Ryan Reynolds Closing Deal to Get Deadly & Mouthy as 'Deadpool'

December 4, 2014
Source: Deadline


Back in September, some good news came from 20th Century Fox as the studio had finally decided to give Deadpool the feature film spin-off fans have been clamoring for ever since the character was disgraced with his appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The casting was perfect with Ryan Reynolds in the role of Wade Wilson, but then the film went and sewed his mouth shut, literally. But now the Merc with a Mouth will be back the proper way with the film slated to hit theaters on February 12th, 2016, and Deadline has confirmed that Reynolds is closing his deal at Fox to reprise his role and give Deadpool his due diligence.

Ryan Reynolds just teased the Deadpool movie on Twitter earlier today with this update:

Visual effects wizard Tim Miller, who has been attached to the film for awhile, is still directing the film with the script from Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (Zombieland). Keep in mind that Miller previously said the reason that Fox finally decided to make the film was that they figured out how to make it PG-13 and still stay true to the more mature themes and nature of the comic book. There have been rumblings that this will tie into Fox's ongoing X-Men cinematic universe, but no details on that have been confirmed. It would be great to have the proper Deadpool messing with Wolverine again. Sound good?

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Franklin Carpio on Dec 4, 2014


Fox can hire Ryan for 5$. Wait I think Ryan paid Fox to hire him.

Zack Snyder on Dec 4, 2014


How many bombs does this dull actor have to be in before studios realize audiences are not interested in him anymore?

loder74 on Dec 4, 2014


If you ever watched the leaked Deadpool concept trailer voiced by Reynolds, you'd know he actually is great for the part. He had his start in comedy, with Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place, and of course, Van Wilder, and he's really the perfect marriage of action prowess and complete snark.

DL on Dec 4, 2014


Why even bother posting if you're just gonna show the world what a piece of shit you are? People like Reynolds, nobody likes you. Get over it.

davidshaw on Dec 4, 2014


LOL is he your man crush or something, The guy cant act, dont get all sandy vag over it being called out.

Brian Sleider on Dec 4, 2014


Aren't you a nice guy...

Ricardo_PT on Dec 4, 2014


I for one, like to watch train wrecks, his last 2 outings were superb for that, I am sure this will be no different

Brian Sleider on Dec 4, 2014


I agree. I just saw the Captive and that was absolutely terrible. Maybe Ryan should reboot Two Guys and a Girl.

Ty Webb on Dec 5, 2014


I've never had a chimichanga

Tyrell Antonio on Dec 4, 2014


Get off your ass right now and go get a'll thank me when you're done.

TheOct8pus on Dec 5, 2014


The reboot we deserve!

DAVIDPD on Dec 4, 2014


No R-rating, what a surprise, no thanks.

Bill Murphy on Dec 4, 2014


I would have preferred Nolan North 🙁

Chris Amaya on Dec 4, 2014



mooreworthy on Dec 5, 2014


This is terrible!!!! PG-13!!!!! FUCK THAT!!!! way to fuck up another one!

Leon on Dec 4, 2014


I love your passion for this film, brother, I do, but remember how The Watchmen did as a rated R comic film? Punisher War Zone? (I liked that one) if they stay true to the source, which they didn't before, so Deffinately be skeptical of that, but hopefully they can deliver, hopefully.

mooreworthy on Dec 5, 2014


Zach snyder is awful I have not liked any of his movies. He is the reason for that movies failure. Punisher was best portrayed (in name only) by Dolph in 1989. The other movies were ruined by Travolta and Thomas Jane. I do agree warzone was actually good(although it suffered from not having a noticeable lead). I think its funny that america is being out done by Canada and south Korea for rated R film fare. It just shows here in the states these geeks/diaper audiences members have gone soft and no matter how old are too much like babies to handle actual good movies. Thanks for actually notice the passion as opposed to generalizing me as a "troll" when all I am saying is the truth. I wish more people had your intelligence but then again its the internet we are talking about.

Leon on Dec 5, 2014


PG-13 sucks!!!! this is terrible news!

Leon on Dec 4, 2014


If there is every a time to boycott, uproar, and kickstart for a real movie for this NOW IS THE TIME!!!!! RATED R or don't make it!!!!!! Idiots there in LaLA land. All idiots!

Leon on Dec 4, 2014


Welcome to the money show: R rating equals satisfied fans. PG-13 rating equals more viewership (possibly). Too bad. Would like to see an R rated Deadpool myself.

Quanah on Dec 4, 2014


You're exactly right though. It's all about money in Hollywood. And most of comic book movie money comes from teenagers. They aren't going to alienate their core audience by making it R-rated. Not a chance.

Deena on Dec 5, 2014


Fuck their core audience their core audience sucks and are ruining movies left and right.

Leon on Dec 5, 2014


It's unfortunate. Isn't it?

Quanah on Dec 5, 2014


ryan reynolds is a bad bad choice,he has a face for romantic comedy's and not playing a badass comicbook villain. I never was impressed by him and in fact i always find him boring...

Avi on Dec 5, 2014


I'm interested even if just to see how well this comic franchise can be translated to film. In between all the quips, breaking of the 4th wall and just Deadpool as a character, I feel the line between hilarious absurdity and "cringe-worthiness" could be extremely narrow.

Neuromancer on Dec 5, 2014


Fuck yeah! RR is the only choice.

si1ver on Dec 5, 2014


I'm highly skeptical....but I'll wait for this to develop further. Deadpool is such a great character, breaking the 4th wall left and right. Let's hope Reynolds and the rest of the production do this character justice....

TheOct8pus on Dec 5, 2014



ragethorn on Dec 5, 2014


You mean "don't allow the kid's choice for PG-13 to persuade your decision making!!!!" Right? No? 😉

Quanah on Dec 5, 2014


I'm okay with the PG-13 and any true Deadpool fan would be too. Firstly, there's nothing about any of the comics that screams hard-R anyway. You could imply all the violence and get away with it. He could still be unleashing hundreds of bullets every second, be super badasss, and still have the film be PG-13. We won't see much blood. Who cares? More importantly though, if you're a fan, you'll want to see this film succeed. Studios will only consider it a success if it makes money and the days of the Hard-R film that makes money are sadly over... it's very rare. A PG-13 Deadpool film has a way better chance of making some good cash, and resulting in a sequel for the true fans.

yrabadi on Dec 5, 2014


Nail on the head... to be honest South Park is lewd as ever, so what can be said in PG-13 vocabulary is extensive. And the violence is not a problem.. as long as it gots style and funny one liners and over the top shenanigans I'm all there

shane willett on Dec 5, 2014


Um South Park is rated R. Even their movie was rated R and matt stone and trey Parker have never done anything less then rated R. Cannibal the musical rated R Orazmo rated nc17 Hamlet 2 rated r Team America rated R. Freaking diaper audience is killing movies.

Leon on Dec 5, 2014


Dude you are so wrong. I am tired of these geeks rolling over for the big machines. This should be rated R and if not then it's a massive failure. This is why the rest of the world sees Americans as weak now. We cater to these diaper audience geeks that can't handle anything of substance.

Leon on Dec 5, 2014


A massive failure in what respect? I would think the film would be a massive failure if it didn't make money... which is what would happen if it was Rated R.

yrabadi on Dec 5, 2014


Oh you're so wrong. Rated R movies had no trouble until some kids shot up a high school in 1999 Dumbs

Leon on Dec 5, 2014


What's your point? Bottom line is they don't draw the way they used to. I'm not arguing why or how or whether it's good or bad - i'm simply stating it is.

yrabadi on Dec 5, 2014


Bull shit to you're second point. Rated R movies are being hurt by diaper Audience babies who are weak as adults. Fuck this guy.

Leon on Dec 5, 2014


Yeah fuck me. lol. You sound all cool and edgy, but you haven't even articulated a point. Keep saying cool things cool guy. -_-

yrabadi on Dec 5, 2014


Hey look a troll. Not an internet troll. A literal Real troll. Oh go live under a bridge or something. Supporting PG-13 is supporting the enemy Diaper audience Baby.

Leon on Dec 5, 2014


lol... the 'enemy Diaper audience'... hahaha. ah forget it dude. lmao.

yrabadi on Dec 5, 2014


Laugh your way to hell

Leon on Dec 5, 2014


stop bitching about the rating. His comics are PG, they tried the adults only comic line for a while, and guess what? It failed, not enough sales, meaning adults didn't BUY it. Most of you just saw the video game and assumed that's what the majority is use to seeing and it's not. My six year daughter's favorite Ultimate Spiderman cartoon episode is the one with Deadpool. It's not like the Punisher. She won't see the movie, but a lot of 10-17 yr olds will. Fox should know they have to bring it with this one since there is an uproar with the rating. Wait for the trailer before protesting about a character most of you have probably not ever read.

mooreworthy on Dec 5, 2014


'CALM--ICKs' Franchise slum and theme park 'CALM--ICKs' Decades STALE, franchise slum and theme park 'CALM--ICKs'.

2ITIT2 IT IT on Dec 6, 2014

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