'Super Troopers 2' Has a Script and Studio But Still Needs Financing

April 24, 2014
Source: ScreenCrush

Super Troopers

The last time we heard anything about the potential for Super Troopers 2 had the guys from Broken Lizard saying that they were hoping to shoot the film last summer. But the season came and went, it's almost a year later, and production still hasn't commenced on the sequel, 13 years after the original debuted in 2001. However, it sounds like they're not done trying to make it happen yet. Stars and writers Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme recently chatted on the “Chewin’ It With Kevin and Steve” podcast (via ScreenCrush) and revealed the script is finished, and a studio has agreed to distribute, but they need money.

Here's what Lemme said during the podcast:

"The script is written, the deal has been agreed on with the studio, we are in the stage though where we need to raise the financing. It’s nothing out of the ordinary. The studio is just the distributor and we are the ones who have to bring the money to the table. So it’s a lot of money that we have to raise."

This is why it takes so long to make movies in Hollywood. It doesn't matter if you have a script or if you have interest from the studio, because at the end of the day, you still have to get someone to finance it. A studio will distribute your film to theaters, but that doesn't mean they'll produce it or help finance the film. Considering the cult status that the original Super Troopers has achieved since its release 13 years ago, maybe Kickstarter would be a viable option to get some money? Either way, it doesn't sound like the film is coming anytime soon until Broken Lizard gets some cash. Do you still want Super Troopers 2?

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They definitely need to Kickstarter this shit. If it worked for something as silly as Veronica Mars then it can damn well work for Super Troopers. Heck I bet billions of fans would pitch in a heartbeat.

Cocaino Weaver on Apr 24, 2014


Agreed. I have a feeling there is something else holding them back. Maybe they don't get along like they used to and find it hard working together and since they don't need the money they are just having fun. Thats my guess.

Jbkorn02 on Aug 18, 2014


Odd. Smells fishy. Either they're not shopping it around enough or the script is just terrible? With 23.1 gross on the first one, should really sell itself.

avconsumer2 on Apr 24, 2014


Except all their other work has been shit.

Brian Sleider on Apr 24, 2014


Beerfest was good, just didn't take itself seriously like Super Troopers did. (i.e. instead of the characters making jokes, the characters were the jokes) But I agree, it has been too long for an iffy sequel (as most are) without Broken Lizard making a 'great' second film.

Akirakorn on Apr 24, 2014


I enjoyed Club Dread and it was much more expensive to make. I like how you put you opinion out there as fact though.

Jbkorn02 on Aug 18, 2014


Super Troopers 90% viewer fresh rating, 30% critic on Rotten Tomatoes. Club Dread 44% viewer Fresh rating, 29% critic on RT Beerfest 76% viewer 41% Critic. The Slammin Salmon 46% viewer 35% critic Arguably, all of their movies are shit. But the viewer reviews speak for them selves.

Brian Sleider on Aug 18, 2014


I guess to each his own. I don't know anyone who didn't enjoy super troopers and I still love club dread. People were upset nothing has been as good as their first and like to put down everything else they do. Reviews are the last thing I look at when I judge a movie. But your entitled to your own opinion. I think all of their movies are great overall.

Jbkorn02 on Aug 23, 2014


That's what I was thinking. It cost them so little to do the first and it is very popular. They did Club Dread with a much bigger budget due to hiring a few bigger actors and then Beerfest so I truly don't understand how they aren't able to get the cash they need for a sequel to the best work they have done. To me it almost seems like they don't want to do it. I can't think of another reason. Maybe they know the script isn't as good as the first but then I would say they've had more than enough time to improve on it.

Jbkorn02 on Aug 18, 2014


Meh, it will be direct to DvD fodder. These guys are not that funny.

Brian Sleider on Apr 24, 2014


I got 5 bucks

Rock n Rollllll on Apr 24, 2014


Maybe they were a one-hit wonder.

cobrazombie on Apr 24, 2014


I liked Club Dread a lot and even though not as good the one where they went to the beer drinking tournament was decent too. Getting funding for a second Super Troopers which was by far their best to date shouldn't be a problem at all. Almost seems like lack of effort.

Jbkorn02 on Aug 18, 2014


I smell a Kickstarter campaign.

Nielsen700 on Apr 25, 2014


has no one seen slammin salmon? that was excellent

Jim on May 16, 2014


I would contribute to get the movie shot. To this day Super Troopers is one of my favorite movies.

Michael Doucet on Jul 13, 2014


From what I remember the first movie was actually made with a very small budget. After making far more than what they spent back (I even just bought the dvd last year) those who put money into all of the big budget crap movies that come out should be investing in this. It's an easy guarantee to make money. I don't understand what's holding it up.

Jbkorn02 on Aug 18, 2014


$15 million? Seems a bit much. I'm sure one could be done just as well for less.

John Juergens on Aug 22, 2014

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