Rumor: Sony Pictures Wants Aunt May Spin-Off Without Spider-Man

November 11, 2014
Source: Latino Review

Aunt May

If anyone thought that Sony Pictures still had the ability to save The Amazing Spider-Man franchise, you may want to sit down for this. It's no secret that the studio has been struggling with The Amazing Spider-Man as the comic book movie series hasn't been nearly as successful as they hoped. Is it fatigue with Spider-Man, or has Sony just not done anything good enough for fans who have seen what Marvel Studios can do with their superheroes? It's tough to say definitively, but an idea that's being developed at the studio proves that they have absolutely no idea what they're going to do with the property beyond Spider-Man.

There have been rumblings of a female-led Spider-Man universe movie (the latest includes a team-up of female Spider-Man universe characters codenamed Glass Ceiling), but Latino Review has heard that Sony Pictures has been developing a movie focused on Aunt May (recently played by Sally Field), but more importantly, this movie would be without Spider-Man. Hardcore comic fans may remember there have been a few imaginings of Aunt May in superhero form:

Aunt May

Aunt May

Aunt May

However, rather than seeing her put on a suit and gaining superpowers, this film would be a prequel following Aunt May as she gets caught up in some kind of espionage story in the style of "Mad Men." If that sounds familiar, that's because Marvel is already working on "Agent Carter," an eight-episode limited series based around Hayley Atwell's S.H.I.E.L.D. founding character from Captain America: The First Avenger. While the idea of a female-led story like this is something Sony should be interested in, having that character be a young Aunt May just reeks of desperation and makes me think the studio is clueless. This is the kind of idea you settle for when all others are exhausted.

Having Aunt May be a spy or caught up in a high profile espionage plot feels so contrived and misguided on so many levels. The Amazing Spider-Man franchise already suffers from a new trend in recent origin stories that tries to link every single plot point and character in any way possible (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is the worst culprit so far). I'm all for messing with origin stories to a point, but if Aunt May's prequel has some strange ties to Oscorp, the project Richard Parker was working on, and the life of Peter Parker, then that's just plain dumb. Anyway, this movie is still only in development, so it may not solidify, but the fact that it's a real idea is just maddening. What do you think?

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This is absurd. Like.... who is in charge of this? I .... I just have no words.

Franklin Carpio on Nov 11, 2014


Oh Sony please give up. Sell those rights back to Disney for a nice big sum and run as far away from comic book films as you can. You no good at them!

izakkson on Nov 11, 2014


This is literally a worse idea than Con-Air 2 In Space

Danimal on Nov 11, 2014


No Con-Air 2 In Space sounds like a good (bad) idea. This is just bad.

Akirakorn on Nov 11, 2014


Wow. Sony. Please, just stop.

Aj Meadows on Nov 11, 2014


When I saw this post, I just thought it was a joke, I'm still laughing, but with a hint of sadness for Sony. This is just pathetic, they need to give up on Spiderman, it's been getting worse and worse.

Justin R on Nov 11, 2014


Sony officially has no fucking clue what they're doing. As if we even needed this proof.

davidshaw on Nov 11, 2014


I like Sally Field, but no thank you Sony

HarryFiddleSticks on Nov 11, 2014


Would everyone viewing this article be up for arranging an intervention? Someone we know is in pain.

OfficialJab on Nov 11, 2014


lol... "Sony... we need to talk."

avconsumer2 on Nov 11, 2014


Haha, what?

Nielsen700 on Nov 11, 2014



Brian Ricci on Nov 11, 2014


Anderton, it's not about Sony being desperate or clueless, it's about somebody at Latino Review being attention whore again. Remember Avengers 3: World War Hulk rumor for example? Now stop taking this silly rumor seriously and wait for official announcement.

Tuomas Lassila on Nov 11, 2014


No one should take this seriously; I'm sure this was thrown out jokingly at Sony, like having a black/Hispanic Spiderman before an all-female cast of non-essential Spider women characters.

mooreworthy on Nov 11, 2014


Wow. What an utter horse shit of an idea.

DAVIDPD on Nov 11, 2014


Please god make it so! I don't care about this movie universe anymore, I just want to watch it burn in spectacular fashion. And Sony is giving me what I want. Just go all out, why a spy story? Get Ricky Gervais and do a "Derek" spinoff with aunt May. Get Aunt May to actually transform into a spider. Do a crossover with Aunt May and Aragog and Shelob. It could be like Golden Girls but with spiders. Get Mary Jane and Aunt May to exchange bodies.

Ricardo_PT on Nov 11, 2014



Liam Knurtsis on Nov 11, 2014


I wish spiderman was a real dude, so I could deeply apologize to him how shitty of a job the studio that owns his rights are taking advantage of his universe. Let's do a no go on a Venom/Carnage movie but instead make a movie about Aunt May...oh, and without Ben too. WTF sony??!!

JBrotsis on Nov 12, 2014


ROTFLMFAO..... oh please stop!!! my ribs are hurting... cant take anymore.... mercy please....

nomad82 on Nov 12, 2014


is it April 1st?

OGKhyamB on Nov 13, 2014


By Thor, Sony! Just admit you suck, and give the rights back to Marvel, would ya?

boyd on Nov 15, 2014


I can't let myself get my hopes up. The much publicized Mr. Ditkovich spin-off from the original Spider-Man trilogy never happened either.

borninatrailer on Nov 17, 2014

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