Rumor: 'Deadpool' Director Tim Miller Says the Film Will End Up PG-13

September 22, 2014
Source: Schmoes Know


While fans should certainly be excited that 20th Century Fox has finally committed to give Deadpool his own feature film in February of 2016, it's time to be cautiously optimistic. In an episode of the Schmoes Know podcast, the resurgence of Deadpool is discussed, and some distressing news came to light. While fans have frequently said that the only way to bring the Merc with a Mouth to the big screen without tainting the character is to make an R-rated film, director Tim Miller has apparently said that they figured out how to make a PG-13 film and still make the most hardcore Deadpool fans happy with the final product. Read on!

Here's what was said on the podcast:

"I heard from the director [Tim Miller] that they finally figured out the script, and it was right before this was announced, that they figured out, and you guys are all going to hate this, that they figured out how to make it PG-13 and therefore not lose its soul - that's a quote - of the script so they can make it."

Making the film PG-13 would explain why the studio finally agreed to make Deadpool a reality. That was the biggest hold-up before, since R-rated movies usually don't pull in as big of a box office take as PG-13 movies, especially when comic book properties are involved. Watchmen is an R-rated superhero movie (albeit far less conventional) and it only pulled in $107 million at the US box office. Meanwhile, more accessible films like Blade and Constantine made around 25% less at the box office. With the self-awareness that Deadpool has as a character, maybe he can make fun of the PG-13 aspects of the film and make it work that way. Can Tim Miller deliver a PG-13 movie and still give Deadpool fans the movie they want? What do you think?

Update! After this news broke screenwriter Rhett Reese, who is behind the script for this Deadpool movie now in development, took to Twitter to clear up some of the speculation. It's just too early to say:

So there you have it. No one really knows for sure yet, and we'll have to keep waiting for a definite decision.

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I don't know much about dead pool, but I hear he constantly breaks the 4th wall. Maybe they got to be pg13 by having him break the 4th, commenting how it shouldn't be pg13 or something

Guest on Sep 22, 2014


I heard a fun theory that every time he curses it bleeps him out and then he looks at the camera like "what the fuck was that?!"

MattPeloquin on Sep 22, 2014


That would be a great way to keep it PG-13 and have some fun within the limitations!

Bryan Bortz on Sep 22, 2014


Everytime? Is there gonna be a movie too? Or just him staring at the camera for one continuous beep?

Jon Odishaw on Sep 22, 2014


I really don't want Ryan Reynolds to do this....#1: He already played Deadpool in the Wolverine movie (yes, yes. It wasn't REALLY Deadpool, and it's best we all forget that movie exists) #2: He played Green Lantern (and it's best we all forget that movie exists) #3: He played Hannibal in Blade (...and yeah...never mind). In other words, he's played too many comic book heroes, and he hasn't exactly nailed those parts. Besides, is it possible that Hollywood can't find another decent smarty pants actor out there? Reynolds is getting old besides.

TheOct8pus on Sep 22, 2014


Disagree. All those roles proved that he needs to be Dead Pool.

Xerxexx on Sep 22, 2014


Ryan was born to play this character. He pulls off the sarcastic asshole so well. this could and should be fantastic with him, even if it's limited by a pg13 rating

ColtNoir on Sep 22, 2014


Interest bruised.

Xerxexx on Sep 22, 2014


....well I don't what else to say. I already said what I needed to say. I told everyone, nobody listened. They thought I was a maniac or some sort of lunatic. Even someone said I was out of place....*points at this article*. Oh yeah look at this. Now everyone who wanted an R Rating is going to come up with excuses on why PG-13 is not bad right? Haha, oh my gosh, am out peace. I got nothing, seriously. I don't know how much karma suddenly was just raised but am guessing over 100%.

Stephen Ritchie on Sep 22, 2014


You sure did a lot of gloating for some who's "got nothing" and "doesnt know what else to say"

Jon Odishaw on Sep 22, 2014


Oh what sorry can't hear you over the sound of me winning! Sorry still can't hear you buddy! *whistles tune and walks away*. You mad bro? Was that karma that hit you? Oh sorry....and am just gonna upvote your comment because am nice like that. Always need to give the lesser folks a chance you know.

Stephen Ritchie on Sep 22, 2014


You aren't a very good "winner". I put winner in quotations because you, in no way, had any effect on the decision to make it PG-13.

Jon Odishaw on Sep 22, 2014


But I did WIN the previous comment war in that other Deadpool article right? Okay look I understand your upset buddy you want your little R Rated Deadpool okay I get it, but don't blame me pfffffffft like you said I didn't have any effect in this biz am just the dude with logic that said it as I knew it would be said and done. But I will give due credit to you for fighting for what you believe is right even if it come to acting like a bully and making a true mockery out of someone when your ont mocking yourself! Or was it the other way around....I don't know don't ask me am just lost for words. I've just been outstanded by the great applause of my mighty followers upon my mighty kingdom of righteousness somethin somethin and that um, okay yeah this is a little too much. So am off now, no need to respond again. I might go off on another random rant about something. Oh hey I didn't mention the time I ran a mile maybe we can talk about that next cause I think this discussion is over. Oh well, oh wells.

Stephen Ritchie on Sep 22, 2014


You are a paragon of maturity.

OfficialJab on Sep 22, 2014


"You are a paragon of maturity" That is honestly the best compliment, oh my gosh am in a sudden sea of tears. So beautiful, so amazing, and so truthful. That is really the best no no no the greatest compliment someone has ever given me! I salute you good sir. You are a scholar and a gentleman.

Stephen Ritchie on Sep 22, 2014


come back in a week and re-read your comments here lol, you sound like such a bitch that's trying WAY too hard to sound like he ''doesn't care''.

dvt on Sep 22, 2014


I know hes written me a novels worth of comments this week about him not caring.

Jon Odishaw on Sep 22, 2014


and I don't care and don't care and don't care and don'! Blah blah blah loopty doopity doop farts! You feel special now buddy?

Stephen Ritchie on Sep 22, 2014


Actually I like to re-read my comments on here often so I could learn from my past mistakes towards becoming a better commenter....hahaha OH *walks away* LOL wut did I just say?

Stephen Ritchie on Sep 22, 2014


So he gets to drop one F-bomb in a non-sexual manner. Use it wisely!

BJ Orbase on Sep 22, 2014


I don't know what the actual rule is but The American President had three.

Jonathan on Sep 23, 2014


Not a good sign

Бабак on Sep 22, 2014


Eh. Guardians of the Galaxy wasn't R and it still managed to be a blast. People need to realize that Marvel isn't going to let their properties be R movies anymore. Doesn't really phase me at all. If I want to hear the F-Word more than once, I'll watch Wolf of Wallstreet.

McWetty on Sep 22, 2014


I agree in a sense, I was really hoping they would make Deadpool R-rated, but i can still see it working, just like how every other recent comic book film has. I definitely think they'll use the PG-13 factor within the movie as well, where Deadpool comments on the situation. On a side note, isn't Deadpool coming from Fox?

Justin R on Sep 22, 2014


Guardians is a different thing entirely. I understand no swearing and stuff, but a lot of killing and blood tho is difficult to remove.

Mihkel on Sep 23, 2014


I have no doubt that they'll drop an unrated version for Blu-Ray/DVD. Fans will just have to suffer through a little tameness in theaters.

Swanland on Sep 22, 2014


That is why I won't see it in theatres.

Christopher Suiters on Sep 23, 2014


No thank you. Have fun kiddies.

ragethorn on Sep 22, 2014


what they should do is every time he is about to curse have him get bleeped out and he gets mad and asks why they are censoring him lol

HG2012 on Sep 22, 2014


I think that's exactly what they're going to do. LOL. Omfg! xddddddddddddddd

dvt on Sep 22, 2014


The movie doesn't have to have a ton of foul language to be good...

Bl00dwerK on Sep 22, 2014


Nor does it have to be graphically violent. When people bitch because it won't be violent, I wonder what kind of bloodthirsty person is typing out the complaints.

Bryan Bortz on Sep 22, 2014


Showing kids violence that has no effect than guys fallingdown, like they did in expendables 3, is more irresponsible than actually showing some blood (imo). Blood and guts are the outcome of violence, in reality.

ProjectionistHP on Sep 23, 2014


I know, right? Like blood and language are gonna make or break the film...

Bl00dwerK on Sep 24, 2014


Rated R is not just about foul language. If you want to watch a kids movie, then go watch Frozen!

Rock n Rollllll on Sep 23, 2014


Yeah, it's about some other shit that doesn't have to be in a Deadpool movie. If you think it does you obviously know shit about the character and the comics he's been in. Maybe Frozen is more your speed?

Bl00dwerK on Sep 23, 2014


It would be like getting carrot cake with no cream cheese frosting. Good, but just not the same.

DAVIDPD on Sep 22, 2014


Not even good, just lame... like they did with Robocop

David Malmgren on Sep 22, 2014


Tim Miller... why do you have to sell your soul and do their wishes ?

David Malmgren on Sep 22, 2014


We will all see it anyways! Disappointed but more excited about an actual film. Comics have been hilarious without the F-bombs, so it will be fine.

mooreworthy on Sep 22, 2014


Is this even surprising? And I don't even think Deadpool needs an R rating more than The Wolverine did... But they make it PG13 to get a wider audience but they're losing some of their audience at the same time. Do they see that? Just make a good movie and skip the MPAA. They do no good for the movie industry. Their priorities are all outta whack anyway. It's so completely arbitrary to count the number of 'fuck's you're allowed to use in a PG13 movie so it's ok for kids to watch...or to remove any nudity while ignoring the violence. Get a real job and let the art form be... /rant

Jonathan on Sep 22, 2014


I have to agree with you. The MPAA just seems to be this archaic group that makes judgments that can be moved by greasing their palms.

Eric Wilson on Sep 23, 2014


The insanity of the Deadpool character gives them a lot of artistic license with this film. They can have him drop F-bombs, but if they "bleep" it, then they can skate by the MPAA without a problem....and they can always release the un-bleeped version on Blu Ray later.

Chris Groves on Sep 22, 2014


I want to believe.

Mihkel on Sep 23, 2014


Of course they are! Marvel wants to make all their movie baby-friendly. They dont really care about pleasing the fanbase.

Rock n Rollllll on Sep 23, 2014


Sell outs.

AwesomeWave on Sep 24, 2014


Screw this. Rated R or GTFO!!!!! I hate Hollywood now. Diaper audience jerks!

Leon on Dec 4, 2014

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