Sound Off: Bryan Singer's 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' - Thoughts?

May 23, 2014

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? "All those years wasted fighting each other, Charles." They're back - all of them, the X-Men of old and new, from First Class and the original movies, even director Bryan Singer. Now in theaters is X-Men: Days of Future Past, the latest movie in 20th Century Fox's X-Men franchise following up The Wolverine and X-Men: First Class. Starring everyone: Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, Nicholas Hoult, Ellen Page, Peter Dinklage, Shawn Ashmore, Omar Sy and others. So how is it? Any good? Once you've seen it, leave a comment with your thoughts on X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Spoiler Warning: We strongly urge everyone to actually see the film before reading ahead, as there may be spoilers below. We also encourage all commenters to keep major spoilers from the film to a minimum, if possible. However, this is an open discussion from this point on! Beware of spoilers, don't ruin this movie!

To fuel the fire, X-Men: Days of Future Past is damn good, better than the last few X-Men movies. It's epic on many fronts and resets the entire X-Men universe in a satisfying way (so when do we get to see the next one?). I must say, there are some incredibly cheesy moments of dialogue, like the whole discussion of why Wolverine has to go back and what he has to do is extremely contrived. But, there are also some awesome scenes - like Quicksilver's sequence in the jail is simply amazing, one of my favorite action scenes in a while. After that, the action seems to calm down, and it sticks with the characters all the way until the end. Was anyone else annoyed by drunk McAvoy? He frustrated me, but Fassbender was there to straighten him out.

In all honesty, I still think X2 is better movie - it's one of my all-time favorite comic book movies and just perfect in start-to-finish execution. The opening scene in Days of Future Past doesn't live up to the opening of X2, and the script combined with action in that film is just a notch or two above this one. That said, this is one of the best X-Men movies in the series and I look forward to seeing it continue into Apocalypse, I just hope it doesn't divulge into pointless crossovers and unnecessarily bloated action scenes from this point on.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

What did you think of X-Men: Days of Future Past? The best X-Men film so far, or the worst?
We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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Good, trailer made it seem like it had way more action but still good.

Spence on May 23, 2014


It was no "Hobo with a Shotgun"....

TheOct8pus on May 23, 2014


It lost some of Matthew Vaughn's kinetic action. The action is kinda bland. The effects kinda looks choppy compared to recent blockbusters. But Goddamn the acting and the story! James McAvoy is the man!

Tey on May 23, 2014


Yeah, Vaughn is a very different director than Singer, but I thought Singer showed more visual flare in this movie than he had in the past. Still, you have to love how zany and a bit weird First Class was and I think it was Vaughn that brought that element to it.

Christopher Roberts on May 23, 2014


I absolutely loved it. For me, I thought the beginning started off pretty rocky and started to get worried, but from there it just got better and better. James McAvoy put on an amazing performance. This is probably my new favorite of the series.

Danimal on May 23, 2014


Loved it. 3D ticket price pointless. Nice nods to other Xmen-verse entries. The reset future had a surprising cameo that I'd hoped for. Looking forward to seeing where they go from here, both in the "reboot" future w/ the Fassbender/McAvoy cast, and the 'later' future involving McKellan/Stewart.

VAharleywitch on May 23, 2014


yes the only noticeable 3-d effect ws that the backgrounds and foregrounds would elongate , and you'd see behind the Rocks .. lol no discernible effect on the Sentinels or that mountain hideaway or RFK beig torn out

Dominic on May 24, 2014


I enjoyed the crap out of it and then some! went in thinking Quicksilver would draw me out of the movie with his costume but man, did they show me! You're just not thinking about that during his scenes, ESPECIALLY the prison break. Had the whole room in stitches and amazement. Blink's power took me by surprise, didn't think about it before the movie but she was used rather nicely (love the multiple portals and seeing through them). The more mellow action is what I liked as well, honestly. It opens strong and it doesn't end in some action galore during act 3, like most comic flicks. Instead it's just really solid throughout. I'm definitely looking forward to the next installment ๐Ÿ™‚

Neuromancer on May 23, 2014


It is a real contest between which is the best X-men movie, DOFP or X2. That said, as much fun as it was to see them fix the continuity problems and to completely retcon the first Wolverine movie out of existence, they did create a whole host of other nitpicky stuff to debate over. 1. How exactly is Kitty Pryde able to use her powers to send people back in time? I imagine this was originally in the script and they cut it out and it is a very minor thing, but I want to know what the explanation is. 2. There is no proper explanation to how Professor X is alive and Magneto got his powers back after X-men: The Last Stand. I can forgive this kind of, because both of these things were foreshadowed in The Last Stand and we get to see Wolverine shocked that Xaiver is alive and Magneto has his powers at the end of The Wolverine in the post-credit sequence, but I would have liked it to have been addressed somehow. 3. is basically implied in the original timeline that in order to use the DNA of mutants in the sentinels they have to be dead. So in the original timeline Mystique was apparently captured and then used as a basis for the adapting sentinel. Yet, she is in the other X-men movies as if this never happened. Now it is possible that she could have just escaped and that they could use her DNA without having to kill and autopsy her, but this is not really properly explained. 4. It is hard to reconcile the timeline of the first three X-men movies with the timeline of DOFP even after the continuity fixes. If Mystique killed Trask in 1973 and this was such a major even that it led to the creation of the sentinels, how come we never see any hints of a sentinel program in the first three films? In the first film they talk about mutants as if this is a fairly new thing to be concerned about, the second film involved an assassination attempt on the president, the third film involves a cure for mutants but no mention of the sentinels. Now to be fair, we see a sentinel in the danger room sequence in The Last Stand, implying that the X-men have fought them before, but it still is a bit odd that all these things happened and sentinels were never mentioned. But these things are much easier to deal with than some of the other problems in the X-men films. I was ready to give up on these movies and I was afraid that DOFP would bury the franchise if it turned out to be bad, but it actually saved the franchise.

Christopher Roberts on May 23, 2014


You do realize that they didn't plan that far ahead when they started this franchise right?

Ricardo_PT on May 23, 2014


1 and 2 ? better hope for a LOT of extras on the Bluray .... 3 and 4 ? u seem to have missed the point CR . This timeline IS the re-imagining of events that will be Gospel as of the MOMENT in time Mystique shot and drove off Magneto . So none of that NEEDS to be reconciled , as it Never Happened . Now ... EXCEPT for Logan once he woke up and Xavier , holding secrets in his head Logan told him to keep buried . whh knows what hapened before , to Trask . maybe Mystique still kills him , but he isn't as far along with the program , so without him funding dries up . Or , the newspaper headline gives you a clue as to what happened PREVIOUSLY in the PREVIOUS reality . Not the NEW reality I would say keep X1 but dump X2 and X3 from your mind . and realize that now there is a full team to go after Apocalypse . which may be the REAL point

Dominic on May 24, 2014


There is so much about this movie that makes it a true X-Men movie. It is really hard to decide which I liked more: X2 or X-Men:DOFP. Both of a lot to love with the amount of characters, light jokes and great story. The opening of DOFP is jaw dropping and gives you enough to make you wonder where the film is going to go. I stayed away from watching as many tv spots and featurettes to leave me something to wonder about. Some of the tv spots and trailers do give away shocking moments of the film if you are quick to pick up on them. It's not too hard to pieces together the film from what is shown. X-MEN: DOFP really makes you forget about X-Men: The Last Stand and corrects almost all the flaws with that movie. Personally I feel that we were ALMOST watching a sequel following X2 since the main title score is a continuation and various of that from John Ottman. I felt having Bryan Singer back to direct another X-Men film was the right decision. A few tips when watching this, don't over think it. Don't expect any "cure" references from X-Men: The Last Stand. Stay for post-credit scene, you will love it! And someone help me figure how Storm can lose her African accent and Colossus gain a Russian.

Chris Sullivan on May 23, 2014


Colossus is Russian in heritage . piotr nikolevich , if memory serves . The scripters used to write it correctly when somebody talked to him , but eventually the just started writing Peter .... Halle has never really emphasized an African dialect , like you hear on the animated XMen . Which is partly why people hate her "interpretation" Ironically , she really gets to let loose here , and u see she's only 2nd in power to Magneto . But I KNOW all the Halle-haters were loving her getting skewered and dropped off the cliff . Did Singer do that , for the haters ? tho they all had to die somehow ..

Dominic on May 24, 2014


Before I read any of the other comments let me say this about Days of Futures Past this story line has always been something I wanted to see ever since the first time I watched the old Fox cartoon... I understand that rewrites and or plot changes are needed when it comes to movie franchises and sometimes it works other times it like well fuck this bullshit but here it worked well also it doesn't hurt that Fox can get away with more edgy stuff that disney more then likely won't allow in Marvel or any of the films they make hints the F-bomb dropped which I dig... the story was good I liked the fact that they basically erased everything to start from this point on bringing back all the original X-men all of them... the only discomfort I had was that if ur like me and over analyze the hell out of this movie you find yourself asking way to many questions like "If wolverine was doing this how could he have done all the same thing that lead to him getting involved in the program to getting Metal coating" and if "Magnito was doing this why is he still in the future" but after u get past over the course of the movie it makes more and more since and in the end it all come full circle and I left happy with the thought "Jackmen better never give up this fucking roll" also I couldn't help but say Jack Lame out loud at the end ether... I'm glad the franchise is back on track and now that the cut scene has the 4 horsemen it's gonna be killer to see where this goes... 8 out of 10... O and Quick Silver much much much better then I ever thought he would be just suck it ruins any change of a crossover...

Jiovonie Felix on May 23, 2014


Amazing movie. I always appreciate how mature this franchise is compared to other superhero films.

darius on May 23, 2014


I thought it was the best movie of all the XMen movies and Wolverine standalones (what isn't better than Origins though, haha)! And I really liked how throughout the movie, there would be flashbacks to scenes in all the other XMens and Wolverines, really dug that. The only thing about this movie being the most expensive superhero movie was probably the salary for all the actors, because the action sequences (which were fabulous especially scenes with the Sentinels) weren't as big in proportion as I was expecting to see from the hype of the trailers. Lastly, I liked the reason why Wolverine was sent back to the past instead of Kitty like the comics gave a reasonable response to why that strayed away from the comics with their approach.

JBrotsis on May 23, 2014


hmmm not so much a "reasonable response ' as a re-writing , without any back story on Kitty even being able to do this , much less be Team Leader in that era . Bluray additions , I am hoping .. remember , Kitty was sent back to OUR present , and used some type of transporter to pull all the present day Xmen to the FUTURE , in the original story arc . Without a way to send bodies Singer et al , thought of just sending a mind BACK, and changed the threat to the "past" .. they weren't in same bodies , in the original srory arc ; they saw their alternate universe "doppelgangers ' ..... so they wrote this story to use Logan and his prior knowledge of the two men , and be the " mediator " that gets them thru . No prof X in the original arc ; so once u use Stewart and McKellan to get the film bankrolled , a big part of the story has to be their relationships to each other and the team ..

Dominic on May 24, 2014


"I must say, there are some incredibly cheesy moments of dialogue, like the whole discussion of why Wolverine has to go back and what he has to do is extremely contrived." Yeeeaaahhh...not really, no. And I thought McAvoy wasn't even remotely annoying. Where did that come from? The film is stunning, top to bottom! Quicksilver's sequence was AMAZING! Ottman's music, spot-on with wonderful cues drifting in from Singer's earlier films. Absolutely brilliant!!

editboy on May 23, 2014


Freaking loved this movie! The intro scene is amazing, really well done, you instantly care about this characters and realize the urgency of the situation. It was lovely seeing them all working together (specially Blink, thinking with portals). The acting is outstanding. I was always of the opinion that McAvoy and Fassbender were the best thing to happen to this franchise, they absolutely kill those roles, specially McAvoy (amazing performance, maybe the best I've seen on a "superhero" flick). I like how this is mostly a character-driven movie, great actors, great dialogue. This movie has the best acting of all the Marvel (I know this was a Fox movie) movies and the best casting (sorry Avengers). McAvoy, Fassbender, Jackman, Stewart, McKellen, Page, Lawrence, they're all great and fit the roles. And like others, I was surprised by how cool Quicksilver was, every scene he was in turned out great (and yeah, the prison scene is jaw-dropping and just crazy fun). Overall this is now my favorite Marvel movie and I can't wait to see what they bring us next!

Ricardo_PT on May 23, 2014


Loved it. This one's super tight and the plot is quite intricate although a bit flimsy at times. But Singer guides the film through these parts well and makes them bearable. I have never seen a movie acting as a prequel and a sequel and I loved how this one pulled it off so well. I fucking love time travel, man. Very good performances and action and score. Almost nailed it everywhere. Wonderful comeback movie for the director and franchise. A near perfect summer blockbuster and just so much fun! ๐Ÿ˜€

Ronnie Deori on May 23, 2014


This is the best X-Men film of them all! The x men last stand in the chinese temple was bloody awesome!

Cadeyn on May 24, 2014


X Men has proven itself in this film to be the best superhero maybe The Dark Knight, but in my books tops dark knight

Cadeyn on May 24, 2014


loved it ... only complaint was 3d was not good for this movie..... otherwise it just was amazing..... everyone was great..... but quick silver's pentagon scene just stole most claps from the crowd... ๐Ÿ™‚

Rahul Radhakrishnan on May 24, 2014


No doubt this was the best x-men yet; however i still didnt like that really the only action was in the beginning. I thought there was gonna be some action against the sentinels, now only with the futuristic ones. I thought thats what had set the tone for the whole movie and thats what i was really looking forward to seeing. AND once again, still very little Colossus, I'm just very disappointed with the amount of air time an awesome mutant like Colossus gets. I expected the movie to go a different direction so it wasnt what i expected. 7/10 for me.

Rock n Rollllll on May 24, 2014


A little slow in the middle, quicksilver heist break scene was the best and the last 5 minutes (as ever it now seems) shows promise for me at last wanting to see an X Men film. Not because of Apocalypse but because of an old face returning.

Payne by name on May 26, 2014


ellen page tried to convey some sort of emotion in the film but looked more like she was constipated. and lawrence needs to stay blue, something about her face is off putting. but it's still a good movie. please find someone better for storm, berry is pleasing to the eyes but not the ears.

tryanotherexcuse on May 26, 2014


LOL " something about her face is off-putting " yeah she looks like a normal woman , not a bleached and stretched starlet , from the Hollywood clone factory ... That may have been a running joke on-set " ellen has to look like she's taking a S ALL movie ..."

Dominic on May 31, 2014


Thoroughly enjoyed it, even with all the hype. Bit saggy around the midsection. Funny how Xavier just... IS (again, after being dematerialized by Phoenix,) with zero explanation. One of the better X-movies though. Singer has definitely gotten a bit better. Hope all that crap re: him is untrue. Oh, also, still like the old Sentinels better. They were menacing (if not a bit more fragile) - these ones just look like toys.

avconsumer2 on May 26, 2014


^someone didn't watch the after credits scene of last stand

omgitsgmo on May 26, 2014


While correct, that almost makes it worse, as all of a sudden (via further research,) he magically has a twin brother who is brain dead whom he transfers his consciousness into?! Ah well, minor qualm. Great flick.

avconsumer2 on May 27, 2014


everyone liked it huh? whats wrong with all of you! They made profesor x a junkie basically. the whole jfk magneto thing was stupid and laughable. i dont think storm had any dialogue so she was useless. bishop was underused. iceman was wayyyy too slow. they only used characters who were successful actors to fit the story. it was shit. Bryan singer and Fox yet again continue to ruin the legacy of the x men franchise. and i want justice god dammit. and what the hell was beast there for? hated it. hated everything about it. and you think im wrong. then youre not a real fan and i hate you too. ha.

jonnyb61 on May 27, 2014


I think the ACT that you are in the Rare MINORITY doesn't stead your opinion well ....Let's go down the list tho : !) well nobody said every mutant had an easy life . Somebody turning into a junkie in that situation , albeit with a life-aiding drug but dependant none the less , is REAL . and thus lends realism to any character . We obly KNOW the finished product , most of these years . Give 'em a break , for scripting him HUMAN 2)it was SUPPOSED TO BE stupid and luaghable . and yet STILL be key to the story ( a standard CB staple of scripting ). As Mystique Sacrficing herself as NIxon , won the Admin over . and changed history 3) This was HALLE's best showing as Storm , used better and shown as more powerful than anybody EXCEPT Magneto . Did she NEED to speak ? .... Now as a concession , I believe Singer threw her in to get skewered , so that all the Halle-haters would love it . They don't like her non-African accent either , so why have her speak much ? and Shadowcat is Team Leader , not her 4) Bishop and Iceman were underused . BUT AGAIN the team wasnlt SUPPOSED to be used well , they were supposed to get as FF-ed up as they did .. Wait for the Blu-Ray , effendi back stories will be there... 4) lol I think you just offended everyone ELSE in the cast ....but yes this is old ground as the DOFP arc ITSELF was changed , in order to use these 6 talents ( Jlaw Jackman Fassbender McAvoy Stewart McKellan.) . More specifically , in order to get the film bankrolled ... move on , that was the pertinent criticism EIGHT months ago 5) Beast is one of Logan's good friends , so it's called Forshadowing . plus he's the only one that COULD have stayed with Charles in his addiction phase .. In short YOU don't know what you're ranting about What sucks is that they screwed up this arc , to basically make it a reboot device , so that Jean/Phoenix will be around for Apocalypse ... What's GREAT is that's it's the Best Made X-Movie to date . All the proper CB notes were hit and struck well . Which you CAN'T say about alot of Hollywood's CB movies

Dominic on May 31, 2014


The film was really good there's no doubt about that. I just think it ruined the original x men movies. The time travel in it pretty much meant that the original movies never happened!

johnD on May 27, 2014


I really enjoyed it, could have had a bit more action in the middle.

Brian Sleider on May 28, 2014


HERE is the issue I 've seen now with the film : This screws up MOST of the timing of how Logan knows Stryker . as this Stryker is almost totally different from what Origins:W 's would be . they have to re-imagine two things , form Wolverine's perspective now : A) if Jean never dies and he never has a reason to become Mountain Man Logan , how do the events of THE Wolverine take place ? No reason to FEEL like dying ... B) 2 Mile Island wasn't created til 1973 , and the meltdown was 1979 . So they somehow have to re-imagine how he got his adamantium . As he has bone claws in early 70's. here BUT in Origins:W it is implied he gets them sometime before then( middle 60's , 6 years after he bails on Stryker Victor and the team duing the Korean War ) - then eventually chasing down Stryker at 3Mile Island before 1979 . ...If Mystique WAS Stryker at the end ( I missed the eye flash ) , then the rewrite is that she turns evil and runs the Mutant Farm ... So this fixes continuity from an XMan perspective , but it ruins the recent continuity of Logan specifically ... the dodge for them , is that " this is just another universe , one of the MANY alternate variations out there , in the Multiverse ..." ..

Dominic on May 31, 2014


This is the New Sign that everyone loves a film : the haters have nothing to criticize , and have too much ego to praise like a fanboy . So they DON"T POST

Dominic on May 31, 2014


The sentinels were Uber-Sentinels, but already in the 70's way too powerful. The technology as displayed in their 70's version didn't exist back then, not even as top secret projects for the military - no way. Moreover, there were too many characters, too many stories going on simultaneously. Smililar to the messy X3, although admittedly better and yet not well implemented. Regarding the the first 3 movies, the old, wise, powerful mutant leaders , Prof. Xavier and Magneto, were portrayed respectably with grace, dignity and depth, whereas their younger counterparts in First Class were very troubled yet intense characters. Showing them together in one movie the inenstiy of the young cast didn't do it for me. I have to say that even Fassbender's and McAvoy's acting looked amateurish in comparison to the established Shakespearean act of Stewart and McKellen. And yet the latter two were wasted in dumbened down dialogues, especially where the ongoings (timeteleporatation of Wolverines mind and so on...) were childlike explained - I imagine for the average American audience. The decision to free Magneto in the past was really idiotic. They didn't need him to get Mystery back on track. Infact he made everything worse. They should have used Quicksilver instead. Indeed he's the most powerful mutatnt of them all, if you think about it. Before any of them could even think of applying their power he could have managed things to unfold in a way, where Mystery finds herself in the same cell with Magneto under the Pentagon with a note on the desk of the prison's warden. However Singer, admittedly doing a better job than Ratner, seemed a bit lackluster and/or beyond his prime. There were too many stupid dialogues, unmotivated (or at least the motivation wasn't shown) actions, useless filler scenes, and clichees (70's -> Wolverine is a whoremonger who is involved with fights with gangsters, Xavier is a heroin (or anit-mutant drug, whatever...) addict, etc...), that I really couldn't enjoy the movie. Visually a great ride, and - especially "American" fanboys and/or popcorn movie goers - will enjoy this mess, but after coming to the X-Men movie franchise from a different background and really adoring the first two installements - I really have to say: X-Men Days of Future Past sucked more than it was good. X 2 still remains the pinnacle of the series.

Torrriate on Jun 17, 2014

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