'Sinister' Director Scott Derrickson in Talks for Marvel's 'Dr. Strange'

June 3, 2014
Source: Variety

Dr. Strange / Scott Derrickson

Marvel may not have a director locked down to take over Ant-Man after Edgar Wright left the project last month, but they've got someone to take on another Phase Three title in their cinematic universe. Variety has word that The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Sinister director Scott Derrickson is currently in talks to be at the helm of the occult Marvel film with a deal expected to close shortly. Derrickson wasn't on the shortlist revealed this past February, so this is a bit of a surprise, but perhaps the filmmaker's work on Deliver Us from Evil (coming this summer) was enough to get Marvel to hire the director for this bold adaptation.

For those who don't know, Marvel Comics' Doctor Strange follows a once brilliant neurosurgeon forced into retirement after a car accident destroys his once skilled hands. A trip to the Himalayas for a hopeful cure led him to be trained by a Tibetan sorcerer to hone in on psychic powers and mystical abilities, giving him the amazing mind powers to battle powerful villains. He becomes the "Sorcerer Supreme" and protects Earth against magical and mystical threats, so much like Guardians of the Galaxy, it will be new territory.

Those with keen ears will have heard the character reference in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and we've known this project was coming for awhile. This one is even more bold than something like Guardians of the Galaxy or Ant-Man, because in addition to being a lesser known Marvel character, this dives into territory that we haven't seen much of in the Marvel universe like magic. Now the next move will be to cast someone in the lead with Johnny Depp serving as one rumored possibility, though no fronrtunner has been named. Either way, this is a great move by Marvel, because Derrickson is quite gifted behind the camera.

Update! - Scott Derrickson tweeted that image above after the news was announced to mark the occasion.

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Congratulations for signing on the project Scott Derrickson. Prepare to have little to no creative control at all and also prepare to make the movie Marvel wants to make, it's not about you or your directing talents it's about the movie Marvel wants and if you get in their way of creative control they will instantly fire you. But good luck!

DJ Jack Ryan Hardy on Jun 3, 2014


Maybe that's good because not too sure of his abilities anyway...but yeah it will be mediocre probably

ff on Jun 3, 2014


Agree with you on this one.

Rock n Rollllll on Jun 4, 2014


You must be the type whose parents coddled you and never told you no. You do understand Edgar left mutually because Marvel wanted the script updated to include the MCU connections and he did not want that since it was his baby. Now, most of the best parts of a Marvel movie have been the continued expansion of the universe and the characters in it being connected. But you know, an Ant-Man movie with NO references to any other characters in Marvel might be ok with you, since you are clearly a cinema artist, but to someone who is responsible for a couple trillion dollars in potential earnings over the next 10 years, you know, just maybe...MAYBE...they want to include all their toys in this movie as they do in the others. Maybe? But hey, don't let me stop your ignorance fueled hate fest. You clearly understand managing and maintaining valuable commodities and wanting to ensure things are done in a responsible way to them. Or you know, you could just be a troll being a jerk about things you do not understand but THINK you understand. Time will only tell.

BoiledPNutz on Jun 4, 2014


When did I ever mention Ant-Man for you to make that assumption? Also Marvel does have a previous history not only with the recent Edgar Wright issue of getting mainly involved with the directors amount of creative control. You also seem a bit upset also regarding the entire issue. I will stand by what I have originally said as the truth and nothing more.

DJ Jack Ryan Hardy on Jun 4, 2014


Interested to see this and I'm hoping Marvel can elevate the Dr. Strange character like they did Iron Man (make him better in the movie than he was in the comics). Because he really is a 'B' character but opens up new possibilities. Next T'Challa! (Please, be Djimon Honsou)

si1ver on Jun 3, 2014


My vote goes to Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

MattPeloquin on Jun 3, 2014


Casting people that have already been in Marvel films, very original. You know there are many other great black actors out there and especially lots of hidden talent which is why I think they should stride for a more unknown actor. Plus a younger Black Panther (Late 20s or Mid 30s) I think would also be great to mix in with the mainly much older starting cast.

DJ Jack Ryan Hardy on Jun 3, 2014


Thank you for pointing that out to me in such a calm and non sarcastic manner. I was unaware that Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje played Kurse in Thor TDW, but you're right I should have been able to tell underneath all the prosthetics and no dialogue.

MattPeloquin on Jun 3, 2014


What are you so upset about? I just suggested they shouldn't cast people that have already played a character previously regardless of the role and they should give some other actors a chance to get in the Marvel Universe especially more unknowns. You know how many actors are just dying to get a role with Marvel now. Adewale to me already played his part in the universe and there are many other great actors in my opinion also that would be better suited for the Black Panther role.

DJ Jack Ryan Hardy on Jun 3, 2014


The tone of your comment was combative when you could have just said that he had a role in Thor. It has nothing to do with race so I don't even know why you brought that up.

MattPeloquin on Jun 3, 2014


The tone of my comment combative, oh my and oh no! Am sorry but I didn't know I was typing actual words not speaking them, my sincere apology. And I further more apologize you didn't do any research on his previous role, I should have instantly known. I thought a regular reader of movie news as yourself would have known, am sorry. I also apologize for I should have known it had nothing to do with race. Looking to cast a specific race actor for a specific race role in mind has nothing to do with race at all, my sincere apologies also. I am also sorry for this long comment your currently reading, my sincere apologizes.

DJ Jack Ryan Hardy on Jun 3, 2014


Thank you for proving my point.

MattPeloquin on Jun 3, 2014


And I will also like to thank you for proving my point! *Reaches out hand for handshake, tries to hide electric buzzer* no more fanboy fights alright buddy?

DJ Jack Ryan Hardy on Jun 3, 2014


That would be my second choice. Would love for him to get the part. Having an actor play a previous part in a comic book movie (even in their own universe) shouldn't stop them from casting the best actor/actress available (Djimon Honsou also has a role in GotG). Unless they've played a a integral role it shouldn't really matter. I do think they'll go young though, unfortunately for Djimon and Adewale.

si1ver on Jun 3, 2014


John boyega would be my ideal black panther

Steven E on Jun 3, 2014


If I could give twenty up votes, I would. Been wanting Black Panther for years now.

mooreworthy on Jun 3, 2014


Yeah Yeah Yeah!!! I would love for this to really happen. SINISTER was such a blast.

DAVIDPD on Jun 3, 2014


Damn right. And that was released at a time when there were several horror movies coming out practically back-to-back and I was setting my expectations really high.

OfficialJab on Jun 3, 2014


Benidict Cumberbatch as Strange

Lee Seymour on Jun 3, 2014


Cumberbatch in my opinion would make for a great Dormammu. I know he usually tends to get caught up in villainous roles like recently with Star Trek and The Hobbit but Cumberbatch as Dormammu would be perfect. He even has the right voice for the character.

DJ Jack Ryan Hardy on Jun 3, 2014


Too bad. Sinister was extremely mediocre.

Nielsen700 on Jun 3, 2014


Sinister was at least decent compared to other horror films thrown out on the market today.

DJ Jack Ryan Hardy on Jun 3, 2014


The Conjuring was very well directed in my opinion, but I agree. A lot of it is being crap.

Nielsen700 on Jun 3, 2014


They were both crap IMO

ff on Jun 3, 2014


At best...

ff on Jun 3, 2014


Is that James Gunn...?

Screener on Jun 3, 2014


Vote for mee..!

Guest on Jun 4, 2014


Seems like the whole superhero movie genre has finally jumped the shark.

Hattori Hanzo on Jun 4, 2014

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