Sound Off: Michael Bay's 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' - Thoughts?

June 27, 2014

Transformers: Age of Extinction Sound Off

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Prepare for extinction. Now playing everywhere is Michael Bay's next robot action sequel Transformers: Age of Extinction, giving him a fresh start after Pain & Gain. There's no Shia, instead it stars Mark Wahlberg, who is the father of a dashing young teen played by Nicola Peltz, who has a boyfriend played by Jack Reynor. Yea, it's all a bit complicated, and there's tons of big robots, plus wacky Stanley Tucci, no Turturro but T.J. Miller as comic relief, plus Kelsey Grammer in there and John Goodman as the Autobot Hound. Of course, Optimus is back. Is it fun at all? Good/bad? If you've seen it, leave a comment with your thoughts on Bay's TF4: Age of Extinction.

Spoiler Warning: We strongly urge everyone to actually see the film before reading ahead, as there may be spoilers below. We also encourage all commenters to keep major spoilers from the film to a minimum, if possible. However, this is an open discussion from this point on! Beware of spoilers, don't ruin this movie!

To fuel this Transformer, I am not the biggest fan of Transformers: Age of Extinction, at least on first take. I'm actually a big fan of Bay and enjoyed the last Transformers movie quite a bit, the action scenes were amazing. But with Age of Extinction it's a whole new pace, a whole new feeling. The first problem - while Wahlberg is usually good, the dialogue here is just awful. It's laughably terrible in spots, especially at the beginning establishing characters. I'm not sure if it will translate well (and the movie will be a huge hit in China), but there's so much excessive product placement and political placement, with an eventual move to China that is just soaked with beautiful shots of cities, especially Hong Kong, before they get ravaged by the robots. Ya, that was occasionally fun to watch, but not any more than before. I still like the first one the best.

It was actually odd how much some of the action seem toned back compared to Dark of the Moon. Much more agile, and all about little moments that build to bigger things; I would compare it to the way Iron Man 3's action is more nimble than the others. The story is so thin and it's all about so much ridiculous yelling and the CIA and China and this and that and oh my, robots, everyone hates them! No one likes them! Let's kill them all! But wait, they're all going to kill us! Crap. Finally, when we get to the Dinobots, they're just kind of quickly used, we get a few awesome action beats, then they go away. No explanation, no history, no long connection that will last. That's it, goodbye, you got some Dinobots now stop asking for them. Not enough. Overall a mild disappointment, just a bit too boring, as crazy as that seems for a Bay action movie.

Transformers: Age of Extinction

What did you think of Michael Bay's Transformers: Age of Extinction? Awesome or terrible?
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I thought it was a perfectly fun, entertaining movie. Good..think of the other three and go from there. I actually thought it was a fresh start to the already necessary/unnecessary series (you be the judge). A lot of the components to the movie made it seem very different and new, obviously because it wasn't primarily a continuation from the latter installment. All the new 'bots look great, dinobots were awesome (just don't get your hopes up to see them for most of the movie), and the new villain kicks way more ass than Megatron ever did. Hound was a welcome relief to Ironhide; just a plain cooler character and he alone could've probably taken on the entire decepticon fleet in all the other transformers. Funny how KassemG made a huge cameo appearance lol!

JBrotsis on Jun 27, 2014


All of these are the reasons I might go see this tonight

Jon Odishaw on Jun 27, 2014


What a complete waste of ten dollars and two hours and forty-five minutes. The dialogue was awful, the characters weren't anyone you wanted to root for, females may as well have been in the kitchen barefoot and making sandwiches, and they even made Optimus seem like a dick. The racial profiling, not just with the Transformers but with people as well, was over the top. I was really curious to see the Dinobots even though I never liked them as a kid, but they only showed up for the final ten minutes of the film. I found the first and third films entertaining, though not great, and was hoping for similar from this. This was by far the worst entry not just in the franchise, but as a film in general. Save your money.

Buie on Jun 27, 2014


The first movie I have ever considered walking out of the theater. The CGI was terrible. There's a scene where two characters are climbing down an apartment building, but it looked like two video game characters jumping from platform to platform. I was expecting better from Mr. Bay.

redtie on Jun 27, 2014


The CGI was amazing, you don't know WTF your talking about.

John Mitchell on Jun 27, 2014


A lot of what I thought was terrible was the CGI execution. To me, CGI should make a movie more believable and enjoyable. I can only suspend my disbelief so much. Had I been 13 and not seen the other 3 movies, I might have been impressed with the CGI. - Scene where Mark Wahlberg is climbing down the apartment building looked terrible. - The Optimus Prime transformation was odd because the "old paint" fell off the vehicle. No other transformer seemed to lose paint in the transformation. - I did not like the floating cube cloud sometimes used for Galvatron. I think the cube cloud is a lazy effect. The cloud effect broke my minds rules for the Transformers transformations. Transformers have to stay in one "form" unless they make an effort to scan another vehicle. - The scene where Galvatron popped up in the bottom left hand corner, like a tv ad, and said something like "I'll get you Autobots next time."

redtie on Jun 29, 2014


I'm a bit on the fence with this movie. It felt like it had some of the epic action qualities of 1 and 3, whilst also having some of the annoying/boring pieces of 2.... that being said, I'll still buy it on bluray when it's released

Chewwie Bukka on Jun 27, 2014


The fighting and action scenes in the movie are amazing, but the sexual references and dialog are like watching a naked old man running down the street, cringy, not funny, and just terrible. The plot, story, and character development are scattered. Its not until about 45 minutes into the movie that we actually see some robot action. The dinobots in the movie were cool... but their presence in the movie was quick and didn't have much relevance to the story. BUT the action sequences in this movie are beyond amazing! its worth watching. I think Micheal Bay was chosen to direct this series because he is good with action sequences. But his meaningless sexual humor (which isn't even funny just stupid), constant scattered plot, crappy dialog, and short, messy character development Have just COMPLETELY destroyed the reputation of my favorite franchise since i was a kid! Honestly, we NEED a new Director...

John Mitchell on Jun 27, 2014


Another unjustly transformers to say the least. On top of that, shitty dialogue, story build up and plot was all over the place and the biggest fuck up was Galvatrons backstory. Just awful!

Rock n Rollllll on Jun 27, 2014


Transformers should be put to rest. Awful just awful the press was laughing and booing all through the screening. Michael bay is a kid with a lot of money and no purpose. HE SEXUALIZED A 17 YEAR OLD. I just don't get it man please don't see this movie if you want better movies. See better movies.

speedracer on Jun 27, 2014


1) 17 is legal in most of the US 2) Nicola Peltz was 18/19 when they filmed it. It was a joke. Grow up.

davidshaw on Jun 27, 2014


Legal doesn't make it moral David. And to be disgusted with the overuse of sexual tones in action films, especially with a teenager, is the most grown up complaint a real adult can make. Your comment isn't fair to "speedracer."

Quanah on Jun 28, 2014


17 is not legal in all state unless under the stipulations in the movie in most states Or you live in Cali who has the strictest laws to this.. Texas hasn't had that law on its books long either.

Chris White on Jun 28, 2014


The over protective father bit wouldn't have worked. He wouldn't be saving up for her to go to collage she would already be in collage. That was a large part of the movie that wouldn't have been possible if the character was 18.

Jon Odishaw on Jun 28, 2014


I watched it in Canada where it's 16. The gag where he's carrying around the Texas law was pretty funny.

OfficialJab on Jun 29, 2014


Never before have I been so physically ill and uncomfortable in a movie theater as I was during this film. I was fidgeting, short of breath, and put into a foul mood. For the first fifteen minutes I thought it was really easy to make fun of, but it kept getting worse to the point where it was so bad that I couldn’t enjoy the silliness of it all. It was just aggressively bad through and through.

Daniel_Plainview_Milkshake on Jun 27, 2014


You have a disgustingly weak constitution if a movie affected you like that. Go see a doctor. Seriously. Or this is all just hyperbole, which is almost worse. Either way, you're a terribly pathetic human being.

davidshaw on Jun 27, 2014


This is not hyberbole and your response is totally resonable and grown up. I hated this movie.

Daniel_Plainview_Milkshake on Jun 28, 2014


Here's my review that I wrote somewhere else: I anticipated Michael Bay’s Transformers: Age of Extinction to be pretty bad, but at least some dumb fun with some exciting action sequences like the original and third film (the second one is terrible). Age of Extinctionisn’t dumb fun, because it’s dumb awfulness. I’ve never been tortured before, but watching Age of Extinction is what it must feel like. In a career filled with mostly loud, nonsensical, and just bad films, this fourth Transformersmay be the worst film by Michael Bay (The Rock is Bay’s only real good film to date). Never before have I been so physically ill and uncomfortable in a movie theater as I was during this film. I was fidgeting, short of breath, and was put into a foul mood by the end. For the first fifteen minutes I thought it was really easy to make fun of, but it kept getting worse to the point where it was so bad that I couldn’t enjoy the silliness of it all. It was just aggressively unpleasant through and through. Mark Wahlberg as Cade Yeager (that name just makes me sad) just exists and actually feels like a lesser version of his character in The Other Guys(a better movie than T4). Kelsey Grammer and Stanley Tucci are both wasted and too good for this film. Nicola Peltz as Tessa Yeager, Cade’s daughter, is just a shell who is there to look pretty in many gratuitous shots of her in some very short shorts (an ongoing not funny joke in the film). I didn’t expect the plot have much substance or any semblance of character development, but it seemed like they strived to make it as convoluted and dull as possible. The dialogue is laughably bad throughout and none of the characters’ motives were ever consistent or logical. The Dinobots, Bumblebee, and Galvatron (who is just Megatron reborn and I like Megatron) are kind of cool, but they’re barely in the film’s overly long 165 minutes runtime. The film’s sophomoric humor is terrible and confused in relation to some of the dark and dire situations the characters keep finding themselves in. Any half-assed attempt at drama is immediately undercut by some idiotic joke. During one of the first major action sequences one of the comic relief characters is killed in a pretty ugly fashion and within a minute, Wahlberg is more worried about his daughter’s boyfriend (played by Jack Reynor who also has nothing significant to do) and the possibility of them touching. Most other jokes are out of place sexual innuendo, poor slapstick, or unfunny observational humor by characters that aren’t funny. Humor is very welcome in big summer action fests, but this one is about as funny as a third grader’s new poop joke. The action scenes aren’t exciting or even that cool on a visual standpoint as all the Transformers look similar and blend into the background in most of the action. As I mentioned the Dinobots aren’t in it that much and Galvatron’s big one on one with Optimus if fine just because it it’s a classic match up between two icons of 80s cartoons. It doesn’t help that you won’t care about any characters in the film, so you’ll be numb to feeling anything when they’re in danger. As far as other visuals go, I hate Bay’s way of shooting even simple scenes of just characters talking as the camera is always sweeping to show off the expensive sets or at overdramatic angles like every scene is suppose to look like an action scene. This is not me being a snob or just hating on Michael Bay because it’s the cool thing to do. I legitimately despised this film. If it was an hour shorter, I probably would’ve found it dumb, but fairly watchable with some cool visual effect driven action scenes (like I do with the third one), but it felt like it was seven hours long. It was so mind numbingly frustrating that I decided to not even try to write a funny review like I originally intended on and instead just write to warn the entire world that Transformers: Age of Extinctionis pure concentrated badness that did not entertain, but simply made me sad. **Here there be big spoilers** But really you know the plot already… Some things to point out: - Kelsey Grammer’s character’s goal is to save the world by destroying all Transformers and making his own to replace US troops. He says on several occasions that he’s doing these horrible things to save lives, but when Galvatron starts murdering people, Grammer literally says he doesn’t care if innocent people die because “innocent people die all the time” - Grammer has a scene in the Arctic and then is in the C.I.A. headquarters in the very next scene, and then is in Texas in the scene right after in what appears to be the course of a day if you pay attention to the background environment. No sense to be made of this. - The Dinobots aren’t mentioned at all throughout the film, but the bounty hunter, Lockdown, just has them locked away as a convenience to the plot. - Optimus beats the Hell out of Grimlock (the T-rex) for minute, weakening the Dinobots in the eyes of the audience when they’re supposed to be the most badass bots out there. - There’s a pretty extended unnecessary close-up of a 17-year old girl’s ass. - The father-daughter relationship of the film is that of a middle aged woman taking care of her elderly and senile father, when in reality they are both quite young and healthy. - Tessa at one point begins to crawl backwards to purposefully board the Hellish alien ship they’re escaping from because she’s afraid to cross a large height to safety on the Willis Tower. - John Goodman is one of my favorite actors and voices the Autobot that gets the second most screentime next to Optimus. - “I think we just found a Transformer!” - Galvatron is voiced by Frank Weller, who played Megatron in the original cartoon. - After a Bud Light product placement truck explodes the product placment contines as there are close-ups of the bottles and Wahlberg drinks it for no reason other than the film is probably sponsored in part by Bud Light. - Beats by Dre product placement. - Galvatron will return for Transformers 5, so don’t worry… - Dinobots are just running around Earth now. - Ken Watanabe plays a samurai Autobot. As an aside, I did PA on the film last year in Chicago and had a lovely time and worked with a lot of good people. Movies to watch instead of Transformers: Age of Extinction - Boogie Nights - Paul Thomas Anderson’s magnificent modern classic about the porn industry is Whalberg’s best performance to this day. Whalberg also sings “The Touch” by Stan Bush, which was made famous in the next movie I’m about to recommend. - Transformers: The Movie– still the best film starring the Transformers and also the first appearance of Megatron as the reincarnated Galvatron. - The Rock – Michael Bay’s only good film to date and it’s a damn fine action film - Pacific Rim– a far superior, better directed, more self-aware, more coherent giant robot film - Jurassic Park– my personal favorite summer blockbuster ever made, arguably tied for favorite film ever, and a obviously a better dinosaur movie - Godzilla(2014) – this summer’s best blockbuster so far and a far more sophisticated giant monster movie with far better set pieces, mass destruction, drama, creatures, plot, and cheer worthy moments. Still in theaters. - Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla– has a better robot dinosaur - The Other Guys – better use of Mark Wahlberg in a funny action role - Captain America: The First Avenger– better use of Stanley Tucci in a supporting role in a better summer blockbuster - Toy Story 2 - Kelsey Grammer in a better villainous role - Friday the 13th (2009) – possibly the most entertaining thing Bay has ever been involved with (He produced it) - Robocop(1987) (and I had very mixed feelings about the remake, but it is also a better option than Transformers) - Star Trek(2009) - Aliens - The Terminator

Daniel_Plainview_Milkshake on Jun 28, 2014


You forgot: - Every time the protagonists wrecked in China, vegetables showed up on the hood of the car. - Not subtitling the spoken Chinese.

redtie on Jun 29, 2014


Hahaha I think there's a lot of horrible stuff like that that we could find in this film

Daniel_Plainview_Milkshake on Jun 29, 2014


Reviewers should be objective, your opening line is "I expected this to be bad" your review is invalid.

Brian Sleider on Jun 30, 2014


The "but" then validates it again and I'm also not a robot and should take personal feeling into consideration. It's a humanist approach. My anticipation was also based on previous exposures to the past films in the franchise and past works of people involved. If i was a good film then it would've surprised me and I would've admitted it, like I have with other better films in the past that have surprised me. You're review of my review is now null and void.

Daniel_Plainview_Milkshake on Jun 30, 2014


I doubt that you would admit anything. The movie was a fun distraction a bit overlong but fun none the less.

Brian Sleider on Jun 30, 2014


Do you doubt it? Really? Here's my review of the remake of Robocop where I go in depth into how is it played with my expectations: . It's fine that you fine T4 fun. In my opinion I found it horrendous, moronic on every level, and a bastardization of cinema.

Daniel_Plainview_Milkshake on Jun 30, 2014


Ratchet was killed off early hiding and then begging for his life like a pantywaste. That isnt the autobots bay created in the first movie. The joy and excitment is gone and whats left is just dumb. Guhhh walked out 2 seconds after. No more mike bay transformers please.

Adam Durham on Jul 11, 2014


Ok glad you wasted 10 bucks, to see a movie you knew you were going to hate just so you could complain how bad it was. Oh wait you didnt walk out did you? just saying that to be cool and edgy #baysucks

Brian Sleider on Jul 12, 2014


REALLY big Transformers fan here.

Chuckee Knowlton on Jun 29, 2014


What say you, davidshaw?

Daniel_Plainview_Milkshake on Jun 29, 2014


I LOVED It!! Awesome flick

Maxfield Stanton on Jun 27, 2014


It was as if they tried to set out to make the best and worst Transformers movie in the franchise. The action scenes, as usual, brings the goods, but everything else was absolutely terrible. I'm a bit frustrated with Age of Extinction because underneath all of the T&A, the racist and sexist jokes, the blatant product placement, and shameless promotion of Chinese tourism, there really is a more serious-toned and menacing movie with themes of Homeland Security and the death of the American Dream. It could have been a fantastic and surprising fresh start the franchise needed, but it decided to fall back on its old shtick (and quite frankly, it's getting pretty old at this point).

Zer0 on Jun 28, 2014


I'm so tired of seeing Optimus Prime get the shit kicked out of him and need to be saved by humans.

Astroboy3000 on Jun 28, 2014


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kimanderson on Jun 28, 2014


Word. And what the hell? Could he have been flying the whole time?

mooreworthy on Jun 28, 2014


True he does get the shit kicked out of him but in each movie he delivers the single most badass decepticon destruction of any other character. Gets shit kicked out of him "Where would you be without me, Prime?" "Time to find out" Relieves Megatron of his face. So cool

Jon Odishaw on Jun 28, 2014


It's supposed to reflect his essence of sacrifice for earth and humans, but after the second one it should have stopped :/

RobotProphet on Jul 2, 2014


Why is everyone bashing Bay when the problem is clearly Kruger, get someone else to write the feckin movies and we'll be ok. A good writer plus Bay's action eye could equal a great movie! KRUGER OUT!!!

Gav Kelly on Jun 28, 2014


Because at the end of the day Bay is the one directing this and not Krueger. Which mean Bay's going to take the most heat because he could of chosen to change any and all the script to bring the movie more inline with his vision and instead he chose to run with this weak script.

Chris White on Jun 28, 2014


Did you not see the multitude of mistakes made in the movie? So many goofs, not just bad dialogue made this movie terrible. Continuity fail from shot to shot on so many levels. Im not saying Krueger's script was any good but bad direction can make a good script terrible and good direction can essentially do the opposite.

TK on Jun 29, 2014


It was an okay movie that had a chance to make a lot of points but never really ran with any.. And the ending if someone had put a little more thought it would have envisioned that what Prime did was a dumb move for both the humans and the Autobots.

Chris White on Jun 28, 2014


So many people hate on this movie simply because Michael Bay is doing it. I'm a hardcore transformers fan (seen every series, read every book, played almost every game, and the comics) and I frikin LOVED this movie. Yes, there was some Michael Bay details that I wish weren't in there, but this is the Transformer movie all us fans were waiting for! I was so emotionally attached to ALL the characters, both human and autobot. Unlike the first three films, the humans and autobots got almost equal story time on-screen and they WERE ACTUALLY WORKING TOGETHER to fight the enemy (as opposed to them fighting or running away in completely separate factions of the films). I couldn't watch Ratchet die (covered eyes and ears), I loved that Lockdown was in this but hated how evil he was, I was extremely attached to Optimus' conflict on quitting earth altogether, and I did really like seeing the Dinobots even though I was extremely doubtful before. The number one thing I loved: THAT MY THEORY OF THE QUINTESSONS WAS FRIKKIN IN THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (crushed my friend's hand so hard and hyperventilated when Lockdown explained to Optimus that their "creators want change") Can't wait to see it again and I forgive Michael Bay for listening to the fans a little bit (even though Hound was annoying, it was a pleasant to find out that they brought him into this movie so I appreciated that he was there). What will be in the next one? I'm callin' it: Hot Rod and Galvatron internalization.

RobotProphet on Jun 28, 2014


If you were a true fan then you would not like these movies. It's like putting a Ferrari badge on a Ford Escort. It may have the badge but none of the quality or the charm.

TK on Jun 29, 2014


The main reason I love transformers is for the robots having emotion and independence and Michael Bay actually achieved that this time if only a little 🙂 and he actually threw in real history from different series instead of making up stuff (a.k.a. the Allspark which was originated in these films). Total geek out with emotional connection = Bay forgiven ^-^

RobotProphet on Jul 2, 2014


I just want a movie about the transformers. Their plight on their homeland and how it affects earth without all the silly stupid human side of it all. That is what has ruined these movies. It's a makeshift universe that Bay has created with government conspiracies with humans as the central characters and every now so often he shows something cool and awesome but more often then not, he kills it with silly humor, ridiculous inconsistencies and all round stupendous dialogue. Some if not all the stuff Optimus said almost seemed contrived and forced without any really meaning behind it. It's almost the same speech at the end of each movie. If you were to make it realistic with human involvement, at least have it like the cartoons with the frigates and tanks taking them on instead of armed special forces and Mark Wahlberg with his conveniently human sized alien weapon. I long for the day someone like Nolan, Del Toro or dare I say it Snyder to get their hands on Transformers.

TK on Jul 3, 2014


I'm a true fan and I love these movies. I grew up watching the original movie and cartoons. I still have almost all the Transformers toys I grew up playing with. So time to shut your hole crybaby. True fans can and do love these movies. Live action > Cartoons. Nuff said.

Jimmy_Sr... on Jul 18, 2014


Felt like a "seatbelts save lives" PSA for the first half and the typical badass action and laughable script in the second half. The positives were Optimus as always, the Dino bots, Stanley tucci and the CGI mayhem. Negatives, well pretty Much everything else.

Jon Odishaw on Jun 28, 2014


I thought it was about as entertaining as the other three, I like them all for being spectacular trash. Nothing like seeing them in IMAX.

OfficialJab on Jun 29, 2014


This movie is terribad. I usually don't mind these types of movies but man this is a terrible movie. I tried so hard to get into the movie but the continuity, bad dialogue that made good actors look like bad actors and the terrible jokes, kept pulling me out. So many goofs I think he beat his own record. This is lazy film making at it's best. That poor girl who was clearly there for nothing else then to be Michael Bay's eye candy and to be used for cheap marketing. I felt like 75% of the time I was watching one huge and expensive ad for a multitude of products. This movie was probably profitable before it even made it to the big screen. Fans of these movies really need to demand more for their buck. Unfortunately a lot will probably defend this movie but seriously, imagine this franchise in the hands of a more competent director.

TK on Jun 29, 2014


The movie was a complete mess but thats exactly what I expected going in. It started off strong with some decent acting and interesting story but then just fell apart after the daughter gets taken to the alien ship. My 14 year old son loved it so I think it hit its target demographics. He wants to see it again and told all his friends how great it was. The new cars and transformers look fantastic except for Galvatron. The best part of the movie was the bad ass Dinobots. But I completely hate the whole story line of transformium and how the new deceptacons can transform from little rubic cube pieces. So disappointing. Wallberg pulled it off but they killed off the best comic relief to early in the movie. It needed more levity and jokes

jimfromtoto on Jun 29, 2014


In my opinion. The movie is beautifully terrible. lol. And overlong. Just terrible. 3/10 for me.

Jorrell Mcdaniel on Jun 29, 2014


I'm sooooo glad my kids are old enough now to see how bad these movies are that I don't have to sit through this terrible garbage anymore.

Chuckee Knowlton on Jun 29, 2014


Yep, lets hate this film after paying to see all four of em. See you all the next one as well.

mooreworthy on Jun 29, 2014


Well THEY HAVE TO SEE IT, I feel like a lot of the haters like it but just like to hate on it because, internet.

Brian Sleider on Jun 30, 2014


Exactly what I expected, i needed nothing more or nothing less. What is everyone looking for.... someone write a better movie if they really want to see one. I love watching transformers fight and shit so i was very please. Not as good as 3 though.

Sky on Jun 29, 2014


I heard this movie was terrible and that's 3 hours of terrible.

Jim Dawkins on Jun 30, 2014


Well it is a good thing you saw for yourself so you could intelligently comment in a "your thoughts" comment section.

Brian Sleider on Jun 30, 2014


I've loved all the movies, but with this one, there's so much wrong with it you don't even know where to begin to explain whats wrong. I found the first hour of character development with mark wahlberg, his daughter, and T.J. Miler were extremely annoying. Everybody is yelling all the time for no good reason, and keep in mind this is before any robots show up. When T.J Miller's character dies, I felt like the family didn't show any emotion. Just terrible, didn't connect with any of the human characters at all.

Adam Lubicz on Jun 30, 2014


Had a LOT of fun better than the 3rd and 2nd movies. 7.5/10

Brian Sleider on Jun 30, 2014


It was an hour to long.

Richard Smith on Jun 30, 2014



Sir Charles Johnson on Jul 1, 2014


Why are people complaining about the story and dialogue and stuff like that? It's an American Action movie. Were there fast cars? Explosions? Fighting and violence? Then I don't see the problem. I will say I didn't like how Galvatron came to life got the new decepticons then disappeared until the very end. But what ever I'll see you in 2016 for the next movie. Plus the Kassem G cameo was awesome.

Armani Moore on Jun 30, 2014


Much better than the first three movies for sure!!! I like the Autobots getting sick of the humans crap. It was darker and Marky Mark was a much needed relief as were the rest of the cast. My only disappointment was the limited time for the Dinobots. I would have liked to see more ass kicking in robot mode but hey it was still a great time!! We already know 2 more are coming out so I can't wait to see what's going to happen. Still wish we knew what happened to Skids, Mudflap, Jolt, Sideswipe, Topspin, Roadbuster, Dino, and Wheelie.

Sir Charles Johnson on Jul 1, 2014


This movie is horrible. Satan has destroyed every genre of movie. You are going to completely remove your morals when you watch this disturbing film. Its constant garbage acting combined with hints that Jesus is coming back and Satan will lose. I know for a fact that this movie is intended to keep people sinning because of what was displayed in the movie. I mean seriously one of the actors hit a bell made it ring when he said "The Seed" which relates to The Parables of the Mustard Seed and the Yeast 31 He told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field. 32 Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds come and perch in its branches.” 33 He told them still another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like yeast that a woman took and mixed into about sixty pounds[b] of flour until it worked all through the dough.” 34 Jesus spoke all these things to the crowd in parables; he did not say anything to them without using a parable. 35 So was fulfilled what was spoken through the prophet: “I will open my mouth in parables, I will utter things hidden since the creation of the world

SaveUsJesus on Jul 1, 2014


Dude, it's a Transformers movie!! Wow!!

Lester Jackson on Jul 2, 2014


Are you off your meds again? What did we tell you about doing that? Now get back in your cage, you have had enough recreation time.

Jimmy_Sr... on Jul 18, 2014


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rosatskidmore on Jul 6, 2014


Paid more attention to the product placement and horrible dialogue to be able to comment on any of the action. At times, I almost cringed at what the characters were saying. Can't even believe this movie was directed by the same guy.

MarketingInternGirl on Jul 9, 2014


The movie was GREAT..... could have been 1/2 shorter... but I loved it... all the actors were terrific!

Peaches on Jul 13, 2014


Haha FUCK ALL OF YOU AMERICAN PRICKS. Transformers doesn't need a story. Oh man you people just want to see Oscar films with great story character plot Oh JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP ALL OF YOU IT WAS BETTER THAN ANY OTHER FILM RELEASED IN 2014. No offence to Cap, Xmen and spiderman. Transformers is for people who want action in cinema. Not piece of shits you see in films that critics like. Fuck the story fuck the dialogues. Fuck you haters fuck you Americans Your lucky to have Hollywood who makes great films like Transformers

Raphael on Jul 15, 2014


you're Just mad Because you ain't American

Jacob marley on Jul 17, 2014


With idiots like you he is better off not being American.

Jimmy_Sr... on Jul 18, 2014


so your mad too? yeah i Think so Maggot

Jacob marley on Jul 22, 2014


because your not american

Guest on Jul 17, 2014


Useless conversation. Stop responding from onwards. Waste of time

Raphael on Jul 18, 2014


Shut it you fucking pantywaste

Jimmy_Sr... on Jul 18, 2014

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