Sound Off: Keanu Reeves in 'John Wick' - So What Did You Think?

October 24, 2014

John Wick

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Don't Set Him Off! Now in theaters is one of the best action movie sleeper hits of the year, John Wick, starring Keanu Reeves as John Wick, directed by two stuntmen - David Leitch & Chad Stahelski. Reeves plays an ex-hitman who comes out of retirement to track down the Russian mobsters that took everything from him. Is it as awesome as everyone is saying? Is Keanu really back? How is the action vs the emotion? Is it better than other recent action movies? Favorite fights? Once you've seen it, post a comment with your own thoughts on David Leitch & Chad Stahelski's John Wick.

Spoiler Warning: We strongly urge everyone to actually see the film before reading ahead, as there may be spoilers below. We also encourage all commenters to keep major spoilers from the film to a minimum, if possible. However, this is an open discussion from this point on! Beware of spoilers, don't ruin this movie!

To fuel the fire, I love this movie, it's just awesome balls-to-the-wall action done right. Simple story, but told perfectly, with Keanu at the top of his game, and some of the best action since The Raid 2. I love the world it plays in, I love the setup, I love the way it all unfolds, and I especially love when Wick is "back" and he takes down just about everyone. Maybe this is best enjoyed with friends at a place like the Alamo Drafthouse, but I had so much fun watching it, and I found myself enjoying it more than most action movies. It feels like one of those actions movies that we've lost, the kind that is really all about the action, yet is still cohesive on every other level. This movie really worked for me and may end up somewhere in my own Top 10 of the year.

In my review: "I miss seeing movies like this. Pure action with great characters, and exciting world wrapped around it all, no extravagance, no big ideas. Just great action, the kind that leaves you wanting more, wanting to rewatch and experience this all over again. Keanu Reeves is back in the game, kicking ass and taking numbers (body count according to the directors: 84). John Wick truly is an outstanding action movie and I hope it finds the right audience, because it's the kind of action movie we all deserve to see [more of]."

What did you think of David Leitch & Chad Stahelski's John Wick? Badass action or terrible?
We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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It's really good. Great shoot outs and choreography. Keanu is believable in this role. It's fast paced and the action is very well shot and stylish. There are some good laughs in there as well. The music was a bit iffy, and was a too distracting in a couple scenes. I think one of them is a new song by Marilyn Manson and I didn't like it at all, and it's used twice. The ending battle with the car chase and the final fight scene kinda felt like the movie had run out of steam and it was being rushed. Aside from those small issues, I really enjoyed it. Good fun.

NathanDewey on Oct 24, 2014


Sweet cannot wait!!

Sascha Dikiciyan on Oct 24, 2014


Good action flick. Terrible tacked on ending. Wick wants revenge on the mob boss at the end because he killed his . . . associate? Worth a movie ticket, but probably not imax worthy.

ion677 on Oct 24, 2014


The associate saved his life...twice. loyalty was owed.

Xerxexx on Oct 24, 2014


Good action. The gunplay was fluid and top of the line. Reeves was awesome and sure it was a simple but it was told beautifully. I enjoyed the ending. Wouldn't mind a sequel but wouldn't mind if one never came. 8/10.

Xerxexx on Oct 24, 2014


I think I was expecting more in the dialogue department when I went to go see this. The gun fights are incredible and almost never ending but they kinda feel too farfetched. I think john McClain wouldn't have come out alive in half these gun battles. The music also was low budget - you could tell. Music did not suit the scenes whatsoever and it was b movie music. If you want to see an action movie with the total package Equalizer is your best bet. If you want to see gun battles no dialogue and cheesy music john wick might be for you. 6/10.

Darryl Morley on Oct 24, 2014


This is the first time I went to see a movie on the strength of a firstshowing review....and i'll be damned..... i was happy that I did. Simple story, great cinematography, and I checked my belief at the door. It was good to see Keanu do some really palpable action scenes damn near 15 years after 'The Matrix'. Between this and 'Dear White People'...two solid weeks of Firstshowing approved films. Thumbs up guys.

Duane on Oct 24, 2014


This was fantastic! Finally Hollywood makes an action film very close to the fast paced nature of The Raid films.

SkyNet300 on Oct 25, 2014


"I'm thinking I'm Back!" Indeed Keanu

SkyNet300 on Oct 25, 2014


The reviews said a few things that are causing me to re-evaluate reviews. For instance, "world-building". I was under the impression that this meant a world like that in Dredd, or Batman, or Avatar. In this case it meant a hotel that serviced crime families. There was nothing special about the world in John Wick other than it gave a serviceable backdrop for a new video game, which was advertised before the movie. This was a very nice star turn by Keanu Reeves, but again with non-stop action, his acting was mostly physical. He had some great one-liners though. As for grieving, he did a nice job. I thought one of the best "grieving" movies in recent times was Mel Gibson's Edge of Darkness. I like Keanu Reeves. The camera likes him. I'm not an action junkie and I'd like to see him in more roles which give him room for his unique style of acting.

woodworker on Oct 25, 2014


for me the whole world building aspect of it all was that none of the characters were really introduced. They all knew of each other and the audience were just thrown into what felt like a sequel to a story that doesn't exist. I guess lol

Tyrell Antonio on Oct 25, 2014


Well done R-rated action movie is rare these days and this movie delivers . I saw a screening in Chicago on Wed. and the response was overwhelmingly positive . The casting was well done as well.

Ken on Oct 25, 2014


Looking forward in checking this out.

mooreworthy on Oct 25, 2014


Watched it this afternoon and it's awesome! Kenunu IS back! Seems like there was alot of backstory, like with the coins and they way they have "holy ground" locations like in Highlander. I was looking for a "Based on the Graphic Novel" or something at the end and didn't see anything. Maybe we'll get more in the sequel (pretty please!). Also, the music was fantastic. Don't get the complaints...

Bl00dwerK on Oct 25, 2014


It was everything id hoped. It was a whole new level of badass and some of the shots were really breathtaking. Keanu was a perfect fit and the rest of the cast did their jobs just fine. You really wanted him to get his revenge. Surprisingly the dialogue was pretty decent for the type of film it was. The main complaint people seem to have was with the soundtrack but apart from a few instances where it was distracting I felt like it set the tone beautifully. A must see for action fans 9/10.

Jon Odishaw on Oct 25, 2014


this is on my priority list reading all this positive reviews!

Avi on Oct 26, 2014


The Raid 2 was a big letdown for me. The trailer for John Wick looks great, so I have high hopes for this action movie.

AwesomeWave on Oct 27, 2014


What the fuck?

Brian Ricci on Oct 27, 2014


Ok so I loved John Wick, but you've gone to far by saying the raid 2 was a big let down.. to damm far...

cg on Oct 27, 2014


I hate to say that when I walked out of John Wick last night I exclaimed to my friend "Now thats what The Raid 2 should have been!". What killed The Raid was how it attempted to be a good crime film along with a great action film. The story and the characters were not interesting. It delivered its promise on amazing action sequences and amazing chorography. But the pacing killed it for me. John Wick on the other hand did not take itself seriously. It was not affected by attempting to have a story. It was stylish and badass. Easily top 10 of the year for me.

Jacob Crim on Oct 28, 2014


It's probably never coming to my listing on IMDB...

DAVIDPD on Oct 27, 2014


I enjoyed it. I was entertained. I expected more in regards to fight choreography.

ragethorn on Oct 27, 2014


"People keep asking if I'm back... Yeah, I'm thinkin' I'm back...."

cg on Oct 27, 2014

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