Shane Black Writing Treatment & Directing the Reboot of 'Predator'

June 24, 2014
Source: THR


Since the pseudo sequel Predators didn't really do much to reinvigorate the franchise, it's time to reboot the 20th Century Fox action classic Predator. THR has word that Lethal Weapon franchise writer and Iron Man 3 director Shane Black has been commissioned to write a treatment for the reboot and direct the film. Black actually has an interesting history with Predator, because he was actually given the opportunity to polish the script for the original 1986 film, but turned it down twice. But Black, also an occasional actor, was offered a small role in the film, which the studio tried to use to convince him to rewrite the script on set.

This time, Black won't be writing the script either, as it will actually be handled by Fred Dekker, who co-wrote Monster Squad with Black back in 1987 (these two have known each other since college. The original film's producer John Davis is back in the same capacity, but without Joel Silver and Lawrence Gordon this time. The question is just how different will the reboot be, and will still go with the iconic design of the creature? With the exception of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the creature itself is one of the most recognizable and revered movie monsters, and redesigning it for a reboot will probably piss a lot of people off. At the very least, hopefully Black's involvement will quell some fears. Thoughts?

UPDATE: For those who were concerned what a reboot might mean for the legacy of Predator and the iconic creature of the film franchise, we have some good news. Collider recently spoke to Shane Black to clarify some information about this report, and the filmmaker says the film he's working on with Fred Dekker is actually an "inventive sequel." So don't count on seeing a new version of the Predator in the film. Black adds, "Why start over, when you’ve all this rich mythology yet to mine?” That absolutely puts us at ease about this project. Carry on.

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Do we really need a reboot? Can't it just be another progression in the story? There's a ton of source material in the comics/graphic novels to pull from as well. I hope we can look forward to something fresh and innovative.

syntaxterror on Jun 24, 2014


I must add my objection as well WHY WHY WHY MUST the story be 'rebooted" . Nothing wrong with : there's humans parachutting down to a planet with NO Predators to hunt them . Those two from Predators meet them , explain and calm th fears , and yes then THEY hunt the new batch of Predators . somehow capturing a ship that can't be blown up by somebody's wrist ...And if you REALLY want to get freaky , the ship that arrives at the planet is the one from the confrontation in the Arctic , that left space with a half-Predator half Alien worm popping out . maybe the worm grows and the full-fledged Alien causes a crash landing ON the Predators planet ... I'm basically Easily expanding on Jertown's point ( Hire ME to write the treatment ! ) ... Sometimes JUST because the SFX will be better , Doesn't mean you Need a remake .. They just want a jungle movie ; But Glover's Predator movie woked becaue they painted the City AS a Jungle . So there Should be a better idea

Dominic on Jun 25, 2014


Doesn't have to be a reboot, just another chapter. Stick with the idea of Predators coming down to earth to test their skills, maybe against special forces in the Afghan mountains. I don't think we need another jungle backdrop as we've had two. I could also dig a Predator film set during the early days of "Gulf War 2"

Al Apone on Jun 24, 2014


IMO that shit is worn out, take it to space. Follow a hunting ship to a planet with some crazy monsters. Remaking the same movie for a 4th time is a sure way to fail at a reboot.

Brian Sleider on Jun 24, 2014


Set in the future Prometheus style, but the humans land on a Predator outpost ?

Al Apone on Jun 24, 2014


Thats true enough, but IMO humans do not need to be in it. OR if they do, have one human, a survivor of a hunt who then began hunting with the predators. I mean Predator, Predator 2 and Predators are pretty much the same movie. DO we need a new one if it is more of the same?

Brian Sleider on Jun 24, 2014


I cant see them green lighting a film with no humans or in space. It will probably be a mid range budget as well. Really not many options to go along. For sure it will have to be in a violent backdrop on earth, with an american force.

Al Apone on Jun 24, 2014


I do not dispute that. I just wish they wouldn't cop out, make a higher concept movie instead of rehashing an old plot.

Brian Sleider on Jun 24, 2014


This x1000 - I actually was hoping for something crazy & daring like that for Prometheus. Like, way hard core sci-fi. I'm talking no terrestrial language as we know it in the film. (except for planet / time subtitles maybe)

avconsumer2 on Jun 25, 2014


A hunting ship to a planet with some crazy monsters.... man I'd love THAT!

Bill on Jun 25, 2014


He better write in some pussy jokes.

Brian Sleider on Jun 24, 2014


No the original is a goddamn sexual Tyrannosaurus!

Xerxexx on Jun 24, 2014


The original is really the pinnacle of 80s hyper Macho movies.

Brian Sleider on Jun 24, 2014


"You son of a bitch!"

Xerxexx on Jun 24, 2014


CIA got you pushing too many pencils?

Rock n Rollllll on Jun 25, 2014


Just like you?

grimjob on Jun 24, 2014


He ain't got time to bleed!

avconsumer2 on Jun 25, 2014


*sigh* only a matter of time i guess. Iron Man 3 was a pile of shit run over twice so not only will this be rebooted when there is absolutely nothing wrong with the original but it is now confirmed to be a disaster with Shane Black at the helm. Way to think things through 20th CF

Rock n Rollllll on Jun 24, 2014


Shnae Black did ruin IM3 will not argue there. He was also IN the original Predator and asked to write it multiple times. The story of IM3 only sucked because it butchered the material. There is less worry about that here.

Brian Sleider on Jun 24, 2014


So far in discussions, the only people I've talked to that didn't like IM3 were Marvel people upset about the inconsistencies with the source. Otherwise it's in no way worse than the others.

OfficialJab on Jun 24, 2014


You clearly haven't seen the whole movie! 🙁 The Mandarin is still out there. The actor was just an actor.

MLTC on Jun 28, 2014


Christmas with the predator!

toonfed on Jun 24, 2014



DAVIDPD on Jun 24, 2014


If there's anyone to remake it, or even touch another Predator film it's this guy. Great news if it pans out.

digifruitella on Jun 24, 2014


I see your latest unnecessary reboot, Hollywood, and raise you: BitTorrent. See how it works? I'll only pay to see original content. $100million rehashes are just free curios. Up to you.

crystaltowers on Jun 24, 2014


I like Shane Black, I like the Predator, but I can wait a little longer for something that isn't another reboot of the franchise.

DAVIDPD on Jun 24, 2014


I have nervous excitement about this. Do I think we need a reboot? No. Could there be some really cool things that could happen with a new movie? Potentially. It just has to be a really fresh take for it to be worth watching, IMO.

ListenToVinyl on Jun 24, 2014


And most certainly no drastic changes to the Predator design or else it's not Predator.

ListenToVinyl on Jun 24, 2014


I actually really liked Predators. Was it a great film? No. But it was fun, action-packed, and a different take on the franchise. I'd like to see another movie that builds off that one. Either bringing a different group to the same planet, or somehow turn the tables on the predators by having them arrive on Earth and face a group that is expecting them - prepared to defend themselves. Either way, I'll watch another one. Nothing will be ruined by having another director take a shot at the franchise.

Jertown on Jun 24, 2014


This is some good birthday news for me. I kind of hope that the 'isolated incident' nature of these films allows this to function both as a fresh start for the franchise, but also a follow up in some ways.

Chris Groves on Jun 24, 2014


And the notion of having an aged Arnold return, even in a supporting role, would be too awesome to pass up.

Chris Groves on Jun 24, 2014


I'd barf...

Bill on Jun 25, 2014


Each to their own. I mean, I can understand both arguments. The nostalgia, the continuity, wanting to have a connective link to the original film in favor of his return. But there of course is the whole 'don't look backward, move forward' ideology, bring something new to the table, etc etc. I wouldn't make Arnold the lead and try to do a Stallone where he gets passed off as being 'still in his prime', but in a cool supporting/feature role, it could be a good set-up.

Chris Groves on Jun 25, 2014


If they call it "The Predator" they can kind of skirt around the 'sequel or reboot?' issue a bit.

Chris Groves on Jun 24, 2014


"I want Hawkins body found!"....No,just no.

Maxim Karagogov on Jun 24, 2014


I've said this before, but one can think of an original concept instead of cannibalizing old ideas?

Quanah on Jun 24, 2014


The decade of reboot. How sad.

Jim Dawkins on Jun 25, 2014


Why a reboot? Just make another movie...

Bill on Jun 25, 2014


Exactly. But I think Hollywood is just afraid the current version might not appeal to the current/new generation.

Michael G. Calvert on Jun 25, 2014


Keep it up Hollywood. Run all these franchises into the (creative) ground. Note how the numbers keep getting smaller for subsequent reboots? One day you're gonna run out of crap to reboot & nobody's gonna want to see the Gigli reboot.

avconsumer2 on Jun 25, 2014

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