Ryan Gosling, Chris Pratt & Channing Tatum May Be 'Ghostbusters'

December 15, 2014
Source: The Daily Beast

Ryan Gosling / Chris Pratt / Channing Tatum

Now before you get all confused, let's just reiterate the fact that Bridesmaids director Paul Feig is working on a reboot of Ghosbusters with The Heat writer Katie Dippold, and it will have an all-female cast of paranormal investigators this time. So how is it possible that these three male stars could end up busting ghosts? Well, there's two very different prospects here. First of all, Sony Pictures wants Ryan Gosling to take a role in their developing Sinister Six (though who knows if that will even get off the ground), but the Crazy Stupid Love and Gangster Squad star has expressed interest in the Ghostbusters reboot instead.

The Daily Beast has been sifting through e-mails acquired from the ongoing hack of Sony Pictures, and one e-mail from Amy Pascal to Michael De Luca (co-president of production) indicates that Gosling's manager is interested in the one key male role that will be in Ghostbusters. In the same e-mail, she confirms that Feig wants Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone in the movie, but there's no deals in place yet. So Gosling could end up having a prominent role in the reboot of Ghostbusters, but not as one of the title characters. That may not be as appealing to Gosling, but maybe he'll have another chance later.

That's because another report from The Daily Beast has unearthed an e-mail from Channing Tatum to Amy Pascal back in August with an idea for a Ghostbusters spin-off to follow the reboot. Apparently Tatum has working on a plan to produce and star in a Ghostbusters spin-off along with his friend and Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt, and this project would be produced by the hot directing duo of Anthony & Joe Russo, fresh off Captain America: The Winter Soldier and preparing for Captain America: Civil War, and maybe even both parts of The Avengers: Infinity War down the road.

However, the e-mails note that the Russos, Tatum and the latter's producing partner Reid Carolin haven't approached Pratt yet about the idea, because they wanted to get the studio's take on things first. Hannah Minghella, co-president of production for Columbia Pictures, said in an e-mail:

"They want to make it simultaneously super scary while also super funny. They love the idea that they are mortal heroes who are believers in the paranormal and the only people who can defend mankind from a paranormal threat. I know we're mid negotiations with Paul [Feig]. I'm not sure whether we'd ever develop two different versions simultaneously. Joe Russo is open to the idea that both movies could be developed in partnership so they compliment one another within the same Ghostbusters universe. Apparently the Russos are very close to Paul and Joe suggested Paul could be attached to direct both. Personally I think it's possible for the female version to co-exist with this other version so maybe they're not mutually exclusive."

The e-mails that follow have the Sony executives foaming at the mouth to make this happen, and honestly, this doesn't sound like a bad idea at all. For those who were inexplicably complaining about an all-female cast of Ghostbusters, you can have a team of male Ghostbusters back in action too, and they can all exist in the same world. Of course, this goes back to that dangerous path of planning multiple films before you get the first successful one off the ground, but at least in theory, this doesn't sound terrible. The thought of Pratt and Tatum in the same movie is pretty enticing, and what if Gosling got in there too? Anyway, it's early days on any Ghostbusters projects at this point, so stay tuned to see what happens. Any thoughts?

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whats wrong with her?

Jon Odishaw on Dec 15, 2014


I find her annoying and tends to over act.

Al Apone on Dec 15, 2014


Ugh... fine... I'll bite... what's wrong with Lana Del Rey!!?!

avconsumer2 on Dec 15, 2014



cuckoozey on Dec 15, 2014


Pratt maybe. I'm not sick of him yet.

OfficialJab on Dec 15, 2014


I don't know. I have a bad feeling about these new Ghostbusters films. They were so original when they came out....I think the studio needs to see how the all female cast film does before they go ahead with any other ghostbusters projects

TheOct8pus on Dec 15, 2014


If the Russo bros are involved - Im in!

Rock n Rollllll on Dec 15, 2014


Be interesting to see Tatum and Pratt as Ghostbusters, I think they'd make it work. Not sold on Gosling though, and I'm just not for the all female cast.

Justin R on Dec 15, 2014


Ehh just give it up.

Brian Sleider on Dec 15, 2014


Enough with Channing Tatum, the guy is a stiff. Get someone who can act.

Angry Lester Jackson on Dec 15, 2014


To be fair he's pretty damn good in Foxcatcher.

IamSlave on Dec 15, 2014


NO thanks

ff on Dec 15, 2014


Public would eat that up. Personally I'll pass. Poor poor franchise. Reminds me of the movie version of PeeWee (in PeeWee's Big Adventure) played by James Brolin. Tatum's all... "he slimed me..." & takes off his shirt in slow mo... pfffft. Chick's will love it though. They'll make a mint.

avconsumer2 on Dec 15, 2014


This sounds terrible. I dont want a female reboot of Ghostbusters or any sort of Ghostbuster movie, they were made before, leave them alone! Dont like Jennifer Lawrence either. Hey Hollywood work on some good original ideas

Ty Webb on Dec 15, 2014


Yes exactly!!! All female who cares

Miguel Hernandez on Dec 15, 2014


Although I'm not against the idea do we really need to keep rebooting old films? Sony wonders why they're in trouble? Maybe because you can't come up with an original idea EVER or when they do it's another shitty Sandler movie.

IamSlave on Dec 15, 2014


There's no Black Guy in the casting yet? Who is gonna play the black guy? Im just saying...

TyeFighterPilot on Dec 15, 2014


Melissa McCarthy

Al Apone on Dec 16, 2014


... What? That's not the black guy, that's a fat chick. I think she's talented but, how are you gonna reboot the Ghostbusters without the Black guy?

TyeFighterPilot on Dec 16, 2014


Wow. They might've picked the only cast that could actually get me to see this... Probably not though.

Jonathan on Dec 16, 2014


Sheesh...what is the studio thinking?! Sounds like a flustercluck....don't dig.

DAVIDPD on Dec 16, 2014


Pratt can do no wrong! Tatum and Gosling.... cool

shane willett on Dec 16, 2014

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