Rumor: Marvel Eyeing Johnny Depp for Phase Three 'Doctor Strange'

January 14, 2014
Source: Latino Review

Johnny Depp / Doctor Strange

As we learned a year ago from Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige, the plan is for Doctor Strange to be a Phase Three title along with Edgar Wright's Ant-Man (which just added Michael Douglas as Hank Pym). While last summer brought news that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was wanted to lead the film (he was also sought for Ant-Man before Paul Rudd took the role), the Don Jon director has Sandman set up as his own comic book adaptation to lead and direct. Now Latino Review has word that Marvel has met with Johnny Depp about leading the film, and the rumor doesn't sound all that crazy considering his relationship with Disney.

Johnny Depp is known to be a comic book fan, and apparently he's keen on entering Marvel's cinematic universe. In addition, after leading box office hits like the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and Alice in Wonderland (along with the forthcoming sequel), the actor is very comfortable at the House of Mouse (despite the flop of The Lone Ranger). Supposedly, if Depp wanted to take the role of Doctor Strange, they would shift the production of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, which was pushed back to 2016, to accommodate his schedule. However, the script would very likely need some changes since it follows a 30-year-old Doctor Strange and Johnny Depp is now sitting at 50 years old.

If you're unfamiliar, Dr. Strange is a brilliant but arrogant neurosurgeon who found his gift taken away from him after a terrible car accident resulted in extreme nerve damage to his hands. Pushed into obscurity, Strange traveled to the Himalayas where he was trained by a Tibetan sorcerer to hone in on psychic powers and mystical abilities, giving him the amazing mind powers, rather than pure muscle, which he uses to battle powerful villains. Depp isn't an odd choice for the role considering his penchant for the peculiar, but we hope it's not like his wackier fare with Tim Burton. Thoughts?

UPDATE: Variety has confirmed that Johnny Depp has indeed began preliminary talks with Marvel to take the lead role in Marvel's Phase Three title Doctor Strange. The only issue seems to be figuring out how Depp's schedule at Disney would unfold with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Alice in Wonderland moving forward in the near future as well. We'll keep you posted.

UPDATE #2: Despite Variety's confirmation of the story, Deadline is saying there is no truth to the news after speaking with Marvel. Of course, the comic book movie studio has been known to be a little deceptive, so it's hard to say who we believe. That's why these are rumors, folks. Stay tuned.

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Johnny Depp as Doctor Strange is just too perfect, I was thinking John Cusack would have been great but Depp would be Marvel's real money maker and solid talent piece. Also just get the guy who directed the Evil Dead Remake, Fede Alvarez to make this film.

Damon King on Jan 14, 2014


Yeah it really is a perfect choice. Plus Disney loves Johnny Depp. People love Johnny Depp. He brings in a ton of money automatically.

wat on Jan 14, 2014


Interesting choice for director; why him?

mooreworthy on Jan 14, 2014


Yeh no thanks.

Brian Sleider on Jan 14, 2014


I think I'd prefer someone unknown or lesser known. The way the cast is going Avengers 3 is going to cause the next financial crisis

davidrabbich on Jan 14, 2014


Toby Kebbell would be a good pick

davidrabbich on Jan 14, 2014


That's an interesting choice. Toby has played serious & quirky roles, both together & separately on various movies.

Adamant on Jun 3, 2014


I think he could do it, dead mans shoes or black mirror for the acting chops and rock n rolla for the silly

davidrabbich on Jun 4, 2014


You're kidding right? Avengers is the 3rd highest grossing film of all time. The 2nd one will probably top it at the box office. Also don't expect every hero to be in the 3rd film.

Kento on Jan 14, 2014


I'm glad you put me in my place, I don't know what I was thinking.

davidrabbich on Jan 14, 2014


He is the money maker when it comes to character roles, so it would believe interesting. Still wish they would try Black Panther.

mooreworthy on Jan 14, 2014


Kevin feige has spoken about doing the black panther....

JBrotsis on Jan 14, 2014


Good looking out.

mooreworthy on Jan 17, 2014


I thought he only liked roles where he can wear a hat. No headgear on Doc Strange... Actually, Strange's origin as an overly confident surgeon who then lost use of his hands could just as well be played by RDJ as well.

DJRickyV on Jan 14, 2014


Is the cost worth it? He's great but also insanely expensive. I don't read any Marvel so I don't know anything about Doctor Strange, but between Pirates, Alice, and Lone Ranger, Disney seems pretty content with him being quirky Captain Jack all the time. Should that be a worry for this character? Looking at that sketch up there, my instinct is yes.

OfficialJab on Jan 14, 2014


Well Disney loves Johnny Depp and Marvel has a ton of money. Plus he'd do a great job with the part. I don't see why they shouldn't pursue him.

wat on Jan 14, 2014


Well the question was, would he actually do a great job with the part? I'd say that's in doubt depending on what Disney leash he's on. I've only seen the one - zany comedy hero. They clearly consider that persona to be profitable, and that could affect the role.

OfficialJab on Jan 14, 2014


I admittedly am not the most familiar with the character so I'm not sure if the usual Johnny Depp persona will fit Dr. Strange but I believe it would.

wat on Jan 14, 2014


Viggo Mortensen or Benedict Cumberbatch could also be cool. Anyways Depp would be too expensive to say the least, they already have financial issues with RDJ I can imagine with Depp...

Fidel Reyes on Jan 14, 2014


Yeah, but now Disney owns everything and obviously money is not a problem for them.

mooreworthy on Jan 14, 2014


They give a certain budget to MARVEL Studios which is why they can only make maximum 2 films a year, Kevin Feige stated that in an interview. Furthermore the company overpaid RDJ in The Avengers and underpaid the other stars which caused some tension, this is why it had been reported some of the actors like Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson had considered walking away from the studio, thankfully MARVEL Studios got control of the situation and managed to sign RDJ and the other stars for future projects. And personally I do not see Johnny Depp to be too fit for Dr. Strange he is a relatively serious character, Depp is a great actor and has done good serious work in films like Public Enemies, but his eccentric and lovable nature would be a slight refrain from Dr. Strange, but if it came down to it it wouldn't bother me too much I mean a lot of people have been given roles and they turned out to be great even when they befell doubt, the best example is when RDJ was announced to be Tony Stark. The internet went berserk, and he turned out to make a hero with great humanity and mirror characteristics to his comic book counterpart.

Fidel Reyes on Jan 15, 2014


Considered me "schooled"

mooreworthy on Jan 15, 2014


A very viable possibility - certainly someone who could give the character the "weight" it needs to be pulled off considering you're starting with an arrogant surgeon who morphs into the "sorcerer supreme". Wouldn't be displeased if they went that way, but I hope they look at other actors as well. You never know where you'll find a "gem". If you are thinking of having Dr. Strange around for awhile in the Marvel universe, you might prefer an actor who will stick with the role like Robert Downey Jr. has with Iron Man. Can't help but thinking, tho, if you are looking for a Dr. Strange, wouldn't have been interesting to have a Vincent Price available just coming into his 30's without the "camp" but with all the image and gravitas it would bring........just dreaming......but it could have been "glorious"

Percival_T_Kumquat on Jan 14, 2014


Johnny Depp? NO WAY! He doesn't know how to act any other way than Jack Sparrow. And I think Dr. Strange would require seriousness.

Jamie on Jan 14, 2014


Have you seen his work prior to the year 2000. The man has skills.

mooreworthy on Jan 14, 2014


I agree I don't think Keanu Reeves would make an awesome Dr. Strange.

Eric Wilson on Jan 15, 2014


So basically those two "unknown" marvel movies in phase 3 have been confirmed as doctor strange and black panther? Just wanna make sure my facts are straight and my excitement is in the right direction. Depp looks the part but he's done so many roles recently as a corky, unserious, flakey character it's hard to see him as strange. But a slap in the face from marvel could do the trick.

JBrotsis on Jan 14, 2014


Still amusing to remember Disney execs reviewing POTC footage and saying Depp was "ruining the movie".

cobrazombie on Jan 15, 2014


Not quite sure how to feel about this

Rock n Rollllll on Jan 15, 2014


Why? We will probably get the Pirates/Keith Richards Dr. Strange.

Angry Sherry on Jan 16, 2014


JD would do a good job if he spent some time reading the source material and realized that Dr. Strange is a serious and brilliant former surgeon and now Master Sorcerer entrusted with the role of Sorcerer Supreme. As apposed to a goofy drunken pirate, a goofy hair dresser, a goofy hat maker, a goofy Indian or a goofy chocolate factory owner. Come to think of it, there is a role at Disney that seems tailor made for Depp...

Madrigal Man on Jan 19, 2014

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