Rumor: Warner Bros. Now Developing DC's 'Legion of Super-Heroes'

September 9, 2014
Source: Latino Review

Legion of Super-Heroes

With Warner Bros. staking out two dates every year through 2020 for films based on DC Comics' properties, you can be sure there's plenty of projects in development that we don't know about. While Justice League is expected to be one of the films following Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, along with rumors of standalone films for Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman and Jason Momoa's Aquaman, no one has been very sure just what else might fill the extensive superhero calendar. Now we have an idea of one of the titles coming as a rumor from Latino Review reports Legion of Super-Heroes is out to writers. Read on!

As you may have guessed, Legion of Super-Heroes is another team of super powered do-gooders, and right now Warner Bros. is currently on the hunt for writers to come up with a pitch for a film adaptation. That means it's pretty early days, and the studio is just seeing if there's a writer with a good idea out there for a potential feature film, but the fact that they're going with a more obscure superhero team so early seems pretty bold. But following the success of Guardians of the Galaxy, this more cosmic superhero team doesn't seem like all that huge of a risk.

The Legion of Super-Heroes is a team that fights bad guys in the 30th and 31st centuries, and their cosmic setting (which also allows for time travel) makes them pretty similar to Guardians of the Galaxy in that sense. It's a long-running team (created in 1958) that has seen plenty of reboots over the years, making the team much more expansive than Marvel's space heroes or even the assembly of The Avengers over the years. There are so many that it would take way to long to try and summarize them all, but you can check out the list of heroes who have been part of the team over at Wikipedia.

Legion of Super-Heroes

Interestingly enough, The Legion of Super-Heroes has had encounters with Superman, thanks to time travel, but considering how grounded Warner Bros. is trying to make their DC Comics cinematic universe, introducing time travel and these cosmic heroes in the same world might not work. Of course, many though that Guardians of the Galaxy would have a tough time fitting into Marvel's cinematic universe too, and that doesn't seem to be a concern anymore. The Legion even has an interesting history with the villain Darkseid, which Jack Kirby created after being inspired by Marvel's villain Thanos, and there have been rumors of that major comic book villain coming into play eventually.

As of now, it's so early in the DC Comics cinematic universe structuring that we have no idea where Warner Bros. intends to go with all these films beyond bringing Justice League together. But as of now, we don't have any indication of what evil they might have to face or what other characters will get their own films later. If they decide to create a path to Darkseid, that could be pretty exciting, but for now, we're just patiently waiting to see how Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice sets everything up when it hits theaters in about a year and a half in March of 2016. Do you want a Legion of Super-Heroes movie?

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Seems silly and unlikely, plus Darkseid came first!

eRIC on Sep 9, 2014


Not sure how this will float, I thought their comic book was just plain awful when I was a kid. I see this as a HUGE FAIL. DC doesn't have the recognizable number of 2nd, 3rd or 4th tier characters like Marvel does that are interesting.

TXSteadyEddie on Sep 9, 2014


Nobody gave a SHIT who Iron Man, Thor or Guardians of the Galaxy were till their movies came out. Good characters and good movies stand out on their own. They don't need to be famous beforehand.

Gautam on Sep 14, 2014


Man, it seems DC is trying so hard to match Marvel's's beginning to get borderline pathetic. I think DC is putting the cart before the horse with this one. Make sure Batman V. Supes plays well, in addition to Justice League before you go trying to push the 3rd and 4th tier superheroes....

RAW_D on Sep 9, 2014


This does not make any sense considering WB has Green Lantern and the entire Lantern Corps they could easily focus on for cosmic related stories within their film universe. What did they just give up on that enfirely!? I know Green Lantern was a flop but come on WB fix it and don't leave it dead and gone to be sitting on a shelf for years. They have the perfect opportunity now but instead Legion of Superheroes? I guess this seems to confirm it if it's true.

Stephen Ritchie on Sep 9, 2014


they are probably muddled in the Reboot-thinking mode . As in " if we don;t bring back Reynolds we have to reboot the character " .... which is a mistake of course ...they already set up a Sinestro story for a sequel , if memory serves - i have forgotten most of that movie ....

Dominic on Sep 9, 2014


Why not both?

Gautam on Sep 14, 2014


No I don't want this, or Justice League or another 20 Marvel films. I want them all to chill out, have a bit of fun for $100 million... and make... Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe! Screw continuity, F - - - cannon, just make up something and make it fun.

Akirakorn on Sep 9, 2014


Maybe after 2028...

JBrotsis on Sep 9, 2014


Putting the cart before the horse. Lovely.

DAVIDPD on Sep 9, 2014


I can't stop laughing at how embarassing it is to watch WB/DC literally copy Marvel. Avengers blows it outta the park = gotta make a rushed JL. Guardians blows it outta the park = gotta make a rushed LSH. As much as I'd like to see a successful DC JL franchise...they're gonna fail.

JBrotsis on Sep 9, 2014


other than this " more serious tone " they want for their films , whet else CAN they do ?? i mentioned this in another forum - what if DC HAD had the foresight to go to Sony and FOX , and given each 3 of THEIR "minor " superheroes ? would we have gotten a better GL movie ? for one .. or a Flash movie by now ? ... basically DC Can't Compete now ,as WB is outnumbered ..even with what whatever u hate about Sony or FOX ....

Dominic on Sep 10, 2014


I don't hate anyone. Like I said, I see a successful franchise of JL members (or whoever DC does) but I laugh at how DC won't acknowledge the fact that you're blatantly plagiarizing Marvel. If they came clean and said "Wow, Marvel has had a glorious run for the Avengers, both in box office sales, comic sales, and increased fan base, we should consider doing a JL franchise. And so too, we're going to start from the ground up and work our way towards a JL movie". Instead, it's lets put the origin stories aside, let's immediately make a BvS movie to introduce the JL movie and hope we have just as great a turn out as Avengers. Besides hardcores, you ask most people who the 7 main JL members are, and most are going to forget GL, Cyborg, Aquaman, and maybe the Flash. So these are characters those people should see individually before they're showcased in a JL. They should get the opportunity to connect with those characters, to see a preliminary look at their powers...all this before they go insane in JL and people can get stoked to look forward to seeing. All of which, Marvel did. Baby steps is what they did. DC is leaping. And outside of the "darker, grittier tone" DC is following (which is cool cause it IS different from Marvel), their are some different paths DC could take that wouldn't necessarily be copying Marvel's Avengers route. Maybe do a couple standalone hero movies, then do one or two team up movies, then have a movie that gets the ring leader of the group to start enlisting everyone and shows off the villain of who will be fighting the JL...and then the next movie, boom, JL! (Marvel has yet to do team ups). Lastly, the only other reason why I laugh at LSH, is because already WB has been scrabbling to make JL. They've been hot on the heels of Avengers figuring out how their timeline will course and how quickly the first JL movie will hit, that's all their comic/DC dept has been thinking. Literally, before Guardians hit (even during Guardians promoting prior to theatrical release), JL was the core thing everywhere on the internet it was talked about. Nothing on LSH, because a comic (Guardians) with a significant lesser fan base movie taken in deep space with outlandish characters was a very risky move. Then it hits and it goes well. Extremely well. Iron Man I well! Now all of a sudden, WB is like "LSH! We're making it!". So it's very hard not to look at it and say, "wow....simply stunning WB. You're getting all these comparable Marvel ideas based off how well Marvel is doing". Don't get me wrong, I love comics and I love finally seeing them in the movies of today (with how advanced everything has become). And though, at heart, I'm a big Marvel fan, I'd still very much love to see DC do well. I'd love to see all those characters fighting as a unit. I would love it! But it's embarrassing to read how DC won't acknowledge the fact that they're basing everything they're doing off of how well Marvel is doing.

JBrotsis on Sep 11, 2014


What the fuck is DC plagiarizing by making a Justice League movie? Did Marvel patent the concept of superhero team-ups or something? Don't tell me they plagiarized DC's animated Justice League movies when they made The Avengers! Talk about irrational fanboyism and hatred. And amnesia. Do you remember X-Men from 2000? Before that movie came out there had been no Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops, Jean Grey or Professor X solo movies. That didn't stop audiences from appreciating it.

Gautam on Sep 14, 2014


Pretty sure I said I want to see a successful JL franchise; so I don't know how you're saying I have hatred towards it. And I already admitted my fanboyism towards Marvel, so again, thank you captain obvious. Your last paragraph doesn't relate to any of what I had talked about being I was talking about the shared universe concept (not solo superhero movies like the first XMen or Raimi's Spiderman). Reread my comment, cause your argument really doesn't correlate to what I mentioned. I wasn't even talking about the animated series; who the hell cares about that...that's for kids.

JBrotsis on Sep 16, 2014


Yes, you claimed you wanted to see a successful JL franchise... Only to then to immediately bend, twist and mutilate the facts so that the Marvel cocksucker in your doesn't feel ashamed for saying this. The shared universe concept has been around in the comics for ages. DC's also had it not just in the cartoons but also various animated movie releases that sell quite fine among adults of the non-bigoted, broad-minded sort. Pretending that Marvel has some sort of patent over shared universes just because they introduced it into their movies first is a gross mutilation of facts just so you establish your derp!kool! Marvel zombie credentials and invent reasons from the depths of your anus for hating what Warner Bros is doing.

Gautam on Sep 16, 2014


This article was posted awhile ago, I don't care anymore to reply to DC fanboys/girls. Marvel's winning; suck it.

JBrotsis on Sep 17, 2014


I reallize that as a Marvel Zombie your parents fed and trained you in a kennel since birth to suck the cock of Marvel bosses your entire life and blindly hate on DC, but how is a Justice League movie 3-4 years from now 'rushed'?! And Legion of Superheroes has little or nothing to do with Superman or Batman or whatever. It is set in the 31st century and stands on its own like X-Men. It doesn't need a Superman or Batman or Justice League movie to come before it. Your parents raised you only to hate. Now learn to READ some comics before spouting your ignorant moutho ff.

Gautam on Sep 14, 2014


LOL where's the guy that loves DC and thinks all marvel movies have cheesy dialogue ? .. to comment on this ... Tho I've made several of the DC criticisms Above this post , to him already - nice to see them voluntarily reinforced ...

Dominic on Sep 10, 2014


@EthanAnderton Maybe you should do a little research before writing your articles. Kirby created Darkseid first. Marvel is the one that was "inspired" to create Thanos. *inspired = ripped off

CellReborn on Sep 10, 2014


Shitty article by a biased writer. "Darkseid, which Jack Kirby created after being inspired by Marvel's villain Thanos, and there have been rumors of that major comic book villain coming into play eventually." WRONG. KIRBY CREATED DARKSEID FIRST AND THEN MARVEL TOOK INSPIRATION FROM HIM TO CREATE THANOS.

Gautam on Sep 14, 2014


Hooray, another film of shitty, F-list, superzeroes.

Dick Channing on Sep 17, 2014

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