in this genre are: Iron Man 1- a Ten, Spider-Man (with Franco and Willem Defoe) 1st movie a Ten..second an 8, Third a 6. Superman Returns--ok wierd--the first time I saw it a 6, but every time I watch it again (and that means I like it) I up it's rating a bit, now an 8. Latest Superman--a 3 or 4--horrible--like watching the Dark Night get his ass kicked again. Avengers is a mess too--but Scarlett Johansson is so easy on the eyes...hell, yes I'll watch it again.

rec Eduardo on May 17, 2014


Except for The Avengers, which I loved (okay story, but everything else is great), I agree with you almost precisely. Oh … and I think the original Spidey and Spidey 2 are neck and neck. I really like to think of them as one long film. That way, I get a fun origin and the tower/train fight. And my god, Man of Steel was one of the most terrible movies I've ever seen.

Zeroed Out on May 23, 2014


I don't know. The action was good. The story of Electro was ok. The story of Green Goblin didn't make much sense. The story of Rhino made less sense. My biggest problems were two things. 1) The love story. I like love stories but this on again off again ping pong game of a love story between Peter and Gwen got really tired. In fact, as the movie progressed, you could hear some in the audience grown every time a love scene came up. 2) The Parker parents mystery. It didn't make sense. Who were they uploading the file to? Who built that silly train? And above all else, who cared? And why, oh why did Peter tell Gwen he'd go to England with her right after he found out "the truth" of his parents? The biggest problem with those two points is they were SO MUCH of the film. I just found it was a really slow film. Most of the time, I look forward to an extended version of the film to be later released on DVD. In this case, I'd be looking forward to a cut version.

Angie Mac on May 22, 2014


Good notes, Angie. I also had a problem with the back and forth of their relationship. For someone who is seeing visions of Gwen's father, he certainly doesn't show any real reluctance to be with her. They should have left that father's wish out of the first movie, because it really stifled what they could do with it. And it almost sickens me that so many people are happy that the director killed off a young girl just because that's what happened in the comics. But you're going with the Ultimate comics in this new Spidey series … and Green Goblin killed Gwen in the original comics (it was Venom or Carnage in Ultimate) … but that was Norman, not Harry. Who says you have to kill her off? Raimi was right in refusing to do so because it isn't shocking … it WAS shocking when no one expected it, but now everyone expects it … so why do it? It's disturbing how happy some fans are to see this girl die. My biggest problem with both films is that Peter never changes. He starts off as an outsider douche with a chip on his shoulder and he stays that way. He never learns anything. Even Gwen's death doesn't have a lesson because she orchestrated her involvement, not him … and he didn't snap her neck, either. He's selfish, which is shown in the way he pursues Gwen. He's had two movies of being the same character from the very first frame to the very last, except now he's grieving for his girlfriend … which he'll probably get over rather quickly since the third film will surely need to ramp up Mary Jane.

Zeroed Out on May 23, 2014


A selfish super hero? And yet, I agree. Was it just me or did anyone else think "What an a-hole" when he showed up in Spidey costume at Harry's apartment to tell him "No blood for you! Next!"

Angie Mac on May 23, 2014


Yeah, he was a jackass through most of the movie. That's what irks me about the direction of his character. He just mopes around all day. In that specific scene with the "Sorry, but no" answer, my wife turned to me and said "Awwwkward."

Zeroed Out on May 23, 2014


In other news, someone told me to see Days of Future Past to get over my Spider Man blues and they were right. What a great flick!

Angie Mac on May 24, 2014


How is it gutsy to do something that everyone was expecting? The gutsy thing would have been to say, "Look, we know that Gwen dies in the comic. But that was done because it was shocking. We all know it happens, so will it really add to the movie other than to satisfy some weird nerd bloodlust? No, we believe that the film should stand on its own merits of character development, action set pieces and plot. Therefore, we shall not be murdering a young woman just so fanboys can cheer her untimely death. Why? Because we're filmmakers and not monsters."

Zeroed Out on May 23, 2014


All I can think of is Nick Swardson's stand up on jaded movie goers. "did you see TASM2?" "yup, seen it, sucks." "yeah, but that one part was sort of cool-" "nah, dude, seen it. sucks." This movie to me felt like I was watching a more adult version of the 90's cartoon. I don't think it's a movie maker's job to give a 50 page portion of the script to create a backstory on a single villain.

Chris Mahr on Jul 30, 2014


Everything about this movie was God-awful writing cliches married to plot points written PURELY out of convenience. It's UN-WATCHABLE. As bad as Batman: Forever least there was a story bland as the Hulk Movies were, at least they had character motivation down pat. As mediocre-to-bad the Fantastic Four / Ghost Rider / Daredevil / Punisher movies least they all had redeeming qualities that made them tolerable as popcorn B-Movies. And as slow and boring as Superman Returns was...Brandon Routh was at least an excellent Clark Kent. TASM2 is literally a pile of shit strung together to construe a franchise. It's not entertainment aimed at's an excuse not to give the movie rights back to Marvel, even if it's essentially burning hundreds of millions of dollars an installment. Terrible on all levels.

Cary Miller on Aug 30, 2014


It was an awful movie for sure. I absolutely HATE Andrew Garfield as Spiderman, but then I hated Toby McGuire too. I really hate Garfield though. His acting just makes me angry, seriously, because I want to smack him all the time and tell him to stop acting so hard! Also, please proofread your writing before posting. It is not a choice for true writers. Don't think you can just bang out an article, then hit spellcheck, and everything is OK. Put some more work into your craft.

Chris M on Sep 9, 2014

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