Ridley Scott Updates 'Blade Runner' & 'Prometheus' Sequels' Status

August 26, 2014
Source: EW

Ridley Scott

This December, we'll see if Ridley Scott can finally deliver another great film by returning to the sword and sandal tale of Exodus: Gods and Kings (the trailer had impressive visuals, but felt a bit artificial otherwise). But he's got plenty of other projects on his future slate to keep him busy. The director's next film has been confirmed to be the sci-fi drama The Martian starring Matt Damon, but many are wondering when he'll get around to directing the developing sequels to his classic Blade Runner and the Alien prequel Prometheus. Well, Scott gave a brief update on the status of both sequels, giving us a vague timetable.

When it comes to Blade Runner, Scott confirmed to EW that the script written by Hampton Fancher (co-writer of the original film) and Michael Green (of Green Lantern) is completed and just waiting for him to shoot it, "It’s written and it’s damn good. Of course it involves Harrison [Ford], who is a survivor after all these years—despite [his Star Wars] accident. So yes, that will happen." But when? Scott says, "Probably after [The Martian.]. That’s the problem, I’ve got a lot of ducks in a row. But they’re all written." Scott isn't getting any younger, so the sooner he gets to these projects, the better.

Now you might have noticed that Scott didn't specifically mention Prometheus 2. But considering his comments on the development of Blade Runner 2, that means that the prequel sequel isn't in the immediate future. After all, The Martian is next, with a release date already set by Fox for November 25th, 2015. And if Scott follows it up immediately with the Blade Runner follow-up, that wouldn't be complete until 2017 most likely. So that means Prometheus 2 wouldn't be in the cards until 2019 or 2020. Fans are probably more hungry for a new Blade Runner than the continuation of Prometheus, but if the latter film is any indicator of the quality of a Blade Runner follow-up, that's a cause for concern. Anyway, who knows how all this will play out, but stay tuned.

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prometheus wasn't that bad! It's impossible to follow up a sifi classic like alien. If you do it, it will always disappoint you so you must see prometheus as a stand alone movie. And than it's a great sience fiction movie and better than that stupid one with Tom Cruise oblivion!

Avi on Aug 26, 2014


Impossible to follow Alien? Whats that make Aliens? I wont call it a better movie, because they are 2 different genres almost, but they are as good as one another. So its possible to follow it up, just not with cryptic convoluted crap.

Brian Sleider on Aug 26, 2014


Agreed. ALIENS was like a reboot more than a sequel, to be honest.

DAVIDPD on Aug 26, 2014


I do not agree, It was a definite follow up. Following the lead from the previous on an adventure that expounded on the previous movie.

Brian Sleider on Aug 26, 2014


Sorry perhaps reboot was not the correct word. Yes, ALIENS shared the same protagonist as ALIEN, but the tone, the way the protag acted, tone and setting were completely different. Sure, it expanded the mythology too. But all you needed to do was called the protag a different name, and change the alien design, and no one would have every guessed it was an ALIEN film.

DAVIDPD on Aug 26, 2014


Oh, for sure, they are pretty much in two separate categories, Alien is more Scifi Horror, while Aliens is Action Scifi.

Brian Sleider on Aug 26, 2014


Ahh Mr Sleider you have ht upon the key to understanding Prometheus . ... All you that hate the movie , I hope you find somebody that has the BluRay like me . And you watch the Director's outtakes and deleted scenes . As well as listen to the commentary on why they deleted them ..Cause when you DO , you will see that Ridley DID intend Prometheus to be that SciFi Horror With A Serious Tone movie , Just LIKE Alien . However after the cuts , they were LEFT with a Action Sci-Fi movie , that was not explained well . The cuts are scenes that explain people's motivations much better . And the opening scene with the Engineers was more detailed . Basically the movie is much more comparable to Alien once you've seen the cuts . I was Entertained by what we got in the theatres , but I admit people would think better of Prom. If they saw the cuts and realized it did have a serious underlying tone like Alien , before they walk into the Engineer's "hangar" , and start the campy action , which makes the film more like a not-as-good Aliens BTW I recommend buying the Alien Quadrology , for the same reason ; Alien 3 has 30 MINUTES of deleted scenes and is almost a different movie from what we got in American theatres - and more watchable . Aliens has just a couple deleted scenes but one good one showing you the bustle of the science station on LV-whatever , and Newt's family driving around acting like the Robinsons from Lost In Space , until they find the Engineers' ship ...Alien 's deleted scenes make the crew look more professional . like they actually knew what they were doing , before all hell broke loose and they start acting stupid . and ALL 4 movies have been re-colored , so that they aren't so dark and gloomy . The Nostromo looks as colorful and as airy as the Prometheus , for ex. , on Blu-ray . Which it SHOULD , since the Nostromo was built after the Prometheus... only :Resurrection isn't any better from its few deleted scenes

Dominic on Aug 27, 2014


So I don't think that Ridley has "Lost " anything . Just that he and the crew shoot themselves in the foot , because they're too afraid of putting a 2:45 to 3-hour movie in theatres ( one less showing a day Everywhere , adds up), so they chop it to 2:10 or 2: 25 and they F with their story

Dominic on Aug 27, 2014


I refuse to accept Resurrection as Alien Cannon. It does Have Miss Weaver sinking a no look 3 pointer on like the first try though lol. I did not outright dislike Prom, but I want to see the Directors cut I have seen some deleted scenes but not all I would like to see the vision prior to the cuts.

Brian Sleider on Aug 27, 2014


, I'm sure u can find a 9.99 sale somewhere for it since it's a year old now .... The cuts make the movie more respectable - since one of the Canons of this franchise is People Acting Stupid , it helps that the cuts make it SEEM like they have their wits about them better , before the action starts . Like , before those two wander into the section of the "hangar" with the urns .... can't help the 60-sec abortion scene unfortunately ... The only Canon from :Resurrection , is what an Alien would look like if it had skipped the facehugger stage , and was Birthed instead

Dominic on Aug 27, 2014


I dug prometheus. I thought Oblivion was pretty boring. The whole movie led you to believe that there was going to be this GRAND finale, and it was only a disappointment.

Rock n Rollllll on Aug 26, 2014


yes oblivion was pretty boring,and with no climax...

Avi on Aug 26, 2014


I also enjoyed Prometheus. Sure, it was filled with plot holes and nonsense, but the feel and the visual aspect were good. The ending just left us wanting more.

TheOct8pus on Aug 26, 2014


Obilivion was a poor ripoff of Moon with a 2nd time director who was too afraid to cut out all the boring Tom Cruise monologues.

MattPeloquin on Aug 26, 2014


GARBAGE? Nah. Just marketed very poorly. PROMETHEUS was good. 7/10.

DAVIDPD on Aug 26, 2014


God, that old "poor marketing" excuse rolled out again...

cobrazombie on Aug 28, 2014


The c-section scene in prometheus was honestly one of my favorite movie experiences ever. Though the movie wasn't great as a whole, it still delivered that awesome scene, and made me enjoy the film. I honestly don't understand why there's so much hate behind the film, there have been far worse.

Danimal on Aug 26, 2014


"The c-section scene in prometheus was honestly one of my favorite movie experiences ever." Wait... really? "One of your favorite movie experiences ever"?? Did you see any movies from the 80's or 90's yet? Or are you equating all the favorite parts in all movies you've ever seen as "one of your favorite movie experiences ever." Cause you may have like, 100,000 "favorite movie experiences ever." No insult intended, just genuinely curious. People, I think, hate it because it has more plot holes than swiss cheese. Honestly, I can't think of any film with more plot holes. (This from a die hard Aliens fan.) I mean, there are even comical youtube videos regarding the plot holes. Prometheus plot holes are akin to Star Trek's lens flares (though, the flares didn't ruin the movie - cause they weren't the... PLOT!?) While beautiful, jaw dropping f/x, amazing sound & soundtrack... the plot holes ruined it for me.

avconsumer2 on Aug 26, 2014


I guess I should've said "theatrical experience." I wasn't quite around or old enough to see some of my favorite movies when they first went into theaters (the shining, pulp fiction, alien...) so it was honestly one of very few times I was on the edge of my seat as an adult. Not many films do that for me these days, so that's why I referenced this particular seen because it was just that good for me. So every time I hear about Prometheus, I automatically think of that one memorable scene. I do understand it might not've had the same effect on others though 🙂

Danimal on Aug 26, 2014


Actually Dan that's the only scene i DON'T forgive them for ; not so much for the "60-second Abortion" itself , but for the fact that she should have barely been able to WALK much less run and jump like she did after that . Yes They Need the abortion , cause that's HOW Sigourney's Alien's strain comes into being , remixing BIRTHED human DNA infected by Alien DNA , with the original DNA from the Engineers once the Engineer is attacked . Just that Noomi running and jumping so much is a DEFINITE " that Would-Could never happen " plot hole of the movie .... Maybe if there was more recovery time ; I'll have to rewatch the deleted scenes from the Bluray , and see if Shaw has more time to recover in the original Cut .... cause if u do watch the Bluray you can find why to forgive them for most of the other " holes '

Dominic on Aug 27, 2014


Interesting! Gotcha. Will have to rewatch that scene. I do (just fyi) have a very love / hate thing for Prometheus. Some of the best (imo) cinematography in recent memory. F/x & sound are no slouches either. Good times. Happy movie watching! 😀

avconsumer2 on Aug 28, 2014


So much shudder inducing.

Xerxexx on Aug 26, 2014


I think Scott has lost his touch, personally.

Brian Sleider on Aug 26, 2014


hes always been hit or miss...maybe more so now but hes got some magic left im sure

Jon Odishaw on Aug 26, 2014


From his recent ventures, I'd agree. Damn fine DP though!! (director of photography)

avconsumer2 on Aug 26, 2014



Brian Sleider on Aug 26, 2014


I loved Prometheus personally, flaws and all. I'm down with a blade runner and he still produces a decent movie from time to time. But I want Prometheus two fucking ASAP. So much potential.

Jon Odishaw on Aug 26, 2014


I enjoy this guy's movies.

Rock n Rollllll on Aug 26, 2014



Xerxexx on Aug 26, 2014


I personally would rather have a Prometheus sequel than a Blade Runner sequel. Blade Runner stands alone just fine. Someone else should direct Prometheus 2, and Scott should just co-produce.

TheOct8pus on Aug 26, 2014


New director and writers IMO.

Brian Sleider on Aug 26, 2014



TheOct8pus on Aug 26, 2014


I don't want a sequel to Blade Runner. Hollywood just wants to turn every great scifi film into a "franchise". Some classic films need to be LEFT ALONE. The dark, mysterious "origin" of Giger's Aliens needed to be left alone too. Instead Ridley thought "Hey, let's go back and explain everything and leave nothing to the imagination." Prometheus is now the "Midichlorians" of the Alien universe. I don't want to see Prometheus 2. What are they going to do? Have Shaw go to the Engineers home world and try to make a living? Maybe "The Martian" should be Ridley's last film, because one more original scifi film from Ridley will actually be welcome.

crystaltowers on Aug 26, 2014


hi - you are a sci-fi fan thats so cool. I am just going thru the Alien saga bit by bit. I like Prometheus tho... and for me there is not enough scifi movies and Mr Scott is a magician 😉

Smart US on Feb 10, 2015


I want a Prometheus sequel. Wanna see what becomes of the Deacon and Shaw and David. Also the writer from green lantern? That instills fear.

Xerxexx on Aug 26, 2014


Let`s just hope the world is ready for what Ridley Scott wants to do and appreciate that, and not what the audience are expecting.. Sadly I must admit it, but I`m actually happy every time I see an original script/story.. and not a remake/series/comics to movies these days. Even if they chew on older franchises or what not... I love the silver screen, but right now the huge experiences are made by games.. Heavy Rain, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Deadly Premonition(Not so original, but still damn cool story), Half Life, COD:MW campaigns.. there is so much will to tell stories in games now a days.. almost hoping directors would go to the gaming franchise 😛 😉

ErrorSapiens on Aug 26, 2014


I enjoyed what was presented and am really interested in what Shaw has yet to go through.

Xerxexx on Aug 26, 2014


Who was the Deacon ? XerX ... we know how 3 has to end anyway ; an Engineer's ship with a Queen that is the NEW strain of Alien , with the Shaw-Charlie-Engineer DNA mix , crashes on LV-whatever . So that The Nostromo can find it . ... Ridley's challenge is to get to that point , AFTER Prom. 2 ... Buy the bluray , for the reasons outlined below ; you'll like this movie even better

Dominic on Aug 27, 2014


LOL. Good shit Dominic.

DAVIDPD on Aug 27, 2014


The deacon is the creature that burst out of the engineers chest at the end.

Xerxexx on Aug 27, 2014


LOl somebody named it ... and ..."trilobyte" , ? why not just say " mutated facehugger " ? since her aborted "fetus" DID look similar to one OK they backed off of confirming my supposition that this mutates into Alien's creature according to that link . but they didn't definitively say no , as well ... I didn't see a mural of a Xenomorph that looked like Deacon , with hands and legs and the different head shape . That is supposedly on the wall of the "temple" / hangar funny site ; must be for people playing a game with these creatures as characters ...

Dominic on Aug 27, 2014



Xerxexx on Aug 27, 2014



Rock n Rollllll on Aug 28, 2014


so they're trapped in a d4?

Dan Hibiki on Aug 26, 2014


Get that GREEN LANTERN screen writer away from BLADE RUNNER's sequel.

DAVIDPD on Aug 26, 2014



ErrorSapiens on Aug 26, 2014


I suppose giving him a second chance is only fair. But GREEN LANTERN was ass.

DAVIDPD on Aug 26, 2014


yes he wrote that alone or.. ? Greg Berlanti ... (screenplay) & Michael Green ... (screenplay) & Marc Guggenheim ... (screenplay) and Michael Goldenberg ... (screenplay) Greg Berlanti ... (screen story) & Michael Green ... (screen story) & Marc Guggenheim ... (screen story)

ErrorSapiens on Aug 26, 2014


I think the fact that we're still talking about Prometheus and Ridley Scott in general, proves how important and relevant he is to all of us that love good film.

lattimore on Aug 27, 2014


I am so nervous about The Martian. I feel like its going to be hard to condense. I am sure it will at least look nice?

Jacob Crim on Aug 27, 2014


Prometheus was good looking garbage.

cobrazombie on Aug 28, 2014

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