Rumor: Chris Pratt and Danny McBride to Lead a 'Knight Rider' Movie

February 13, 2014
Source: Schmoes Know

Chris Pratt / Knight Rider / Danny McBride

For those who didn't know, The Weinstein Company is planning a big screen adaptation of Knight Rider, the 80s TV show which featured a high-tech modern crime fighter (played by David Hasselhoff) assisted by an advanced, artificially intelligent and nearly indestructible talking car called KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand), a heavily modified Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. The feature film version had Wild Hogs and Yogi Bear writer Brad Copeland involved as of last summer, and now there's a rumor about who might be lined up to play our hero Knight and voice his trusty talking car, and it sounds like it could be really fun. Read on!

Schmoes Know (via Collider) has heard that The Weinstein Company is currently in talks with Chris Pratt and Danny McBride to lead the film. Frankly, I didn't care about this project at all until those two names popped up. However, the scoop doesn't know for sure who is being considered for which role. But knowing that Pratt just got into serious shape for Guardians of the Galaxy, and McBride isn't much of an action hero, we're betting Pratt will play Knight and McBride's easily recognizable voice would be applied to KITT. That also likely means we're going the action comedy route.

Knowing that a writer like Copeland is involved initially turned me off completely. But while Copeland has been responsible for some truly terrible family films, he's also written a handful of episodes of "Arrested Development," not to mention the sorely underrated comedy series "Grounded for Life." And considering how well 21 Jump Street turned out when it went the action comedy route, this is a project that we're very interested in should Pratt and McBride actually end up in the lead roles. It has to be better than the series remake that happened in 2008, right? Thoughts?

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Folks, don't get me wrong... I loved the original 80s show, but please, just let the idea of resurrecting this franchise go. It didn’t work when they made the Knight Rider 2000 movie, and no one cared when then they remade the show in 2008. Why would anyone think that a third try would be successful now, especially without the use of a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, which is now virtually impossible to obtain… considering that the car has been out of production for years. Hollywood just needs to stop remaking things and start coming up with something original for a change.

DarthVerous on Feb 13, 2014


They can use my TA 🙂

Chris Giebler on Feb 13, 2014


Why would they want your tits and ass, I don't get it??

Pessimist Prime on Feb 15, 2014


"...we're betting Pratt will play Knight and McBride's easily recognizable voice would be applied to KITT." I'm actually gonna go with the opposite here. Did you get those two mixed up maybe? This whole thing is a silly / terribad venture, but I'd guess if anybody could still rock a Trans Am... it's Danny McBride.

avconsumer2 on Feb 13, 2014


No, I did not get the two mixed up as there's a valid explanation to accompany that thought process.

Ethan Anderton on Feb 13, 2014


10-4. Saw that & comprehend, but just seems like they'd be completely mixing up the KITT "character" if that were the case (from stuffy British type, to trashy American?!). Which is fine! Would just completely catch me, & I assume tons of folks who lived through the 80's, wayyyy off guard - also a completely valid marketing / sales vehicle. 🙂 K... now I'm excited just to see what the hell they've come up with.

avconsumer2 on Feb 14, 2014


RIP my childhood

qweqwu on Feb 13, 2014


21 Jump Street was considered a terrible idea as well. Wasn't so terrible. Lego Movie seemed ridiculous. Not so ridiculous. Knight Rider resurrection? Doesn't sound any worse than the previous two.

Tyler Morgan on Feb 13, 2014


Parody? a la 21 JUMP STREET.

DAVIDPD on Feb 13, 2014


Please do not screw this one up! And please let it be a Trans Am! I worry about this one...

Chris R. on Feb 13, 2014



Rock n Rollllll on Feb 14, 2014


Will never work. Remember the series reboot they tried with the Mustang? Won't work. Did anyone see Antonio Cesaro beat Orton last night?? Awesome!!

Pessimist Prime on Feb 15, 2014

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