See Max Landis' 'Super Mario World' 436-Page Script & Concept Art

October 21, 2014
Source: Max Landis

Super Mario World

There are plenty of aspiring screenwriters out there who want to turn their favorite comic book, video game, toyline and whatever else Hollywood snatches up, into a feature film. However, few of them ever actually have the drive or ambition to actually do it. Enter Max Landis, the writer of the found footage superhero flick Chronicle and the forthcoming new take on Frankenstein starring Daniel Radcliffe. Landis is now 29 years old and has a lucrative screenwriting career, but just 10 years ago he was a 19-year old with the dream of turning the popular Super Nintendo video game Super Mario World into a feature film. More below!

Posting on his own website (via SlashFilm), Landis revealed that he wrote a 436-page adaptation of the video game (read it all here). For those who don't know, the standard model for scripts is that each page equals about a minute of running time. That means this would have been an epic movie clocking in at over 7 hours. However, the length is likely due to the fact that Landis wrote a very detailed script with action descriptions that are far too long and specific and even sections of songs for some reason. No, this isn't an exercise in good writing or an effort to get the film made, because as Landis says, "This script sucks."

But what is cool is the concept art that Landis had made to go along with the script:

The artwork comes from an artist named Darren Calvert, and while he did some great work, this doesn't look like the kind of Super Mario World movie that you would want your kids, arguably the target audience for this kind of film, to see until they were teenagers. From the look of the concept art, you can tell this is a much more gritty, serious take on the material, and just reading a few pages of the script will show you that too. Besides the length, the bigger problem seems to be just how big Landis made this film, going so far as to include other Nintendo characters like Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong for some reason.

But the fact that Landis has made the script available in its entirety is both hilarious and awesome. Most screenwriters probably wouldn't want something like this out there, but the fact that Landis is willing to post this for people to read, mostly as an example of what not to do (especially adapting something that you don't own the rights to at all) is pretty awesome. And it just goes to show you, hard work and ambition pays off, because this 19-year old kid who wrote a 436-page adaptation of Super Mario World is now a steady working screenwriter in Hollywood. Follow your dreams, and all that jazz.

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*A 19-year old kid with a famous and well-connected and rich dad.

PeterSHall on Oct 21, 2014


Seriously, it probably cost him a couple grand just to get those sketches made...

TheOct8pus on Oct 21, 2014


There's still plenty of rich spoiled offspring of famous filmmakers and whatnot who don't have this kind of ambition. Just giving credit where credit is due.

Ethan Anderton on Oct 21, 2014



PeterSHall on Oct 21, 2014


oh John Landis' son? smh. Rich, famous, Jewish, Beverly Hills = extremely high chance of success in Hollywood. Not to be cynical, but please stop with the false narrative of "follow your dreams" and hard work and ambition nonsense. The world doesn't need anymore terrible screenwriters.

Paul on Oct 21, 2014


This gives me the same feeling as that concept art for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

HarryFiddleSticks on Oct 21, 2014


That artwork of Funky Kong tho

OfficialJab on Oct 21, 2014


Diddy Kong looks like a real sweet heart.

DAVIDPD on Oct 21, 2014

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