Sound Off: Marvel's 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' - Thoughts?

April 4, 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Sound Off

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? In heroes we trust. Now playing everywhere is Marvel Studio's latest, Captain America: The Winter Soldier a sequel to Captain America but also a follow-up to The Avengers and even Iron Man 3 in a way. The focus is on Cap, played again by Chris Evans, as well as Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow working for SHIELD plus Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury. There's also Anthony Mackie as Falcon getting in the mix. So how is this sequel? Any better? An action classic or comic book mess? Once you've seen it, leave a comment with your thoughts on Marvel's Captain America 2.

Spoiler Warning: We strongly urge everyone to actually see the film before reading ahead, as there may be spoilers below. We also encourage all commenters to keep major spoilers from the film to a minimum, if possible. However, this is an open discussion from this point on! Beware of spoilers, don't ruin this film!

To fuel the fire, I just saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier last night and yes, I'm with everyone else, this movie is awesome. I was very impressed by what the Russo Brothers have delivered, it's an exciting action movie with some incredible set pieces (the car chase scene alone is fantastic, along with everything else) and a compelling story at its core that progresses the characters. What more could you ask for? Yea it gets a bit cheesy, and I love the way Cap sometimes jumps out of a building or out of plane to get somewhere without giving a crap about landing and hurting himself. But brushing aside those minor issues, it's such an entertaining and better-than-average action movie that shows Marvel can still up the ante as they continue.

As long as they keep the focus on Captain America's values as a hero, I'm happy with where they take the character, because it's really all about him staying true to his beliefs. Evans does a great job as Cap, but I was also impressed by Johansson this time around. More than anything, the Russo Brothers really give us some outstanding action to enjoy wrapped around a fairly interesting modern thriller storyline. Yea there's all kind of wacky comic book twists in the second half, but it has to go there to keep the Marvel Cinematic Universe satisfied. I'm not sure about this Arnim Zola guy, but I hope this is all leading to something good.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

What did you think of Marvel's Captain America sequel? Awesome modern action, or boring?
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Greatest thing ever Cap 2 was. The characterization of Steve, Natasha, Sam, Winter Soldier, Pierce, Fury, Sharon, Hill, were all so lovely. I'm starting to become a big Cap fan though so this is definitely up my alley. Favorite Marvel Studios film.

xShineyxDiverx on Apr 4, 2014


Loved this film too. Love that Marvel isn't making "Superhero" movies and is just making MOVIES. More of my spoiler free review here: Getting a little more spoilery now: The twists were great, the pacing was superb, and the acting was fantastic. I can't believe I ever doubted the casting of Chris Evans. The scene between him and the beat-up, on-the-run Nick Fury was really really well done, and the climax of the scene had my jaw on the floor. Never ever would have thought a Marvel movie could pull that off. I think this may be my favourite Marvel movie yet.

Jay Runham on Apr 4, 2014


incredibly well done, amazing fight choreography, astoundingly good set piece moments, and an awesome villain, can't wait to see it again.

Ryan on Apr 4, 2014


I tought that only thing this movie kinda missed was the villain. Redford did his part fine, but somehow the character did't really bring that feeling of a threat to this movie (alltough millions of people were about to get annihilated). Wintersoldier was badass villain in every way, and I loved how it didn't end all cheesy with him turning into a goodguy in the end, but he was just a pawn to Redfords character... But that is only my opinion. And I think this movie was exellent in nearly all accounts!

ProjectionistHP on Apr 4, 2014


Redford and Winter Soldier were just pawns of the true villain - Hydra itself. Just knowing that Hydra has been gestating inside SHIELD for all these years was so ominous. The true enemy in this movie didn't have a face. It was SHIELD/HYDRA itself.

CoosCoos on Apr 4, 2014


True that. Hydra beeing that one big enemy in the story plays well in the plot, but some how the threat it poses did't really transfer out from the screen.

ProjectionistHP on Apr 4, 2014


I was blown away...literally on the edge of my seat the entire time. We saw in the trailer the car chases, the turning over of SHIELD in its corruption, and you'd think like other movies that'd all happen later in the movie, but it just kicks off right in the beginning and the adrenaline never stopped from there. I was hoping to see Zola in his iconic "human" form, but the way they used him in this film was still very impressive and relatable to the comics. I also felt like in Capt 1 and even Avengers, Capt's shield wielding abilities and hand to hand combat skills were very reserved, but in this movie, I was just laughing with excitement and awe at how they FINALLY had him use all that to look like such a freaking badass! Loved all of Falcon's flight scenes and loved Natasha's moves...she too is still a badass! Can't wait to see the direction Bucky will go in the franchise after this and curious if we'll be seeing Crossbones later as well (they definitely left that open). Lastly......Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch...SOOOOO stoked now for their involvement in Avengers 2! Probably the best standalone in the Marvel franchise!

JBrotsis on Apr 4, 2014


THE ABSOLUTE BEST MARVEL MOVIE I HAVE EVER SAW!!! Beautifully and flawlessly done. Trully impressed.

Rock n Rollllll on Apr 4, 2014


Loved how it completely shakes the foundation of the marvel cinematic universe. It leaves you wanting to find out how the Avengers will assemble in the next movie. Also loved the small things like mentioning Dr. Strange.

Tim G on Apr 4, 2014


Guys looks like everyone been paid to say the same thing , two times in my life I came out from the cinema and asked for my money back , once was for the stupid movie Conan the Barbarian 2011 ad second time was for this nonsense movie . I respectfully disagree with anyone who give this movie more than 6/10 , I personally give it 5/10 . just think about those who give it 9/10 or 10/10 ! those for sure never watched a good movies before .

alin2014 on Apr 4, 2014


You, my friend, lie at the far left side of the bell curve.

CoosCoos on Apr 4, 2014


you dont know shit! Now go away and dont come back. boy i miss the downvote being displayed

Rock n Rollllll on Apr 4, 2014


Well you can't really judge ''a french quality drama'' and a ''superhero film'' by the same standards. It's a 9/10 superheromovie (imo). Propably not as good in some other gategory. If I have to gues, you haven't liked any superhero movie you have seen?

ProjectionistHP on Apr 4, 2014


I liked the overall story and character development. This film sets a good foundation for the upcoming Marvel films. It had its share of flaws, but this is quite good overall.

Ronnie Deori on Apr 4, 2014


SPOILERS I really like Cap, enjoyed the first film and love the genesis of his character. Weedy guy who doesn’t like bullies. There are scenes in the first film (that we watched before hitting the cinema for this) that make me genuinely smile or utter ‘go on Steve’. To that end I’d been really looking forward to the sequel, especially after I felt he was underused in the Avengers (particularly his deleted scene) and seemed to play second fiddle to Stark, Banner and Black Widow. I was left unengaged. The story felt like filler and the notion that it was a political thriller because it contained Redford who'd been in All the President's Men bemused me. Redford also appeared in Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid, so does this make it a western? The human story of Cap feeling out of the water and out of his time felt rushed and under-developed with small points like the notebook hinting of greater material that could have been explored. Likewise some of the story telling elements were woefully clichéd. Did anyone really think that Fury was actually dead? Did no one else get tired of the McGuffin style devices to repeatedly get them out of no win situations? Did people not notice that the bunker was several stories underground (you saw them go in a lift) yet the cleanup crew were walking around on the ground level. Was anyone not tired of the 'Mystique/Mission Impossible' face change trick? I also felt that the motivation behind the conspiracy a little weak. In the first film Zola was a noticeably reluctant participant in Hydra rather than it’s driving force and hence all this felt pretty rammed home. Can the writers not come up with anything more grounded or fresh or does Cap always have to fight Hydra and Thor always fight Loki? The only scene that I really felt anything was in the hospital with Peggy. Well played and genuinely touching. Maybe I like Cap’s character so much, that it’s only the quiet scenes that I really connect with. As for the action scenes, the hand held camerawork was just frustrating. You couldn’t really see what was going on. Yes Cap was kicking ass but this was more from the loud crunches and sounds rather than being able to make out specific moves. It's like the makers wanted you to know he was kicking ass but not how he was kicking ass. As ever it just served to take you out of the action as it became too frustrating to visually see, rather than audibly hear, how Cap was actually kicking butt. In one of the many action scenes that I was removed from, I pontificated whether this hand held camera work was deliberate to avoid it being hit by the censors. Yes, there was violence but if you don't see it in it's entirety, it didn't really happen. Equally Cap's shield literally became the default ‘resolve anything’ device (sometimes embedding, sometimes bouncing) rather than be used cleverly. It got to a point where it had the feel of the ‘check out Legolas' cool new move’ that infected the LOTR films. I found that at the onset of every action scene, I just felt nothing. There was no sense of peril, no feeling of danger and just a lot of insignificant explosions and destruction that you knew wouldn’t actually change anything apart from look cool to a host of salivating wide eyed fans. I saw someone comment that watching a Marvel film, feels like collecting those Panini trading cards, you'll take all the doubles and triples that you might get in a newly purchased pack, just for that one new one. Hence in Marvel, it seems people will tolerate a weak script, cliched scenes and under-developed characters for the one hint of a possible character that might appear in another franchise. Forget the film you're watching, start getting excited about the one three years from now. I also have to question how anyone watching this could be on the edge of their seat. I mean Marvel are responsible for the marketing that is done for this film, they are responsible for what is shown in the trailers. So how can you watch the elevator scene in the movie and feel tension, when the trailer showed him beating everyone. How can you feel tension about whether the heli carriers will launch or get brought down, when the trailer showed them crashing into the water and the SHIELD building? Finally, how can you feel any tension when you know that characters won't get killed off. There is no sense of peril, there is no sense of risk because even death can be reversed with a line of exposition, an appearance in a TV series (Coulson) or a public reporting that an actor has been signed for a 6 picture deal (the guy playing the Winter Soldier). I can't understand how fans don't feel that they are being fleeced. That they don't notice that they are being kept in a constant state of 'fluffing' for the release that's just in the next installment but never actually comes. I mean this film was called the Winter Soldier but he must have been on screen for all but 20 - 25 minutes and the film was more about Hydra and the heli carriers. It might as well have been called Captain America: The mysterious character that we'll tease you with to ensure you come and see the third one, On the plus side, I still really like Chris Evans and enjoy his humble, heroic portrayal of Cap. I’m glad that Cap is having some success but I really don’t think this was a game changer or had a different approach like that which I saw in Iron Man 3. I was disappointed.

Payne by name on Apr 4, 2014


I'm glad you were able to narrow down your feelings to a few concise sentences. Oh, wait...

Quanah on Apr 4, 2014


Fair comment, though if I had I would have just been flamed for being a troll. I had to set out my stall to at least give the impression that I wasn't being paid to flame.

Payne by name on Apr 5, 2014


I get you. 🙂

Quanah on Apr 5, 2014


please keep going

truong18 on Apr 4, 2014


Any comment that's cut off with a "see more" should not be read.

JBrotsis on Apr 4, 2014


Yeh heaven forbid some one have a thought out critique.

Brian Sleider on Apr 4, 2014


Thanks then for taking the time to respond to something that shouldn't be read.

Payne by name on Apr 5, 2014


You're welcome.

JBrotsis on Apr 5, 2014


I agree with the point you make about tension, kind of dumb for them to reveal the end of the movie in the trailer.

Brian Sleider on Apr 4, 2014


It was frustrating. A good example of better trailers would be Iron Man 3 (sticking just in the Marvel universe). That threw you a curve ball that the film would be dominated by Mandarin and that there were so many Iron Men (lady iron man, baby iron man etc) that when I went into the film, I feared that it would be just like the 2nd one where they felt if you just chucked more of everything, it would be great. What was cool about Iron Man 3 is that Starl spent so much time out of the suit, developing the depth of his character a little more and reminding you that he was clever outside of the suit, that when the multitude of suits turned up at the end, you didn't groan but cheered. It was like the trailer lost me but the film pulled me back, if you get what I mean.

Payne by name on Apr 5, 2014


One single question for you... have you ever read comic books of captain america?? Especially the story of the winter soldier by ed brubaker?? If not, I recomend you to do it and then see again the movie 🙂 so you can understand more about the title and hydra 🙂

ambriz11 on Apr 5, 2014


No I haven't. But I don't understand how the failings of a film should be resolved by me going away to do some research? Surely Marvel should be taking what's in the comic book world and then adapting it for the movie world. Not using the comics as a fall back excuse of 'see what's in the comics to understand everything'.

Payne by name on Apr 5, 2014


But HERE's the problem : so much of any character's mythos is from CBs and HUNDREDS of issues , and from different titles . Hollywood can't fit all of a character's mythos into one movie . Or do it justice in one movie anyway . So when they pull stuff that YOU the casual fan may not know , it IS incumbent on you to find out somehow ... it's a push-pull : they have to make characters accessible to a generic audience BUt also leave something in to reflect the serious fan's obsession with the character .. so u just have the opposite complaint from somebody like me , when they dumb down a origin ..and yes having Cap fight Hydra is not the problem , it's that he SEEMS the only one . So they have to bring back Elektra for that , which also drags DD in . much less the others in the Marvel Universe fighting Hydra/AIM ... The opposite problem is compressing too much of a character into one movie . So if he's with Loki too much , it;s because they haven't built up a Frame Of Refernce to PUT him with other heroes or villians . Again not enough movies out there.... for ex. they have BARELY scratched the surface of the Thor-Jane relationship with both movies ....

Dominic on Apr 6, 2014


I saw this last night, it was absolutely terrific.

rickvanr on Apr 4, 2014


Great movie, Loved all aspects. Really thought Redford was going to turn out to be Red Skull. Any one else think his shield looked really fake at some points? As well as WS's arm?

Brian Sleider on Apr 4, 2014


@briansleider:disqus Maybe we'll find out the Avengers 3 or in Captain America 3 that he is Red Skull ?

Sean on Apr 4, 2014


Nothing is fake. This is the movies!

Django9000 on Apr 7, 2014


I loved it. Pleanty of slow character development moments. Evans was awesome, liked the team up of Cap and Widow they worked well off one another..."Would you like to play a game?" Was hilarious. Happy to see Mackie as Falcon...definite treat. Frank Grillo was great wonder if we will see Rumlow again. Stan was great as Winter Soldier. Redford and Jackson were great as well. Smulders was a delight. A great Strange reference. 8/10.

Xerxexx on Apr 4, 2014


Pretty sure we'll see Rumlow again. Otherwise that last scene with him was a throwaway.

denverchris on Apr 5, 2014



Xerxexx on Apr 5, 2014


For a split second, when you said "stan was great as winter soldier", I was thinking of Stan Lee and had a chuckle.

JBrotsis on Apr 5, 2014


It happens.

Xerxexx on Apr 5, 2014


Stan Lee did all of Sebastian Stan's stunts. Thus: most Stan-cameo filled-flick to date. =)

Django9000 on Apr 7, 2014


Who all noticed Fury's headstone?

Brian Sleider on Apr 4, 2014


the path of a righteous man!!!! I maintain that "do i look like a bitch?" would have been better

Ryan on Apr 4, 2014


Nice spoiler asshat

Lin Group on Apr 4, 2014


double post

Brian Sleider on Apr 4, 2014


Its really not a spoiler. Not sure if saying that is, in itself, a spoiler. The warning above said something about minor spoilers and this counts as a minor spoiler.

denverchris on Apr 5, 2014


It's hardly a spoiler as we all know that no one dies in a comic book film. The characters are too valuable to kill off.

Payne by name on Apr 5, 2014


If only there was a spoiler warning somewhere in the article......oh wait.

Brian Sleider on Apr 5, 2014


It was ok. I wasn't overly impressed. I just want to know what they're going to do about Cap's shield. It fell in the water and I didn't see it at all after that. Plus I really want Red Skull back!

Nathan Williams on Apr 4, 2014


Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the best Marvel movie to date since the Avengers.

Sean on Apr 4, 2014


I think it's better...

Bl00dwerK on Apr 4, 2014


I agree ... I loved Avengers but this one better.

jimfromtoto on Apr 5, 2014


@jimfromtoto:disqus I agree.

Sean on Apr 10, 2014


@Bl00dwerK:disqus You mean you think Captain America The Winter soldier is better then The Avengers ?

Sean on Apr 10, 2014


Fury's tombstone should have said, "Bad Motherfucker" on it.

zibby on Apr 4, 2014


loved the stan lee cameo like always

zibby on Apr 4, 2014


Best Marvel movie so far, imo...

Bl00dwerK on Apr 4, 2014


What impressed me most about this film were the "character moments". That bit between Falcon and Cap right before the end game. Cap visiting his old friend when said friend experiences a moment of forgetfulness. The flashback between Steve and a friend after returning from a funeral. Surprising stuff and, dare I say, much more welcome than the snark we got in The Avengers. Even caused me a choke up a little. The fact that the film ran 2 hours and 16 minutes meant someone, somewhere recommended cutting those "character moments" to reduce its running time. I'm glad they didn't win the fight. Loved the screenwriters' handling of Cap's innocence. When asked to consider the upside of cynicism, Cap rejects it without a second thought. He doesn't consider it or ponder it or even say "well, you make an interesting point, but...". Nope. He just says "fuck that" and turns the other way. The dude doesn't compromise and that's the way he should be written. I enjoyed the hell out of Mackie's character and his enthusiasm to be back in the game. I'm disappointed that he won't be in Avengers 2. Oh, and the action scenes were pretty good, too.

denverchris on Apr 5, 2014


"character moments" are why we all love our fave heroes it's just that Hollywood had problems translating that for some characters . If they got it right , well FINALLY LOL ....... without mutant powers per se ( altho being transformed by a drug qualifies him as a mutant ) they have to focus on character to sell the comic book , and now the movies .

Dominic on Apr 6, 2014


This is the movie we need to understand better the character. The feeling of a man out of his time in Avengers was based on jokes, basically; and here you can feel how it even punish him in some kind of way. We see him grow as a leader and as an inspiration to this "modern" world. something we don't feel in Avengers. Love how the fights were taken in response to a more physical character and how the lack of exaggerated powers (like thunder and repulsor blasters) become this confrontations into an intimate but intense fights. A better definition of Black Widow as an spy and the way of she do things, also you can see a more mature treatment of this character. And the Winter Soldier it's a total badass. People usually complains about more than one villain it makes the story weak. Well , cap. have more than 4 enemies in this one. If you're a fan of the comic book version, you'll love the references, and they translated this into the language of a film.

toonfed on Apr 5, 2014


Couldnt of said it better myself. Although Avengers was good, the constant puns and sillyness takes away from the real-aesthetic feel of the movie. I mean come on, are you really going to react that way when your world is close to annialation by way of alien invasion. I think not. The tone they use for Captain America is perfect. Marvel needs to take some serious notes from the writer and director of this franchise.

Rock n Rollllll on Apr 7, 2014


If you give 9/10 or 10/10 to this , then how much you gave to The Dark Knight ? Hellboy ? Watchmen ? Man of Steel ? as for those who are saying : Best Marvel movie ! did you watched The Incredible Hulk - Xmen - Blade ? again with my respect for all your opinions but this movie was really boring. Edit: I forgot to list Iron Man !

alin2014 on Apr 5, 2014


The Incredible Hulk was a sleeping pill.

Brian Sleider on Apr 5, 2014


Which means you agree with me on : The Dark Knight - Hellboy - Watchmen - Man of Steel - X men - Blade and Iron Man .

alin2014 on Apr 5, 2014


As far as those being better? I can give you TDK and Iron Man. The rest were as good as but not better than CA:TWS. I cannot agree with the movie being boring slow paced sure, but that doesn't necessarily make it boring. I thouhgt the pacing was good. For me the bad parts of the movie have nothing to do with the movie but with what the trailers revealed. AS another poster said, its hard to feel any suspense regarding those carriers knowing they all get destroyed. A better trailer would have just had shots of the carriers blasting but not seeing what it was shooting. As is you walk in to the movie knowing those things are going down in flames. And once you find out that the carriers are the whole end game it really deflates any suspense.

Brian Sleider on Apr 5, 2014


Well said Brian, perfectly encapsulates my frustration at how much is given away in trailers. Even last night I saw an advert for Cap and Sky and the very first shot was the helicarrier stacking it into the SHIELD building!

Payne by name on Apr 6, 2014


I didn't give this a numerical value. All of this is subjective, though, so there's not really much use in critiquing someone else's ratings. I'm sorry you found this film boring, though.

Elbak on Apr 5, 2014


I am going to have to hop on the hype train and agree with everyone that this is a GREAT movie and probably one of Marvel's best yet. Great, intense action scenes that never detract from the story and holy shit did they make Cap brutal in this one. I liked that they gave each character a bit of time to shine even though it is a Captain America movie. It was nice to see a little more of Black Widow and Nick Fury - the entire car chase scene was fucked! Loved it. Alex, I actually didn't get any cheese from this movie at all. Normally Marvel packs in a tiny bit of cheesiness into their movies but this one was solid through and through, I thought.

Blake on Apr 5, 2014


I EFFING LOVED THE WINTER SOLIDER!!!! ...ahem and did I mention, I loved the villain? god Sebastian Stan is so hot! I would so totally let the Winter soldier throw me around in that arm Lol.

Whatiswrongwithus on Apr 5, 2014


I think this is marvel's best execution so far. They took some notes from Watchmen (both the story and the movie). Cap is the personification of idealism with laser focus in this film. The soldier who takes down the military industrial complex he serves? That's a powerful concept. Johansson was on point (are you blind, Cap?), all the actors were on point. Robert Redford to Sam Jackson, after seeing him back from the dead: "Did you get my flowers?" That was probably my favorite line. As for jumping out of high buildings without caring, I don't think that's so hard to swallow. When I was a teenager, I would sometimes jump off two story buildings without looking at the ground first. I obviously had nowhere near the strength that cap has, so it was a lot more dangerous for me. If you understand the physics and that the human body is a dynamic machine, plus you have the muscle to create powerful springs, plus you have a shield that can diffuse kinetic energy, I wouldn't think twice about jumping out of an airplane without a parachute either. Also, when I was in the marine corps, I learned that fear plays no role in your decision making when you are focused on a mission. If you are a soldier intent on saving the world and driven by that kind of idealism, you will not be able to appreciate the self preservative value of hesitation. The choreography was outstanding. All the major characters (Cap, Black Widow, Bucky) had near perfect form through all their power moves. The geometry in the fight dynamics actually looked clean, which is rare historically for action movies. The best parts, though, were the story and the direction. Marvel continues to step their game up a notch. My anticipation for all their future films has grown again.

Elbak on Apr 5, 2014


This movie was bloody AWESOME. Starting with a sequel story that made sense, with some twists that I loved. The acting was all top notch. Even Scarlet pull out some great acting. The plot and story all made sense. The visual effects were absolutely out of this world amazing. Loved the new side kick. tons of great emotion from the story. Robert Redford was fucking great in it. Probably one if the BEST sequels ever made... seriously... in the leagues of Empire Strikes Back. TOP NOTCH FILM MAKING here. The action was freaking so incredible. Going to watch this a few more times. I LOVED IT.

jimfromtoto on Apr 5, 2014


Oh yeah, plus - Abed!

Elbak on Apr 5, 2014


In short I thought it combined perfectly the immensity of the Avengers with the intimacy of The First Avenger. I loved it.

Jon Odishaw on Apr 5, 2014


Do people really like this style of camera work and editing? Take the fight scenes for example, super short cuts, cuts right before or on top of a hit, super fast camera movement. There could be something cool happening there, but I'm only assuming, because I can't really see it! And the extreme unmotivated camera movement on talking heads? Feels like they are trying to add a kind of fake energy to the film.

guthimlikeafish on Apr 5, 2014


I agree. I wondered if it was an attempt to get round the censors and maintain a box office friendly rating. You can tell that he's taking them down but not how. Unfortunately the camerawork just served to take me out of the scenes and leave me unengaged. There were loud bangs and crashes and whirring motion on the screen but nothing enough to make me think nice punch or good block. Once again a directors or cinematographers vanity renders parts of a film uninvolving.

Payne by name on Apr 6, 2014


Maybe I've just gotten used to it. Because I hate it but wasn't bothered about it with CA2. I remember being pissed at Greengrass and his tremor-shaking filming of The Bourne Supremacy. As a result it is the Bourne movie I watch the least. Just can't stand the shaking. Too bad too because it's a great story,actors, action (I shakes too much to see much of it). Oh well.

LightningB on Apr 8, 2014


I've really been unimpressed with Marvel movies. Captain America was okay but not special, Thor mediocre, Iron Man 2 cool but sucky, Iron Man 3 just sucked, Thor 2 had a better trailer than movie.... But I thought Cap 2 was the best Marvel movie since Iron Man and the Avengers. It was well made and as a movie was probably the most complete film in of the entire MCU. Evans was the best part of Cap 1 so it was great to see more of him, LOVED seeing Fury get fleshed out more, Stan was wonderful (Sebastian not Lee), Redford was as excellent as one would expect... The best part was the directing. When you've got a spy thriller and players like Widow and Fury you have to show they're smart, not just show them hacking and being the deus ex machina.*** minor SPOILERS*** Widow seeing the WS's shadow was brilliant, clever little touches like that and Fury using the radio made the movie for me. The Strange reference was perfect. THAT'S how you do world-building; not shoving it down our throat like in Cap 1 and Thor. The Georges St-Pierre cameo was awesome, seeing Abed was amazing. The ending with The Winter Soldier was perfect. *** end SPOILERS*** When my biggest gripe was "Why didn't he call Iron Man?" I'm happy.

si1ver on Apr 6, 2014


Your last question hit the nail on the head. That's my only (minor) gripe about this and all the post-Avengers movies. When Captain America realizes Shield has been infiltrated by Hydra and knows he has to break in and take them down, it's hard not to ask why he wouldn't give Stark a call in that situation. And vice versa. Looked like Iron Man could've used some help against Killian and his Extremis soldiers. I know they want to make the stand-alone films just about that hero, but after The Avengers, it's hard not to ask that question. And where was SHIELD in Iron Man 3? Also the villians in these movies never give pause that they might now have to face multiple superheroes. When Iron Man 3 starts, it's 1999 but then later Killian is taking out his revenge so to speak. That's great but in between Stark fought with CA, Thor and Hulk. If you are going to take on Iron Man (or any of them) you should now have to consider that potential but each of the stand-alone movies never addresses it. Not saying any of them should've appeared in the other's film but that questions should've been addressed. JUST CURIOUS!

LightningB on Apr 6, 2014


I would've been completely happy if they'd just shown stark briefly clearing up debris in washington. I think for Marvel the stand alone film model no longer works unless they're gonna keep the action to a smaller scale. It's ridiculous to suggest the "death" of fury passed stark by and he couldn't be bothered to swing by washington when the helicarriers were crashing into millions of people.

blargh on Apr 7, 2014


Something like showing Iron Man swooping down and grabbing a big piece of debris shouldn't be hard to do. You don't need RDJ for that, just CGI. Actually, almost any scene involving Iron Man can be done that way or with a stunt double so I dunno why they haven't done anything like that yet. I know they want to keep solo films solo, but blargh has a point. When the story lines get so big where the entire world is at risk and major characters are dying there's no way more of the Avengers don't show up eventually in some capacity. I can believe that Stark or Thor didn't know what was going on until it was already over, but I can't believe they wouldn't show up as soon as they found out to try and do whatever still needs done. CGI can do amazing things now for way less money than even just a few years ago. If they really want to tie this universe together in a better way and show that these guys do have some contact with each other between Avengers films, they should give it a shot.

Chase on Apr 12, 2014


Alright, I keep hearing everyone complain about "Why didn't they call in Iron Man or the rest of the Avengers?" Other than the real world movie studio reasons, it's because of ego's and pride. They each feel like it's their problem and they are going to be the ones to handle it. So even though Tony's gotten his ass kicked multiple times and now the president is hanging 300 feet in the air and about to be barbequed, Tony is too cocky and too much of a glory hound to ever admit when he needs help. Hell, he wouldn't even give Rhodey a suit! It worked for Pepper so it probably would of worked for Rhodey too (no matter what lies Tony tells him). As for Cap, he's no stranger to egomania either, but his isn't as outlandish as Starks. Caps got too much pride to call for outside help The only person he ever actually ask is Falcon (Widow insisted she got in on it. Wasn't really Cap asking her to come) and that's only because he's a fellow soldier who he relates with and can trust, but even then you can tell it's hard for him to ask. Also, Cap doesn't like to put others in harm's way. That's just a few examples. I gotta stop giving such expanded responses lol.

Chase on Apr 8, 2014


Decent take Chase. Definitely won't argue with that. And like I said, it's not a complaint. It's just hard not to ask that question.

LightningB on Apr 8, 2014


Didn't Stark give up his suits.

OfficialJab on Apr 15, 2014


@OfficialJab:disqus He'll have or make more Iron Man suits in the upcoming marvel movies that he'll be in.

Sean on Apr 15, 2014


I was hoping they'd transition him to like a backup science character instead, and then have him make a more meaningful comeback in Avengers 3. The ending of IM3 was probably the best part about it, because it was a bold decision to have him give up that life in a franchise notorious for sequels, and it was bittersweet to see him do it. I'm sure it will end up with him in the suit again in A2 though.

OfficialJab on Apr 16, 2014


@OfficialJab:disqus He'll have more Iron Man suits in all the upcoming movies that he'll be in, because we can't have Tony Stark in a Marvel movie, with out his Iron Man suits. It just would not seem right. He'll end up building more Iron Man suits and wear them but like how Iron Patriot/War Machine wears them, with out the chest piece literally stuck in his chest. It will only be on his suit next time around.

Sean on Apr 16, 2014


Just would not seem right? I guess, though I think most people prefer the actor and the character not the suit. Like I said, I know I'll be wrong, I wish this is what they'd do though.

OfficialJab on Apr 17, 2014


@OfficialJab:disqus Right, I just would not seem right. But, We cannot have an Iron Man or a Marvel movie with him in it with out his suits or rather new ones that he'll likely make.

Sean on Apr 17, 2014


@OfficialJab:disqus No, They are not going to have an Iron Man movie or a Marvel movie with him in it, with out him having his Iron Man suits to use. The ending of Iron Man 3 has mislead people to believe that he'll have no more Iron Man suits. But that isn't true because he'll make more of them in future Iron Man movies or Marvel (Avengers) movies to wear and use them in.

Sean on Apr 17, 2014


Danny Pudi needs more screen time!

mooreworthy on Apr 6, 2014


That was a very,very good movie. It's always hard not to notice some minor logic gaps in superhero movies (like why is Rogers living in a regular apartment when he is very famous and well-known now? like he could get away with that!) but The Winter Soldier is well thought out. I think it is the best movie involving an Avenger outside of The Avengers itself. Evans still plays Rogers perfectly in that he still maintains old fashioned values and isn't cynical as Stark, Fury or others are. Keeping Zola "alive" in old technology hardware is strange but I guess they needed something, somewhere to explain how Hydra is alive and well. It would've been cool to have Iron Man have a part in arresting the senator at the end since they are the ones with history but that's nit-picking. I'm not familiar with the comics so some characters are new to me when I first see them in a movie. They showed that Brock (played by Frank Grillo) was still alive and since they made the effort to show us that, must be for a reason. What's his story? I've always thought Downey Jr. as Stark was the best casting of them all but now I'm starting to think Evans as Rogers is. Of course if they ever do a Hulk movie with Ruffalo that could change again! Lastly, how come Widow gets appearances in IR2 and CA2 but outside of his brief cameo in Thor, Hawkeye never gets used anywhere else? Only curious.

LightningB on Apr 6, 2014


LOL u wanna see Renner ? or Hollywood's new action hero , Johannsen ? if u say Renner not ScarJo ? something's wrong here ..... SHE's got bank he doesn't . Until a better Bourne movie ( Movie 2 of a trilogy usually the best ! ) comes out

Dominic on Apr 6, 2014


See the review for " Lucy "

Dominic on Apr 6, 2014


I guess I'm in the minority. I know nothing about the comics, so I'll only reference the movie. I thought the Hydra/Shield storyline was pretty trite. It had the spy intrigue of an Austin Power's movie. Pierce could have looked right camera in his first scene and said "I'm the bad guy..I'm just pretending...shhh!" It's also really cliche when the bad guy explains his motivations at the end, when he's about to die. The Dr. Zola brain copied on VHS tapes was an incredibly dumb way to tell a backstory. Falcon was pretty lame - imagine Iron Man wearing only boots. Not sure how to make him better though. In the super hi-tech world they created, a flying backpack is sorta meh. Also, the super advanced planes can kill millions of people based on their DNA, but can't hit Falcon? There were good things IMO too. I thought the action sequence in the street was filmed and edited really well. It was great. They did these neat speed ramps when Cap hit people or moved that made him look really strong. It was a nice idea rather than people flying 20 feet in the air when he kicked them. They were also pretty creative with his shield, which was cool to see. Captain's character was much more interesting in this movie. He's a black and white character in a grey world, and that works well for me. I'm still getting over the fact that the Avengers don't show up in these single hero Avenger movies. It doesn't make much sense, but that's just the way things are. So, are there going to be 2 quicksilvers now (X-Men & Avengers)? That's annoying.

Cameron on Apr 7, 2014


I thought it was awesome! Marvel finally made it's "Dark Knight" Much better than The Avengers however the action and effects in The Avengers of course was bigger, however just was thoroughly impressed with this film!

Frater Iacobus on Apr 8, 2014


I kept thinking of Metal Gear Solid 2. Information control and shadow government spying, opened with an agent infiltrating a ship in the night, villain with a prosthetic arm, the crashing carriers reminded me of Arsenal.

OfficialJab on Apr 15, 2014


What do I think? I think it was a terrible movie, just horrendous. Over the top acting, 'America is great' nonsense and just general drivel. It's unfortunate that most of the younger generation think this movie contains quality acting.

OfCourseNot on May 6, 2014


boring to death, nough said

cristina willigs on Jul 3, 2014

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