Sound Off: James Gunn's 'Guardians of the Galaxy' - Your Thoughts?

August 1, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? "All heroes start somewhere." Now playing in theaters everywhere is Marvel Studio's Guardians of the Galaxy, directed by James Gunn, starring Chris Pratt as Star-Lord, Zoe Saldana as Gamora, Dave Bautista as Drax, Vin Diesel as Groot, Bradley Cooper as Rocket, with Lee Pace, Michael Rooker, Karen Gillan, Djimon Hounsou, John C. Reilly and Glenn Close. So how is it? Does it live up to expectations? How much fun is it to watch Groot & Rocket? What was your favorite part? Once you've seen it, post a comment with thoughts on Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy. I am Groot!

Spoiler Warning: We strongly urge everyone to actually see the film before reading ahead, as there may be spoilers below. We also encourage all commenters to keep major spoilers from the film to a minimum, if possible. However, this is an open discussion from this point on! Beware of spoilers, don't ruin this movie!

To I am Groot, I really enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy. It's a ton of fun, balancing the perfect amount of Marvel movie absurdity with space opera sci-fi dramatics, goofy characters, an incredibly soundtrack, and everything else all rolled into the perfect movie. While everyone is making a Star Wars comparison, I really think this movie stands alone, it's a wholly unique and original creation from the minds of James Gunn and Marvel and it's an impressive modern movie. Chris Pratt is going to blow up so huge after this, and he deserves it, because he totally owns this role as Star-Lord, or Peter Quill, or whatever he wants to be called.

While I think Gunn did an excellent job working around the PG-13 confines of a Marvel Studios movie, he does make it fun and there is some really dark and out-there humor. But there are times where it seems a bit cheesy, where the dialogue is so bad it's laughably bad, and I couldn't tell if that was the point or just what was happening. I can't say it's perfect or admittedly my own favorite Marvel movie, but I did enjoy it quite a damn bit and will happily be revisiting it. That soundtrack! And the way Gunn works in music through the cassette player is just brilliant. Another great film from Marvel; I expect it will be loved by nearly everyone.

James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy

What did you think of James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy? Marvel's best or worst so far?
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Loved it! Seems like Marvel is pushing the boundaries of what their films can be yet again. I talked about a lot of the positives in my video this week: The only thing I didn't mention was my biggest beef with the film (and it's not even really that big of a deal): The lack of connection to the other Marvel films. Iron Man 3 was all about the fallout of The Avengers for Tony, Guardians barely had Thanos and The Collector in it. They probably did this on purpose, and it's not a horrible thing to have a film stand on it's own, I just personally would have like to see more of a connection to all those other Marvel movies we've watched. /endrant

Jay Runham on Aug 1, 2014


I thought the movie was awesome, and it's one of my top favorite Marvel movies. I'm looking forward to seeing it again. I didn't catch any boring moments, they're was always something going on. Rocket was probably my favorite character in the movie. Marvel has my complete trust, they can just take my money for as long as they want lol. I'm glad it's being liked and that a lot of people are out to see it, now Marcel can continue to expand in new and interesting ways. I hope it does $100M this weekend. I read elsewhere also that some jokes felt cheesy, but I didn't experience that. I thought the humor was spot on and not once did I think any of the jokes were cheesy. I loved this movie.

Big R on Aug 1, 2014


Just an absolute blast, the right take and mindset for the movie. The characters were hilarious and it did not take itself seriously. Rocket stole the movie!

deerosa on Aug 1, 2014


I loved it. Not being familiar with the series probably helped but man was it awesome. All the characters were brilliant and so well written. Bautista surprised the heck out of me. And I dont think i've been more excited to see a sequel from Marvel than I am now.

Jacob Crim on Aug 1, 2014



Randall Miller on Aug 1, 2014


Sadly, if you've drooled over the trailers, then you've seen most of the humor and jokes which makes it a little dry. The action is okay, nothing with a cool factor, the story does its job in expanding the marvel universe, and it was fun to watch, but not as fun as I'd hoped for. I wanted laugh-out-loud funny, and it had it, but was spoiled in most of the trailers. Plus the end-credit scene is short and underwhelming as if Marvel ran out of ideas in how to tease its fan-base.

superultraboy on Aug 1, 2014


I'm in agreement with the end-credit scene...I had the same thought, is that the best they could come up with when there are so many possibilities on the near horizon? I'm pretty sure HtD isn't going to be making an appearance in Avengers or Dr. Strange least I hope not!

Gohikeone on Aug 1, 2014


Stop gorging on the marketing machine! Saw the teaser once, only remembered a couple of the jokes. This method (if even possible these days,) has been largely successful for me for years.

avconsumer2 on Aug 2, 2014


I couldn't disagree more with your first point. I didn't think the trailers were that funny and I was afraid the movie would bomb in that department but it didn't and I laughed a lot.

Jon Odishaw on Aug 2, 2014


Loved it. Marvel has done it again. Not only one of the coolest movies of the year, but also one of the funniest, and I sincerely mean that. Great action, great sci-fi elements, great characters, great humor. The works. This movie delivers. Parents thinking about taking their kids should 100% do it, the little ones will go nuts over Rocket Raccoon and Groot, while the parents can enjoy the 70s-80s throwback soundtrack.

Chris Groves on Aug 1, 2014


It was very good.

Aj Meadows on Aug 1, 2014


Can't believe I'm saying this, but: it kinda sets a high bar for Star Wars next year. It's that good.

ion677 on Aug 1, 2014


Is it better captain america the wintersoldier?

Avi on Aug 1, 2014


It's different. Hard to truly compare the two...they're both solid movies.

JBrotsis on Aug 1, 2014


Yep. It was better than almost all the Marvels so far, save for the original Iron Man in my opinion.

Guest on Aug 3, 2014


Oke you made me curious because I found wintersoldier very impressive and awesome and just as good as the avengers with is my favorite! Thanks for your opinion...

Avi on Aug 4, 2014


Guardians was great...a light and exciting ride from start to finish. Story was great and effects were top notch...although I thought some of the cityscape shots were a little neglected, but how minor a complaint is that? The scene where the Collector explained the Infinity stone and tied it into the rest of the MCU went too fast, I could hardly process everything he was saying with the visuals they were showing. Will definitely be studying that section again on the Bluray release. Did anyone else think they showed a Dark Elf in the collection box at one point? And the Thanos mythology was moved forward nicely! My biggest complaint about the entire movie? The after credits was no teaser at all. There was some audible frustration in my theater after it finished. Kind of a lame "connection" in my mind that did zero to situate this movie in future or past MCU films. A total let down...even worse than the IM3 closer.

Gohikeone on Aug 1, 2014


I wasn't expecting that post credit scene either. Maybe asking for something related to Age of Ultron was asking to much...but they should've showed something related to the Marvel universe.

Big R on Aug 1, 2014


Howard the duck is in the marvel universe. I didn't know that when I saw it, though, so I was caught off guard too.

Elbak on Aug 1, 2014


I knew Howard was Marvel...but it was just so not necessary and totally out of character for these post credit scenes. Big let down for me.

Gohikeone on Aug 1, 2014


Yes I laughed but I want something awesome to go down if I wait for the end credits scene

Jon Odishaw on Aug 2, 2014


Wait so was the space dog Marvel too? hah

Topher on Aug 2, 2014


Very much. Cosmo is a character from the 2008 Guardians books.

Brian H Harris on Aug 3, 2014


I loved it. James Gunn's humor is very similar to that of Howard the Duck so I thought that it fit the tone of the film. I bet he pissed off plenty of the higher ups at Marvel gunning for that credits scene. Which made me laugh even more. Just goes to show how much creative license Gunn had on the project. Favourite quote from the audience though? "Who the crap is that?! Donald Duck?!"

Maxx on Aug 2, 2014



JBrotsis on Aug 1, 2014


I thought it was good but not great. Not as strong as many of the other Marvel Studios movies IMO.

VoiceOfReason on Aug 1, 2014


Awesome. Tied with Avengers and Winter Solider for best Marvel Movie.. I saw an early screening so I didn't get the end credit scene so I must go see it again.

WhiteBoy on Aug 1, 2014


I thought the film was great. I saw the early screening of 17 minutes of footage a couple weeks back and that had me pumped, but boy the film in its entirety was pretty damm good..... Oh and I know this is pretty far off topic but I saw an early release of TMNT, and I have to say the humor in TMNT is just about as equal as GOTG. JMHO

cg on Aug 1, 2014


Wow, I hope you are right about TMNT. Film key should be good tuesday or wednesday at midnight, I'll be screening it for sure.

MrFoo on Aug 3, 2014


I absolutely loved it!! The only movie I've seen this year that I've wanted to go back and watch again straight away. Just a great, fun movie!! The cast were great and Zoe Saldana is hot whether she's green, blue or regular, lol

Chewwie Bukka on Aug 1, 2014


i loved it so much i bought another ticket after i saw it the first time...

Michael Baldwin on Aug 1, 2014


There has never been a movie quite like this, and that is a 100% positive reflection on the film's quality. Supremely cool, extremely funny, and surprisingly heart-felt.

Chris Groves on Aug 1, 2014


For me, GoTG was far more enjoyable than ANY of the previous Marvel movies. But I've got to disagree with many of the commenters who say the movie would have been stronger with more tie-in to the existing MCU movies. No, no, no! It's separation is it's strength and what made this move so refreshing and able to stand above that other dreck. A minor mention here or there is ok. But Marvel execudorks....PLEASE don't bring The Guardians and Avengers together.

Movie Bear on Aug 1, 2014


I disagree with this. During parts of the movie I could just picture how awesome it would be if Tony Stark interacted with Rocket Raccoon. That would be incredible! I could just picture Robert Downey Jr. and Rocket just going at it. It would make for some awesome dialogue and banter...and not to mention Peter Quill also. I would love to see all of them together in Avengers 3. Just imagine Groot and Rocket fighting alongside Hulk!

Big R on Aug 2, 2014


WEll I think the end game is to have GotG and Avengers facing Infinity gauntlet equipped, Thanos. I mean At that stage Thanos will be nigh indestructible.

Brian Sleider on Aug 2, 2014


Loved it. Winter Soldier is still my favorite, but Guardians is up there...

Bl00dwerK on Aug 2, 2014


I loved it more than the Avengers and the Avengers was great, but this is something special. A bunch of characters that we don't know about other than comic fans and made them lovable and enjoyable. Great movie.

Andrew on Aug 2, 2014


I loved everything about this movie - it lived up to all the enormously high expectations put upon it - I have never had so much fun at the cinema I had with this - I just loved and who the hell would of thought that Batista would be funny! Roll on GOTG2 and Avengers/Star Wars the bars bed raised (IMO!)

Victor Ward on Aug 2, 2014



Ivan. tih on Aug 2, 2014


a lot of the reviews say how funny Star Lord, Groot, and Rocket were, but I was surprised at how funny Drax end up being. Think I got the most laughs from him.

Tyrell Antonio on Aug 2, 2014


Yeah, he was my favorite. Didn't expect Batista to fill that role so well.

rolyjimenez on Aug 2, 2014


Bravo Marvel/Disney. Well done. Encore! My fave of the year thus far. Definitely defining the '14 summer season. Going to check showtimes again now.

avconsumer2 on Aug 2, 2014


$$$$$$$ Movies need to be different and this was interest. Pace was absolutely relentless, loved it.

si1ver on Aug 2, 2014


The script was atrocious at times but overall I fucking loved the movie, way too much fun. We are Groot.

Jon Odishaw on Aug 2, 2014


A ton of fun. Total contrast from what I'm used to in the Marvel Universe but loved it. Made me feel like it was a new Star Wars kind of flick. There aren't any scene stealers when the main characters work so damn well together. Everyone was casted really damn well.

Nick Sears on Aug 2, 2014


SUPER FUN MOVIE!!! A blast from start to end.

Brian Sleider on Aug 2, 2014


Fits like a glove into that universe and what a way to kick off a new arc into the Marvel universe. Not a perfect movie but it was a damn good one. Bautista, Cooper and Vin Diesel stole the show, even if Vin only had one line. It will be interesting now to see how they try to weave everything together. Oh and that end scene. Roflmao was not expecting that at all.

TK on Aug 2, 2014


I really do not understand whats the fuss is all about. To me it looked like Green Lantern with better CGI. I admit, I know NOTHING about Marvel universe except the cartoons from the 80s and the 90s and the current Marvel films but this was way too corny for me. I guess many fanboys will hate me for saying this but this was the worst Marvel movie so far. I apologize to the die hard fans but thats just my opinion.

Alex on Aug 2, 2014


Its ok to not like something, I really enjoyed it myself. I do not know anything about Marvel outside of Earth and Asgard, so I went in expecting a space adventure, It delivered that, for me, in spades. I thought the tone fit the setting and story very well.

Brian Sleider on Aug 2, 2014


Why apologize? You didn't it like big don't have to apologize for having an opinion.

Xerxexx on Aug 2, 2014


Very enjoyable and subversive, which is what the Marvel model needs after all this time. While the use of 70s songs on the soundtrack was ingenious, I was very disappointed in how most of them were used throughout the film. It's like they were mostly there for novelty purposes. Noticed that very little was edited to the beats of those songs as well. Still, glad to see a great sense of humor, some edgy casting (John C. Reilly in a Marvel super hero movie? How do you keep a straight face?), and a fresh bunch of flawed super heroes.

Drew Kerr on Aug 2, 2014


AS far as Reilly is concerned he has been in a lot of dramatic roles and preformed very well. I think he was wonderfully suited for his role.

Brian Sleider on Aug 2, 2014


Guardians of the Galaxy! You stand accused of...being awesome.

Xerxexx on Aug 2, 2014


Agreed. He fell with the likes of Boba Fett and Darth Maul, too cool to kill.

mooreworthy on Aug 2, 2014


Indeed. Oddly enough the voice of Darth Maul does die in this. O.o

Xerxexx on Aug 2, 2014


I had such a great time watching this film. It did have a few story telling issues but I was having so much fun that it didn't bother me. The characters were performed incredibly well. Pratt's Star Lord is the epitome of clumsy hero. Saldana is a bad ass in every way. Bautista was delightfully entertaining and made me laugh a lot. Groot and new favourite bromance! Ronan was a refreshing villain in the Marvel franchise. And Thanos! Was great to see him for more than a menacing smile. Now I would love to see Tony Stark and Rocket geeking out and working on some new weapons while throwing witty comments at each other. Thor and Drax having a civil conversation while beating up villains. Gamora and Widow sparring. Groot and Hulk watching cartoons. Quill and Scott Lang planning heists while Cap tells them to cool it.

Maxx on Aug 2, 2014


"Quill and Scott Lang planning heists while Cap tells them to cool it." Soul mates.

Xerxexx on Aug 2, 2014


Loved it!

Bryan "bytehead" Price on Aug 2, 2014


"You call me boy!" "Xandar, you stand accused!" "I doubt I'll remember killing you." Total man crush on Pace now.

Xerxexx on Aug 2, 2014


I loved this movie, a lot. It reminded me of a better funnier version of The Fifth Element although I didn't understand the Howard the duck after credits scene.

Topher on Aug 2, 2014


Agreed! That's how I've been describing the movie to people at my theatre, by comparing it to the Fifth Element. If only Besson's :Lucy were as good.

MrFoo on Aug 3, 2014


Best Parts: Star-Lord, Hot as hell Zoey Saldana, Rocket, Groot!, and the music. Bad Parts: Drax, Weird CG Thanos, and not enough John C. Reilly. Overall, I loved, loved GUARDIANS OF GALAXY. I went in with very high expectations and it surpassed them all. So excited for Gunn and GOG2~!!!

DAVIDPD on Aug 2, 2014


Not sure why people like Zoe, she is a good actress, but people really like "crack whore" thin frames on women? I was surprised that Drax wound up being so damn funny, "What is some one does something irksome, and I tear out his spine?" "Uhhh, thats murder....its like the worst thing you can do."

Brian Sleider on Aug 3, 2014


After watching the 'hooked on a feeling' trailer with the "what a bunch of a-holes" line, I had a feeling that I'd really like this film and abstained from watching any more trailers so that the experience could be as fresh as possible. As the launch date got closer I would read the top line headlines of the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes but not venture further into the body of the review. By the time I was sitting in the chair, waiting for the film to start, my anticipation was definitely peaking and I hoped that it would reward my efforts. Oh how it did. Right off the bat, I was transported into a rich world of characters and a film that wasn't afraid to mix touching scenes with laugh out loud moments. The wonder of the characters and their bickering exchanges, sometimes in the midst of action scenes, was fabulously entertaining and involving. Initially I was concerned that I was being hit with too many characters and would lose track but I understood that the film needed to move along at a pace and was relieved that all the characters were fleshed out enough to make them recognisable and engaging. So many elements made it fun - Star lord's wisecracks, Gamora's fiestiness, Drax's hilarious literalism, Groot's big emotive eyes and Rocket's sense of humour. I thought Lee Pace under a ton of makeup was great as a properly evil bad guy and Michael Rooker, along with many of the other supporting actors, hit his marks to create memorable individuals. The special effects were wonderful but, and this is important, always served the film to visualise the director's vision rather than them be a fall back for a poor story (a la Dawn of the apes). I enjoy the Marvel films but was disappointed with Thor 2 and Cap 2. I felt they become a little formulaic with Thor's over reliance on Loki and the interesting character of Cap being submerged under a tidal wave of empty action scenes. GOTG was a wonderous breath of fresh air. A film that didn't need three films worth of back story to have me engaged but hit me with a plethora of fabulously different characters that I could like and root for from the virtual get go. As an experience, as a jolt of entertainment, I felt this exceeded The Avengers as the final battle had just a bit more weight to it. The film was prepared to kill characters off rather than the rather clone like bad guys of the final Avengers battle. This in turn meant there was more of a threat to the characters and hence you felt more 'on the edge of your seat'. Guardians was a great film and I'm so pleased that Marvel were prepared/brave enough to release James Gunn from the corporate shackles and let him and his script writing partner let themselves go. They've created characters and a universe that I'm desperate to revisit and turned this 42 year old man into a cinema awestruck 9 year old.

Payne by name on Aug 3, 2014


Awesome write up man, I felt everything you said. I just don't know how you didn't like winter soldier. I loved that movie and look forward to watching it dozens of times on blu ray. Perhaps you need another viewing?? Either way, nice was spot on.

Big R on Aug 3, 2014


Hey buddy, thanks for your kind words. I'm pleased that you felt the same way when you saw the film. I really wanted to enjoy Cap 2 but here are my thoughts. "I really like Cap, enjoyed the first film and love the genesis of his character. Weedy guy who doesn't like bullies. There are scenes in the first film (that we watched before hitting the cinema for this) that make me genuinely smile or utter 'go on Steve'. To that end I'd been really looking forward to the sequel, especially after I felt he was underused in the Avengers (particularly his deleted scene) and seemed to play second fiddle to Stark, Banner and Black Widow. Maybe it was because I'd seen the trailer but they'd put such iconic memorable imagery in the trailer (the elevator fight, the heli-carriers crashing into the buildings/water etc) that they were very unsurprising and in turn unexciting when they actually happened within the film. Likewise some of the story elements were woefully clich├ęd. Did anyone really think that Fury was actually dead? Did no one else get tired of the McGuffin style devices to repeatedly get them out of no win situations? Did people not notice that the bunker was several stories underground (you saw them go in a lift) yet the cleanup crew were walking around on the ground level. I also felt that the motivation behind the conspiracy a little weak. In the first film Zola was a reluctant participant in Hydra rather than it's driving force and hence all this felt pretty forced. Can the writers not come up with anything more grounded? The only scene that I really felt anything was in the hospital with Peggy. Well played and genuinely touching. Maybe I like Cap's character so much, that it's only the quiet scenes that I really connect with. As for the action scenes, putting aside that most had been ruined/given away in the trailer, the hand held camera-work was just frustrating. You couldn't really see what was going on. Yes Cap was kicking ass but this was more from the loud crunches and sounds rather than being able to make out specific moves. As ever it just served to take you out of the action as it became too frustrating to visually see, rather than audibly hear, how Cap was actually kicking butt (was this done to help with the ratings) and his shield literally became the default 'resolve anything' rather than be used cleverly. It got a to a point where it had the feel of the 'check out Legolas cool new move' that infected the LOTR films. I found that at the onset of every action scene, I just felt nothing. There was no sense of peril, no feeling of danger and just a lot of insignificant explosions and destruction that you knew wouldn't actually change anything. With the universe being such a cash cow, you can feel that Marvel won't kill anyone off and that even if they did, they would bring them back in the next film (which they would tell you was coming even before you sat down to watch the current film). On the plus side, I still really like Chris Evans and enjoy his humble, heroic portrayal of Cap. I'm glad that Cap is having some success but I really don't think this was a game changer or had a different approach like that which I saw in Iron Man 3. I was disappointed." As you can tell, it was partly down to Cap 2 that I deliberately avoided checking out anymore trailers after the first one for GOTG. However, maybe when it is released on DVD/Blu Ray, I'll give it another go. I just wish they would concentrate on Steve a little more and not believe him to be so boring that they have to cram everyone else in there to carry the film. Thanks again.

Payne by name on Aug 4, 2014


My two little girls and I absolutely loved the film. It wasn't perfect, but it was definitely fun.

Jesse Cox on Aug 3, 2014


Absolute fun movie. Dragged at times but what else is new with movies nowadays. Overall better than a lot of Marvel films.

Guest on Aug 3, 2014


It was pretty good. I didnt like how Ronan went out though, that was kinda dumb. I would have rather they had captured him and send him off to answer to Thanos so he can kill him but whatever. Rocket was a true badass.

Rock n Rollllll on Aug 6, 2014


Finally saw this with the wife. We really enjoyed it and thought it was a great addition into the Marvel universe. Probably see it again with some friends and drink beer afterwards.

Quanah on Aug 10, 2014

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