Sound Off: Antoine Fuqua's 'The Equalizer' - So What Did You Think?

September 26, 2014

The Equalizer Sound Off

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? "Got to be who you are in this world, no matter what." In theaters everywhere is The Equalizer, directed by Antoine Fuqua (of Training Day, Tears of the Sun, Brooklyn's Finest, Olympus Has Fallen), starring Oscar winner Denzel Washington as Robert McCall, a mysterious vigilante who takes on the Russian mob (and anyone who messes with him). The cast includes Chloe Moretz, Marton Csokas, Haley Bennett, Bill Pullman and Melissa Leo. Is it any good? Does it live up to the TV show it's based on? If you've seen it, leave a comment with thoughts on The Equalizer.

Spoiler Warning: We strongly urge everyone to actually see the film before reading ahead, as there may be spoilers below. We also encourage all commenters to keep major spoilers from the film to a minimum, if possible. However, this is an open discussion from this point on! Beware of spoilers, don't ruin this movie!

To fuel the fire, I enjoyed The Equalizer - for an action movie based on a TV show I was impressed. In terms of everything else I've seen since first screening this, it doesn't hold up. It's fairly standard, there's nothing particularly unique or exciting about it, and we've all seen Denzel being cool and badass plenty of times before. Denzel is the best part about this. Despite my middle-of-the-road reaction, I would actually like to see more - if this was a franchise with a new story every time, I'd be down for each new episode. There's something very basically satisfying about the vigilante aspect, and it wraps up nicely. There's better action and better vigilante films this year, but it's not a bad film nor is it the best, the most I can say is "good job".

What did you think of Antoine Fuqua's The Equalizer? Solid action, or bland and repetitive?
We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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A surprisingly slow burn for a studio film. Viewers will need patience through extensive early character development. Picks up eventually but still long at 2 hours 11 minutes. Chloe Grace Moretz, Melissa Leo, and Bill Pullman are all excellent in support but this is DENZEL all over. And Antoine Fuqua. Mauro Fiore's cinematography is some of the best I've seen lately for a Hollywood movie. Lots of long takes & slow movements. Lens flare fans will also find a lot to like. Along with a healthy dose of chopper, crane, and steadicam work, with mostly in-camera effects. Fiore took home over a dozen awards for Avatar, including the Oscar. His DP credits include Training Day, Tears of the Sun, The Island, and Real Steel. The Equalizer is also one of the best horror films I've seen this year and fits right into Toronto's Midnight Madness or Austin's Fantastic Fest lineups.

Larry Richman on Sep 26, 2014


I actually hated the cinematography, very surprising its the same guy

jonnyb61 on Sep 27, 2014


Really excited to see this here in South Korea. Dig the look.

DAVIDPD on Sep 26, 2014


Are you living in SK or are will you just so happen to be there when you see it?

JBrotsis on Sep 26, 2014


I live here. It's wild.

DAVIDPD on Sep 26, 2014


I travel there on business frequently. What's your flavor, CGV, Lotte, or Megabox?

Im Mikey T on Sep 26, 2014


I don't live in Seoul, so in my town all we have is CGV, but it is nice. When I do see movies in Seoul I go to one of the nicer areas and really go for it. The CGV in Sinsa or Yeouido is especially nice. Lottes and Megabox can be nice, but CGV has their stuff down. They have some where you can get dinner served to you, 4D experiences, they even have wall projectors already.

DAVIDPD on Sep 27, 2014


I'm planning to visit sometime in the next few years! Really want to stop by South Korea.

Alex Billington on Sep 26, 2014


I hope I am still here. Work is good, but time will tell.

DAVIDPD on Sep 27, 2014


That is awesome, I really want to visit South Korea as well. I'm a fan of SK pop culture 🙂

DavideCoppola on Sep 26, 2014


I hope to see you some day. It is a crazy place. Full of beautiful women and kimchi.

DAVIDPD on Sep 27, 2014


Cool, my mom is there right now in Seoul, give her a shout out!

mooreworthy on Sep 26, 2014



DAVIDPD on Sep 26, 2014


Saw this at TIFF... almost fell asleep towards the end. Started really strong but the whole kill them using Home Depot style stuff towards the end was a bit much and got predictable and boring after a few kills. Movie was to long. But the first encounter with the pimp was absolutely brilliant! I wish the rest of the movie was more like that scene. The dude who played the villain was terrific. He has been in so many other movies but this performance was on the money. Denzel was great in the movie.

jimfromtoto on Sep 26, 2014


The story does take quite a while to get going, but once the characters get established, the story speeds up and we get to the action. It wasn't anything new, but it is based on a television show.

yomandenver on Sep 27, 2014


This film was poorly edited with lackluster cinematography. An underused Chloe Moretz and (as always) an overused Denzel. Director Antoine Fuqua used to make quality films such as Tears of the Sun and Shooter. But his works as of late seem to just be thrown together and quite lazy. This film was no different. Characters that were developed did not need to be and the ones that did (such as the prostitute) were not developed at all. We as an audience did not need to be force fed that the protagonist good guy character was such a good guy. We get it. The villain was also a bit underdeveloped here. This could have been such a great movie given all the tools involved. The acting was very good though believe it or not, for an action film. Denzel's best performance in quite some time.

jonnyb61 on Sep 27, 2014


I just saw this last night. I thought it was excellent! Slow build for sure but I liked how it was a solid origin story for this character of the show. Think of it as a prequel to the show plotline.

SkyNet300 on Sep 28, 2014


This movie went downhill fast after the Tanker Scene Fire with Denzel walking away in the background. I wanted to laugh so bad! Then the over top music along with the slow mo, ( barffff!). What the hell happened to Denzel, did he want his own Taken ala Liam Neeson's ( Key and Peele version). I was willing to let that first scene go and it was just overkill after that. Chloe Moretz reminded me of a young Jodie Foster at times, one minute she was in the movie then she mysteriously re-appears at the end, thank you for your service you can go home now Chloe. I was excited to see this film and midway through it got lost really quick!!!!

deerosa on Sep 29, 2014

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