Sound Off: Gareth Edwards' New 'Godzilla' - So What Did You Think?

May 16, 2014

Godzilla Sound Off

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? "You have no idea what's coming…" It's time. The King of Monsters has returned to the big screen. In theaters all over the world is Godzilla, directed by Gareth Edwards (of Monsters before), a reboot of the classic Toho giant radioactive lizard monster. Starring in the disaster action epic is Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen, David Strathairn and Ken Watanabe. But is it any good? Does it live up to the original 1954 Gojira? Is it a modern monster movie done right, or not? Once you've seen it, post a comment below with your own thoughts on Godzilla.

Spoiler Warning: We strongly urge everyone to actually see the film before reading ahead, as there may be spoilers below. We also encourage all commenters to keep major spoilers from the film to a minimum, if possible. However, this is an open discussion from this point on! Beware of spoilers, don't ruin this movie!

To fuel the fire, this movie is awesome. I think Edwards' Godzilla is one of the best monster movies in years, better than Cloverfield, Super 8 and/or Pacific Rim. As I wrote in my glowing review: "They found the right filmmaker for the job, and Gareth Edwards has succeeded (if not exceeded expectations) in breathing new life into the King of Monsters, and showing the world how to make an engaging, terrifying, heartbreaking, enriching, exciting, exhilarating movie about a giant radioactive lizard. It does have a few slow moments, a few flaws, but they are minor imperfections. Gareth Edwards' Godzilla is masterful human storytelling blended perfectly with exhilarating cinematic action on a global scale. Godzilla is back. For good this time."


What did you think of Gareth Edwards' Godzilla? Best monster movie in years or a disaster?
We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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it was awesome

rickvanr on May 16, 2014


It sure was. Atomic breath, I smiled like a retard.

ProjectionistHP on May 16, 2014


I'm getting tingles. Seeing Saturday at Malco Roxy. Big screen for a big movie!

Xerxexx on May 16, 2014


Will be interested to hear your take, Xerxexx...I enjoyed it a lot--it's not perfect, but it's worth seeing and overall I thought it was a very good film and a solid reboot of a classic monster movie.

Scopedog on May 16, 2014


As soon as I see it I'll post.

Xerxexx on May 16, 2014


Gonna disagree with Alex on this one, it was good not great. The movie had too much teasing and the only character who seemed remotely interesting was killed off way too early.

lars on May 16, 2014


I have to agree with Alex. It was exellent on all accounts. I felt that the main character had actually much less screen time than I would have tought, but it played out nicely. Quite a slow paced film, but it still wasn't boring or too slow at any time. Soundtrack didn't somehow give me anything, on first watch at least. Solid 9/10 for me.

ProjectionistHP on May 16, 2014


Yep, it took its time, wasn't about tossing everything at you all at once...but it delivers. A great reboot--I hope it does well enough to spawn a sequel.

Scopedog on May 16, 2014


yep, gotta agree with that. you have to put your build in place before you announce the main event, otherwise it gets samey and falls flat afterwards. some of the shots were pure class, Edwards really has an eye for detail. a perfect slow build, perhaps too slow for some but fine for me. the studio took a risk bringing a relatively unproven director in, and for me it's paid off.

son_et_lumiere on May 27, 2014


Saw it last night. It was okay at best. Trailers and tv spot were very misleading. Who I thought was the lead character was killed off within the first 20 minutes if the film. Another movie with the annoying love story of a couple trying to reunion in the wake of a disaster. The only thing I liked besides Cranston was the design of the new Godzilla.

Chris Sullivan on May 16, 2014


Have a snickers

rickvanr on May 16, 2014


I guess you have never heard of a 'decoy protagonist' before? It is a more than solid narrative device first employed(to great affect) by Hitchcock with 'Psycho'. Also, the character in question did NOT die in the 'first 20 minutes'. The first 20 minutes of the movie were spent on the opening title sequence and the 1999 prologue alone. Godzilla didn't go as far with it, but it is a similar concept, and helps certain events of the films be less expected and more surprising.

Chris Groves on May 16, 2014


lol...I like how this Chris Groves guy below is so literal. #first20minutes

superultraboy on May 16, 2014


When the credits and posters I saw told me the movie was "with" Bryan Cranston or "and" Bryan Cranston I managed not to assume he was the main character. Also Olsen got like six minutes of screen time compared to the forty minutes devoted to fucking awesomeness. Olsen was too busy running away and Aaron was Too busy fucking shit up and saving the god damn planet to be "trying to reunion"

Jon Odishaw on May 16, 2014


Is huge? You bet. Breathes atomic flares? Hell Yeah. Roar? I can't hear you. Bad ass? Not really, seems like a good guy to me. The MUTOs might have a different opinion. And Bryan Cranston? Yo, Mr. White. Nailed it, "Bitches". Seriously, a very good reboot. Everything about the movie was bang on. Be it the monsters, the action set pieces, the direction, sound editing. A few pacing issues here and there. But nothing's perfect. Way to go Gareth.

Paul AliasKrient on May 16, 2014


well said. a punch up over a city, atomic breath and don't forget they got a super tail whip in as well! ticked all my Toho boxes. some of the *** SPOILERS coming *** set pieces were outstanding. the emergence of the first MUTO. the parachute quietly emerging out of the gloom and then the fighter breaking the silence to smash into the skyscraper. the full HALO sequence. nice touches throughout. plus the first appearance of Gohira's feet put a huge smile on my face, as did his first expression - which basically said 'who's the fucking daddy?' as if there was any doubt.

son_et_lumiere on May 27, 2014


It wasn't that great. I think all the hype and great reviews stem from our memories of comparing it to Roland Emmerich's much hated 1998 Godzilla remake. Many critics these days are so high on the characters. They want a character-driven story with character development and character this and character that. That's garbage when it comes to Godzilla. Godzilla is the main character, not some military junkie. Yes, it's great to hide the big payoff until the final sequence and we do want to see people saved, but in the end we paid to see Godzilla do his thing, not some kid with a gun. Gareth Edwards' Monsters worked because the monsters were simply that, monsters, and could be treated and abused as such without character, promise, or expectation. Godzilla can't be used as just an animal or plot device and be tossed around without growth. Godzilla is not a simple monster, he is a cinematic legend that requires his own character arc with attached emotion and feeling with the audience and such ignorance is why this movie fails. Gareth Edwards was a poor choice. It wasn't even that great of a disaster film.

superultraboy on May 16, 2014


It's Godzilla!! His own character arc?? Attached emotion?? Character development?? What?!?! IT'S GODZILLA!!

Sandy Duncan's Eye on May 16, 2014


Movie should be Called "Ford, featuring Godzilla" shitty actor had more screen time than the title character.

Brian Sleider on May 16, 2014


It was INCREDIBLE!!! Everyone needs to see this movie!! What a blast!!

Angry Larry on May 16, 2014


The Best movie I've seen in a long time.

Professor_Bedlam on May 16, 2014


Starts a little slow but when it ramps up, look out!

Alboone on May 16, 2014



Scopedog on May 16, 2014


When it ramps up, look out, it will soon cut to something pointless and boring. Like bed time or people running with a bomb.

Brian Sleider on May 16, 2014


What I like most about this film is the fact that Godzilla is the hero again. In the 1998 Roland Emmerich film, Godzilla came off as a big dumb dinosaur trying to destroy NYC. The best thing here is the fact that for the first time in a long time Godzilla is "THE KING OF THE MOSTERS" again! It made me think that at least Gareth Edwards watched the original 1954 film. I still like "Pacific Rim" more but all in all the quality of filmmaking is strong, making this film an easy recommendation.

Drunken_Master_2 on May 16, 2014


I put the comparison between GODZILLA and PR like this--PR is like IRON MAN, and GODZILLA is like THE DARK KNIGHT....and I love both IM and TDK. I'm comfortable with both films since they take different approaches to the "giant monster" genre.

Scopedog on May 16, 2014


nicely put. what would be the point of making the same film? judged on their own merits, both deliver.

son_et_lumiere on May 27, 2014


Fairly disappointing. I can't remember the last time several trailers told a story that didn't exist in the movie. I expected something a lot darker, humans against an indestructible beast,. Instead it's monster vs. monsters and I'm pretty much exhausted of American patriotism/military themes in Hollywood movies and this is a heavy-handed recruitment ad...probably would have enjoyed it more if it wasn't for the swerve of making Godzilla the good guy like he was in the classic films.

darius on May 16, 2014


Then who should be shown fighting/defending us from large monsters ?? The girl scouts ?

Tester on May 16, 2014


No. They should've shot this in Japan, man. Haha.

Ronnie Deori on May 16, 2014


Sons Of Anarchy?

ProjectionistHP on May 16, 2014


Upvote for this, Tester!

Scopedog on May 16, 2014


The Avengers! Where the hell where they?

OddScience on May 16, 2014


I believe you seriously misunderstood the film. I didn't get any kind of overt sense of 'go amaerica' or 'the US military rules', I think the only time we even saw an american flag was on the uniforms of the soldiers. The film was certainly darker than any other blockbuster coming out this month, and probably this summer(Spider-Man and X-Men are children's cartoons compared to this) Also, they didn't make Godzilla the good guy, he was simply the anti-hero because he was the natural alpha predator of the other creatures in the film. He wasn't intentionally helping humans out, they got lucky that he was after the MUTOs

Chris Groves on May 16, 2014


After the MUTO escapes and the Americans arrive and say, "we're taking over." That's pretty much Go America. And at the end on the television screen when it reads, "Godzilla, Savior of Our City, King of the Monsters," something to that extent, that's pretty much making Godzilla the good guy.

superultraboy on May 16, 2014


Agreeing with Chris Groves on this one. Not much american patriotism in this film, considering that it is american movie. I life in europe so trust me, it sticks out if it is there. Since USA has a heavy presens in the area of Japan and Korea, it's propable they will take charge on that kind of situation on the area. Specially when organization that messed up was worldwide, not Japanese

ProjectionistHP on May 16, 2014


Yep. And are we forgetting that the reason why the American military is involved is because these monsters are heading for the US? Overall, I really liked the film. It isn't perfect, but it worked for me.

Scopedog on May 16, 2014


No, it was simply the military taking over something that wasn't really a military operation up to that point. Project Monarch that Ken Watanabe worked for wasn't a military operation, and so when MUTO and Godzilla became 'public' the military HAD to step in.

Chris Groves on May 16, 2014


Japan has a military called the Japan Self-Defense Forces, but yes, as ProjectionistHP says below, it is an American sure 🙂

superultraboy on May 16, 2014


Well, forgive me, but the last half of the film took place in areas like Hawaii, Las Vegas, San not much need for Japan's Self-Defense Forces there.

Chris Groves on May 16, 2014


You're right. I forgot they were heading east after leaving Japan. You're forgiven and you win. 🙂

superultraboy on May 16, 2014


This does for giant monster movies what The Dark Knight did for superhero movies. I don't like to throw around words like masterpiece, but this film might warrant it. Saying it is the best giant monster film of all time would be a bold statement...but I've seen many many giant monster movies, and Hollywood themselves has not made many. It is certainly the best giant monster movie of the last decade, maybe more. An absolute must-see. My audience applauded at 3 or 4 points during the movie. It was fantastic to see a director take this material seriously, and to commit to a slow burn rather than a non-stop blowout right off the bat. Edwards knows how to build to a jaw-dropping moment, and there are several in the film. This is the Godzilla movie you always dreamed COULD be made, but never really thought it would be made.

Chris Groves on May 16, 2014


IMO...Pacific Rim is a better giant monster movie, and I'm not too crazy about Pacific Rim either.

superultraboy on May 16, 2014


Yeah. I liked Cloverfield better though from last decade.

Ronnie Deori on May 16, 2014


wow...I completely forgot about Cloverfield. Cloverfield > Pacific Rim > Godzilla.

superultraboy on May 16, 2014


Jeesh, that is probably the exact opposite of how I rank them.

Chris Groves on May 16, 2014


What is wrong with you guys? That was the biggest piece of shit i have ever seen. For one it should have been called M.U.T.U. the second non flying one had more air time than Godzilla. You guys should be banned form the internet.

Liam on May 16, 2014


Cloverfield > Pacific Rim > Godzilla 1998 > Godzilla 2014

Bryan Foreman on May 16, 2014


Pacific Rim had more giant monster 'action' I suppose...but Godzilla was an overall much better film, it was paced more effectively in my opinion.

Chris Groves on May 16, 2014


Monsters movies dont need to be good films. they need to be fun romps with lots of Kaiju porn. This movie was boring and a let down.

Brian Sleider on May 16, 2014


That's like saying "superhero movies don't need to be good films, they need to be fun romps with lots of superhero porn" when talking about Nolan's Batman films.

Chris Groves on May 16, 2014


Superheros movies != Kaiju movies. One is meant to tell human stories though through the veil of superhumans and what have you. The other is giant monsters fighting. Its nice that you liked it but to me it was a bigger let down than IM3 and I walked out on that.

Brian Sleider on May 16, 2014


Exactly, the nolan bm films are the must dire super hero films ever.

Go Jira on May 18, 2014


Agreed, this was a slow boring stroll nothing memorable. Nothing good. I dare say the Matt Broderick movie was better. At least it had some steady action and good popcorn scenes.

Brian Sleider on May 16, 2014


Pacific rim was a piss stain to this movie

Jon Odishaw on May 16, 2014


To hear the word “masterpiece” thrown anywhere near this movie is incredibly surprising to me. I thought the movie was disappointing, misleading, and just generally bad. I felt it was on the same level as just about any action flick; the only difference is the trailer really made this one look like it could be something greater.

Whatintheduece on May 16, 2014


Finally someone talking some sense

Jon Odishaw on May 16, 2014


Nolan's BM is just plain boring, which appears to be how the new Godzilla film is.

Go Jira on May 18, 2014


Disappointing, yeah. It could have been tighter. I don't wanna see a good guy Godzilla, come on. I want a monster to fuck shit up. This guy doesn't even counter attack when the military rains missiles on him. He just flees, minding his own business (the MUTOs here). I don't know why Cranston was killed just like that and Aaron couldn't really carry it on his own. They tried to get character development but it wasn't really executed well and I couldn't really relate to any of them. The only human moment was when Binoche's character dies. Bad bad score here. I mean, the score was more befitting for an opera than a tense monster movie. Wtf was Gareth thinking when he approved those notes? The sense of dread seeing a monster like that was barely felt. This was more of cute pet/hero than an actual monster. I wanted to see more people running for their lives and close shaves. Ugh fuck. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you do this Edwards and co?

Ronnie Deori on May 16, 2014

60 was like, "hey, there's Godzilla and we're going to use him to help us, so let's steer our boats alongside him because we know he won't attack us."

superultraboy on May 16, 2014


yeah and he should've fucked those boats up there. That would make it epic. I needed some more popcorn crunching scenes on this movie, since it lacked on good character development and script.

Ronnie Deori on May 16, 2014


Godzilla doesn't give a sh!t about humans ultimately, the MUTOs were his prey, and he was the alpha predator, that is what he was after. We lucked out.

Chris Groves on May 16, 2014


No, it was just poor directing. No admiral in their right mind would ever allow their ships to steer so close to such a thing. That's just dumb.

superultraboy on May 16, 2014


So why didn't he attack the ships and and why did he save the children?

Go Jira on May 18, 2014


He didn't attack the ships because they weren't attacking them, he didn't notice/give a damn about them. Save the children? When? when the missiles were heading towards the bridge and he happened to raise up and get hit by them? If you believe that was intentional, that Godzilla actively thought 'I need to save the people on the bridge'....then there is nothing I can do to help you.

Chris Groves on May 19, 2014


indeed, i loved how he saved the children... by walking through the bridge they were on and destroying it! i liked how insignificant humans were to him.

son_et_lumiere on May 27, 2014



Brian Sleider on May 16, 2014


Was really good before Mr. White ate it. What a performance. After that it was off and on. For me its a 7-8 at best

Rich Hill on May 16, 2014


It had moments like idk the last 15 minute but all in all it dragged and did the film makers decide to make the monsters Godzilla was fighting look like the Clover Field monster intentionally? Ether way I was waiting on the man made Jaegers to come out and fight off the Kaijus I won't say I disliked it cuz it wasn't horrible but I will say this at points in theater seemed so lifeless it made me uncomfortable to be in there and for some odd reason the group I was watching it with laughed at the dialog and at the end of it I looked at my brother and said what the fuck was Cranston even doing in it? And by that I mean he could have been used so much better if maybe they kept him alive. Godzillaz power up was exciting and Kickass was decent if anything he showed that he's going to be a huge action star down the line but I walked out the threater thinking nothing was memorable or breath taking but I'm guessing kids will love it and it will make a profit...

Jiovonie Felix on May 16, 2014


I thought it sucked. If you want to see a Monster flick avoid this. They cut away from every good action shot to show you some people doing some crap that doesn't matter because you want to see monsters fighting. The film takes forever to build up, when we finally see Godzilla and Muto face off for the first time what happens? We get cut over to the fucking kid being told to go to bed. Not once do we get a 5 min or longer uninterrupted fight scene. You get like 60 seconds tops then a cut to some people scurrying about doing whatever, who cares, there are monsters fighting but lets look at the people. 4/10 Edwards should stick to indie flicks or dramas, Blockbusters are not in his wheelhouse.

Brian Sleider on May 16, 2014


Saw the 1st IMAX 3D showing on the 15th. Giddy as a kid at Christmas, first roar, huge grin, atomic breath had me bouncing in my seat with excitment. Loved it.

ade73(UK) on May 16, 2014


I greatly enjoyed it. The music, editing, cinematography, and all the visual/aesthetic aspects were fantastic. It was fascinating to me how Edwards and co. chose to focus on the human perspective with many shots from the soldiers' POVs and that reminded me of a cross between Jaws/Close Encounters where the relationships/characters remained the focus as they try to survive/discover this force of nature that is around them. The manner in which elements of the original are updated to today's world of raised tensions was just handled smoothly. I really liked this, one of the better sci-fi dramas I've seen in a while. Great performances and very well made.

Guest on May 16, 2014


that was one aspect i thought was a real homage to the original's fears and tensions about a nuclear war. in this we had references to current fears about nuclear accident, nuclear waste, tsunamis and major terrorist attacks (some of the shots of San Fran were very post 9-11). all round a great update.

son_et_lumiere on May 27, 2014


I greatly enjoyed it. The music, editing, cinematography, and all the visual/aesthetic aspects were fantastic. It was fascinating to me how Edwards and co. chose to focus on the human perspective with many shots from the soldiers' POVs and that reminded me of a cross between Jaws/Close Encounters where the relationships/characters remained the focus as they try to survive/discover this force of nature that is around them. The manner in which elements of the original are updated to today's world of raised tensions was just handled smoothly. I really liked this, one of the better sci-fi dramas I've seen in a while. Great performances and very well made.

Guest on May 16, 2014


I liked the movie but it was nowhere near the trailers, the trailers were awesome! So, a bit of a let down but still a good movie.

eRIC on May 16, 2014


I grew up watching the Godzilla movies. While they mostly weren't exactly prime examples of fantastic filmmaking, they were nevertheless campy, fun, and action-packed. I found myself leaving 2014's GODZILLA pretty underwhelmed. I understand what the filmmaker was trying to do here with his vision, but I don't think it ultimately succeeded. Movies like JAWS and CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND worked so well for Steven Spielberg back in the day because those films had a small budget and technological limitations that forced the filmmakers behind those movies to be creative and use great storytelling techniques to keep the viewer in suspense and in fear of the unseen. The issue with GODZILLA 2014 is that it didn't have a great story or characters to make us care about what was going on. In fact, it tried so hard to have both of these things in a movie that really didn't need it (this, I believe, is one of the film's biggest flaws). As mentioned before, while less is more with some films, I don't think this philosophy translates well with a franchise as big as Godzilla's. Let be honest here, most of us watched the original Godzilla movies because of the action and mass amount of havoc that these unnatural hulking beasts can cause. Nothing was more awesome than seeing entire giant-sized diorama sets being destroyed by dudes in rubber suits clashing against one another on screen. The movie completely robbed the audience of what they came to see with scenes of constant teasing and cutting away into story segments with one-dimensional characters most people cared nothing for. Also, the screenplay was a bit poor with several "jump-the-gun" moments that really robbed me of having some emotional connection with the characters. By time the last action scene rolled around, I was highly disinterested in the film and a bit tired. Even when the Big-G finally unleashed his infamous atomic breath, it was too little, too late. The film had already lost me. Is it such a bad thing that all I wanted to see was a good-ol' popcorn flick with loads of monster action? No, because that's what makes a franchise like Godzilla so popular. In the end, I respect Mr. Edwards for what he tried to accomplish, an intelligent monster movie with suspense. The thing is though that the somewhat dopey screenplay and the dry-as-life characters just simply do not work for this kind of movie. I can continue to ramble on for centuries, but I'll stop here. Wait for it on On Demand or TV.

Zer0 on May 16, 2014


Very well said, exact feelings.

Brian Sleider on May 16, 2014


OMG, I agree so much. I don't get why anyone likes this movie. Nothing happens. The people stuff is boring. It totally killed my would-be excitement for the end action scene. Oh look, monsters are about to fight! j/k here's a kid watching TV!

Doug on May 16, 2014


Yeh I also do not understand how ANYONE walked out of that monster movie satisfied.

Brian Sleider on May 17, 2014


Too much human drama. NOT ENOUGH Monster action dammit! When the action WAS on screen, it was awesome! But there were times that RIGHT when a fight was about to start, they go to another part of the story! WTF?! I liked the movie ...a lot... but I just wished they woulda kept that human element minimal. In a movie that we know is aboot monsters, you would not/should not expect a story with the humans so prominent. I already saw Cloverfield do that story for cryin out loud. It's supposed to be about Godzilla but it shoulda been called 'Human drama with a side of Gozirra' :-/ It was a good movie but I wanna see more monsters/kaiju/whatever next time and less 'boo-boo, kiss -kiss, I-miss-you-honey UT I'll be back and find you!'

JudgeMethos on May 16, 2014


They should've had Godzilla kill Cranston in the shower. He feel he really deserved his shower scene.

Bryan Foreman on May 16, 2014


All I know is when the tail lit up, sh*t just got real up in the Bay Area.

mooreworthy on May 16, 2014


For 15 seconds, then they cut away to boring.

Brian Sleider on May 16, 2014



Doug on May 16, 2014


True, but for a second, I was a kid again. No one in the theater yelled but me at that scene; I know I don't chatter in the movies, but c'mon people, it was the Atomic Breath!

mooreworthy on May 17, 2014


I giggled out loud when his tail lit up but at that point it was too little to late.

Brian Sleider on May 17, 2014


All I can hear from Bo's rant is wah wot wah wah whu wat charlie brown's teacher. meaningless, boring and no one is paying any attention...........................................

Professor_Bedlam on May 16, 2014


Saw the film last night at the 8pm screening at my local theater. I went into the film with high expectations and left a bit underwhelmed. I thought I would see the Mighty Godzilla battle throughout the film, instead what I saw was something entirely different. The film is quite the slow burn, creating tension; well in my case frustration. I wondered where is Godzilla? Why are we getting to know about “the other monsters” more than THE Godzilla? Then once the “fighting” between Godzilla and the “other monsters” (dont want to spoil anything) ensues it was pretty boring. Now what the film does have is great amount of human interaction, human emotion and was more of a character driven film. I did love the acting from all the actors involved. The set design was something that really stuck with me after leaving the film so I have to say that the team behind that did an excellent job. The CGI was good, not great, and the editing was also quite good. The sound design, sound effects etc. were also appeasing to my ears (I did enjoy Godzillas roar) Overall for me the film was OK. out of a score of 10 I give it about a 6

cg on May 16, 2014


" Why are we getting to know about “the other monsters” more than THE Godzilla?" Good point.

LightningB on May 17, 2014


I saw Godzilla today and I loved it. Great action, great special effects, and very entertaining. Acting was good, but not great. The fight scenes between Godzilla and Muto was very well done. I feel Muto has been Godzilla's toughest monster he has ever fought.

Dan on May 16, 2014


I think if you are into the art of suspense, good editing, character development and cinematography you'll love it. If you want more action and views of the beast you'll be disappointed.

Jim Dawkins on May 16, 2014


I think if you are a fan of either you will have been satiated at one point in the film or another

Jon Odishaw on May 18, 2014


LMAO at character development and suspense. The editing and cinematography were on point though.

El Capitán Fabuloso on May 18, 2014


This Godzilla is so awesome that he will kick 2 kaijus, 1 Cloverfield and 1 Super8-ET-on-steroids monster asses and then have a couple of Mutos for dinner. He is the Leonidas of monsters. And I'm gonna ask A GODZILLA for Christmass to Santa as a pet. Period! 'nuff said! - of course the movie has flaws, just as Alex said, in particular, the slow moments, the way they just tease the monsters fights until the very end... but other than that, I really enjoyed this movie.

ChuchoR9 on May 16, 2014


Go into the theater 15 minutes before the end of the movie, then leave five minutes later. That's where everything good is. There is nothing good outside of that.

Doug on May 16, 2014


Godzilla was a great movie. Maybe if you were looking for something along the lines of the current non-stop fast action movies, you'd be disappointed, but I find those boring. The only thing I'd change would be to make the mutos more insectoid and less metal-robot.

Cian on May 16, 2014


It was like a cross between Pacific Rim and Transformers, without any of the good parts.

Bruceman on May 16, 2014


If you didnt like this movie, you are literally insane. King of the monsters, savior of our city

alphonso on May 17, 2014


If you liked this movie you are literally insane, King of the bore, sapper of our patience.

Brian Sleider on May 17, 2014


The city was destroyed! And the humans tried to kill him every time he showed up (WHICH WAS FUCKING TWICE!), what kind of crap is that? Oh, this big guy and his monster friends just destroyed our whole city, he's a savior now! What a load of crap, How many people died during those city destroying scenes? It was a waste of a Godzilla movie. He was just there, he didn't do much but fight two other giant monsters, and we, as the audience, were forced to sit and watch the retarded antics of Ford Brody and his Navy. NOBODY CARES ABOUT FUCKING FORD BRODY!

Rob on May 17, 2014


Its a meh. I actually fell asleep in the 2nd act. I actually went to see this because for 'Heisenberg' from 'Breaking Bad' is in it but they kill him off early. Bad more because he is the best actor in the film. Very much a let down. As far as the Godzilla design is concerned, my kids say he looks 'fat' as compared to the original Japanese versions and the classic Godzilla roar is definitely off. What is curious is how in the trailers they conveniently use the original/traditional roar and then they pull the carpet out from under you in the actual film. Note to Hollywood producers: Don't fix something that isn't broken!

Informed Dissent on May 17, 2014


The original zilla had epic thunder thighs.

Xerxexx on May 17, 2014


Anyone else think that Godzilla was supposed to represent Bryan Cranston's Character?? Godzilla is first shown (in modern day, not in the old films and such) right after Cranston dies. And from there on out he is saving either his son or his son's family. several instances of Godzilla saving Aaron Taylor Johnson, one moment where the ships fire missles at the golden gate where The young boy is and Godzilla stands in the way right in time to save them. I'm not saying there isn't flaws in this idea, but when Aaron Taylor Johnson has that moment where he and Godzilla look into each others eyes; I couldn't help but think there was a strong connection there. Like his dad was saving his son in an other form. anyone else?

Ryan on May 17, 2014


I just think this Aaron Taylor Johnson guy doesn't have the acting chops and charisma to carry a film like this. For me, that was the main issue. There wasn't a strong lead to really anchor the film.

movieguyryan . on May 17, 2014


Johnson's performance makes me a bit worried about Avengers 2.

dwibs93 on Jul 17, 2014


Let people watch and enjoy what they want to watch. You haven't even seen the movie this sound off is about have you?

blargh on May 17, 2014


you're trying too hard bro.

Denny Le on May 17, 2014


I thought it was awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I've been a big fan of Gareth Edwards since Monsters and I think Godzilla really showed his talents. I thought the fx were well done, I'd definitely see a sequel!

Louis Carr on May 17, 2014


The first 10 minutes painted a very different picture than the rest of the film. Very confused on what it wanted to achieve. Watanabe was playing a caricature, aggressively bad movie logic, and probably the most unintentionally resilient character in the son since Jack Bauer. I believe the movies emotional sub text would have faired better under Cranston as the main protagonist through out. Other than that, dear god that last 30 minutes was the best freaking Godzilla movie I have ever seen! I thought he was gonna pull a King Kong and then "radiation fire breath right down the gullet!"

Navix on May 17, 2014


That one scene where Godzilla and the flying monster were about to rip into each other in Hawaii... and it cuts to the wife and son with the son watching what looked to be an epic fight between the two on his TV was... UNFORGIVABLE. More Godzilla was needed. I couldn't care less if the soldier guy got eaten, the wife got squished under the building or the kid fell of the Golden Gate. I just couldn't.

Eric Melber Lazo on May 17, 2014


Yep, its one thing to tease, it is another to cock block.

Brian Sleider on May 17, 2014


You are 100% right about that scene switch. The fight in Hawaii was so little. We saw about 5 seconds of it. More Godzilla fighting please. Something I didn't know I would be saying before seeing it.

LightningB on May 17, 2014


You can only have so much fighting before something dies. Five different battles would have been overkill if monsters aren't dying. I thought it was all a perfect tease before two of the best monster kills/deaths in the history of cinema.

Jon Odishaw on May 18, 2014


ONE BATTLE would have been nice. Instead 3 confrontations happen of which we get to see basically none of.

Brian Sleider on May 19, 2014


i totally loved it and seeing the reaction got here on the shw i watched most of them have liked this one.... i loved this one for the same reason why i hated transformers 2 and 3 it was just abut giant things hitting at each other humans are just there for either annihilation or sex up things.... this one has enough action, i dont think anybody would have enjoyed if godzilla was shown just like that.... he did really well to increase the tension it was unveiled and i do think aaron was a miscast he was not really gud enough to carry this one....another thing abt this one was a cut scene which i really wanted to see...they never should have cut away once the muto and zilla started pitting each other in airport that was a shame to take that action away from us...otherwise movie was simply awesome..... cgi with 3d + the sound mixing was awesome one particular scene i almost felt he was infront of me 🙂

Rahul Radhakrishnan on May 17, 2014


Godzilla needed to go on a Weight Watchers diet, I mean common, he almost looked like a plush toy. A Godzilla movie?....Ahh, no! A love story slash Navy recruitment move maybe, with a Godzilla cameo. Godzilla's adversary got more screen time. As for the big guy's signature weapon?....Don't blink, you'll miss it..This was a movie but a Godzilla movie?.....Sorry, just my opinion, very disappointing.

jimmc1952 on May 17, 2014


Like I said else where, movie should be called "Ford, featuring Godzilla".

Brian Sleider on May 17, 2014


Exactly what I fucking said! Godzilla was just a cameo!! You hit the nail on the head my friend!! Good job. Two thumbs up...

TheHookahMaster on May 17, 2014


Well, I need to say right up front that it's "Godzilla." It's not "Hamlet." It's not "The Trojan Women." It's not "Pride And Prejudice." It's "Godzilla," through and through. As such, it is almost certainly going to come to be regarded as the greatest monster film of all time. It's without question the greatest "Godzilla" film imaginable. But, as I said up front (and for me, this is a good thing) it IS "Godzilla" Not "2001: A Space Odyssey." "Godzilla." Still, paradoxically, it's also the work of an obsessive film director for whom "Godzilla" IS Hamlet. All that critical crap about the second act being pedestrian misses the ENTIRE POINT of the film, which is that it is GODZILLA, and in Godzilla movies, that's how people talk, and behave. Oh, and get crushed. It's great. It's a total hoot. You'll love it, if you simply decide to go with it. And why resist it? It's not Bergman. It's not Goethe. It's Godzilla. And it's really quite brilliant, a very lovingly conceived and executed film. I mean this in all sincerity. And I think all that running around razzmatazz in the second act that has so-called "serious" movie critics so worked up is, also paradoxically, very true to what a Godzilla film is supposed to be. It's a monster movie. There's a staggering level of visual literacy at work in this film. There are direct visual and audio references to Kubrick and Spielberg that are deeply satisfying to the knowledgeable viewer. But the film never winks at you, it never condescends. It embraces, with true idiomatic precision, all the gadgetry of 1950s monster movies. And here's a narrative beat I didn't expect: Godzilla was TIRED after all that ass-kicking and radioactive fire-breathing. Like a marathon runner who just won the race, Godzilla must rest. And rest he does, as prelude to a wonderfully unexpected conclusion. LikeI said - brilliant. A loving adaptation. Unfortunately, I have yet to see one review that manages to pinpoint the film's actual theme. Alas, the days of Andrew Sarris are long behind us. As far as I'm concerned, the complaints I've been reading are like some ethnomusicologist criticizing Pink Floyd for not being sufficiently danceable. Anyway, my point is: There IS thematic substance there, to be had and pondered (and it has nothing to do with the environment, or American family values). Not that that's a good reason to see the film. You go to see the monster tear the shit out of cities. But a well-honed dramaturgical mind (and I do have that - if nothing else, I DO have that, God help me) will find thematic substance way beyond what any critic has thus far been able to convey. I declared war on bad, missing-the-entire-point film criticism the day Pauline Kael referred to "2001: A Space Odyssey" as a "monumentally unimaginative film." She actually said that. In the New Yorker. Right out there, in front of God and everyone. Don't believe me? Look it up. Too bad she didn't live long enough for me to see Godzilla kick HER pedantic ass!

Brad Mays on May 17, 2014


this ^. i kept noticing the references to his influences throughout, classy. as regards the theme, i liked the updating of Japanese 1950s fears to contemporary ones, with specific focus on nuclear issues / natural disasters / terrorist attacks, or at least that's what i read into it anyway. Gojira succeeded magnificently in telling the story it set out to tell. that it wasn't the story many people had presumed they would see is not its fault.

son_et_lumiere on May 27, 2014


Ummm...I notice you keep having to tell us that this was the movie Godzilla. where was he?

KayOs on Aug 22, 2014


What kind of mother separates from her kid on the eve of destruction? Is a low level nursing job that important? When your husband is missing can you keep the ringer to your cell phone on? Olsen's role was forced in this movie and she came off as the dumbest character I have ever seen. Characters like this really interrupt the flow of the movie.

TigerMask on May 17, 2014


Yep, A poorly written character forced upon us dragging the movie down.

Brian Sleider on May 17, 2014


I liked it and while easily better than what Emmerich did 16 years ago (not saying much) it still had it's flaws. I found myself saying about two-thirds of the way through that we needed more Godzilla. I understand waiting to show him for 45 minutes or so but it was still light (in terms of screen time for the big guy) after that. And was it me or did Watanabe have one expression the entire movie? I knew Binoche character dies, didn't know Cranston's did which was surprising because you saw him more than anyone else in the previews. Also still had that minor issue that most monster movies have which is how often no ones knows where these guys are despite being as massive and destructive as they are. They always escape radar and every human eye. Like when the army guys are checking the chambers of nuclear waste in Nevada, open the door and only then realize the 300 ft. monster is out and terrorizing the strip. There were even helicopters there. How'd they miss that? Still liked the movie, I really did. It was entertaining. And the acting was no where NEAR as wooden (which I read beforehand)as much as it was in Pacific Rim.

LightningB on May 17, 2014


I agree with this review, though I like PR more than this movie. I also wonder why B.C. died halfway through, he was the heart from the beginning, and though I liked the son, B.C. was the hysterical everyman. The heart seemed to leave when he died. But it was good, enough for a sequel I think. I just hope they realize that until they come up with the category "best monster movie" at the Oscar's, this isn't winning any awards, no matter how hard they try. Give in, it's a monster movie. MONSTER MOVIE! Embrace that more in the next film, and they will knock it out of the park.

l.21 on May 17, 2014


Wooden acting or not Pacific Rim blew this ginormous turdzilla out of the water action wise.

Maki Dominguez Stambolian on May 17, 2014


Yes, yes it did...

TheHookahMaster on May 17, 2014


I loved it. Edwards has a bright future directing.

Trey Wilson on May 17, 2014


This was so disappointing....17 bucks for that?? Let's have a Godzilla movie where he's not even in it. Smart movie, smart move

SkyNet300 on May 17, 2014


This movie had so many levels of intense Suckage. The effects were great, the acting, script, dialog, characters and specially the directing and continuity, were all immeasurably lousy.

Maki Dominguez Stambolian on May 17, 2014


Ugh, here here.

TheHookahMaster on May 17, 2014


Hope the popcorn was, SUCKS to waste that much money on a lousy tease. 🙁

TheHookahMaster on May 17, 2014


I liked it overall, but my expectations were too high. It tried too hard to be an old school monster movie and a human drama in the midst of a natural disaster, and ultimately didn't really succeed as either. I still enjoyed it, but honestly found the 1998 version just as entertaining. At least it was consistent.

fazha on May 17, 2014


Too many people, not enough Gojira. A fucking disgrace to Toho. Less than 10 minutes of the king of monsters, and humans prevail killing him?! Once again, Hollywood disappoints with their rendition of Gojira. Just leave it up to the Japanese next time. GARETH EDWARDS SUCKS... And what's up with this new 2014 design of Godzilla's foot, it looks like he's an amputee, a stubby elephant foot with claws on it. Ugh, not a fan, lol!!! And one more thing, his roar sucked too. Not like the original, it sounded like a muffled leaf blower...-_-

TheHookahMaster on May 17, 2014


You had merit until " his roar sucked".

dvt on May 18, 2014


Lol, well did! You can't tell me it didn't. :-))

TheHookahMaster on May 18, 2014


You also said the humans killed Godzilla in this film. That could not be any further from the truth.

Thomas Carpenter on May 18, 2014



TheHookahMaster on May 21, 2014


I really didn't mind Godzilla's design, but overall, I am greatly disappointed that this film was basically some generic military action flick with Godzilla and a few other monsters shoehorned in there for marketing purposes. Same for Bryan Cranston.

Laszlo Panaflex on May 18, 2014


Did you see his foot??? Lol, I'm still obsessing over that pathetic stump with claws...he looked like Totoro. Lol!

TheHookahMaster on Jun 2, 2014


Bryan cranston's scenes were great. Aaron johnson just does not seem like a good main lead for this film. His voice sounds too young. Plus why was godzilla so nice? He was literally like a polite old man.

brocky222222 on May 18, 2014


Alot of people are saying not enough godzilla and too much human drama, but how would that work? It would just be godzilla swimming for like 80% of the film.

brocky222222 on May 18, 2014


Or you know full frame uninterrupted fighting.

Brian Sleider on May 18, 2014


for 2 hours? Thats just bad.

brocky222222 on May 18, 2014


The final battle should have been full frame uninterrupted fighting. But instead, we got glimpses of it in progress, while the audience is subjected to the films' inane military nuke side story as the primary focus. It was frustrating that the final battle was treated as an afterthought, while Gareth Edwards felt that the audience would rather watch more "Jerry Bruckheimer military movie action"... What a crock of shit, just as was killing off Bryan Cranston, the film's only competent actor, way too early.

Laszlo Panaflex on May 18, 2014


Exactly, as was cutting to a kid being told to go to bed when 2 monsters are about to fight. Yeh thats what we want to see a 1 dimensional piece of eye candy tell a brat its bed time when a couple of 300 foot tall monsters are fighting.

Brian Sleider on May 18, 2014


There should be 3-5, 5 minute or so long fight scenes in a movie like this. Thats 15-25 min total screen time. I could do with even more but thats the minimum what we got was MAYBE a total of 30 minutes of monster screen time but all of it was chopped up and lasted no more than 60 seconds a shot. I mean the final fight lasted about 15 minutes but we really only get to see like 3-5 minutes of that. Showing me this bland character disarming a bomb when 200 yards away is 3 giant monsters fighting was the DUMBEST shit I have ever heard of.

Brian Sleider on May 18, 2014


Super Fun! The monster fighting was almost as good as PACIFIC RIM, but acting was much better. I did find it strange how high pitched Johnson's voice was. // THAT scene was was incredible!!!~ I was smiling ear to bloody ear during the whole fight sequence.

DAVIDPD on May 18, 2014


There was monster fighting in this movie? Must have missed it in between all the cut to human shots. Movie sucked. SO MUCH!!!

Brian Sleider on May 19, 2014


You missed it because you were too busy bitching and crying.

Thomas Carpenter on May 19, 2014


I did that after the cheap military movie featuring Godzilla was over.

Brian Sleider on May 19, 2014


Boring, that's the way to describe this film. Dull fight scenes and underdeveloped characters that you struggle to root for. Cloverfield and Pacific Rim did it better. Really just a massive letdown.

Darren Hicks on May 18, 2014


Fun, but really stupid. "Hey, let's evacuate the city! Hey, lets block the bridge!

Russell Schiwal on May 18, 2014


It's my favorite blockbuster of the year so far. Loved it

Daniel_Plainview_Milkshake on May 18, 2014


People saying there was too little action probably have ADHD. While I agree that the first half of the movie (maybe a little more even) was rather boring, it was really the fault of there being no surprises and the script being bland, but the pay-off during the last third of the movie made more than up for it. Really, the third act alone is absolutely worth watching the movie if you're into Godzilla and/or monster movies in general. The cinematography, music and editing created an incredible atmosphere that held you in suspense and awe. If you'd rather want a clever script, interesting characters and plot twists (and/or some comedy) with your Godzilla action then this will be a total let down. But honestly, it's Godzilla, you watch it for the thrill of seeing a giant lizard destroying big cities, and this movie, after teasing and setting the stage, delivers a great and even believable spectacle of exactly that. For a fresh take on the monster movie genre this does not surpass "Cloverfield," though, in my opinion.

Terry Craig on May 18, 2014


I want more than 15 minutes of Godzilla in my Godzilla movie. This movie disappoints on that level.

Brian Sleider on May 19, 2014


Wait... you got 15 minutes of Godzilla? What theatre was that? I got about 5 minutes.

Darth_ on May 21, 2014


They say time drags when you are not having fun, maybe that accounts for the missing 10 min.

Brian Sleider on May 21, 2014


I guess so! Haha!

Darth_ on May 21, 2014


Pacific rim sucked all the way and beating Cloverfield is simply not possible! But next week I will see it and yes I know I must wait for an hour...

Avi on May 18, 2014


Guys saw this movie last night and I personally loved it. I thought Edwards Godzilla was going for that superhero point of view which has never been done before with Godzilla!! The fact that it showed little of Godzilla was to keep things mysterious,suspenseful,and keep audiences wanting more which in all honestly does?!?! Almost all of us wanted more Godzilla!! That means the director accomplished something from this 2014 Godzilla. That is DESIRE. Take it from me if you will...this film reminded me of The Dark Knight Rises. Both Godzilla and Rises showed 30 minutes or less of the Hero's spotlight. Both had villains appeared first and thorough out the film before the hero rised up from the broken spine,prison cell/bottom of the Atlantic Ocean to dominate they're opponents. These films nailed originality and heroism. Both after being shot at,blown up,ridiculed and still end up the good guys. With or without the hire present till the last acts...why sit back and admire all the wonderful action sequences that didn't have Batman or Godzilla in them? They are definitely they're and so is the deep story telling that comes with these two popular iconic characters. I'm amazed at how criticized a good movie gets these days when directors,producers,cgi everyone puts they're blood and sweat into making a good movie experience for us audience and leaving us dazzled afterwards...those of you that do leave disappointed and everything else...your just not seeing things clearly and boring people,no offense. I just it the same movie I just saw with these people who trash talk it? If you wanted more Godzilla...that's what Transformers and Man Of Steel is for.....either way it doesn't matter you'll stick complain about the movie being too much action,too much hero or little hero. Blah

Austin Toler on May 18, 2014


Saw it for a second time last night and in my mind it went down from a 9.7 to like an 8.9. But I'll never get tired of watching that battle at the end and all the brilliantly crafted shots throughout the film.

Jon Odishaw on May 18, 2014



word on May 18, 2014


My biggest issue with the film was it's human point of view. It was a disaster/monster movie with a human story wrapped around it. You get glimpses of the monsters from a human POV throughout the movie. They completely drop this point of view for the final half hour of the movie after the HALO jump. Not only did this take me out of the story, but made me realize how weak the human story was. They really wanted it to be a human story, but put most of the effort in the destruction which left me feeling empty walking out. I give the movie a 7/10. I enjoyed it, but couldn't help feeling disappointed.

Jake on May 18, 2014


A huge misfire. They could have made something epic and they failed. If the film is called Godzilla then the focus of the film should be on Godzilla. It's almost as if they started writing another film and then said "hey we could probably put Godzilla in this somehow". What a letdown.

cs on May 18, 2014


Felt like some generic, Jerry Bruckheimer military action b-movie guest starring Godzilla.

Laszlo Panaflex on May 18, 2014


OMG! I agree. I actually thought Godzilla was the flying winged creature at first. Then he appeared. Sorry, but if you're the star, you should be involved first.

Darth_ on May 21, 2014


Best part was how the only trailer I saw in no way ruined the movie for me. From what I saw, I figured it would be all Bryan Cranston running from Godzilla (which may have been better). I had no idea there were going to be other monsters in it and that Godzilla was going to be the bumbling hero. I appreciated the chaos when they were trying to evacuate and the choice not to destroy NYC or DC for once. The main family/military husband plot was completely by-the-numbers and pretty pointless, (though it was better than a hastily thrown in romantic subplot) but I guess when you're spending $200 million on a movie you need to have a thematically simple side story.

Bill Brixton on May 18, 2014


First movie of this kind I've ever liked! Godzilla was awesome! Bryan Cranston was compelling. No, it wasn't perfect but was thought provoking and good surprise that other monsters were not mentioned prior to seeing the film. Was Godzilla Good or Evil? Are nuclear weapons/energy good or evil? Were the other monsters metal machines? Should Las Vegas be destroyed? lol (I saw it in a packed house in Las Vegas, - awesome!). I'd watch this again for sure - in 3D DFX!

Johnny Lawless on May 18, 2014


I really wanted to love this film, but I can't get over how the fights were repeatedly teased, with the final battle not being the grand spectacle that it should have been. I especially loathed how during the final Chinatown fight scene with Godzilla vs. the male MUTO, we get a quick glimpse of the beginning of the battle before we are cut away and brought back to the "Jerry Bruckheimer military movie." That was definitely frustrating for me. It felt that Godzilla fighting his adversaries was treated as an afterthought, which is further reinforced when the audience is taken back to the Godzilla MUTO melee as it was already in progress. If that final battle had begun as an uninterrupted 3-4 minute sequence immediately after the HALO drop (delivering what was repeatedly teased throughout the film), then I for one would feel a lot less frustration over the film. I hope that the sequel puts Godzilla more on the forefront and treat him less like an afterthought. I'd also rather see Dr. Serizawa and his Monarch organization the prime focus of the next film, and not the military.

Laszlo Panaflex on May 18, 2014


"I hope that the sequel puts Godzilla more on the forefront and treat him less like an afterthought. I'd also rather see Dr. Serizawa and his Monarch organization the prime focus of the next film, and not the military." perfectly summed up my thoughts on a sequel. New cast (save for Ken Watanabe and Godzilla), new director (sorry Gareth, f-ing loved "Monsters" but you let me down BRO).

Jake Anthony on May 19, 2014


Tragic tale of young romance brutally ended by vicious vertebrates. Too many humans, but that is how monster movies work: you have to sit through the dumb human stuff to see the monsters. And what splendid monsters they are. I was pleased to the point of tears and laughter. Train on fire was a nice bonus. I only have two criticisms, really: Godzilla's face is too animated. He's a dinosaur type thing; his nostrils and face should be pretty much rigid. Even if you wanna argue that he's not exactly a dinosaur, the free and quivery movements of his face made his skin look very thin and flexible, instead of armored and thick as it looked modeled to be. I kept seeing it as a distracting conceptual error. Have you ever seen a snake or alligator flare its nostrils? No. I hope they tone down the facial movement for the next (YAYYYY!) one. Second criticism: Ken Watanabe just got to look worried, mostly. He got to deliver the most Godzilla-y lines, but didn't really get to do anything much. Give the man an oxygen destroyer or something. He can totally handle it. All in all, I really enjoyed it and was so happy that Gareth Edwards was able to bring his loving, innocent monsters to a big production like this. They really stole the show from Godzilla, but that's OK with me - I've seen Godzilla, so I was really going to see Gareth Edwards going big budget full throttle on his own monster vision.

Lorelei Lizard on May 18, 2014


I tried to be optimistic but it was a disappointment. I understand the need of a human element in movies like these but this was too much. The little girl in Hawaii, the main character's child and wife? Way too much camera time. I felt more of an emotional impact when the M.U.T.O (may have those acronyms wrong) babies died then anything the humans did. The biggest upset was the intentional cutaways when the action started going. It's like a boxer throwing the fight cause he got paid under the table, the director know what he's doing but fails on purpose. On the other hand the best parts was the Atomic Breath. I liked the way his plates lighted up before hand. Hopefully the next will be more about Godzillla and please leave the kids out of it.

Tyrell Antonio on May 18, 2014


God no. Make no more..... unless it continues from the one in 1998.

Darth_ on May 21, 2014


Yeah, the 1998 film was at least fun, and Godzilla looked cooler. He ran, instead of waddling.

MegaSolipsist on Jul 6, 2014


Leave it to Hollywood to throw a human /love story in yet another movie that didn't need ANY of that!!!..... Yawn... I given it a C+

DiorLiquor on May 18, 2014


I give it an F... MINUS!

Darth_ on May 21, 2014


You're too kind.

JoeD on Jun 2, 2014


If anyone actually seen the movie, they would have noticed that the new Godzilla movie wasn't about Godzilla but mainly about the humans. How one human with some help from Godzilla saved the whole world (make that Hawaii & San Francisco) to defeat MUTO (a male & female MUTOs & throw in a few bunch of MUTO babies). 3/4 of the show was about this guy who goes from Japan-Hawaii-S/Frisco (or whatever) with the whole US Navy depending on him (some small unknown leftenant from US) OMG, keep wondering whether i was watching some SyFY movies like giant Alligator vs giant Anaconda kinda movies. Did you guys check out the part where female MUTO looks at her stomach when the other MUTO hands her the nuclear warhead ? What a touching scene ....... Was totally bored to death. Even went out a few times out of the theater and did not miss much at all.

Joe on May 19, 2014


Many eyes were rolled, and many hands tossed up in frustration in my theater. I feel there are more people displeased with this movie than pleased with it. But The good reviews will be all that is echoed. I still want to know what kind of soulless person finds this movie enjoyable. Some sort of fun hating over serious bore.

Brian Sleider on May 19, 2014


I found it very enjoyable.

Xerxexx on May 19, 2014


How, I am seriously asking. Did you honestly not care that there were no prolonged scenes of monsters fighting? Were you pleased with the human plot and acting? IF so what? The human parts if done with better writing and acting and less throw away characters(cough mother and son cough)I would have been fine with. I cannot tolerate the teasing and then flat out refusal to show any real long scenes of monsters fighting. What we got to see of the last fight was like 1/4 of what actually happened. Maybe the dvd will have a lot of the news cam footage that should have been the movie.

Brian Sleider on May 19, 2014


I felt the human elements were the most important parts, honestly I found the Brody family very likeable. Sure Godzilla was awesoms but imo if we saw him more then we did I would have started nitpicking cgi wise. We see Godzilla sparingly...and in those sparse moments I was awe struck at his sheer enormity, that's how I feel it should be done. People are complaining that we didn't get enough Godzilla...these same individuals would bark if we got too much 'zilla and not enough human moments. Edwards teased us and just when you are about to give up we get a massive two on one melee and atomic breath.

Xerxexx on May 19, 2014


The whole family was stupid. Hey I have been gone for 14 months lets have me leave after being home to bail out my crack pot dad NOW. Sorry no, guy didn't even like his dad, so he gave up a family reunion to go save his dad, to serve the plot not because it made sense. Shit let him stew a few days to teach him a lesson. Godzilla and the monsters taking a back seat to a boring movie, which is what this movie is. A rehashed story with nothing compelling happening Military thinks nukes are a good idea but they aren't. We get it our troops just want to nuke shit in movies. The last fight being a chopped mess of human perspective is unforgivable, I can accept all other points but in the finale we should not be watching human scurry about we should be watching the ACTION.

Brian Sleider on May 20, 2014


You have valid complaints...we just differ on the human elements. If the movie only featured Godzilla it would be more Pacific Rim...Godzilla while awesome couldn't carry a 2 hour movie by himself. Featuring Ford Brody was actually a smart move. Ford is a military man focused on his family but knows to put the safety of humanity first. He even willingly put his life in danger multiple times. Having the movie tease Godzilla and mostly feature from Ford's pov was the best route to go. Godzilla isn't compelling enough to be the only lead. We need a human led to identify with...even though most of us aren't EOD techs.

Xerxexx on May 20, 2014


I don't want just Godzilla I do like some human stuff going on but it needs to take a back seat when the fucking KING OF THE MONSTERS is on screen. The SAME exact movie that just had 1 or 2 5 min monster on monster scenes and a 10-15 minute finale that didn't cut away to a boring military plot and this would have gotten 8 or 9 /10 from me. I could not have cared less about his family nor did it seem that any one in my theater either. I heard 2 people wish the bus into Godzillas mouth. THAT would have been something. Others tossed their hands up in frustration frequently. I feel like you think there is no middle ground either heavy focus on the shitty actor or heavy focus on the Monsters. I want a healthy mix. The old ones had lots of human screen time as well but when it was time for Godzilla to fuck shit up, thats what you got to see. We saw less of the final fight and more of a bomb disposal mission FUCK THAT, if Edwards is at the helm of the sequel I will not see it till it is free. Unless he promises more monster action and less human boredom. Again I also do not want 2 hours straight of Godzilla smashing I want a better mix.

Brian Sleider on May 20, 2014


I get ya. Its just I feel there was an apporiate mix of Godzilla, the Brody's, M.U.T.O's, and everything else. I liked both Godzilla's and Ford's pov and their interactions with the world Edwards created.

Xerxexx on May 20, 2014


Fair enough.

Brian Sleider on May 20, 2014


This was a very good conversation.

Xerxexx on May 20, 2014



Brian Sleider on May 20, 2014


Gotta agree with Brian here. Look, it isn't the fact that there is a human component (and the 1954 version had very dramatic and interesting human components: the arranged marriage, illicit love, the failed scientist, the villagers, the cultural background, etc.). The biggest problem with the human component they gave us is that it lived and died with Brian Cranston. And he died far too soon. This is why Brody and fam are absolutely terrible and unwatchable characters: they do not make a single believable decision and have zero personality. Brian mentioned Brody leaving on a dime to see his father, and I agree with that being ridiculous, but it gets worse! His father is killed and he knows that these idiotic military scientists are the cause. They incubated a giant monster egg. So what does he do? He backs them. He jumps straight into duty. He does it throughout the movie. At every possible second, he jumps into combat or mission, making only one attempt to contact his wife. Entirely unbelievable. He watches these moronic government and military officials make poor decisions that lead to the deaths of many people around him, but he just says "Thank you sire, can I have another?" He is never bothered by them. He is the "good soldier." His purpose is to hop onto every mission in order to show us the human POV on the battle lines. Period. And that is weak. And what of his wife? We know nothing about her other than she is a) a mother and b) a nurse. And a dumb nurse. Everyone is evacuating because giant monsters are coming and she decides to stay to help?! Abandoning her son to a bus and a coworker? Why? How could she help the people in her hospital? The power is getting knocked out constantly. She thinks that those patients they had to leave were more important in a possible world ending crisis than her own son? Whose father is out there playing soldier and will likely never return? Seriously? No. A character who would never exist. She is the American Civilian and serves as that POV who (shocker) sees just about every aspect of the Godzilla battles despite the size of that city. What an astonishing coincidence that she or Brody are always so near to everything despite logic. And in the end, the play out their cliches to their cliche reunion that has zero effect because they aren't real characters at all. And that is why I can't see the merit in this movie. When the plot controls the characters, you can't have an engaging story.

Ben Mitchell on Jun 1, 2014


I think if the move was made the way I would have liked more, you would have still liked it the same.

Brian Sleider on May 20, 2014


Yes that is probably true.

Xerxexx on May 20, 2014


Man think, instead of exposition we could have opened to a primeval setting with a couple monsters nursing a baby being stalked by a Godzilla and then as they charge fade to how the movie opened. A nice way to start off the movie but not tire the viewer. And it is always nice to not have things hand fed to us by exposition.

Brian Sleider on May 20, 2014


That would have been awesome.

Xerxexx on May 20, 2014


You're implying the human actors carried this movie for even 10 minutes.

JoeD on Jun 2, 2014


I felt they did.

Xerxexx on Jun 2, 2014


This was Godzilla, not On Golden Pond.

JoeD on Jun 2, 2014


NOW NOW! Giant Alligator vs. Giant Anaconda was pure class compared to this.

Darth_ on May 21, 2014


Btw, whats with Godzilla and the blue smoke coming out from his mouth ? Why didn't he use it earlier while fighting the MUTO ? Why wait until the end ?

Joe on May 19, 2014


It looked like he had to charge it up, which would have been hard while being hopped on the whole film.

Jacob Crim on May 19, 2014


Reminds me of the sword in Pacfic Rim.

JoeD on Jun 2, 2014


I feel like a lot of people went in expecting a completly different film or really had no idea what they were going to see. That or they've only seen the 1998 film. I never felt that the humans were important in the Toho productions. But you got a lot more Gojira in those films. I loved how they did the build up, showing glimpses like *SPOILERS!!!!!!!!* the scene where Gojira and the MUTO were sizing each other up and it cut to the little boy watching it on the news.*/SPOILERSSSSSS!!!!* I thought that was quite funny. I enjoyed the film and I would love a sequel if Edwards does it. Bring Destoroyah, Mothra or Ghidorah. And dont make it 2019!!!

Jacob Crim on May 19, 2014


I threw a cup at the screen when that happened. And another person walked out when the closed the doors on Godzilla the second time. This movie sucked for a lot of people.

Brian Sleider on May 20, 2014


HORRENDOUS MOVIE! I am so happy the producers found ways to block my eyes from seeing the movie, to save me from the torment it was.

Darth_ on May 21, 2014


Overall disappointment. Kept wondering which of the Olsen twins Godzilla had eaten since only one was left. Why didn't the MUTO head for Chernobyl if it was looking for some radioactive dining? The hero soldier got around the world faster than 24's Jack Bauer scoots around Los Angeles. Liked the FX and the scale of the monsters, even Godzilla's fire-breathing French kiss, but the Japanese scientist (nay, eco-philosopher) trying to explaining Godzilla's actions as "restoring the natural balance," ahhhhh c'mon. Where are the Avengers when you need them?

Q_tips on May 19, 2014


She isn't an Olsen twin...she is their younger sister.

Xerxexx on May 19, 2014


You mean there are triplets?!!!? Wow, that's a full house.

Q_tips on May 19, 2014


Its a good thing this "On leave bomb disposal" guy is here or else who would save the world.

Brian Sleider on May 20, 2014


It was okay to watch and I found it a little more engaging that Capt A 2 but I do think maybe I'm beginning to suffer from 'city destruction' fatigue. Once you've seen numerous buildings get smashed and the obligatory 'people still working in a skyscraper even though the city has been evacuated so you can show them running away from the window' and toppling tower shots, you just become blasé to it all. I don't know if it needs to be visceral with human bodies, blood and the tragic loss written across people's faces but this, along with the Bay-hem in the Transformers films, scenes in MoS, Capt 2 etc just feel as resonant as a small child sweeping down some Lego blocks. It was admirable how they tried to ensure that the lead was interconnected with everything but it did feel quite forced in many places. On one final note, they do need to consider the scale disparity that is evident between the posters and the actual film. The promotional material, as evidenced above, would have you believe that Godzilla is double the height of the tallest building in San Fran. The film was different to this with a building falling onto and in turn trapping Godzilla. Some might say it's a moot point but it does make you think (as they used to do with video box artwork of horror films in the 80's having large breasts to get your attention but not thinking to tell the casting director) why if they think it looked better to grab your attention, why no one told the director? No different from the trailer for Predators blatantly lying in having a number of red dots appear on Adrien Brody and indicating that there were loads of predators whilst the actual scene just had one or two.

Payne by name on May 19, 2014


MY THOUGHTS WHILE WATCHING GODZILLA – (SEMI_SPOILERS): Cranston sure is hamming it up. The son is just seems tired all the time. All this exposition dialogue – no real character development – bored already. Why is there a one way mirror for a supply closet? What is that - a space-crab-bat- thingy? Lame acronym and lame monster design! What a horrible score! Sounds like a TV show score. Radar couldn’t find that MUTO – or the Sub - WTF? Cool Godzilla entrance! They’re cutting away now?! Where is Watanabe getting those assumptions about Godzilla’s intentions? Really – a Monster eating bombs? Cool Golden Gate Bridge scene! How does Cranston’s tired son character end up everywhere at every single critical moment?! And why isn’t he freaking out?! Bad @$$ or not, a little freaking out is in order. Godzilla’s facial skin seems rubbery - lame. Crap, those horrible CGI space-crab-bat- thingys kill the Godzilla monster's realism, which is making this another empty CGI spectacle. They’re cutting away from the monster fight again -doesn't matter anymore. I guess this boat scene is the finale. Good, we're almost done. Is the TV ticker really saying GODZILLA saves city?! - as he is about to trample cars underfoot to get to the water - that’s pretty funny! Wow – what a disappointment. Cool Golden Gate Bridge scene anyhow.

RLK on May 19, 2014


I liked the MUTO design, otherwise I agree.

Brian Sleider on May 20, 2014


I couldn't get over the 'Saviour of our city?' part. He flooded part of the city, wrecked half the buildings and then covered the rest in radioactive fire. How in the hell is he saving it?

MegaSolipsist on Jun 5, 2014


Enjoyed it immensely. Saw it in 3D L-IMAX... not sure what was & wasn't intended to be in 3D, so I guess that's good. Used the tech w/o it being "in your face". My 11 y/o son enjoyed it, as did my Mom who is old enough to remember seeing the original 1954 Godzilla as soon as it was imported. Mom & I agree though that we really *don't* want to see a sequel. There's only so much monster-smashing with High Collateral Damage you can take.

VAharleywitch on May 19, 2014


It is no way better than Pacific Rim...what are you on opium? (SPOILER) At least in Pacific Rim you saw monsters and fights from beginning to end.....this was more talk and people than anything else and when they do get to fight the camera turns away...leaving you like wtf? I want to see them fight!....Pacific Rim is a great movie stop knocking it people...If Guillermo Del Toro made this one there would probably be more fighting and monsters maybe he'd even throw in Gamera as a cameo coming in to help Godzilla or something...

enterkaras on May 19, 2014


Was with you until you said PR was a great movie.

John on Jun 7, 2014


Had to see it twice because my wife couldn't join us the first time. The first time was painful, the second illuminated all the stupidity I missed. This movie is both bad and dumb. So much nonsense and bad writing. All of this comes second to: Where the heck was Godzilla?! Godzilla almost gave the humans a thumbs up and a wink before he left.

Marco Costantini on May 19, 2014


OMG... YOU SAW IT TWICE? Dude... *hugs*. You deserve it. It was so awful! My god! I cried in the cinema. Better than the points you brought up: how the heck did Godzilla and the Alien thing control natural disasters and shut down the city's electrical supply? haha.

Darth_ on May 21, 2014


LOL dude, even for 1k i would not wanna see this movie again. I fell asleep twice. And now im just doing that Watanabe starre. 🙂

Sascha Dikiciyan on May 25, 2014


A total let down. Even though the movie kept you interested, it was filled with coincidences and cliches. First of all, the director tried biting of Spielberg the way Jaws was introduced to the audience....but here a way too long build up. I don't know, but maybe it's realistic that Ford can walk across a 200 ft high bridge and fall into the water with the train totally missing him and he's ready to hook up with the Navy again and save the world. Finding the Asian kids family in like 2 minutes after a tsunami....bus surviving the bridge....come on now. You knew Godzilla was going to come alive again at the end....why miss out on another few hundred million. I get it I guess. Well, it's a total blockbuster movie, just not that good.

jbop on May 20, 2014


I'm going to re-watch the 1998 version to wash the taste of this one out of my mouth. We have the special effects to make a truly beautiful monster, so why make him look like a guy in a suit? A morbidly obese guy, for that matter. I cannot take a Godzilla this fat at all seriously. Especially with his tiny head. The Emmerich version was far scarier because it could run, whereas this one just waddles. Admittedly the atomic breath bit was awesome, but as far as giant monster fight scenes go, Pacific Rim wins hands down.

MegaSolipsist on May 20, 2014


Haha that is hilarious because that was exactly my FIRST thought. Fat dude in a suit. Maybe they wanted to pay homage to the original with that, i dunno.

Sascha Dikiciyan on May 25, 2014


Pay homage to the original by showing that Godzilla has put on a few pounds 🙂

JoeD on Jun 2, 2014


Big call getting Gareth Edwards to do this film. But it almost pays to see his first film to pick up on the sensibility he is going for. First half of the film is almost meditative. Particularly loved the return to their original home. Strong allusion to Cranston's remarks about returning to the stone age. I think if you give audiences 'what they want' you get more of the mindless crap we've been seeing forever - just big dumb fun. I think people should take a deep breath and let the director communicate something a little different. I loved the homage to the original Godzilla film. Thought it was brilliant they attempted to create a link between the original films. I did feel disappointed at the creature models for the 'bad guys'. Just a bit bland. But hey - I can just re-watch Pacific Rim if I want monster variety. I loved the Godzilla model. Brilliant. The world Godzilla, as I understand it, comes from an amalgamation of Whale Gorilla - or vice versa. That may have informed the creature design. I seem to be in the minority - but I liked the cutaways, they were jarring and made me want more. I also like watching in 3D where I thought someone was standing in front of me, only to realise it was a soldier in the foreground. This reinforced the spectacle of seeing these incredible creatures from the perspective of the people, thus engaging the audience. I'm always looking to be challenged. Good on the studios for entrusting Edwards to make this version.

Justin Limb on May 20, 2014


I agree with almost everything you just said. Edwards was the perfect man for the job. And everyone should watch 'Monsters' because it's incredible too and adds something when you see Godzilla after having seen it. The only thing I disagree with is about the "bad guy" monsters. To me, they looked incredible. I felt that they were created with such love and care and it showed on the screen. Edwards and all of his creature design teams are clearly huge fans of Godzilla and love this world. Cranston was great. Aaron Taylor Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen were just a little too wooden to me. And Ken Watanabe was severely underutilized. But a great movie in my opinion.

SkylerB619 on May 20, 2014


yeah right, go see monster another mosnter movie without any monsters... so if you whant a movie movie without any actual monsters in it Gareth's you man for sure... you are all stupid for liking this movie

Toke Holsting on Oct 15, 2014


My favorite part was watching Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch kiss.

SkylerB619 on May 20, 2014


My favourite part was when the credits hit.

Darth_ on May 21, 2014


It's good that they knew their audience, and why people want to see Godzilla. "You guys are probably sick of seeing these monsters fighting, let's see what Ford's up to."

OfficialJab on May 22, 2014


Total trash, the Mutos were a mess, Godzilla was a mess, and Godzilla was on screen for what? 15 minutes. Horrible plot, bad writing, plus it totally missed the point of Godzilla being payback for nuclear testing. Everybody is down on the 1998 film, at least it got the essence of the message, mankind blows up the world, Godzilla runs amok As cheesy as the 1998 film was, it towers above this piece of trash..

the Heretick on May 23, 2014


Feels good to read that im not alone. I get it. Godzilla isn't supposed to be Oscar stuff. Just summer trash. Just one problem, IMO. They tried too hard to be serious. Getting rid of Crankston so soon was a big mistake. The only actor who pulled through and put on a solid show. The stupid military cliches. I hate them so much. At least Pacific Rim didn't try to be super serious. If anything at all, the movie proves that no matter how good Monster people think is, you have to develop your directing skills over time. Not saying the dude isn't talented but after watching this, I seriously am worried about that SW movie. Godzilla just wasn't good, even if its supposed to be popcorn trash, which it wasn't.

Sascha Dikiciyan on May 25, 2014


It's a giant, fire-breathing, radioactive dinosaur. What moron thinks that this is the kind of movie you should take seriously?

MegaSolipsist on Sep 10, 2014


So you loved seeing a Godzilla movie with no fighting and generic army soldier characters who were not even advertised in the trailers b/c they knew everyone was there for Bryan Cranston and not "the guy from Kick-Ass"? What a ripoff. And the PC way they had Godzilla avoid damaging humanity whenever he could even as he was being attacked by humans was terrible, he was tip-toeing around the Golden Gate bridge like he was worried about being billed for it.

coalminds on May 25, 2014


Director Gareth Edwards is a huge fan of Spielberg and unfortunately in this movie it shows. When Spielberg directed War of the Worlds, our hero while being brave carried around his daughter who (because the hero was too tough to) screamed,cried and whimpered when every anything remotely scary happened to let us know this was the time it was scary. Unfortunately not only did Gareth absorb this knowledge and use it in his film but took it to the next level. The number of times one of the main characters was saving a stranger's child or their own child was quite frankly ridiculous. Still Gareth felt that he needed to up the ante by involving a bus load of school children. Their used to be a saying with screen writing in the movie business which said "Show and don't tell". With all the exposition in this film, the children telling us how to feel, the action scenes that were about to begin only to be cut away to hear some sob story about him coming home soon and finally the deception through advertising that Bryan Cranston(so mad about that) was the main role made this a terrible, terrible movie. Perhaps next time he directs lets hope he decides to emulate Hollywood Director Ed Wood(worst director of all time) because at least if it's horrible then, it will still be entertaining.

Groovylad on May 31, 2014


The Fiat commercial and posters gave Old Goji more face time!

TheHookahMaster on Jun 2, 2014



TheHookahMaster on Jun 2, 2014


Just the worst. Terribly disappointing. Boring and uneventful movie that had no reason for being.

GIMPGIMP on Jun 6, 2014


They say the camera adds ten pounds. The new Godzilla must have eaten an awful lot of cameras.

MegaSolipsist on Jul 6, 2014


like Jacqueline implied I'm taken by surprise that a mom can earn $8130 in 1 month on the computer . see post F­i­s­c­a­l­p­o­s­t­.­C­O­M­

rosatskidmore on Jul 6, 2014


Hollywood $&#t at it's finest. What we have come to expect nowadays. Crap script, stupid plot, lame characters, sound effects we have heard in 20 other films and CGI that still sucks. MUTO this.

Zebra Fly on Sep 22, 2014


I must say that this was one of the worst movies I've ever watched, "Evil Dead" was better than this mound of shit... Gareth Edwards should be banned from directing hence forth, and now I hear he's directing the new Star Wars spin-off... I'm not one to talk down to others but let's be honest, you have to be retarded to like this movie... It made absolutely no sense, the script (the most important piece to any movie) was terrible, the plot was stupid, the acting was horrible and it seemed that the actors who were chosen were acting for a different movie all together... Where was the sense of urgency, I mean there were 300 foot tall behemoths walking through buildings and all you could show us was who was going ride with the little boy on the school bus... Maybe if all the main characters died and they just let Godzilla do his thing from there on out an eyebrow could've been raised but unfortunately, there isn't one good thing to say about this movie... I'm shocked the WB handed over one their biggest names to Legendary Pictures... Let's not forget what they've done with Superman Returns... This is shameful...

Yujiro Hanma on Oct 18, 2014

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