Steve Martin Back for 'Father of the Bride 3' with Gay Marriage Twist

June 16, 2014
Source: Nikki Finke

Father of the Bride

It seems appropriate that Nikki Finke brought news yesterday of the revival of another 90s franchise. But this time it doesn't involved monsters, superheroes, aliens or anything with blockbuster flair. Instead, Steve Martin is returning for Father of the Bride 3, a sequel to follow the first two film's from 1991 and 1995 respectively. However, Nancy Meyers won't be coming back to direct this time, and it will be the first two films' screenwriter Charles Shyer writing and directing the sequel. And this time, the story will have a relevant gay marriage twist with Martin's son Matty as the one getting married to the son of a US Navy Seal.

And for anyone who has seen the first Father of the Bride films, you can probably guess that George Banks (Martin) doesn't handle the news very well as a conservative, traditionalist. The father is "thunderstruck and speechless" about his son's revelation, so much that Nina (Diane Keaton) kicks him out of the house. In the first two films, Matty was played by a young Kieran Culkin, and enough time has passed that he could easily return in this role as an adult to play the role. We also hope Martin Short is able to return as the foreign Franck Eggelhoffer.

Right now Disney and Warner Bros. are figuring out the situation with the rights to the film with Shyer scripting along with Marc Klein (Serendipity, A Good Year). Honestly, the first two films are two of my favorite romantic comedies of all-time. They seem to be the last truly great films Martin made, though Bowfinger was surprisingly hilarious. We just hope a return to this franchise packs the same emotional and comedic punch as the first two delightful comedies. Interested?

UPDATE: Sounds like this might not be as solid of a project as reported since Steve Martin took to Twitter today to say, "So excited to read I'm doing Father of the Bride 3 since I haven't seen a script or been offered the role!" Someone may have jumped the gun on reporting a project, or maybe a rumor got out of control. But Steve Martin doesn't say he's not interested, so maybe there's a chance this could happen.

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So Father of the Groom?

Drejhead on Jun 16, 2014


Really? I mean... really?

avconsumer2 on Jun 16, 2014


Well...I'm out.

txJM on Jun 16, 2014


Really? That's appropriate!

MAWG on Jun 16, 2014


Disgusting, thanks for destroying great movie franchise.

Antonovs on Jun 16, 2014


How so? While I agree that often times rehashing a sequel several years later can't be seen as much more than a cash grab, I hope the subject matter of this film isn't what is deterring people. It's important for Hollywood to include these types of narratives. The more we see them, the more popular consciousness can shift towards acceptance.

Jesse on Jun 16, 2014


go back to your cave

Logan - DUUUUVALLLLLL on Jun 16, 2014


You buttyboys are doing your best to destroy all the traditional values, joy steal children from normal parents. Read biology, gays can't have children is not possible. So keep your dirty hands away from others.

Antonovs on Jun 16, 2014


whose traditions? Uneducated redneck traditions? Well, in that case you're welcome that we rescue children from backwoods inbreds like yourself. Provide appropriate homes and a future away from a mobile home.

Logan - DUUUUVALLLLLL on Jun 16, 2014


Because all mobile home owners are straight?

txJM on Jun 16, 2014


I am not even from USA. You don't rescue no one, the social services remove children on bogus charges and sell them on to you for adoption, and after you get those children you will do anything to convince them that being gay is more okay than being straight, or you will brainwash them that they are actually a different gender and must under go many operations.

Antonovs on Jun 16, 2014


Can't tell if they're doing this to be exploitative and "edgy" or if they're actually going to take the subject matter seriously.

rick on Jun 16, 2014


What's the difference?

The Walking Cuban on Jun 16, 2014


I love the first two. Ugh.....

Chris Amaya on Jun 16, 2014


My sisters do too. Well, they'll probably still watch it. I won't. Didn't care for the other ones anyway.

The Walking Cuban on Jun 16, 2014


The first two were the epitome of so-so, but I don't have kids, so what do I know? I really liked Jane Adams as the doctor in the second one, though.

kitano0 on Jun 16, 2014


Steve Martin is kinda old and not funny anymore. His classic movies (too many to list) are great. He was awesome in those....but this movie shouldn't be a Father of the Bride sequel....they should recast it and make it a standalone movie....

TheOct8pus on Jun 16, 2014


BLASPHEMY. steve martin is still funny.

joana don't on Jun 16, 2014


Have you seen his Twitter feed? It's horribly boring. The jokes are not funny, at all. Look up his writing credits, and you'll see that he has precious little imagination. His delivery is what makes him entertaining.

txJM on Jun 16, 2014


i have seen his twitter. he's hilarious. maybe you just don't respond to his type of humor.

joana don't on Jun 16, 2014


There's no "maybe" about it.

txJM on Jun 17, 2014


Hopefully Diane Keaton will reprise her role.

Logan - DUUUUVALLLLLL on Jun 16, 2014


Nancy Meyers didn't direct the first two movies, she co-wrote the screenplays with Charles Shyer. If Shyer directs this third one, he will have directed all three.

Amanda Ellen on Jun 16, 2014


Gay marriage twist? Great...

DAVIDPD on Jun 16, 2014


I'd go to see it. The first two were very funny, and actually touching. It would be good to see this group on the screen together again.

Randy Patton on Jun 16, 2014


Notice he didn't say he wouldn't do it. Playing hard to get?

Judee Flick on Jun 16, 2014


Not brave enough to have lesbians? It's always gay men because they're hilarious, right?

cobrazombie on Jun 17, 2014


Next up... The Jerk 2

DJROBL on Jun 17, 2014

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