Sound Off: David Ayer's WWII Tank Movie 'Fury' - Your Thoughts?

October 17, 2014

Fury Sound Off

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? War never ends quietly. Now playing in theaters is David Ayer's Fury, starring Brad Pitt as the commander of a tank during WWII. The tank crew is lead by Pitt with Shia LaBeouf as 'Bible', Logan Lerman, Michael Peña as 'Gordo', and Jon Bernthal as 'Coon-Ass' to round things out. The tank heads into Germany near the end of the war and takes heavy fire from a desperate Germany army. So how is it? Is Fury as kick ass as it looks? Does the action surpass the story? How is Shia LaBeouf compared to Brad Pitt or Logan Lerman? Is this one of the better WWII movies recently or a complete flop? Once you've seen it, post a comment with your thoughts on David Ayer's Fury.

Spoiler Warning: We strongly urge everyone to actually see the film before reading ahead, as there may be spoilers below. We also encourage all commenters to keep major spoilers from the film to a minimum, if possible. However, this is an open discussion from this point on! Beware of spoilers, don't ruin this movie!

To fuel the tank for action, I absolutely love this movie. Fury is awesome. It knows exactly what it's going for - one focused tank movie, set in WWII at the end of the war, with strong emotion and some really incredible action scenes. Honestly, it's one of the better WWII action movies we've seen since the likes of Saving Private Ryan, yea I'll go that far, and what's funny is I feel like they actually make a joke reference to that film in this film. Almost just to be like, fuck that, this is the real gritty, badass, gnarly war action we've been waiting to show ya. It's brutal as fuck, with some gruesome but violence but honestly I still really enjoyed this movie, all of it, I have no complaints. It really satisfied my taste for a great WWII action movie.

I think Ayer has continued to improve as he has made more movies. His casting in particular works really well in Fury. Throw aside your pre- conceived notions of any of these actors, and just enjoy the characters they're playing - gritty, raw, as-real-as-possible soldiers who have been fighting together for years, ready to end this war. But as we know, war is hell, and some of that is served up. Pitt is fantastic as the lead, he really has the charisma to carry this, and mentor Logan Lerman. And I've got to say, I even liked Shia LaBeouf, he's not bad, he's actually quite good as his character 'Bible', who plays his role and both fits in and stands out nicely. Bernthal was nasty but worked well. Overall the balance helped make all of this work.

David Ayer's Fury

What did you think of David Ayer's Fury? An awesome tank movie, or terrible cliched waste?
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I enjoyed it. Reminded me of Saving Private Ryan mixed with a bit of Inglorious Bastards.

tyban81 on Oct 17, 2014


Another month for me!

DAVIDPD on Oct 17, 2014


Very powerful. At the moment, I think it might be my favourite movie of the year. Very intense all throughout. Keeps you on edge the whole time. The score is frightening. Several memorable scenes. All round great acting. Definitely see this!

NathanDewey on Oct 17, 2014


I dying to see it!

Xerxexx on Oct 17, 2014


I liked it. The tank scenes were fresh and terrific. But I wanted more tank-on-tank action sequences, the meal scene was too long and undermined Pitt's commanding authority, I needed more as to why Pitt hated the SS so much, and the ending turned into a tower defense game.

superultraboy on Oct 17, 2014


I really liked it. Raw, real, good acting, amazing action. I agree that Pitt carried the lead well (although I had trouble not seeing Lt. Aldo Raine). Shia was...gulp...quite good. I bought into his character wholly. The others were, for the most part, quite believable. I know people are going to blast the dinner table scene as being too drawn out, but I thought it was amazingly done. It would have been too easy to have these guys by good ole American boys, as tight as a family who would all take a bullet for each other. Instead, that dinner table scene shows how war has corrupted them all. It brings three years of living in a cramped tank together to a head. It shows how they are at wits end with each other, and just want to go home. I loved it.

jlw034 on Oct 17, 2014


all around an ok movie had a few funnie moments in it some nice action and really good sound effects only thing is im not a big fan of the ending what happens next and why did the german soldier not reveal the american soldier hideing under the tank in the end? in closeing we are left with a question would you give a chocolate bar to see this movie again :p

Shaun Daniel on Oct 18, 2014


Saw it someone else said, great sound effects and Shia's portrayal was quite good. My favorite sequence was the rescue scene in the field. The scene was shot well...showing the tanks acting as a rolling shield as they got men off the field. My biggest complaint was there was so little redeeming about the movie. I guess if anything, it succeeded in showing the terror and ugliness of war, and what one man can do to another. It's a truly brutal and raw look at war on the ground. The most disturbing part of the night, however, was when the lights came up and a couple got up behind me with their FIVE year old boy. I was floored at what the parents (?) had just let that little guy witness...

Gohikeone on Oct 18, 2014


Wtf is wrong with people taking a kid to a film like that.

Steven on Oct 19, 2014


Well he won't get a proper history lesson because Common Core has to respect the Nazis...

stavi82 on Oct 19, 2014


I really liked it. The gritty tank warfare was fascinating to see, even if it wasn't 100% realistic My only complaint is probably with the ending going a bit Hollywood... SPOILERS... Pitt's character slow death, and the main character surviving the way he did. Otherwise very well done. The best actor in the film was IMO Shia LaBeouf (shocked me!) - a really powerful performance.

HyperJ on Oct 19, 2014


Thought it was a great movie all around. Performances and visuals were above par and I must say Shia LaBeouf stole it. Not to give discredit to any of the other actors, Brad Pitt was outstanding as usual in the lead role, but you can tell Shia had something to prove and he nailed it. The action sequences I must say were well shot, gritty but grounded. A great perspective on how WWII was like. Matched with a great story line, this film was one to see and I'm glad I did. Very little, if any, disappointments. As someone pointed out, the ending was a bit Hollywood, but it got the job done with how they wanted you to leave the theater feeling. This was the only movie that I've gone to see where as soon the end credits began to role nobody got up from their seats for about two minutes because we were all still trying to absorb everything we just saw. I would recommend this movie any day. Definitely worth it in my opinion.

Simple Sam on Oct 20, 2014


Just saw it, loved it. Intense. My palms were clammy during some parts. LaBeouf was fantastic. I like him a lot when he isn't playing Shia LaBeouf.

grimjob on Oct 28, 2014

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