Spider-Man Rumored to Be Shared by Sony Pictures & Marvel Soon

October 7, 2014
Source: HitFix


Over the past couple days, an interesting but vague story has been circulating about Marvel's plans for The Avengers 3. While there have been rumors that it might be split into two films, the contracts for the actors would make that tricky since most of them don't have enough films left in their contracts to fulfill a two-film split like that. But word on the street is that most of the heroes we've seen in The Avengers so far won't appear in the third assembly of the team, and that they're being saved for something else after that. Details are still too vague to really speculate on what that could happen with Avengers 3, but talks of someone big swinging into the Marvel cinematic universe could shake things up even more, but in a good way. Read on!

It's no secret that The Amazing Spider-Man franchise isn't doing as well as Sony Pictures had hoped. They've already delayed the third film in the franchise so they have time to rework the script and figure out what needs to be done to save Spidey. Well, one of the options seems to be finally teaming up with Marvel to share Spider-Man. HitFix has a story (which they caution couldn't be solidly verified yet) saying that Sony has had discussions with Marvel about opening up the availability of Spider-Man so that they can both use the webslinger on the big screen. Yes, we could see Spider-Man join The Avengers after all.

As of now, this is nothing more than a rumor, and even if it's true, there are only discussions and no solid plans yet. But still, the prospect of Marvel being able to play with one of their more popular characters in the big screen comic book sandbox they've created has our mouths watering. This would be a smart move for Sony, who would benefit from the character's popularity being reinvigorated by joining one of the most successful film franchises of all-time, and for Marvel, so gets to expand their world even more. This would be an incredible win for everyone involved, so let's hope that a deal comes together. Sound good?

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disney has enough money to buy back spider man. they definitely should before sony taints the franchise anymore

thisguyhere on Oct 7, 2014


what's wrong with this spiderman? this is a serious question. I feel like these are better than Raimi's versions.

ColtNoir on Oct 7, 2014


I fcking love Raimi's version. But Webbs brings a different approach to the table that I also like very much. Amazing spider man two could have been great.

Jon Odishaw on Oct 7, 2014


I only saw the first one, but it doesn't look like my biggest problems were addressed in ASM2 either. First is that the visual effects are incredibly obvious and are everywhere - it looked like a video game most of the time. I don't hate Garfield, but he doesn't sell to me as a nerdy outcast, and even though I don't like Tobey, he definitely did. Otherwise I don't feel they have any character, which was all over Raimi's. All subjective.

OfficialJab on Oct 7, 2014


I'd definitely watch the 2nd one, I liked it better. I actually really liked the visuals in ASM2 - I think the over the top visuals work in CB movies. Garfield doesn't pass as the nerdy version but his version "feels" more like spidey to me, especially with the amount of quips that he delivers when in costume. I really felt that was lacking in Raimi's. agreed, it's all subjective. I'm just surprised it's doing poorly enough to have them group up with Marvel, which I'm all for getting Spidey in an Avengers movie...

ColtNoir on Oct 7, 2014


I, too, didn't mind the visuals of the second one.

Jon Odishaw on Oct 7, 2014


Well Garfield's Peter is alot more spot on actually. Peter is indeed an intellectual but in the comics hes confident and charasmatic.

Rock n Rollllll on Oct 7, 2014


definitely more so in the newest series

ColtNoir on Oct 7, 2014


hmm see there's a small problem right there ... Peter is confident and charismatic WHEN he's Spidey . When's he's Peter he;s nerdy and intellectual .. u know , typical psychosis ; he has to put ON a mask , to let his real personality OUT .. IF Today you make PETER confident and charismatic (JUST to sell him to this generation ? ) what's the point of the "colorful " costume ? , for one , much less the dynamic of the whole character ... if u change the formula that made him successful , 40 year-old formula or not , what did you expect ?? when the new version is NOT successful

Dominic on Oct 8, 2014


I'm referring to the actual comics at the moment. the current title "Amazing Spider-man" he's really not your old Geeky Peter anymore. which balances better with the actual movie version at the moment.

ColtNoir on Oct 8, 2014


OK BUT that's my point ; IF u change his geekiness , then u CHANGE the Peter Parker character IMMENSELY . and they wonder WHY interest is down ?? ... Changing him to Black or homosexual is ONE thing ; Changing his geekiness is MUCH more problematic to his character identity , and appeal ..

Dominic on Oct 8, 2014


but I don't think that on-going title is having any problems selling, so from a comic stand point i don't think it applies. it's not just a new thing they've done with Peter. he's been evolving over time as a character, as most have, so it's not going to be exactly noticeable as changing race/orientation. I'm saying I don't think his being a "non geek" is the reason these spidey movies aren't doing well. I just personally don't see much that's wrong with them so I don't understand the slump they're in.

ColtNoir on Oct 8, 2014


hmmm prob the best way of explaining it is : I'm old enough to remember ASM #1 coming out - I still have it , somewhere .. so when u change a popular character the WRONG way , u at least piss off the old fans . Do u get enough new fans to compensate ? Apparently not .. personally for me i didn't need to see a total reboot of Rami's movies ( again as a 40-yr fan I KNOW there's better stories ) and themes . It's the same prob with the constant reboots of Superman and Batman - overkill , esp with doing the same stories ... . seems it's a Hollywood " my movie is bigger than your movie " thing , with these directors/producers Comic book sales are slumping in general , as people are moving out of the habit of holding printed matter in their hands , to read .. I wouldn't say syncing to whatever new movie version is out is the way to go , tho . Maybe the comic book STORE itself goes out of business , and everyone goes online to buy and DL their "file" of story and art , in a Flip-Thru format . .. Saves on storage space ...

Dominic on Oct 8, 2014


Very true.

DAVIDPD on Oct 7, 2014


Why the hell would Sony sell a franchise that can consistently make them hundreds of millions of dollars for decades?

si1ver on Oct 8, 2014


The only winning move is not to play, Sony.

OfficialJab on Oct 7, 2014


IMO, a terrible idea. Marvel doesn't need to jump into bed with Sony. Just wait a couple more years and Disney can buy Sony Pictures outright.

CoosCoos on Oct 7, 2014


How will Sony benefit in sharing the character, other than a fee from Marvel? Seriously the only way this could work for Sony is if their stand alone films tie in with the MCU and Marvel use the same actor to play Spidey in the Avengers.

Steven on Oct 7, 2014


Sony wouldn't have to lift a finger if Spidey was in, let's say, Avengers 3. Yet, they would still get a percentage from the movie since their co-owned character was in it.

TheOct8pus on Oct 7, 2014


tying in story lines would be a win-win for them too since any Marvel movie incorporating spiderman would help promote and market an associated stand alone movie.

wobbles9094 on Oct 7, 2014


Of course they would use Garfield. Sony isn't planning on doing anything with Spider-Man for a few years so this would be a slam-dunk for Sony. So instead of doing nothing their character could be in a billion dollar movie. For Marvel, they would get access to arguably the biggest Marvel character of them all and new blood for the Avengers that's already an established character. Benefits for Sony? Exposure, goodwill with fans, connection to the Marvel juggernaut, none of the risk (money, time, work, quality of film would all be on Marvel and Sony would only get praise), keeping Spider-Man active and in the minds of movie viewers. Side benefits- perhaps they could see how Marvel uses him, see what the public likes and/or dislikes, and steal what's good. Possibly, the Avengers could do some worldbuilding/progress the story in the Spider-Man universe.

si1ver on Oct 8, 2014


I can only hope they keep Garfield. I liked McGuire and Garfield equally and I will be disappointed if they cast a third.

Jon Odishaw on Oct 7, 2014


Everyone has always said that they like Andrew Garfield as Spider-man, but the writing has been awful. If Garfield could play Spidey with The Avengers cast I think that's a win for everyone.

MattPeloquin on Oct 7, 2014


Don't tease us!

TheOct8pus on Oct 7, 2014


Fuck rumors. Give me facts of piss off.

Brian Sleider on Oct 7, 2014


I agree! Fuck rumors! But it's really, really hard to get confirmation in Hollywood... Especially with news like this, no one is going to say yes it's officially happening (until someone writes and puts out a press release approved by 20 executives) but there was enough of a discussion that it's worthy of being mentioned. But yes, it's frustrating, because all we hear are rumors all day and Hollywood is afraid of the facts getting out. But we try! We're always chasing facts over the rumors, so stay tuned.

Alex Billington on Oct 7, 2014



DAVIDPD on Oct 7, 2014



Sky on Oct 7, 2014


For all the things I like about the SM/ASM movies, so many facets of them have been handled awkwardly...and I think has been damaging to the property. The obvious money grab at the way-too-fast reboot; the rather weak realization of Green Goblin in SM1; the top-to-bottom car wreck of SM3...'tho the Sandman was really well done; the bifurcated feel of ASM...too many villains(again) leading to too many plot threads and the realization that there was 2 separate movies going on at the same time...both with wildly different tones to them. The best thing the Marvel Studios films have going to them is the deep understanding of who & what these characters/properties are and how they move and act independently or as a group. Sony & Fox(X-Men, FF)are only interested in keeping their license alive and give the characters as much attention to insure a big opening weekend. Anything after that only seems to be an afterthought.

leemoder on Oct 7, 2014


Finally. I am a happy camper finally! Honestly never thought this day would come.

DAVIDPD on Oct 7, 2014



Guest on Oct 7, 2014


lol....well done my friend, well done.

ColtNoir on Oct 8, 2014


Brilliant m

Guest on Oct 7, 2014


It's kind of funny to me that when Marvel started phase one with the first Iron Man movie the press poked fun at it by saying marvel was calling in its b team to compete with the success of spider man which is owned by Sony. Yet now Iron Man is much more popular and successful than Spider Man and the only way they can make Spidey more successful is to team him with what the press called marvels "b team" lol. Gotta love it.

batsupe on Oct 7, 2014


Sharing how exactly? Marvel will have to use the already established Andrew Garfield version? So, the movies AMS and AMS2 (and the ones to come) will be now part of the MCU? Or just share the character, maybe like Quicksilver (who have a different version in the MCU and in the Fox's X-Universe)? I actually would like a brand-new Spidey for MCU, but that would not benefices Sony at all.

Miguel Garay Boszeta on Oct 7, 2014


HAVE to ? I don't think so , unless Andrew is already signed for more of a multiple -picture deal ... Even if , , that's the beauty of having the XMen movies introduce the alternate universes concept ; ANY storyline can be written now .. which is how I believe the CBs explained the Spiderman- Superman team-up - a world where heroes from both comapines existed together ... The benefit to Sony is not a new storyline but renewed interest in the character , as the article points out ..... Maybe had they not STUPIDLY decided to remake/REBOOT Rami's movies , and move on to other Spidey stories ( gee only 40 years of stories to adapt ..... ) for Garfield's version , interest wouldn't SEEM to be waning now ... I know if i hadn't heard about the new CGI that makes the web-slingin' around town look so great , I wouldn't give a F about the movie

Dominic on Oct 8, 2014


Somebody needs to re-watch the Spidey cartoons, drop the angst, bring back the sass and wise cracks and dispense with the tiresome Mary Jane and her never ending damsel in distress exploits. Spidey's got a whole city to look after yet he's endlessly catching her or rescuing her from falling off buildings etc. It's tedious and boring. In the cartoons, Spidey was always the guy who never quite got the girl and hence you empathised with his slightly more cynical outlook. That is who the makers need to find and stop driving the character into the ground as they shamelessly wring ever last dollar out of it's waning corpse.

Payne by name on Oct 8, 2014


yes thats a good part they screwed up , to "Hollywood-ize" Spdey some .. he got MJ AND Gwen so easily - it was much more protracted in the CBs. More like a hot girl - Gwen vs tomboy friend - MJ , and they kept the triangle going , until Gwen got killed . Movies are definitely heavier on the teen romance , than teen angst ..

Dominic on Oct 8, 2014


Yes, yes, yes!!! There is no downside for Sony in this. Marvel would make all the important investments (money, time, grunt labor, hire talent) and Marvel would take the risk in quality of work and money (lol) (I'm sure Sony would get their fee up front). Sony isn't planning on doing anything with Spider-Man for a few years anyways so this would be a slam-dunk for Sony: exposure, goodwill with fans, connection to the Marvel juggernaut, none of the risk with all the reward, keeping Spider-Man active and in the minds of movie goers. So instead of doing nothing their character could be in a billion dollar movie that would no doubt be the biggest film of the year. For Marvel, they would get access to arguably the biggest Marvel character of them all and new blood for the Avengers that's already an established character. Additionally, Sony could see how Marvel uses him, see what the public likes and/or dislikes, and steal what's good. Possibly, the Avengers movie could also do some worldbuilding/progress the story in the Spider-Man universe.

si1ver on Oct 8, 2014

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