Ridley Scott Addresses Whitewashed Cast of 'Exodus: Gods and Kings'

August 27, 2014
Source: Yahoo AU

Ridley Scott

If you watched the trailer for Ridley Scott's latest film Exodus: Gods and Kings and found yourself annoyed by the whitewashed lead cast of the Biblical epic that takes place in Egypt, you're not the only one. There's been quite the outcry against the casting of Australian actor Joel Edgerton as Pharaoh Ramses II and British actor Christian Bale as Moses, and that's only been made worse since it's been revealed that a slew of black actors are playing servants, thieves and lower class civilians. And now, Ridley Scott himself has addressed the controversy, but hasn't really defended against the concerns being raised. Read more below!

If you don't understand the issue at hand, here are a couple of tweets that lay it out simply:

Australia Yahoo (via The Film Stage) asked Scott about this issue and the director said:

"Egypt was – as it is now – a confluence of cultures, as a result of being a crossroads geographically between Africa, the Middle East and Europe. We cast major actors from different ethnicities to reflect this diversity of culture, from Iranians to Spaniards to Arabs. There are many different theories about the ethnicity of the Egyptian people, and we had a lot of discussions about how to best represent the culture."

While there are surely some theories about the Egyptian population and their roots, I don't think any of them have pegged the Egyptian people as looking like white actors with tanning spray. Now obviously Scott and the studio went with these big names, regardless of their race, in order to bring in an audience, but it begs the question as to whether this is disrespectful to actors who otherwise should be playing these roles because of their ethnicity. It's not quite the same affront to race as a white person wearing blackface would be, but there are those who are still just as offended and angered by Hollywood's whitewashing tactics. Could this film finally bring the issue to light enough to make a change? Thoughts?

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I've got a bad feeling about this movie.

Chris Groves on Aug 27, 2014


I think it will be panned in theaters, but will find legs on video.

DAVIDPD on Aug 27, 2014


"There are many different theories about the ethnicity of the Egyptian people", yeah and one thing for sure is that they weren't white! Scott stop trying to defend your bullshit. We know you just casted the most popular actors people know today just to draw an audience in. Yeah who the heck would want to watch an accurate movie about Moses. Everyone else can simply be a side character including the majority of the coloured actors. The only reason why a film such as Ben-Hur gets a pass is because of the time the film was made in it was very uncommon. This is the 21st century, there is no excuse now. So stop the racist crap and get with the accuracy. Christian Bale as Moses, what a joke.

Stephen Ritchie on Aug 27, 2014


Did you really just say coloured... 😯

VoiceOfReason on Aug 27, 2014



Stephen Ritchie on Aug 27, 2014


“colored” harkens back to an era of exclusion, a time when Jim Crow was in full force, and blacks used water fountains marked “colored” and sat in the “colored” sections of busses, beaches and restaurants. In essence, the term stirs up painful memories.

VoiceOfReason on Aug 27, 2014


I was referring to people of multiple ethnicities apart from whites not just blacks when I said colored! What are you going to call me a racist now just because I didn't say "other ethnicities". It's the same thing.

Stephen Ritchie on Aug 27, 2014


It doesn't seem you are trying to be racist but maybe unaware of how certain words can be offensive.

VoiceOfReason on Aug 27, 2014


Guess he missed the last PC update.

ChristianPasquariello on Aug 27, 2014


Damn Steam.

DAVIDPD on Aug 28, 2014


Words are only offensive if they are spoken offensive, not when they are interpreted offensive. Get some therapy.

Peter T'Sas on Aug 27, 2014


Some words, yes. I can think of at least four, that read extremely poorly regardless of being read or spoken.

DAVIDPD on Aug 28, 2014


Well, I guess i cant say im upset about the fact that people are finally taking notice of racial inaccuracy in film, but where was this outcry with the recent Noah film?? or the recent nativity story? Or how in every movie about a racial minority, an a list white actor is always still the lead??? (The Help, The Last Samurai, Blood Diamond, etc.) This isnt the first time this has been an issue, guys.

jay on Aug 27, 2014


This is different, in your examples the white characters were written into the story as white characters. Here ethnic characters were just changed to be white.

Daniel Sillitto on Aug 28, 2014


Thats definitely a fair point, I think its still just related to how the industry tends to use white leads incorrectly, whether it be inaccurate historically or inappropriate thematically as the case with the examples I used, to appeal to a white american audience.

jay on Aug 28, 2014


I agree, it's always the white male (more often than not) American that saves the day.

Daniel Sillitto on Aug 28, 2014


I actually did have an issue with the white representation in "Noah". As a black woman (and someone who believes in the Bible, as well), I was disappointed that the image portrayed in "Noah" was that the ancestors of present-day people were all white, and a very specific type of white person: British (although that people group and nation did not exist at that time, but I digress). Even if we cannot fully know what the characters looked and sounded like, the bigger issue is that a lot of white people have the *privilege* of not considering race at all, and that seeing themselves on the big screen (and anywhere else in media) is the norm. I am not making this a black vs. white problem, but the larger concern is that people of color are often told that they don't matter, that they are cry babies when addressing social injustice in the media, and that they should just go make *their own* movies. That latter point suggests to me that white folks are in fact claiming the film industry as *their own*, and thus, it has no place for people of color. That's a tragedy, and I'm frankly tired of having to explain why people of color should want to see themselves represented properly.

Rags2Righteous on Oct 23, 2014


I'm not very familiar with the story so I personally don't find it to be a big deal. Maybe because I'm ignorant and don't know how much it hurts people to see their race being misrepresented. I'll be seeing it regardless because I really like what I saw in the trailer and I generally like Scott's movies. I would rather see how the servants, and lower class citizens are handled in the movie, before I comment on the black actors being cast in those roles. There might be a point or a social message in there or a commentary on class, or not, I don't know. I won't be boycotting it.

NathanDewey on Aug 27, 2014


A really good social message would be to cast this film, like we live in a world, that understands it's history.

Why? on Aug 28, 2014


There may be theories as to what ethnicity the Egyptians were, but I doubt any of them include that they were European/White.

Brian Sleider on Aug 27, 2014


Yeah. He was being silly.

DAVIDPD on Aug 27, 2014


Who cares. Good actors were cast.

Xerxexx on Aug 27, 2014


For one thing, it's difficult to see past how ridiculous they look to get to the "good" part.

Whatintheduece on Aug 27, 2014


But not impossible.

Xerxexx on Aug 28, 2014


did you see Bale in Terminator Salvation?

Have Hope on Aug 28, 2014


Fuck everyone sucked in that letdown.

Xerxexx on Aug 28, 2014


You are a racist moron.

KelVintage on Aug 28, 2014


Was wondering when you would show up with this useless comment. You didn't disappoint.

Xerxexx on Aug 28, 2014


I get why there is/would be an uproar...but honestly I'd rather see good and talented know to enjoy the movie.

Xerxexx on Aug 27, 2014


SO there are not talented ethnic actors? Of course there are and I know you know that. This has every thing to do with having a big name on the poster and nothing to do with ethnic dispersion theories.

Brian Sleider on Aug 27, 2014


Honestly it would be refreshing to get an all ethnic cast for a big budget movie but that is very unlikely. Studios would never greenlight it.

Xerxexx on Aug 27, 2014


I'm totally onboard with what you're saying. You're not insulting anyone disagreeing with article, you're simply saying you'd prefer to watch a good movie with actors that have a history of performing great than compared to others that don't. Even if Scott cast all ethnically correct roles...if they suck or have a history of performing badly, why cast them in the first place.

JBrotsis on Aug 28, 2014


Cause only white actors are good? Well the ethnic actors were "good" enough to play slaves. Lucky them.

Daniel Sillitto on Aug 28, 2014


Well said.

Xerxexx on Aug 28, 2014


Example: Apocalypto. It was made using an all ethnic cast. Only earned $50 million US and $70 internationally. Cost: $40 million to make. Probably at least another $40 million to market. Directed by Mel Gibson - coming off of his most successful film to date - The Passion of the Christ. So yeah, it made a little bit of money. But it was not the kind of success that a movie like Exodus needs to be considering it's budget will be astronomically greater. Hence: Bigger and more well known stars for Exodus.

Phill Lytle on Aug 28, 2014


Exactly. Apocalypto was an excellent movie and an all ethnic cast can work but this is Ridley Scott and Exodus needs the star power to get asses in the seats.

Xerxexx on Aug 28, 2014


LOL. What a stupid thing to say Mr. Scott. You simply cast White actors because they were the best for the job.

DAVIDPD on Aug 27, 2014


Sigourney Weaver to play an African Queen. Come on not even an Arab. Christian Bale is from Wales!!!!!!! Ancient Egyptian art. Majority of the wall paintings show them as at least VERY tan if not obviously black. What's the next film. Bruce Lee played by...............Brad Pitt.

Jane Vain on Sep 27, 2014


An Australian playing a Spaniard...

Steven on Oct 23, 2014


When did that happen? To be fair though, people from Spain are European. I doubt a Nigeria would be upset if American Will Smith played a famous West African.

Jane Vain on Oct 28, 2014

41 know Russell Crowe is Australian right and not one actor looked Italian or Spanish in Gladiator. I totally agree Will Smith would of been great for such a role, but I question which actors of the correct race would have the blockbuster draw for such a film. Scott IMO has simply chosen on talent as popularity, since TBH it's all about the money.

Steven on Oct 29, 2014


If it was all about money (you're right, usually is), Will Smith would have been chosen. His films on average gross half a billion....if even if they're bad. Seems more like a white-wash agenda.

Jane Vain on Nov 3, 2014

43 what was Smith's last box office smash that drew in the crowds? Plus who would act alongside him? Honestly this white agenda is overblown nonsense IMO, end of the day Hollywood is a white majority, just as Bollywood is Indian.

Steven on Nov 4, 2014


Hollywood is selling films for the whole world based in a country that was NEVER white. Bollywood makes film in India for Indians. What do you mean by "who would act alongside him"? One more thing, you said Russell did not look Spanish, sorry, but many Spaniards look like him.

Jane Vain on Nov 5, 2014


Hollywood is selling films for the whole world.....really....from a Eurepean view it looks aimed more at the American market than the whole world. Who would act alongside him.....well you can't sell a film on just one main actor. Which over ethnic correct actors and actresses will take the other main roles? Just your tone implies you thought I was being racist and thought no one would act alongside him....grow up. Many Spaniards look like Russell and many Brits speak with that dodgy accent he used in Robin Hood.....

Steven on Nov 6, 2014


Accent is not the same as Ethnicity.

Jane Vain on Nov 20, 2014


Yeah ok....but it's an issue just the same for some. Still I stand by most films being aimed at the American market more than the whole world, to suggest otherwise is ludicrous. When a film is judged to be a success it's the US box office sales that really determine it.

Steven on Nov 20, 2014


Accent is as important. Why is the 'evil' sheriff in Prince of Thieves clearly English and yet Robin Hood is American? Simply because it's aimed at the American audience. It's a standard joke that evil characters are generally English, not Welsh or Scottish.

Steven on Nov 23, 2014


Another issue I have with this casting of huge actors is that it purposefully places that much more scrutiny on them that it's impossible not to see the Hollywood star. It doesn't appear to make any sense in this film to risk how fake making-up actors can potentially be. They don't seem to need it for story purposes; this isn't something like what Cloud Atlas did. It just seems like blatant Hollywood gimmickry, a ploy to attract viewership.

Whatintheduece on Aug 27, 2014


Scott always has some of the best looking pictures... in any case, i'll be waiting for Scott's Director's Cut version. It always seems to be better than the theatrical.

nate on Aug 27, 2014


Interesting. That is all.

Quanah on Aug 27, 2014


Being multiracial, I didn't really care about the make up of the cast until this article. That bothers me that blacks are just the slaves.I understand about getting big names to fill seats, but if Ridley and the studios just went after white actors only thinking they can only be big names, then screw this film. Most of the folks here who I've had the pleasure of agree or disagreeing with don't base movies solely on faces, but on the story as well. That's why, for the past few years,I have more independent films in my collection than blockbusters; stop thinking we are a bunch of muppets and catch up with the human race.

mooreworthy on Aug 27, 2014


Wow the offended race begins again.

Mihkel on Aug 27, 2014


My thoughts are this... leave Prince of Egypt out of it since the entire production team was white, the cast is mostly white with a few actors of Jewish heritage and few black actors in the mix, but like literally 99% white. Christian Bale isn't ok but Val Kilmer as Moses is? Oh it's because they drew him as a brown man? Ok... I get it.

Kento on Aug 27, 2014


It's called ACTING. Take you're political correctness and shove it up your ass.

Jameson Cyr on Aug 27, 2014


this story is about black and was created by black people

blackdreamhunk on Aug 28, 2014


Give me the same argument when you read message boards about Michael B. Jordan playing the Human Torch it cuts both ways.

R3last on Aug 28, 2014



Why? on Aug 28, 2014


I'm psyched about the new fantastic four and the entire cast, the only people who are racist are people who are offended by the race of actors who are hired to act.

Jameson Cyr on Aug 28, 2014


That's not being racist, that just us wanting fairness represented in Hollywood. It's been going on for a long time, and not just for blacks. Anyone remember Mickey Rooney's role in Breakfast at Tiffanys?

CandiApple on Sep 28, 2014


Man, you must have loved Idris Elba as Heimdall. Racist asshole.

KelVintage on Aug 28, 2014


I DID love Idris in that role because he is an awesome ACTOR.

Jameson Cyr on Aug 28, 2014


It was a bit curious seeing the Japanese Asgardian though...I mean his acting was...

DAVIDPD on Sep 2, 2014



Xerxexx on Aug 28, 2014


Nonsens. The director chooses who plays what. No need for political correctness, thank you. Plenty of Black actors in major roles everywhere. Great actors! But maybe not for these roles according to Scott. His choice and no-one else's.

Peter T'Sas on Aug 27, 2014



Xerxexx on Aug 28, 2014


Plenty of black actors in major roles everywhere? Is this a joke?

James Ball on Sep 6, 2014


Oh, do I have to apologise dor NOT watching movies that don't have black leads now? You see, I don't give a fnck. I don't believe in artificial equilibrium. I don't believe in political correctness. I appreciate black actors as much as white if they do a good job. The rest is not my concern.

Peter T'Sas on Sep 7, 2014


What you should be concerned about is your complete disconnect from reality. Approximately only about 14% of films in 2013 had a person of color in them. Not as a lead, but as ANY character including non-speaking roles. So for you to say that there are black actors in major roles everywhere is not only a joke but a complete fabrication. So apparently not wanting Hollywood to continue being racist and wanting them to mirror their world with the diverse reality of ours is "political correctness"? Of course you don't care. You're a privileged white dude who gets to turn on the tv, go to the movies, and always see people who look like you. So you don't give a damn about diversity. Everyone else, however, does. So maybe you should just be quiet next time this is being discussed since, you know, it's "none of your concern".

James Ball on Sep 7, 2014


My dear fellow, in a democracy, everybody gets their say. You may not like it, but since I am not displaying any insults to anyone, there should be no objection. I am not the kind of guy who cares about everything from behind his TV. I don't even have one, because I consider it poison since it is not objective. If I care about something, I try to do something about it, but it is impossible for any human being to care about everything, so I limit my concerns to those things I can actively affect. Since I live in Thailand, racism really is no part of that. So forgive me for not licking your boots, and go on with your life : instead of criticising others about what they say or do without having a clue who they are, go out and do something useful.

Peter T'Sas on Sep 7, 2014


My dear friend, I don't feel more comfortable with people from one colour or another. The only people who make me feel uncomfortable are fanatics. As I see it, you walk the edge of fanaticism by making up racism everywhere you look. You see, if there were more black directors, there would likely be more black actors involved, because there is a more fundamental connection through colour of skin that has nothing to do with racism, but with subconscious brotherhood. Good luck with your pogrom against illusionary racism that is very different from real racism.

Peter T'Sas on May 26, 2015


bro give it up , if white people can count how many black people they see in Hollywood films on their finger. its to much black people for them in movies. you should know their egos by now.

Rich Garriques on Apr 21, 2015


Well, if it's based on the bible, it's amalgamated fiction anyway. Who cares who plays the roles in a cultural myth? How many people think this is a legit retelling of history anyway?

Swanland on Aug 28, 2014


Not a myth

JBrotsis on Aug 28, 2014


Yet all the slaves are still black?

Daniel Sillitto on Aug 28, 2014


Yet people didn't like that argument when Idris Elba was cast as Heimdal in Thor? I understand, it's only okay when you replace people of color, because there are so few roles for white actors . /sarcasm

R3last on Aug 28, 2014


Mmmmmm I love logic as well:)

SkyNet300 on Aug 28, 2014


I am a huge Ridley Scott fan, and plan to see this film! Without the political issues for all like films, what kind of "risk" would it be for a film company to "green-light" an ethical and enthical story? Seems that only films on native americans, and american slavery are appropriate! It like we're back in early cinema! There are tons of great actors, world wide, to closer fill the historical value! If a movie about Hawaiian King Kamehameha had cast a white actor, polynesians would go berserk! (A great roll Dwayne Johnson?)

Grizzled on Aug 28, 2014


Its a business and Bale is a "name" so is "Egerton" if they cast unknowns for this would the audience have seen this? Yes its Scott's name on the film but no big actor name no larger audience.. oh yeaone more thing ITS JUST A FUCKING MOVIE! DID ANYONE COMPLAIN ABOUT CHARLTON HESTON? or YUL BRENNER back in the day?????? No The Ten Commandments is a classic!

Lee Seymour on Aug 28, 2014


I think people would still see the film even if it didn't have big "name" actors in it. Look at Thor when it first came out, no one knew who Chris Hemsworth was unless you saw his 10 minutes of fame as Kirk's father in the beginning of JJ Abrams "Star Trek". But with a comic following fan base of Thor and with it being a movie never made (to my knowledge) people still went. A true, live action Moses story hasn't been seen since long ago when they did "The Ten Commandments" so yes, with both fans of the original and biblical followers (though they'll probably be the ones to rant more about how accurate it is to the Bible like with "Noah") I believe you'll still get a strong showing no matter who is casted. White, brown, tan, big name, no name, whatever. Plus it's an epic story!

JBrotsis on Aug 28, 2014


Ridley Scott doing ANYTHING related to the times of Gladiator will bring in the crowd...FACT

Have Hope on Aug 28, 2014


If he doesn't want to do a movie without big named white actors, then he shouldn't do one about ancient egypt.

James Ball on Sep 6, 2014


I'm Iraqi, but you find me a big named Arab star who you can put on a billboard so you can sell this film and I'll give you a trillion dollars. This issue is a wider problem about the lack of Middle Eastern actors in Hollywood, not the fact that Ridley Scott wanted to make a film that people would actually see.

Gazwan Aldafai on Aug 28, 2014


Fair enough - though there's several Israeli actors who have some recognition (Oded Fehr, Gil Gadot come quickly to mind). Oded Fehr (and his "Mummy" & ResEvil co-star, Asrnold Vosloo as well) are names that make me & several of my geek friend perk up with interest. And several actors who might be non "Arab" or "Israeli", but at least have a swarthier complexion than Sigourney or Bale. I think that's where some of the outrage lies as well. Not just that they're not from that region, but tend towards the Aryan side of white.

VAharleywitch on Aug 28, 2014



Hurley Jordan on Sep 2, 2014


Wow, this controversial article has really brought in some commenters I don't recognize.

JBrotsis on Aug 28, 2014


Are you seriously bringing TH in this? SMH, TH was a comedy, it wasn't based on history or an actual time period. It was just some stupid goofy comedy, it has nothing to do with this topic of accurately casting people from an exact time period that happened in real history.

Stephen Ritchie on Aug 28, 2014


Joke. It's called a joke. Way to ruin a comment on the lighter side of things.

JBrotsis on Aug 28, 2014


Well "real history" is a stretch lol Hell I part the sea every Friday. It's super fun

SkyNet300 on Aug 28, 2014


People are so idiotic... what about The Ten Commandments??!!! That movie is whitewash too, save Yul Brynner as Ramses. And that movie is a CLASSIC.

Jane on Aug 28, 2014


The Ten Commandments was made in the 1950s. Do you think it would have been common or normal to have the majority of the main cast be of other ethnicities in such a major Hollywood film in that exact time frame? We have moved on from those times.

Stephen Ritchie on Aug 28, 2014


So, where is your point? Because another movie made the same mistake it's all good?

Daniel Sillitto on Aug 28, 2014


The ancient Hebrews and the ancient egyptains are not white people they are black!

blackdreamhunk on Aug 28, 2014


Hollywood could really learn a thing or two from people like you. Thank you good sir.

Stephen Ritchie on Aug 28, 2014


LOL dream on buddy. Unless of course you are calling everyone who is not considered "white" black. If anything we know that Egypt was a varied mix and so were the Hebrew people. I'm surprised they didn't cast some famous arab looking and israeli actors to play the parts since there are so many. Christian Bale could pass looking like a Hebrew. The others however... WTF?

backwardsprogress on Aug 28, 2014


not in that time period Ancient Egypt began in 3500 B.C. Ancient Egypt was first invaded by the Hyskos in 1700 B.C. The Hyskos were kicked out 100 years later in 1600 B.C. Ancient Egypt wasn't occupied again until 728 B.C. by The Nubians (modern day Sudan). Then the Assyrians (outsiders) came next, followed by The Persians, then the Greeks, then the Romans at the turn of the millennium (30 B.C.) Finally, the Arabs conquered Egypt indefinitely in 642 A.D. The people you see in Egypt today are NOT the people who lived there 5,000 years ago. The Egypt that the entire world is fascinated by.....the PEAK/PRIME period of Ancient Egypt was the New Kingdom (King Tut, Ahmose, Amenhotep, Hatshepsut).....this period was from 1600 BC to 1000 BC.....1000 years before Europeans came and 2,000 years before Arabs came. THEY WERE BLACK. DEAL WITH IT. "

blackdreamhunk on Aug 28, 2014


Roman historian Cornelius Tacitus (56-118 A.D.) had these thoughts on the origins and customs of the Hebrews, as the Romans prepared to destroy Jerusalem Quote:. Many, again, say that they were a race of Ethiopian origin, who in the time of king Cepheus were driven by fear and hatred of their neighbours to seek a new dwelling-place. Others describe them as an Assyrian horde who, not having sufficient territory, took possession of part of Egypt, and founded cities of their own in what is called the Hebrew country, lying on the borders of Syria.

blackdreamhunk on Aug 28, 2014


Poor reading and context. Read before and after text. People were questioning where the Jews came from. In the paragraph from which you got your quote, it was questions if the Jews came from multiple backgrounds or locations, not just the one you stated above. Your statement above has nothing to do with race.

backwardsprogress on Aug 28, 2014


I never knew cush was in europe! Zephaniah 3 :10 From beyond the rivers of Cush my worshipers, my scattered people, will bring me offerings. From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia my suppliants,[even] the daughter of my dispersed, shall bring mine offering.

blackdreamhunk on Aug 28, 2014


"Tacitus,the Roman historian of 90 A.D., says that the Romans of his day popularly believed that the Jews, which then abounded in Europe, came from Ethiopia, the land of the Blacks Zephaniah 3 :10 From beyond the rivers of Cush my worshipers, my scattered people, will bring me offerings. From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia my suppliants,[even] the daughter of my dispersed, shall bring mine offering. Lamentations 4:8 Their visage is blacker than a coal; they are not known in the streets: their skin cleaveth to their bones; it is withered, it is become like a stick.Lamentations 5:10 Our skin was black like an oven because of the terrible famine. Exd 2:19 And they said, An Egyptian(speakin of Moses) delivered us out of the hand of the shepherds, and also drew [water] enough for us, and watered the flock. Explain how an ISRAELITE is mistaken as a son of HAM if they didn't look alike? Then 2000+ years later Acts 21:37-38 Shaul(Paul) a Hebrew mistaken as an Egyptian... So explain how SHEM's seed and HAM's didn't look alike? Google ancient Hebrews or ancient Hebrew dreadlocks click images and you see what the ancient Hebrews looked like!

blackdreamhunk on Aug 28, 2014


Again, poor reading and context. In all the verses provided, you are injecting race and missing the context of the verse.

backwardsprogress on Aug 28, 2014


Testimony of Classical Greek and Roman Historians Virtually all of the early Latin eyewitnesses described the ancient Egyptians as black-skinned with woolly hair. Several ancient Greek historians noted that Egyptians and Ethiopians had complexions that were “melanchroes,” which most scholars translate as black, while some scholars translate it as “dark” or “dark skinned.” Some of the most-often quoted historians are Diodorus Siculus and Herodotus. According to most translations, Herodotus wrote that a Greek oracle was known to be from Egypt because she was “black,” that the natives of the Nile region are “black with heat,’ and that Egyptians were “black skinned with woolly hair.” Diodorus Siculus wrote that the Ethiopians considered the Egyptians their colony. Lucian observes an Egyptian boy and notices that he is not merely black, but has thick lips. Appollodorus called Egypt the country of the black-footed ones. Aeschylus, a Greek poet, wrote that Egyptian seamen had “black limbs.” Gaston Maspero states that “by the almost unanimous testimony of ancient [Greek] historians, they [ancient Egyptians] belonged to the African race, which settled in Ethiopia.”

blackdreamhunk on Aug 28, 2014


Thank You sir for accurately portraying history.If you go anywhere else in the world this is reflected except america.Hmmm makes you wonder.Let me ask one question,well three actually.How in the hell you going to been 100% white in the desert?Second question how in the hell you going to tell me folks coming out a nation inside Africa are not Black prior to colonization?Third why would there need to be colonization in a place you're already occupying or the people resemble you?

Hurley Jordan on Sep 2, 2014


what did Jesus look like according to the scripture. who wrote the Torah. What is the likely hood of their pigmentation? Did they look like the people that are in Israel now?

blackdreamhunk on Aug 28, 2014


He most likely had an arabic look about him. I'm sure they were darker than common day Hebrews because of the different lifestyle we live today than 2000 years ago.

backwardsprogress on Aug 28, 2014


no Arabs sorry

blackdreamhunk on Aug 28, 2014


They choose the arab when they are found out to not be the choosen people when they know we are

DOWN SOUTH LUGZ on Mar 18, 2015


Not all Lad. I have tapestry pending posts from CB from 3rd Century AD. As my Wife is Hebrew actually she says Mr. Bale looks pretty close. One of the ancient taps they have same haircut.

Randall Miller on Aug 28, 2014


how does your wife personally know what Moses looks like? She was alive back then? She has a degree in history or religion? Oh right shes just some lady that you are using as an authority. Also those tapestries that are from the 3rd century, who were they painted by and for what? Because I've seen tapestries of a blonde haired jesus, with disciples wearing Renassaince era clothing, it doesn't make it true.

Isabel Price on Nov 5, 2014


WTF is wrong with you? I will pass the insults on to my Wife. If you would actually take the time to see the other comments, SHE as a HEBREW is not insulted by Mr. Bale portraying the lead.

Randall Miller on Nov 6, 2014


Your wife is no damn Hebrew. Your wife is probably converted with the rest of the Khazars from Europe.

LEE007 on Nov 13, 2014


More a coward , gutless and insensitive...let's pass this on to her grandparents. Oh wait, they died in Auschwitz. Bugger off you obtuse fuck.

Randall Miller on Nov 13, 2014


Sorry for you but there is nothing insuting nor wrong in what LEE007 said, the actual Hebrew are the descendents of the Khazars (East Europe, Crimea more or less), who were converted to judaism at a time when judaism was a very proselyte religion, that is fact ^^ And actually, you are the one being insensitive to some extent, playing the "Auschwitz" card like that, disgusting... ^^

Furious on Dec 27, 2014


Waaahh!!! It's a movie. Whatevs. If somebody doesn't like it, don't see it!? OR... make your own friggin' movie. I'll probably Netflix it just to see if it's good enough to make me forget all this whining.

avconsumer2 on Aug 28, 2014


So is Fantastic Four, but that doesn't stop the "Why is a black guy playing Johnny Storm?" whining. But I guess it's only okay if whites are playing black characters...right?

CandiApple on Sep 28, 2014


Sorry.....white dudes with TANNING spray? Film looks great, but I think I'll pass

Have Hope on Aug 28, 2014


I'm more offended by their butchery of the laws of physics and fluid dynamics.

Swanland on Aug 28, 2014


What really sucks is, as a mixed race actor, I probably would've accepted the roles and been thrilled to play a slave cause...that's life?

Why? on Aug 28, 2014


i wonder what the Prince of Persia director would say about "We cast major actors from different ethnicities to reflect this diversity of culture, from Iranians to Spaniards to Arabs" they know better and this may actually hurt some pretty good actors and actresses in this movie

Liam Knurtsis on Aug 28, 2014


While I agree that the casting is odd and there is no dispute in that - specifically Joel and Weaver and Aaron Paul (WTF), but the black guys mentioned in the tweet all play non slave roles. Way to over exaggerate!

backwardsprogress on Aug 28, 2014


I seriously doubt race even crossed his mind when casting. This is a storm in a tea cup that's been raised and shouldn't be given the time of day.

Steven on Aug 28, 2014


Well according to the man himself, they did discuss race but decided to go with white actors anyway. So you're wrong.

Daniel Sillitto on Aug 29, 2014


After the question of race was raised in an interview..........believe what you like, but he's hardly going to turn round and see he couldn't care less and picked actors on ability.

Steven on Aug 29, 2014


If race was not discussed during casting (which it was), then this *should* be given the time of day. Is everything an issue of race? Not at all. But to take a story that has a very specific historical and geographical context and purposely choose people who are not representative of said context is irresponsible. I understand the idea of hiring the "best" person for the job. But for many people of color, it is a reality that they are not even in the running for best because of an a certain physical and cultural ideal. This is part of white privilege, not having to consider race at all and thinking that you are the norm.

Rags2Righteous on Oct 23, 2014


I personally don't believe my colour is the "norm" and believe we are all part of a rich and diverse human race. While aware of the harsh realities of the world I do not believe Ridley Scott to be a racist and stand by my belief his casting choices were made on both talent and box office draw. The latter being a demand created by the general public, though I concede this can be manipulated through the selection of high profile roles.

Steven on Oct 23, 2014


When I said "thinking that *you* are the norm," I wasn't at all implying you as an individual, or making it personal. It was the collective *you* as in *one*, or even in this case, Ridley. 🙂 I also did not call him a racist, but I do believe that as a white male, he consequently possesses this privilege (in US society). A side note: I don't understand why some people have such a problem when people of color mention that they are not represented or are marginalized? I get it that some people "cry wolf" in life, but EVERYONE? C'mon... this is one of the reasons why people of color get angry, because even those who claim to be colorblind and care about the human race as a whole don't actually seem to listen to the individuals and groups who report not being represented well. It's a privilege to tell people how they should feel, and whether or not they are making mountains out of molehills. The people who are offended by the lack of racial and ethnic representation in this movie have a right to be.

Rags2Righteous on Oct 23, 2014


TBH I wasn't sure if you were implying Ridley was a racist for not casting the correct ethnic race. While I understand people have a right to express their views, I just don't think it's understood that the roles are given on as much the actors box office draw as the talent. Let's face it, Ridley's had a bit of a dry run lately, picking Bale for example would be deemed a 'safe' move (though as Terminator Salvation showed, a poor script and direction can still kill a movie). I honestly believe the casting is due to money considerations and not race. Outrage on the misrepresentation would be better focused upon the history books and what is taught in classrooms. A film comes and goes, with even classics not often viewed by the public. A change needs to be made at the grass roots within education, making a song and dance over a movie is not the correct attention the debate needs.

Steven on Oct 24, 2014


I hear what you're saying. But change does not just happen in formal education... it happens wherever people are, and some of those people happen to either make films or watch them. History books are not separate from real life events that... will eventually be history. Also, your comment of "making a song and a dance" seems condescending and belittling for the voices who are offended, including for the individuals working in the film industry whose craft and artistry is part of their involvement in social justice. We will just have to agree to disagree.

Rags2Righteous on Oct 24, 2014


Making a 'song and dance' implies a 'storm in a tea cup', more of an issue than is needed in terms of a movie being made to make money. I can understand how your upset on that POV, but then we are all guilty of speaking out of turn. The label of 'you' in your first reply for example, some two months after my original comment. Hollywood is still a white majority industry, catering for a white majority population, just as Bollywood is catering for Indian demand. It's all about the money...

Steven on Oct 25, 2014


The main problem, is that they chose to cast only white European actors in all of the main speaking roles, and gave them spray tans and makeup to pass them off as Egyptians, as if they ran out of actual actors of color to play those roles. In movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, green, blue, and pink people dont exist, thus the need for the actors to wear makeup to change their race. For Exodus, actual brown and black people exist in the world, so there is no excuse to cast white people in these main roles, other than the fact that they could sell more tickets with these white actors. Maybe that is the excuse to why it happened, but its still doesn't make it right.

marccoogs on Aug 28, 2014

131 3rd century AD of Moses.

Randall Miller on Aug 28, 2014

132 Another from same time period from the Euphrates. As my Wife is Hebrew I asked if she was offended about Mr. Bale playing Moses, she says he looks like my people of the tribe 2000 years ago.

Randall Miller on Aug 28, 2014


Since we're letting the suspension of disbelief do it's work with the biblical moments of hail, blood strewn rivers and splitting rivers, I'll continue to let it do it's job with the actors. Haven't even touched on the religious aspects of the film and people are already up in arms. Chill folks. They had a Russian playing the Pharaoh back in the 50s version - did you care as much then??

Nick Sears on Aug 28, 2014


Meh, people will just watch this to see God blow stuff up.

cobrazombie on Aug 28, 2014


Hollywood has been racist since the beginning of film so why would this film be any different? Lol seriously all the big A-listers are all white. How many Asian actors are the stars in a big budget movie? What's that? None? Yep that's what I thought. It's just the way of the business sad to say.

SkyNet300 on Aug 28, 2014


Hopefully one day it'll change but not now.

SkyNet300 on Aug 28, 2014


No of course it won't change if people find it so okay and normal.

Daniel Sillitto on Aug 29, 2014


As a black man the only thing that really "offends me" is that it's basically a live action rehash of Prince of Egypt. Also 99.9% of religion is fiction anyway so I really don't care all that much.

John Doe on Aug 29, 2014


I'm not white and I could care less what color skin the actors have as long as they can bring the role to life successfully. Do people care that Al Pacino wasn't Cuban in Scarface? This is only a controversy because the press chooses to focus on the vocal minority on the internet.

David Diaz on Aug 29, 2014


That's because scarface isn't real

SwannyZone1_5 on Sep 16, 2014


Think you missed the point of my comment. Regardless of whether the character is from history or not, it still shouldn't be a big deal what color skin they have as long as they bring the role to life in a great way. Do you know of a lot of amazing Egyptian actors to fill all the main roles? I sure don't, and neither did the casting directors. So they went with talent and gave them tans to pass for Egyptians. Big deal. That's all I'm saying. Also, I'm not sure where the proof of Moses' or Ramses' skin color comes from but ok.

David Diaz on Sep 22, 2014


Yes it should matter what color the character is because if the character is black in real life but white in the movie that is a blatent distortion of history. the actors don't necessarily have to be Egyptian but they should at least b black as the ancient Egyptians depicted themselves through their art. exodus chapter 4 verses 6 n 7 depict Moses as a black man if u were wondering where the proof was

SwannyZone1_5 on Sep 23, 2014


I'm not to sure it's trying to be massively historically accurate, more concentrating on being bloody good entertainment and looking amazing which it does, they've picked actors and actresses they know can do what they want, like Sigourney Weaver, some one Ridley Scott knows and has worked with ,Oscar Isaacs apparently turned now Ramses and he's not exactly white not like they have a list of white actors they might happen to have a list of good reliable popular actors but hay maybe they should go out to egypt and pick. What I also don't get oh it's different as it's a historical real life character, so Henry the VI of England looked like David Oyelowo?

mph1959 on Oct 1, 2014


Lol massively historically accurate? Portraying the characters to what they really looked like in real life sounds like the basis to me. I wouldn't consider that being massively historically accurate, that's the easy part. don't you think being historically accurate AND being bloody good entertainment makes for a better movie? instead of one without the other. not only would it be fun to watch, the viewer would be learning something as well. if you watched the movie as it is without knowing the real history, the viewer would be misinformed. also the Egypt today is not like ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt was inhabited by pure africans. the Egypt today is inhabited by mostly Arabs and palestinians. idk about ur reference to henry of england

SwannyZone1_5 on Oct 2, 2014


A historically accurate movie which is good entertainment is a great thing, but that doesn't detract from the fact that a non-historically accurate is good entertainment, which is just common sense really. Also, watching a movie without prior knowledge of the history and being misinformed as you said is a problem that can be rectified easily by simply researching on the internet if it bothers someone that much, I mean its not as if someone will become completely ignorant due to a movie considering the age we live in so your argument is an exaggeration. A movie is a form of entertainment, and that's what it should be taken as, if you want historically accurate go watch a documentary, but aside from that I think people care too much about the "white-washing" of a mere movie, since there are records and scientific studies that can dispute it.

mira on Mar 7, 2015


Plz help me understand how portraying an ancient ppl as white instead of black makes for better entertainment. N the ppl that care too much about the whitewashing of the movie, r the ones who made it. If whitewashing didn't matter, y whitewash a movie? Most ppl don't read history books, most ppl don't research shit. Nowadays we watch shit. They're ppl that still deny that the Egyptians were black to this day n they been denying it. This information has been covered up nd this movie contributes to that. Your whole argument is the problem with the world today. Ppl want what's appealing to them. Ppl want "entertainment" more than truth. If u can't see the problem with portraying something as something that its not then don't even waste ya time on replying to me

SwannyZone15 on Mar 7, 2015


Ramses was a real black pharoh n ppl consider Moses to b real. Moses was black as well

SwannyZone1_5 on Sep 16, 2014


Moses was far from black matter of fact if you read the Hebrew bible it clearly states that Moses married a black woman a Cushi which in hebrew refers to black from the tribe of Cush. Moses sister Miriam and his brother Aron laughed at Moses for taking a different race wife and Miriam was punished by God for disrespecting Moses. There is nothing in the entire bible which indicates that the ancient Israelites were black, the Jews in Israel today are the children of the Israelites, to deny this is to deny God it's as though you are saying God made a mistake cause the State of Israel is nothing short of a miracle, what Israel became in 60 years no nation surrounding it has achieved till this day.

Bomb Gaza on Oct 12, 2014


You're the only delusional individual in the room if you haven't studied enough history to know that Egypt/Kemet/Kush (the land of the blacks) were a black race of people. The rampent lack of knowledge is mind boggling. Ugh

Cliff Postell on Nov 18, 2014


delusional cause your people spent years upon years enslaving them to make them forget their past. i dont think so.

Rich Garriques on Apr 21, 2015


So you wouldn't be confused if a movie based on Ancient China cast all black people as the chinese?

CodeREd on Nov 9, 2014


correct these real images of ancient Hebrews

blackdreamhunk on Aug 30, 2014


I bet the movie is going to be good,and all of the stupid boycott cry babies are going to see it and like it secretly,people make me sick!

Luis Aviles on Aug 30, 2014


Maybe people like you are going to see it and like it. Me?! I'm sticking to Aliens. Hey!!! Ripley's in it!!

roami on Aug 30, 2014


i gotta watch it 1st,but you're right ,Alien is awesome!

Luis Aviles on Sep 1, 2014


Still scares the mess out of me!

roami on Aug 24, 2015


How in the hell do you get white from that?They are in the desert.Even if you wanted to go with that,the region and continent is AFRICA!!!I just do not understand why white try and claim everything.If he was white how and the hell would he been able to blend in with the royalty from Cush bka Egypt?This is baseless and is pure fiction

Hurley Jordan on Sep 2, 2014


Check yourself Mate...I was not the one who said "white"....I provided tapestry from 3 AM and my Wife being a member of the tribe. Bollox.... So bugger off!

Randall Miller on Sep 2, 2014


A member of what tribe? The 13th made up tribe of israel? Gtfoh. This is Kush we're talking about here. Kush. Meaning "the land of the blacks." The rampent ignorance is overwhelming.

Cliff Postell on Nov 18, 2014


What gibberish, do you even live on this planet? Tell the rest of the Hebrew Nation they should be considered, thought of, or their trials as they call themselves "The Tribe!" Ignorance or the Google for you! So bugger off.

Randall Miller on Nov 19, 2014


The race and ethnicity of the characters in Prince of Egypt wasn't as historically accurate, either. Back in those days, most of Egypt was a mixture of brown and black skin tones. Both movies were wrong.

Derrick Opurum on Sep 4, 2014


So what? Just about every alien you see has human features (one head, arms, legs, 2 eyes, nose etc. ) to make them more acceptable to movie goers but one complains about that.

Jason on Sep 7, 2014


Black people are not aliens, we are actual living people. you may have seen some walking around somewhere. We live among you! to compare black representation of which we get so little, to aliens proves that people think showing black people in movies is just as crazy as little green men.

Isabel Price on Nov 5, 2014


A last generation human calling first world humans aliens? , what is going on here?!!?!

Rich Garriques on Apr 21, 2015


Yet we cast black actors as traditionally white characters all the time......

Zak Coleman on Sep 8, 2014


Like what. Marvel Comics. When Idris Elba plays Henry VIII then we can complain.

Jane Vain on Sep 27, 2014


I don't know, I think he'd be incredible in a role like that- Elba's a cut above most actors today!

Ashlea Marshall on Sep 28, 2014


So you wouldn't mind Elba play a history/real white person? I wouldn't mind, but many would complain. In this film, Egypt looks as if it's inhabitants were from Norway is a joke.

Jane Vain on Sep 30, 2014


Nah, not at all. People would complain under the guise of 'historical accuracy', but we all know it would actually be a bit of racism talking I think. Speaking of Shakespeare though, I saw an incredible production of Julius Caesar that had an all-black cast and oh man, it was insane; just wonderful. Alas, people complained of course but the quality won out in the end and most agreed how good a performance it was.

Ashlea Marshall on Sep 30, 2014


I heard about that. I guess with theatre it would be fine. However, Hollywood does WAY too much white washing in an already low African representation as it is. So I think the complaints about Exodus are valid. It reminds me of those who complain about "Hunger Games " movie even though, in the book the character are black.

Jane Vain on Oct 1, 2014


Actually, you need to research more on cinema history...not current cinema. Once you do, you will see that your comment makes no since.

CandiApple on Sep 28, 2014


Oh please don't give me more of this ridiculous argument are you talking about all the little "Token" roles blacks get on the side for a only a few minutes of sc rene time like "idris Elba" in Thor?! 98ercent of all leading roles in hollywood are done by White actors. The reason hollywood has to cast little side white roles with a black actor or two is Becuase hollywood films are lacking in so much diversity already. So your comment is nonsensical.

Atlasshruggedmyass on Oct 27, 2014


Well with 16 up votes and months later it looks like the Overwhelming majority thought I was right for pointing Out your idiot comparison! That's right I came back To gloat.

Atlasshruggedmyass on Mar 18, 2015



Zak Coleman on Apr 1, 2015



Guest on Apr 4, 2015


Yea, because that hasn't faded since it was made 2 millennia ago.

Mik3one5 on Oct 1, 2014


3rd Century AD... but Moses was not alive during that time, so this cannot be considered a "photograph" of the real man. 🙂

Rags2Righteous on Oct 23, 2014


Apart from the racial aspects of the casting, the film is severely flawed in factual content. Ridley Scott has Seti as the pharaoh of the Exodus, where as it was Merneptah, as the latest book 'Where Moses Stood' spells out in detaill. Nor can the film portray the correct Mount Sinai, as it has only recently been poisitvely identified.

Robert Feather on Oct 30, 2014


I could understand more "white" characters if they were portraying this in Ptolemaic Egypt, when primarily most of the leaders were of Greek descent. However, this is Old/Middle Kingdom Egypt, and most people would have been brown to black hued. The directors of the film know their casting is flawed, otherwise they wouldn't have spent extra money on heavily tanning these actors.

Brittani on Nov 3, 2014


When I see Egyptians, they look Spanish like me, some are pale with blue eyes, I no offense to Africans , but I don't see to many Egyptians that look black.

Sandra guglielmo on Nov 9, 2014


That's because the egyptians you see today are persian. They swept in to Africa during the Persian influx in 700ad. The ancient egyptians/Kemets/Kushites were a black race of people. Ugh. Education sucks in this country.

Cliff Postell on Nov 18, 2014


NO! The Arabs were from Arabia. The ancient Egyptians were of Greek origin, like the Philistines. They were invaders who turned the indigenous black Africans into slaves. The Jews grew in number over 400 years from the 12 sons of Jacob (Israel) and their families into the hundreds of thousands that left Egypt for the Promised Land. But the Jews were originally from where Turkey/Syria is now so would be on the pales side, yet tanned. The problem with the film is the use of 'A' listers who don't look right even with beards! But then neither did the The Ten Commandments with Vincent Price, Edward G Robinson and Cedric Hardwicke - LOL!

John Fiftytwo on Dec 14, 2014


Your ignorance is beyond laughable. I won't even argue the idiocy of your post. I'll just let you explain to me how many "Greek" pharohs have been found with dreedlocks and dark brown skin. Your history is laughable. The Greek empire was in it's infancy at the height of the Kushite Empire. This is sad. Do you people have to whitewash everything? None of the peoples you're referring to are caucasian (beside the Greeks who were in the process of being educated by the Moors, also black peoples). Smh. The racists always come out when these movies are made. Sorry sir, but the truth is coming to light. Claim your own heritage. Not ours,

Cliff Postell on Dec 23, 2014


Greek origin??? LOLOLOLOLOLOL The Egyptians migrated to Greece through Crete. Egypt was a country when LONG before Greeks formed a society. ANYONE WHO PAID ATTENTION IN MIDDLE SCHOOL LEARNED THAT! lololololol

Dood on Dec 26, 2014


Want to know how the Ancient Egyptians looked? LOOK AT THE HIEROGLYPHICS! Hieroglyphics clearly show the Ancient Egyptians being comprised of black and brown skin tones. Were there SOME white people in Ancient Egypt? Of course, like all world Superpowers during their times (ancient babylon, greek, rome, etc.) various cultures and races would live under their influence. But for the most part, the Ancient Egyptians themselves (especially the rulers) were black and brown.

CodeREd on Nov 9, 2014


People it's all about money. I'm sorry but an ALL black cast wouldn't bring in the money that these actors and actresses will bring in. If you have issues just don't go see it. Yeah it sucks but it will still be a knockout at the box office. Regardless of what anyone says this movie is all about the green dollar. P.S. You guys also have to remember soooo many people think Jesus was a white man with blondish colored hair and blue eyes. Hollywood will never cast an accurate biblical movie.

Nerdygrrl30 on Nov 9, 2014


Ridley was correct to use white actors. Adam, Esau, King David and Jesus were all said to be 'red', in the biblical texts. This has traditionally been thought to imply they were redheads. And all the Greek heroes were 'golden haired'. Which is why Muslims dye their hair red. They do so to look like Muhummad, and yet Muhummad was simply trying to look like the previous prophet, Jesus. The Talmud also says Jesus had freckles, which is a trait of redheads. And redheads in Syria are called 'Issa'. But Issa is the Arabic name for Jesus. Take a look at any Medieval illustration of Mary Magdalene, and she is a red head. This is not simply a Western stereotype, this is what the texts said. Ralph Please see: Jesus, Last of the Pharaohs Tempest and Exodus Scota, Egyptian Queen of the Scots

Ralph Ellis on Nov 10, 2014


Is your argument that only white people can have red hair?

No on Nov 10, 2014


Redheads are naturally lighter skinned, due to a reduction in eumelanin. That is a fact. And the presence of freckles again points to a lighter skin. The biblical texts confirm that the Jews lived in, and came out of, Egypt. That was the point of the film. But the Jewish Historian Josephus Flavius goes on to say that the Jews were actually the Hyksos Pharaohs of Egypt. And the biblical Exodus was therefore the Hyksos Exodus out of Egypt. And the predominant phenotype of Judaism is of a lighter skin pigment, with many Ashkenazi Jews being redheads. These are light-skinned Jews, like the redheaded Woody Allen, Seth Green and Art Garfunkel, whose ancestors came out of Egypt. These are Jews who look like - errr - the white actors in "Exodus". And yet they came from Egypt. Ralph

Ralph Ellis on Nov 10, 2014


I'm sorry mate, you're completely wrong!! When people die their hair colour changes. Please everyone, discredit this fool.

BlackQueen on Dec 9, 2014


So Bale looks like Woody Allen, Seth Green and Art Garfunkel? Don't think so. He in no way looks Jewish.

John Fiftytwo on Dec 14, 2014


You do realize that Black people naturally carry the gene to produce fairer skinned individuals? A loss in pigmentation is possible for us. Further inbreeding as was practiced by Kmetian royals to maintain the bloodline easily explains a line of people with the same hair color. There were no White Africans that magically ruled Egypt. They were Brown and Black skinned people who filled the lands and you obviously have done nothing beyond copy and paste the same article over and again about ONE red haired pharoah. You have no point, no research and no argument that bares substantial proof to back up your own bigotry. You throw out the term racist and show that you clearly have ZERO understanding that social economic control of a people is NOT the same as making a statement about genetic lineage. YOu are not that bright and you should learn MUCH before you come to public arenas and toss around how little you know.

Dood on Dec 26, 2014


Your grasping at straws, to protect the lie of Afro-centrism, is beginning to look like desperation. The pharaohs of Egypt were redheads, and the science has proven that that is the truth. The mummies of the New Kingdom all show reddish hair, and a rigorous scientific analysis has demonstrated that this is real red hair and not an artifact of mummification. What is the matter, are you an anti-ginger racist? Ralph

Ralph Ellis on Dec 26, 2014


anti ginger racist? ,man just stop!

Rich Garriques on Apr 21, 2015


That is absolutly asinine. The Pharohs, as was all of Eygpt/Kemet/Kush were a black race of people. I can't believe I still have to explain this to people in 2014. Even the excavated tombs found them with "nappy" or "black peoples" hair. Ugh. Are ya'll really that insecure? Whitewashing everything. In 50 years Muhammad Ali and Micheal Jordan will be played by white actors too. Smh. #Pathetic.

Cliff Postell on Nov 18, 2014


Nonsense. The Egyptians clearly depicted themselves as sun-tanned, and African Negros as black. In addition, the present population of Egypt is NOT black. Are you saying they all died out? Likewise, the Jews, who Josephus Flavius says were the Hyksos pharaohs of Egypt, are clearly not a black race. And lastly, ancient Scottish and Irish history (Sotichronicon and the Labor Gabala) say the Scots and Irish came from Egypt, and these peoples are not black either. The data clearly demonstrates that the Egyptians were not a black race. R

Ralph Ellis on Nov 18, 2014


The Hyksos were Asian invaders, so of course they were not Black. I notice people like you always pick and choose which period in Dynastic Egypt you want to inject whiteness into. For example, questioning whether or not Cleopatra was Black or White when in reality she came late in Egyptian history and AFTER all of the major structures were built. never ask whether or not Queen Tiye was Black or not. I wonder why? SMDH

Mr. Holipsism on Nov 19, 2014


The Hyksos are portrayed in Egyptian art, in exactly the same way as the Upper Egyptians. There was precious little between these people, in religion, culture or ethnicity. Regards Queen Tiye, she was the daughter of Yuya. This is Yuya: And this is who he looks like: Yeah - pure Western. The black statue of Tiye is a death-mask, which were always black for obvious reasons. And yes, she was wearing the fashionable Nubian wig. Why? Because Moses married Queen Tharbis of Nubia, and it is likely that Moses was TuthMoses, the son of Queen Tiye. Thus a Nubian fashion was established, within the Armarna court. Ralph

Tate Elliot on Nov 19, 2014


Ramesses II was not Hyksos, and he was ginger haired, and the science has proved that beyond doubt. So if you will not accept the science, and continue to claim that the pharaohs were black, you are a racist. A pure and simple racist. And I do hope that the social services make contact, to question you about your racism.

Ralph Ellis on Apr 21, 2015


No we are not black...we are golden... but you see and yet cannot see...hear and can not hear... hahah...quit copying me lol...get your own swag

Ramessu on Nov 21, 2014


study the ancient really blacks of Ancient Egypt the Hykos (they are the present day Dinkas of South sudan) North Sudan/Chad/NIger/Ethiopians are lighter, brown in skin color lol!! Ancient Egypt - Ethipians (Afro Asiatic are Jews, they speak Amharic - They language spoken by Jesus - If you look at Sudan, they have darker skin then Ethiopians but in someway ressembled each other that's why they can be called brothers - But Ramses is a Nilotic person - most of them are located in Central African countries/sudan etc....Present day egyptians are Arabs (Kind Tut) was the last Pharaoh - he was Arab - But Ramses were all africans....go to africa and study the people 😉

Melat K. Kim on Nov 24, 2014


Nonsense. The Hyksos were the Israelites, and their Exodus went in completely the opposite direction - and they became the Jews (who are not black at all). The Hyksos Exodus is identical to the Israelite Exodus, in every respect. If you don't believe me, then read Josephus Flavius, Judaism's greatest historian and chronicler, who says that the Hyksos were indeed the Israelites. Anyone who says that the Hyksos were black Africans, is a racist. R

Ralph Ellis on Nov 24, 2014


Sorry, but the written history of the region conclusively shows that the Hyksos were the Israelites. That is why their 'two' exodus events were identical. And the primary historian of these people, Josephus Flavius, says that - that the Hyksos were the Israelites. (See Contra Apion). And the Israelites are not black, and never have been. Why are you being so racist? Do you enjoy being a racist?

Ralph Ellis on Apr 21, 2015


"sun tanned"!?? So the "Asiatics" as the Egyptians called the light skinned peoples of the middle east skin didn't tan? Only the light skin of your white "Egyptians" was capable of tanning to the point of looking just like an Northeast African. Clearly, you are a troll. The Book of the Gates shows clearly what everyone in that region looked like. No Brits, Scots, or Irish, sorry.

hottlink on Nov 27, 2014


Sun tanned scottd and irish cam from egypt ? Take yo ass back to the causcus moutains lmao

DOWN SOUTH LUGZ on Mar 18, 2015


Sa Ra..dont argue with ayap....let him reap his reward in do time...he is use to dealing in dialogue... but those days are no more...hahaha the other day..i heard a Nile croc, lion and cobra arguing over the honor saying ..LET ME HAVE HIM!!! after which the vulture stated..." you all should dive deep and swim in him...and whatever is left I will clean it up"...

Ramessu on Nov 21, 2014


Only esau lmao u are only esua edomites smh jesus had freckles lmao ? I swear white peole are halirous when they lie

DOWN SOUTH LUGZ on Mar 18, 2015


Hello people. This is ancient Egypt. Not the persians that enhabit the land today. This is Kemet/Kush. Meaning "the land of the blacks." Seriously? People are so brainwashed. The rampent lack of knowledge is mind boggling. Ugh.

Cliff Postell on Nov 18, 2014


Actually, the land was black, not the people. The Kam fertile garden vs the djesret desert. Anyone who says the Egyptians were black, is a racist.

Ralph Ellis on Nov 19, 2014


Except they were.

EverEndingStory on Nov 20, 2014


Not. Current Egyptians are not black. Jews are not black, even when Joseph married the daughter ofthe high priest of Heliopolis. The depictions of ancient Egyptians are not black. And Queen Tiye was not black (a common claim) because we have her mummy and she had long red hepair. Anyone who says that ancient Egyptians were black is a racist, like Everendingstory above, pure and simple. R

Ralph Ellis on Nov 20, 2014


Actually to make divinity true..Your very much needed as our may ask why?... well its quite simple... I know my ancestors are watching us.....and I'm afraid to close my eyes for this final time again...awake.. and face big momma LOL...and be asked the question.." you let this go clown spout garbage..and usurp life.?".... wretched viper...if flew on high as far away as my brother him... theirs is no doubt I would still see you slither to and fro...seeking to devour the SUNS of light... and to think folks wonder why we put them on the temple walls wrapped up like a summer harvest... back groove assholes deserved it then...and do now... BUT if we could take back just 1 false move... If we could have broken one LAW...we should have never opened the land during that famine...dam! evil could envy become !!!! its not our fault that your women hated you for all the bizarre, weird as self serving practices you imagined..and wanted to stay and never go back....seeing nature you couldn't wait to cut shit open and examine it...put it in a zoo...i mean jail...or claim to " discover it" So mr. Flintstone.. if you were indeed me...back then...why are you always digging, hunting and recording the very animals you say you recorded on YOUR walls ahaha I'm sure in the next 1000 will be 2pac...Marvin Gaye...Bob marley..MLK and even honey badger...This is why we retained Sets ass..and put him out front on that bark...cuz anacondas SUCK...Cheers to you mighty one.. spear the serpent in the mouth again...its almost time...wowwwww... May Maat find us worthy...for humanity...and all life itself...Tarzan went ape nuts....AGAIN

Ramessu on Nov 21, 2014


Ancient Egypt - Ethipians (Afro Asiatic are Jews, they speak Amharic - They language spoken by Jesus - If you look at Sudan, they have darker skin then Ethiopians but in someway ressembled each other that's why they can be called brothers - But Ramses is a Nilotic person - most of them are located in Central African countries/sudan etc....Present day egyptians are Arabs (Kind Tut) was the last Pharaoh - he was Arab - But Ramses were all africans....go to africa and study the people 😉

Melat K. Kim on Nov 24, 2014


. >>ur wrong about our pharaohs being white with >>blonde hair...all pharaohs had black hair Nonsense. Ramesses the Great had blonde-ginger hair: While Queen Tiye (grandmother of Tut) has ginger-red hair: This is why King David was said to have been a redhead, because he was related to this royal line (not least through the marriage of Joseph). And this is Yuya, the grandfather of King Tut: And this is who he looks like: Yeah, pure Caucasian Western. Frankly, anyone who says that the ancient Egyptians were black Africans, is a racist. R

Tate Elliot on Nov 24, 2014


any one that says egytians were black is a racist? no sir YOU ARE RACIST . ancient Egyptians WERE BLACK MOORS.

Rich Garriques on Apr 21, 2015


Look in the mirror. The science says that the New Kingdom pharaohs were ginger. The artwork demonstrates they were bronzed, not back. The history demonstrates that the Hyksos were the ancestors of the modern Jews, who are not black. And yet you still claim a black ancestry for the Egyptians. That, is pure racism. Why are you a racist? Does it come naturally, or do you have to be schooled in this? Which ever way, I do hope that social services pay a visit and ask you some difficult questions about you unacceptable attitude. I shall be contacting them.

Ralph Ellis on Apr 21, 2015


I guess you didn't learn last time Apophis...

Ramessu on Nov 21, 2014


Ancient Egypt were composed of Afro-Asiatic peoples (Moses:Present day East Africans and Nilotic peoples (Rameses Present day Central Africans/Sudan)

Melat K. Kim on Nov 24, 2014


Anyone who says the Egyptians were not brown/ black as the Egyptians - portrayed themselves is an obvious racist and liar.

hottlink on Nov 27, 2014


Ramessu on Nov 21, 2014


I struck them down, and there escaped me none Then I lifted up my voice, and I spake, Ho! my warriors, charioteers, Away with craven fears, Halt, stand, and courage take, Behold I am alone, Yet Amen is my helper, and his hand is with me now." When my Menna, charioteer, beheld in his dismay, How the horses swarmed around us, lo! his courage fled away, And terror and fright Took possession of him quite;And straightway he cried out to me, and said, "Gracious lord and bravest king, savior-guard Of Egypt in the battle, be our ward; Behold we stand alone, in the hostile Hittite ring, Save for us the breath of life, Give deliverance from the strife, Oh! protect us, Ramses Merri amen! Oh! save us, mighty lLion!" Then the Lion spake to his squire, "Halt! take courage, charioteer, As a Heru swoops down upon his prey, So I swoop upon the foe, and I will slay, I will hew them into pieces, I will dash them into dust; Have no fear, Cast such evil thought away, These godless men are wretches that in Amen put no trust." Then the Haney Badger, he hurried forward, on the Hittite host he flew, "For the sixth time that I charged them," says the Crocodile---and listen well, "Like Thunder in his strength, on their rearward, lo! I fell, And I killed them, none escaped me AND I SLEW AND SLEW AND SLEW.....

Ramessu on Nov 21, 2014


Joel Edgerton...Ralph apophis...hmm well I guess they kinda look like the folks below...hahaha... man... some people were made to truly show beast... who fight... to even debate with Micheal crazy... even in the garden...just speaking to his ass...folks got caught up... but yet some cousin still fall for it..flashback seqenre tao...and slapping the shit out of our cousins before killing our foes....anyone have Thutmosis number on speed dial...shit even the insects are tired of this bully... even the minerals wanna hide...particles wanna run...has their ever been such a sustained evil that has the mind set of cancer...reveling in tricks..deception...and all sorts of evil...the saving grace is that life demands balance... as the evil grows more a only confirms the strength of the coming good... anyone who debates a pestilence and puts forth evidence..expecting a rational discussion... should lay in the Sahara for eternity... how many times will we argue. turn around..and get knifed... I mean...shit evil has made its mind fact it laughs because some actually engage in talk..or feel bad if they reserve the right to obey and groom the garden.....all the while..this posion runs rough shot over life...while atum trys to love his ass... and follow his version of heru...becoming a lamb...for dinner...I have never seen a lion debate a seek common ground when life is at stake... I reflect sometimes and think...THIS has to be the Greatest wonder of ALL... to see Kmt reduced to the lowest man...memory erased...dependent on a fiend...and unwilling to corral it...not even for the sake of the world...more afraid of his law... then the all eternal law...anyhow Im i watcch the neteru...i see that some snakes retain no venom and hunt rats...keeping balance...while others inject poison not only into the body...but even unto the soul....of life briths whats it needs...others sneak in

Guest on Nov 21, 2014


I have the solution to determine who's the rightful owners of my land...and who among us are the impostors......LETS allow THE SUN DECIDE... arriving in Kmt on june 21.. we venture into my which point we strip down to our shorts...well you can were them tight ones..but i aint..need them a lil longer and loose hahah.. anyhow... whoever blisters after 3 hours...well they aint the real HNIC...HOW bout that!!!!...sounds fair to me... and I bet that if I arrive " light skinned" after umm say 12 min or less I will begin to absorb RA like the great trees of the fact you can have kmt... and Eden if i even blister...cuz aint no built pyramids or anything else in that hot asss sun... with no sun tan ok... how about this... i put on kemetic garb...and you also.. ( but dont touch my gold link theif) and we find the meanest lion... we stand in front of him....umm say about 50 yards... let him lose... and see who gets attacked !!! can even give the ol tarzan scream..and see if it really works.. or...say...we swim across the nile.. with one big azz croc in the area... then see who plays underwater twister...hahahah i mean simple test...wanna know my strategy... I'd look them deep in their eyes...and nah cant tell you what we would be thinking...yu might put it in a store and claim it...but anyhow..Id then look at you..back at them...and of course..we would naturally have that brotha thing going on..and i'd give the old head whats crakin Sun? ..and the beast would already know what time it is ...bout to get it CRAKIN hahahah literally...

Ramessu on Nov 21, 2014


Wrong again: Ramesses the Great had blonde-ginger hair: While Queen Tiye (grandmother of Tut) has ginger-red hair: This is why King David was said to have been a redhead, because he was related to this royal line (not least through the marriage of Joseph). R

Tate Elliot on Nov 24, 2014


For the love of whatever god you believe in, do your research next time. That way, in the future, you won't embarrass yourself. "A common Eurocentric tactic to prove that various famous civlizations were blonde or red haired is to point out that mummies have blonde or red hair. Little do most Eurocentrists know that blonde and redhair in mummies can sometimes be explained by enviromental and archaeological reasons.You can also get such hair coloring from dying. Ancinet Egyptian women and men often used henna which turned their natural hair color reddish colors. This is not only common in Egypt but across Eastern Africa and parts of the so-called Middle East. Microscopic study tells more about the original hair color,which may have faded or been changed by enviromental conditions,the mummification process,or the use of dyes The red hair, on the contrary, seems represented, at least by some individuals, in all known races, whether equatorial or boreal... From what precedes, we arrive at the conclusion that the colour of the hair alone is insufficient to characterise a race..." Also "Thuya has scantly white hair,know turned yellow by the materialsused in the embalming";f=15;t=000286

Charlie59 on Nov 26, 2014


Yeah, we know that. But for the love of whatever evil devil you believe in, why do you not read the ancient texts before committing your racial prejudices to paper?? The kings of Mycenae were described as blonde, Alexander the Great was a redhead, while the patriarchs are also described as redheads. Likewise the ancient chronicles of Ireland and Scotland (Lebor Gabala and Scotichronicon) say that the redheads of Scotland came from Egypt. Taken together, with the evidence from mummy remains, the evidence strongly suggests that these people were indeed blonde and redheads. R

Ralph Ellis on Nov 27, 2014


I don't believe in bearded sky men, devils, or ancient books with little to no credibility. But I can tell that from your obnoxiously naive, factless dedication to these articles and faceboook pages that you are indeed alone this Thanksgiving, which is very sad yet fitting for someone of your ignorance. By "these people" I'm assuming you mean the ancient Egyptians. You have yet to offer an explanation as to why you continue to ignore the art of ancient Egypt (look it up, even decrepit loners such as yourself should know how to Google "Ancient Egyptian Art"). I'd like to think that those people knew more about what they actually looked like than you do, which is why they are immortalized on the very walls they built, and you are reduced to trolling articles on the internet this fine Thanksgiving morning. Show me 3 pictures of art depicting Ancient Egyptians as Scottish redheads and I will show you thousands of pictures depicting them as quite the opposite. Enjoy your TV dinner old man.

Charlie59 on Nov 27, 2014


>>that you are indeed alone this Thanksgiving. Wha kind if parochial nerd would celebrate some strange ritual called the Thanks of Giving?? There is whole world out there, but you have obviously never seen it. Try getting out more. Oh, and not every hero in the world is black - that, is pure racism.

Ralph Ellis on Nov 27, 2014


Lmao he doest think they are scottish

DOWN SOUTH LUGZ on Mar 18, 2015


U and satin get along just fine

DOWN SOUTH LUGZ on Mar 18, 2015


The final word: The mummy of Ramesses II was taken to France in 1985 for preservation. The mummy was also forensically tested and the results determined that: Quote: "Hair astonishinghy preserved showed some complementary data - especially about pigmentation: Ramses II was a ginger haired cymnotriche leucoderma." Professor Pierre-Fernand CECCALDI, Forensic Scientist, Criminal Identification Laboratory of Paris. (Bulletin de l'Academie de médecine - Volume 171, Issue 1. p119) Ralph

Ralph Ellis on Dec 15, 2014


I would also like to point out that the tables have been turned in the past, and the "outrage" was unwarranted and just plain stupid. Don't believe me? Google "Hunger games outrage". Those sure are some hateful comments. Perhaps someone should have told those people to actually read the books. But of course.... maybe I'm the dumb one for expecting any racist or intellectually challenged human to be able to grasp the concept of common sense. The fact is, people are upset about this Exodus casting because when a historian thinks "Ancient Egyptian" they don't see "Sigourney Weaver" or "insert obviously pale, white actor in very dark makeup here". Ancient Egyptians were diverse as far as skin color goes, but phenotypically they most certainly did not look European. Most had dark hair, medium to dark skin which was very much representative of the climate and areas they lived in. How do we know all of this? Because they showed us. Look at their art. Look at their busts. Look at their statues. These people left pictures for us yet we insult their legacy by making some sort of scientifically inaccurate mockery out of it. Every ethnicity out there has contributed something great to this world as far as civilizations go. People who try to "change" history by recreating an entire civilization in a way that matches theirs screams poor self esteem. Be proud of your heritage regardless of what it is and respect those who are obviously different yet just as proud.

Charlie59 on Nov 27, 2014


You are using Wiki as a source? Geezzz. In contrast, the science says that the original colour of Ramesses II's hair was red. In conclusion they said: Quote: "The anthropological study and the microscopic analysis of hair, carried out by four laboratories: Judiciary Medecine (Professor Ceccaldi), Société L'Oréal, Atomic Energy Commission, and Institut Textile de France showed that Ramses II was a 'leucoderm', that is a fair-skinned man, near to the Prehistoric and Antiquity Mediterraneans." [Balout, Roubet and Desroches-Noblecourt. (1985) 383. Please read: La Momie de Ramsès II: Contribution Scientifique à l'Égyptologie: Balout, Roubet and Desroches-Noblecourt. (1985)

Ralph Ellis on Dec 14, 2014


You know, you remind me of those people back in the days, the white colonizers of Africa, discovering The Great Zimbabwe and trying to concoct some kind of fairytale accounting for the fact that this magnificient monument couldn't have been built by the bantous, but by caucasian people who came down and then, decided to go back to Europe ^^ See how it works? This is why I can't trust white people on this question regarding Egypt, and especially not you

Furious on Dec 27, 2014


You can stick your fingers in your ears, and shout "la, la, la," but that does not alter the facts. And the facts are, that the pharaohs were redheads. The mummy of Ramesses II was taken to France in 1975 for preservation. During forensic testing it was determined that: Quote: "Hair astonishinghy preserved showed some complementary data - especially about pigmentation: Ramses II was a ginger haired cymnotriche leucoderma." Professor Pierre-Fernand CECCALDI, Forensic Scientist, Criminal Identification Laboratory of Paris. (Bulletin de l'Academie de médecine - Volume 171, Issue 1. p119 Jan 1987) The science says, you are an anti-ginger racist - the very worst kind. Ralph

Ralph Ellis on Dec 27, 2014


Is that all you can say "racist"? I could care less about things like that, you just call anyone racist when they contradict what you thin, and you always come up with the same stupid evidence that, according to you, they were white because of the color of their hair. Let me tell one thing, the aborigines have a very dark skin, and yet they have red hair, blond hair... And please, they are not mixed with white people, they had these features way before the arrival of the European settlers. Therefore in fact, YOU are the one who corrolate having red hair and stuff like that with lighter skin ^^ If you look at some people from Somalia or Ethiopia, you find the same features about their hair 😉 You are no geneticist, you know nothing about biology and how it works, so please shut up.

Furious on Dec 27, 2014


The final word: The mummy of Ramesses II was taken to France in 1985 for preservation. The mummy was also forensically tested and the results determined that: Quote: "Hair astonishinghy preserved showed some complementary data - especially about pigmentation: Ramses II was a ginger haired cymnotriche leucoderma." Professor Pierre-Fernand CECCALDI, Forensic Scientist, Criminal Identification Laboratory of Paris. (Bulletin de l'Academie de médecine - Volume 171, Issue 1. p119)

Ralph Ellis on Dec 15, 2014


The notion that Egyptian royals were black is silly. They didn't have "nappy" hair (check out the mummy of Ramses the Great...looks like my granddad...very straight, fine hair). Egyptian art typically depicted men as light to dark red but women as white/yellowish white (now why would they do that??), and as one comment notes below, Egyptians very clearly denoted the difference between themselves and Africans/Nubians (that too can be found online). More proof? After the Nubians were ousted from their century-long occupation of Egypt (ca. 700 B.C.), the Egyptians were so embarrassed by this that they tried to eradicate those Nubian pharoahs from their records...this is a known fact. The fact is, Egyptians looked down on the peoples south of them, and these people were much darker (among other things). Egypt was always a melting pot...all the tribes (white, black, and proto-Asian) that lived in the Eden that used to be the Sahara were forced east as the climate dried out...congregating in the Nile Valley. They were always racially with it. Maybe they should have cast some Arabs and southern Europeans...maybe a Tuareg or Berber. But the notion that they should have cast black actors in this roles would be no less ahistorical.

daingelt on Dec 22, 2014


Blacks have all kinda of hair and white people just got here lmao deal with it

DOWN SOUTH LUGZ on Mar 18, 2015


lmfao get over it , Egyptians were black , make all the stories you want , you white people cannot change history its already written and your the oppressors not the originators.

Rich Garriques on Apr 21, 2015


the white vultures at it again...time to boycott ridley

Alias Darker on Feb 1, 2015


why did this site remove my image of Hyko, The Hykos are not white people and they are Jewish people eitheir

blackdreamhunk on Feb 9, 2015


White people are also better at being Asian than Asians, and are more appropriate choices to cast as native americans than real native Amricans lol.

MiMi on Mar 1, 2015


I hope you also agree that White people are not the terrorists but Arabs and Muslims are the terrorists because white use democracy and drones to kill innocents civilians while the others use Islam and knifes to justify their terror.

John Smith on Mar 12, 2015


I'm not disagreeing with what you're saying except that it would be better to avoid generalizing; not all white people think that way, just the same as not all Arabs are Muslims and not all Muslims are terrorists and not all black people are whatever kind of stupid shit SOME people think. Ignorance has no color and doesn't discriminate, we all know that. I see that you did not say 'all' whites so maybe you aren't meaning to imply hat but it sounds ambiguous so I'm really not sure. But in my experience generalizing is dangerous because whether you mean to or not it alters your perception and you start to believe in it and write off an entire race of people like it's nothing and don't realize what you're really doing, and by you I mean any of us, I have had to stop myself from saying/thinking like this. I for one do not believe that crap and I certainly agree about this and other movies. Hollywood is run by elites like everything in this world and those elites are totally insane/delusional, they live in a fantasy world. Just my humble thoughts, take em or leave em.

fudgeripple on Mar 25, 2015


Also, according to white people, Ethiopians, the ones in this picture are dark skin caucasians, and are not black... But dark white people. Nevermind that Africans came first, and everyone else second, and that white inherited the majority of their physical characteristics from black natives who already had these traits before passing it to them... No.... White people make me sick. 2050 needs to hurry up and get it's butt here. You don't see Asians claiming south African people lol. But whites love to cling on to other people's histories and heritage and cultures and even claim whole ethnic groups of non whites, while disrespecting you at the same time.

MiMi on Mar 1, 2015


"not every caucasian is white, but ALL blacks are negroid"... lol oh, these people crack me up.

MiMi on Mar 1, 2015


Negroid population would be about 50 million globally if whites didn't feed you.

Dubiousmack on Oct 8, 2015


Amazing that you can spout "facts" but as soon as anyone challenges them you simply blame it all on some massive world-wide "Jewish conspiracy". If you actually expect to be taken seriously you might try some logical argument with real facts. But then, we all know that is not what you are interested in. You just want to hate. We all get it. And no on, NO ONE, actually believes a word you say.

TexasVulcan on Oct 12, 2015


I believe what he said.

Achiron on Dec 14, 2015


My sister i laugh at that bullshit caucusiod shit they cooked up to further seperate us

DOWN SOUTH LUGZ on Mar 18, 2015


lol you just gotta accept that white people will lie no matter what. if they reveal the truth of Egypt everyone would know who the real thieves are. they wont allow that , its not in there inferiority complex to allow it.

Rich Garriques on Apr 21, 2015


God if you only knew history you would know Egypt was settled by Western Europeans, we have their DNA. It aint black.

Dubiousmack on Oct 8, 2015


Race relations are going to get real ugly, because the inherent reduced intelligence of Black Congoid people, like yourself, means that you can't even debate race or history on a rational level. You just grab at things and then claim that whitey is lying. It's hopeless. White people are going to push back and it's going to be because people like you are pushing forward specious arguments and misinterpreting your own stupidity for racial discrimination. The Egyptian Pharaohs were DEFINITELY not Congoid, they may have been dark or mid skinned but they were NOT Congoids - which is where the African-American slave trade displaced people from. Africa is a CONTINENT - it is not summed up by African Americans and their ancestors, at best you have claim to a sliver of the western shores of Sub Saharan Africa - you have nothing to do with South Africa, East Africa, North Africa - let alone Egypt in the North East. Congoid peoples are not the grand ancestors of the Human race - they are as much an offshoot as Europeans are - just because the superficial skin color makes you think you are the original peoples does not make it true.

Achiron on Dec 14, 2015


Ethiopians consider themselves non black. Talk to any ethiopian and they will say they aren't black. They aren't prognathous, have white features. True negroids have a a small brain about 1000 cc, Ethiopians have a larger brain, avg 1300 cc. They are probably more Indian than black.

Dubiousmack on Oct 8, 2015


Ok the people in that picture you posted are NOT Congoid people - which is what you, if you're African American, are. It's possible that European people are more closely related to the black people in this photo than modern Congoid or Congoid-Transplants in America are. There is ZERO contention that White Europeans trace their lineage back to chimpanzee common ancestors through what would have been black skinned African inhabiting Human beings - White skin is NOT the defining characteristic of my genetics, it is a shorthand. It's ironic because American Congoids sometimes do look like White Europeans last Black ancestors - but only because American Congoids are a mixed race already, many American Black Congoids have white DNA to some degree, when they have a good fraction of white european ancestors they look like OUR ancestors from the European side rather than the Congoid side. Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs were definitely not Congoids - there is a contention over whether they were Nubian level black skinned or Arabic level skinned or European white Tanned skinned (I am as white as it gets but lived for short times in Spain, Canary Islands off the coast of Africa - and just being there for a month I have a very Bronzed semi dark skinned color - this is exactly how White people would look living in Egypt - and exactly as Pharaohs are depicted in skin tone.

Achiron on Dec 14, 2015


Lmao poor white man

DOWN SOUTH LUGZ on Mar 18, 2015


2000 years ago lmao u pale guys only been in isreal since the 50s

DOWN SOUTH LUGZ on Mar 18, 2015


lmfao who put white people hair under that skull

Rich Garriques on Apr 21, 2015


We have their DNA. They were 100% white, not just whitish, their DNA is Western European. Negroes are just angry at being non humans. Negroids are angry science has proven blacks are an obsolete hominid not related to modern humans.

Dubiousmack on Oct 8, 2015


Ramesses III, the last great pharaoh of the New Kingdom, DNA analysis proves sub-Saharan African ancestry. Live in your white supremacist la-la land all you want, but I'm fact-checking your trolling a** anyway.

Lana Allen on Oct 26, 2015


He was the last pharoah of a dying Egyptian kingdom for a reason... I believe there were black pharoahs during the time of Egypt's decay. Perhaps the absence of white peoples had an effect on intelligence levels?

Achiron on Dec 14, 2015


If your in America which I sure all of you are,let me ask this how can we even have this argument with all the nationality mixing that's went on here some of these comments are uterly rediculous

Enrico Burke on Mar 4, 2016

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