Simon Kinberg Says 'X-Men' & 'Fantastic Four' Won't Share Universe

May 12, 2014
Source: ScreenCrush

Simon Kinberg / X-Men & Fantastic Four

When X-Men: Days of Future Past writer and Fantastic Four reboot producer Simon Kinberg landed a first-look deal at 20th Century Fox with the studio hoping he would help shepherd their Marvel properties into their own cinematic universe, we all assumed a crossover of X-Men and Fantastic Four would be in the cards. After all, it happens in the comic books, so it makes sense. But despite a rumor about a project like that being planned for the future, Kinberg recently spoke with ScreenCrush and basically shot down that idea for the time being. However, we don't think that the possibility is necessarily dead because of that.

When Kinberg was asked about a shared universe for X-Men and Fantastic Four, he said:

"Well, it’s complicated. Because none of the X-Men movies have acknowledged the notion of a sort of superhero team — the Fantastic Four. And the Fantastic Four acquire powers, so for them to live in a world where mutants are prevalent is kind of complicated, because you’re like, 'Oh, you’re just a mutant.' Like, 'What’s so fantastic about you?'"

The interviewer then interceded, adding, "We have powers … just like that team down the street.” And Kinberg agreed and continued, "Right, right. Exactly, 'So, I guess we’ll go to school now. We’ll go to Xavier’s school.' No, it is, they live in discrete universes." So as disappointing as that may be for fans hoping to see X-Men and Fantastic Four come together or fight each other. It just makes sense logistically in the world that the X-Men already live in. Even with the two different timelines that are likely to exist after X-Men: Days of Future Past, it just wouldn't work with mutants already established in society.

However, that doesn't mean we can't see this kind of crossover happen down the road. After all, we just learned the producers of the X-Men franchise are hoping to shoot X-Men: Apocalypse and The Wolverine 2 back-to-back. The former would be the third film for the younger X-Men: First Class cast, and The Wolverine 2 is supposed to be Hugh Jackman's final outing as Wolverine. With all of those things considered, it's likely that X-Men will be rebooted a few years later, so this could still happen at some point. Anyway, we've got a little while to wait before any of this happens.

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I'm still traumatized by disappointment after seeing Spiderman. Crossovers are the least of FOX's problems. First class was decent, FF is a turd machine and Wolverine has been destroyed. How about figuring out how to make a decent Marvel film first. + I hate that guy's smug look on his face in the title pic.

MrKuel on May 12, 2014


Spiderman wasn't Fox though. But I agree that I cannot see FF working with these guys.

OfficialJab on May 12, 2014


I know it's a Sony film. still traumatized.

MrKuel on May 13, 2014


Fox has made some good, decent marvel films already, and wolverine is definitely not destroyed yet. of course i know I am arguing with your opinion but I think that you seemed to claim fox's films as a big problem when the x-men are about to be at their peak now.

Guest on May 13, 2014


Well shit...

DAVIDPD on May 12, 2014


Yeah, let's just release our standalone Fantastic Four movie - one of the few never-successfully-adapted comics - at the exact same time that Disney is unloading Avengers 2, Star Wars, and (actually good) Marvel movies. Also, let's cite canon incompatibility as the reason we don't want to make a billion dollars (and take the only chance at survival) by throwing the X-Men and Fantastic Four in the same movie (Spidey too, whatever), while simultaneously making Reed Richards younger than all other members and severing the connection between Johnny and Sue Storm. These guys are underpants gnomes x1000

ds NYC on May 12, 2014


A) This is short-sighted and basically too stupid to be a news item ... B) This is probably on Directive from FOX , as to a CORPORATE type , paying both sets of teams is too much money , even iff it nets 1 billion worldwide ( which they can point to DOFP as maybe some sort of proof ).. Andthey hope it would quell the talk for Marvel to take al the rights back , so that team ups like ths CAN happen C ) it doesn't NEED to wait for a reboot . The easiest explanation is that during the events of XMen1 and 3 , the FF were off-world , in the Neutral Zone . Or dealing with their own set of super-villians , so no time to help some OTHER mutants out ...which leads to ... D) Actually YES the FF are mutants too . Whatelse would you cal a human that could not ony survive the unshielded radiation , but survive the change ? A Mutant ...

Dominic on May 12, 2014


Fox shouldn't even be making their Fantastic Four reboot, the rights SHOULD have gone back to Disney/Marvel.

Chris Groves on May 13, 2014


Not with that attitude it wont........

Rock n Rollllll on May 13, 2014

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