Schwarzenegger Talks Some 'Terminator: Genesis' Time Travel Tidbits

March 25, 2014
Source: MTV

Terminator: Genesis

Production on the franchise reboot Terminator: Genesis begins next month, and while the lead cast is set with Jason Clarke as John Connor, Emilia Clarke as mother Sarah Connor and Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese, we still don't have much in the vein of plot. The recent casting of J.K. Simmons in the role of a weary and alcoholic detective who has followed a bizarre case involving Sarah Connor and robots for more than three decades since the story emerged in 1984. Now the Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has revealed some tidbits about the plot, mainly his cyborg character and the confirmation of more time travel.

Speaking with MTV, Schwarzenegger talked about his T-800 model Terminator's involvement and more:

"'Terminator' deals a lot with time travel, so there will be a younger T-800, and then [there is] what that model does later on when it gets reprogrammed, and who gets ahold of him. So it will be all kinds of interesting twists in the movie."

Wait, a younger T-800? But it's a robot. These cyborgs age? The actor explains:

"The way that the character is written, it's a machine underneath. It's this metal skeleton. But above that is human flesh. And the Terminator's flesh ages, just like any other human being's flesh. Maybe not as fast. But it definitely ages."

Well, that's an interesting way to explain Schwarzenegger's human aging and why they're still bringing him back as the Terminator. Obviously, as evidenced by Tron Legacy, if visual effects artists can make Jeff Bridges young again, they can do the same with Schwarzenegger, but it sounds like that won't need to be done with every T-800 Terminator in the film. We're just wondering where this time travel will take us this time. Jason Clarke and Emilia Clarke don't have too much of an age difference between them, so we'll probably see Sarah Connor and John Connor decades apart. Anyway, for my money, a lot of convincing still needs to be done that this reboot is worth my time. What do you think?

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Time Traveelll!!! lol JK Simmons, Jason Clarke, and Emilia Clarke are all great actors. Let's just hope it's better than Terminator Salvation.

Mufasa on Mar 25, 2014


They need to worry more about it being better than Rise of the Machines before worrying about Salvation. TS was not that bad.

Rock n Rollllll on Mar 25, 2014


Oh yeah if it wasn't for Bale's set flip out TS wouldn't have made any bank imo. The Terminator films are long overdue and a franchise that should have already buried the franchise years ago. No reason to continue the generic values.

Ryan Thomas Hardy on Mar 25, 2014


What! Thats a stupid correlation to make on why you think TS was not successful. People went to to see TS because they love the Terminator concept, NOT because of his onscreen rant. I for one enjoyed the story and performances by Bale and Worthington. AND they topped it off perfectly by bringing a young Arnold in at the end.

Rock n Rollllll on Mar 26, 2014


Thank you! Lol I hate all the crap that movie gets. It was a masterpiece compared to T3.

SkyNet300 on Mar 25, 2014


Rise of the Machines was terrible. It's a given that the new one HAS to be better than Rise....I think what bothered me the most about TS was the fact that it gave me so much hope for a resolution to the whole story. John Connor is now older and is leader to the resistance, but the movie just ends kinda "stagnant"? blehh

Mufasa on Mar 26, 2014


The Problem with TS was the story/Plot and common sense. The Ultimate A.I. The Machine that brought all of man kind Down. Has Kyle Reese in captivity and Don't kill him on the spot. That one move would have ended the War ending the human race and the machines win! But they wait to use him as bait!?!?!?!?! For John. It isn't necessary! You don't need John if you kill his father before reproducing!!! This is what destroyed the movie!!!

Professor_Bedlam on Mar 26, 2014


I kinda agree, but since John Connor already exists in that timeline, maybe the machines were programmed to destroy every possibility of their extinction?

Mufasa on Mar 26, 2014


Sounds very much like we could be dealing with a 'reboot via time-travel sequel' kind of situation like with Star Trek 09. I'm all for that. They are lining up a VERY solid cast.

Chris Groves on Mar 25, 2014


Solid cast, made me laugh a little. Credibility went a little down for that when they casted Jai Wooden Courtney. You know everytime he gets casted in a movie by now it's guaranteed to bomb or be mediocre. He is becoming the Taylor Kitsch of Hollywood blockbusters.

Ryan Thomas Hardy on Mar 25, 2014


Speaking mostly of Arnold, Emilia Clarke(from Game of Thrones) and Jason Clarke. Also, better directors can usually get better performances out of any given actor(every wonder why sometimes actors give a terrible performance in a terrible movie but turn around and kick ass in a great movie?) I'm willing to bet that Alan Taylor, who did great work on Game of Thrones and did a very good job with Thor: The Dark World, will be able to get a better performance from Courtney then...say...the guy who directed whatever the last Die Hard movie was. Also, they didn't "casted" anybody.

Chris Groves on Mar 26, 2014


Maybe he can turn that around like Ben Affleck did in The Town

steve on Mar 26, 2014



Nick Sears on Mar 25, 2014


I read that in Ahnold's voice...

octopus9498 on Mar 27, 2014


Arnold has the loosest of lips. Haha. You gotta love him.

DAVIDPD on Mar 25, 2014


Im really not a fan of Jai Courtney.

Chick Flicks and Beer on Mar 25, 2014


I liked him in Spartacus Blood and Sand.

cobrazombie on Mar 27, 2014


Hmmm well this will be interesting...but I still don't like the idea of old man Arnold hamming it up as a terminator. And yes Jai Courtney is awful.

SkyNet300 on Mar 25, 2014


People have said it time and again, so I'll repeat it. The Terminator film we all want to see is the one set in 2029 or 2032. We want to see the future war. Then show the capture of the time displacement facility and end it showing all the Terminators and Reese being sent back in time which would link nicely with the original film.

ChrisIlls on Mar 26, 2014


I like your idea.

Rock n Rollllll on Mar 26, 2014


Exactly, I've been waiting for a future war movie since Terminator 2...and Terminator Salvation didn't really deliver much 'war', it took place DURING the war, but there wasn't much war going on.

Chris Groves on Mar 26, 2014


The opening future war scenes of T2 are EXACTLY what another Terminator movie should look like.

cobrazombie on Mar 27, 2014


You know that's what Terminator Salvation was? Right..

steve on Mar 26, 2014


Dog shit?

cobrazombie on Mar 27, 2014


Hi Steve, Terminator Salvation was set in 2018, not the 2029 future from the previous movies. It might have been working towards that future in possible sequels. I don't think the daytime setting worked either. As Reese says in Terminator 1 'you stay down by day. But in the night you can move around. You still have to be careful 'cause the HK's use infrared'. Oh, I love T1.

ChrisIlls on Mar 27, 2014


I like the Terminator concept but Arnie had his time; i.e. the first film.

Ed Blount on Mar 26, 2014


What was wrong with the second?

Steven on Mar 26, 2014


Arnie is too wrinkly and old...

TheOct8pus on Mar 26, 2014


So? Doesn't mean they can't make him look young. Did you see what they did to Bridges in Tron Legacy?

steve on Mar 26, 2014


And in Terminator Salvation.

cobrazombie on Mar 27, 2014


That wasn't Arnold....and it looked fake too.

TheOct8pus on Mar 27, 2014


Bridges looked horrible in Tron Legacy. His "younger" version was extremely fake looking, especially in the scenes where he was next to "real" people. I don't see why Arnold, who is almost 70 years old (think about that!) has to play the same character he did over 30 years ago covered in fake looking CGI "makeup" when there are plenty of young, badass actors out there.

TheOct8pus on Mar 27, 2014


it looked like it was straight out of polar bear express

rolyjimenez on Mar 27, 2014

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