Robert Downey Jr. Joining 'Captain America 3' to Kickstart Civil War

October 13, 2014

Iron Man & Captain America

This is the biggest Marvel news to arrive since the revelation that The Avengers would be assembling on the big screen. While Robert Downey Jr. dashed hopes of Iron Man 4 happening, he did say that had some other Marvel projects coming up and that an announcement was imminent. Well, that news has broken and it has Downey reprising the role of Iron Man in a completely different franchise. Variety reports Downey will star in Captain America 3, and the sequel will kickstart the massive Civil War storyline that rocked the entire Marvel Comics universe eight years ago and pit Steve Rogers against Tony Stark. More below!

For those who don't know, the Civil War storyline involves the inception of the Superhero Registration Act, which forces anyone with superhuman abilities to reveal their identities to the U.S. government and agree to act as a police force for the authorities. While Stark supports the program, Rogers does not, believing that it threatens civil liberties, and everyone in the Marvel universe is forced to choose a side. However, since the Marvel cinematic universe doesn't haven any secret identities to worry about, it probably won't play out exactly the same. This explains why Marvel announced plans today to reboot the Civil War storyline next summer, just in time to be coupled with The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Speaking of which, Badass Digest has had a line on this story for a little while, but they just got beaten to the punch. Their sources say that The Avengers sequel coming next summer will have a huge impact on what will be coming in Captain America 3, so much that the sequel might as well be The Avengers 2.5. That's because it will feature Robert Downey Jr. in a co-starring role alongside Chris Evans, and it could include that new team that was rumored to be assembled at the end of The Avengers: Age of Ultron. And if you think about it, this goes hand-in-hand with recent rumors that some of Marvel's biggest heroes to date won't be in The Avengers 3 when the time comes.

Civil War

Why? Well, because Captain America 3 is going to shake things up like crazy. While the film will be lifting the Civil War storyline from the comics, one of the other potential titles for the film is also Fallen Son, the comic book title that corresponds with the death of Captain America. That means we might see Steve Rogers lose his life at the end of Captain America 3, and the Civil War will leave the Marvel cinematic universe in a chaotic state that will run through The Avengers 3, though it's still not clear who that team will be. Rumors peg the new Avengers team as consisting of Cap, Falcon, War Machine, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow and maybe The Vision, but that could change.

But that's not all, apparently this huge shake-up that starts in Captain America 3 and runs through The Avengers 3 will lead to a level of instability that will allow Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet to wreak havoc, possibly in The Avengers 4 or some kind of big universe-wide team-up that could include The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. And rumor is that Kevin Feige wants to keep Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America 3 directing duo Anthony & Joe Russo around to direct The Avengers 3 and The Avengers 4, picking up the mantle from Joss Whedon.

This is all just so much to digest, and while some of this is speculation, one thing's for sure: Robert Downey Jr. will co-star with Chris Evans in Captain America 3 and things are going to get absolutely insane. However, apparently it wasn't easy. At first, Marvel only wanted Downey for a small role in Captain America 3, having him shoot for just three weeks. But Downey thought Stark should have a bigger role in the film's plot, and that didn't sit too well with Marvel Entertainment chief Ike Perlmutter, so much that he wanted Iron Man completely taken out of the script.

Robert Downey Jr.

Thankfully, smooth-talking Kevin Feige talked to his boss and explained his vision for the future of the Marvel cinematic universe, a plan that the trade notes will drive the plots of sequel and all-new franchises for the next seven years. That explains why Marvel went out of their way to stake out dates through 2019, even though their plans probably stretch beyond that timeline. We're just glad something was worked out, because the Civil War storyline without Captain America and Iron Man going head-to-head just wouldn't have felt right at all.

Could this be the reason Marvel has been playing nice with Sony Pictures and possibly cooperating to share Spider-Man? The webslinger plays a pretty big part in the Civil War in the comics, and having him involved would be a huge bonus. But don't count on Marvel to bring the X-Men or Fantastic Four from Fox into the fray, because they are not very friendly with Marvel right now. But there's plenty of time that will happen between the milestone assemblies of The Avengers for new heroes like Ant-Man and Doctor Strange to rise, and who knows what else Marvel has up their sleeve. What do you think?

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...Holy shit.

Jorrell Mcdaniel on Oct 13, 2014


nerdstorm incoming.

dan on Oct 13, 2014


Oh, the minutia!

97point6 on Oct 13, 2014


One question: When are Cap and Falcon gonna go after Bucky?!

Bl00dwerK on Oct 13, 2014


I don't think so. They may do a prologuey bit, but I don't think there will be enough time.

DAVIDPD on Oct 13, 2014


unless they kill off cap

Ryan on Oct 13, 2014


Unless part of the friction between Cap & Stark is the hunt for Bucky, who appears to have killed Stark's parents.

VAharleywitch on Oct 14, 2014


Prepare To FIGHT!

DAVIDPD on Oct 13, 2014


The first thing that came to mind when I read this was...."oohhhhh!" Thoroughly excited, I can't wait to see what they do with the Marvel universe.

Justin R on Oct 13, 2014


F*ck...seems like an impossible task...we shall see.

Xerxexx on Oct 14, 2014


Don't really want Cap to be killed off. Evans was great CA2 don't see the need to end his reign...unless its compelling and a scarifice worthy of Rogers.

Xerxexx on Oct 14, 2014


Evans said after CA3 he's done anyway.

Rock n Rollllll on Oct 14, 2014


You're just pulling a lot of that out of your ass. There have been numerous confirmations that debunk much of your comment.

davidshaw on Oct 14, 2014


Pfffff prove them then. It was in a Chris Evans interview where he stated he wont be making CA4. He's done after 3 so f**k you!

Rock n Rollllll on Oct 14, 2014


He's got to appear in 1 more after CA3... 6 pic deal: CA1 Avenger CA2 Avenger 2 CA 3 movie #6??? I see something happening to shift things into Avengers 3 where the MCU is shaken up... including Cap's death or passing-of-the-shield to someone else (Bucky/Seb Stan has a LOT of movies potentially left in his contract) during/end of Avengers 3.

VAharleywitch on Oct 14, 2014


Man, it's so easy for movie studios to screw up movies but everyone at Marvel has done a really great job of not making all this a complete mess. So rare when the mass majority is happy with the vision/plan of films.

IamSlave on Oct 14, 2014


ahhhh, i knew it since world war hulk that Cap wasn't making it but still i believe it's inevitable and at the same time probley the most epic endings and big props to Chris evans 4 manifesting a real hero out of Captain America, i'd love to take this class in school!

Liam Knurtsis on Oct 14, 2014


My brain is on overload.

Quanah on Oct 14, 2014



tony on Oct 14, 2014


imo the best news is hearing the brothers will pick up for Whedon. Fuck yeah.

OfficialJab on Oct 14, 2014


Agreed, as far as Directors who have already had a hand in the Marvel universe they are the ones I'd like to see more of.

Jon Odishaw on Oct 14, 2014


After The Avengers, I hated the though of Whedon eventually parting ways with the MCU. But after seeing the superb films that the Russo Bros and James Gunn delivered...I'm more than comfortable with the idea that if/when Whedon heads elsewhere, that the Russo Bros or Gunn will pick up the mantle.

Chris Groves on Oct 14, 2014


Gunn I think nailed the humourus side of Marvel but his superheros v villains battles left something to be desired, an area the Russo brothers excelled in.

Jon Odishaw on Oct 14, 2014


True, but I can't say I felt the action/fights in GOTG were particularly weak.

Chris Groves on Oct 15, 2014


Not weak but certainly a step down from the avengers and cap 2.

Jon Odishaw on Oct 15, 2014


I'll agree there, although I think there is always room for Gunn to improve in that department. Slither and Super didn't have 'action' on the level of Guardians, so GOTG was really his first foray into those types of sequences.

Chris Groves on Oct 15, 2014


Yes but if you will recall the Russo brothers had ony tv shows under their belt before making an impressive action movie. I didn't expect a lot from gunn but I did expect him to deliver his classic dry humour and visually appealing films. And he did.

Jon Odishaw on Oct 15, 2014


Yeah, clearly they took to handling fight scenes a bit better than Gunn.

Chris Groves on Oct 15, 2014


Hell yeah the brothers are the best out there right now for Marvel. I bet they'll do an even better job than Whedon.

Rock n Rollllll on Oct 14, 2014


For me, not totally unexpected. Which is sad

T. Hakeem on Oct 14, 2014


I pray for every movie that opens between March 25th and May 6th, 2016. Batman v Superman and Captain America 3 are two Goliath films, and there being "only" a little over a month between them means nothing big is coming around AT ALL in April of 2016. Which is usually par for the course, but recent years have seen Hollywood try to turn April into 'May, part 1'...but that isn't going to be happening in 2016, that is for sure.

Chris Groves on Oct 14, 2014


I cant take too much more of this. I going to have a stroke. I feel like DC/WB & MARVEL/DISNEY are two really hot girls fighting for my attention. "Ladies... Ladies........ go on." P.S. I find it hilarious that DIsney bought Marvel because i always thought that you were either a DC fan or a Marvel fan/Looney Tunes or a Mickey Mouse fan.

Josef Saltpeppaketchup Woods on Oct 14, 2014


Nobody has said he's NOT involved yet, cool your jets

davidshaw on Oct 14, 2014


finally and wow - Civil War came out like 5-6 years ago - sux theres so many cool story arcs in the 80's and 90's why Civil War now - oh wait Cuz you don't want to pay the same actors and establishing Civil War - you can kill of Captain America - keep Iron Man in his suit the entire time - maybe introduce characters that could not get screen time solo, and for what ? I think they need to hold off on that - do something less predictable - make shitty Marvel characters cool and make a movie that has like 10 villains and 20 heroes in - like the comics - quick trying to make the Marvel movies feel contemporary - thats what the comics are for.. Damn - Disney fucking destroys everything -

shane willett on Oct 14, 2014


Now I'm almost more excited for Cap 3 than the Avengers 2

Jon Odishaw on Oct 14, 2014


This is what i have been begging for on forums for yrs, and now its happening. Anyone that is talking shit about this announcement, i now hate.

Sky on Oct 14, 2014


the only way to do civil war right is to have the whole entire marvel universe in on it. fox and marvel need to get their head out of their asses and make amends. money for everybody.

jonnyb61 on Oct 14, 2014


It's happening !!!

Miguel Garay Boszeta on Oct 14, 2014


Spider-man is a important part of Civil War. The Fantastic Four are too, specially Reed Richards. But the X-men are out of all the war.

Miguel Garay Boszeta on Oct 14, 2014


what this also sounds like , is that they are trying to eliminate the potential for continuity errors , and script the movies all with related , interlocking storylines . They don't have to show movies from ALL of the Marvel Universe , but they can run most of the MCU THRU the Avengers and related franchises .. See who gets the best response , and craft a new movie around them ...

Dominic on Oct 14, 2014


If I'm reading between the lines, I assume Joss Whedon will move on from Marvel and finally direct that Firefly/Star Wars crossover we've all been fantasizing about!

bumboclot on Oct 15, 2014


I didn't read the whole thing but I thought Captain America 3 was going to be about the Winter Soldier taking over.. I mean no offense I love RDJ and Iron Man but I would prefer to see more of The Winter Soldier than this

steve on Oct 15, 2014


Although it's an intriguing premise, you can see why there is a feeling of superhero saturation when we are dissecting films that haven't even started filming yet. I know that will make me out to be out a killjoy but Marvel really should be trying to keep their 'powder dry' before the weight of franchise predictability becomes so heavy that people are only concerned about what's on the slate in three years time rather than the film about to come out. Is no one else feeling this?

Payne by name on Oct 20, 2014


The Civil War story arc should have been part of an Avengers film. I thought Captain America 3 would continue the story of the Winter Soldier and HYDRA. And now RDJ is the co-lead of a Captain America movie? What the hell is this? God, no wonder Terrence Howard can't stand him.

rosie1843 on Apr 25, 2015

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