Sylvester Stallone Says 'The Expendables 4' Will Surely Be R-Rated

November 24, 2014

Sylvester Stallone

There were certainly plenty of fans who were disappointed when it was revealed that The Expendables 3 was going to be rated PG-13 in order to get some of the younger demographics into the theaters. However, the film wasn't exactly a smashing success, and now producer and star Sylvester Stallone is blaming that on the lack of an R-rating. Speaking with Crave Online, Stallone was asked if he regretted the reduction of violence in order to get that more teen friendly rating, and he said, "Absolutely unequivocally yes. I believe it was a horrible miscalculation on everyone’s part in trying to reach a wider audience, but in doing such, diminish the violence that the audience expects. I’m quite certain it won’t happen again.” Read on!

That's right, " it won’t happen again," which means that despite the tease of "one final ride" in the marketing for The Expendables 3, there's a fourth film in the works. He even discussed the prospect of killing off some of the members of the increasingly large assembly of action veterans and young ass-kickers. "It’s is a big conflict for me, because in an R-rated film, it is difficult to believe that none of the heroes die. I personally just believe that the characters become identifiable and their demise could put a dark cloud over an audience exiting the theater after seeing the film. But that may change in Expendables 4…”

Frankly, I don't think going back to an R-rating is going to get more people back into the theaters, at least not as much as Stallone seems to think. The problem with The Expendables is that the novelty of this franchise has worn out. Maybe if some of our heroes started turning on each other and we had a big battle between two halves of this team, then that might be something worth going to see. But at this point, it's going to take a lot to get me interested in another action sequel featuring this geriatric crew of veteran action stars and the less than stellar younger counterparts who joined up last time. How about you?

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bout fkn time!

Rock n Rollllll on Nov 24, 2014


You mean it's about motherfucking time! None of this Pg-13 shit...

TheOct8pus on Nov 24, 2014


Fuckin'A! THAT'S what us adults want. Big tiits, lotsa guts n blood and stuff and SWEARING! Man, I like that swearing! Stallone knows where it's at.

Charles Knowlton on Nov 24, 2014


I want to see another man get split in two pieces.

DAVIDPD on Nov 24, 2014


"it won’t happen again". If only that applied to the movie itself instead of just the rating!

CoosCoos on Nov 24, 2014


Get rid of the young dudes, bring Norris back, I'd pay good money just to listen to him telling chuck norris jokes, also, throw steven segal in there, and no more fake cgi blood, there is plenty of red paint/corn syrup.

qweqwu on Nov 24, 2014


As much as I wanna see Norris in another Expendables, I don't think he'll do a rated-R version, pretty sure that's one of the reasons why E2 wasn't rated-R.

Justin R on Nov 24, 2014



amclarenf95284 on Dec 17, 2014


I really dont get what's so great about Norris. He's so badass that he wants a movie censored so kids can see it, even though he's done R rated movies in the past. He even changed Walker Texas Ranger, since it was a tv-14, to a PG.

Aaron on Feb 1, 2015


It's a different world, gone are the days of big, muscled bound acion heroes as the template for movies, and pretty much with what the world sees as attractive. Don't get me wrong, men who are genetically gifted should be proud, and with talent (Dwyane Johnson) should get mad props, but with hipsters and smarter audiences, men no longer have to wear tank tops, while carrying assault rifles to fill the seats and get the ladies to swoon. Cmon, most women wanted Loki (Tom Hiddleston) over Thor (Chris Hemsworth); that can intimidate men cause we can work on chests and biceps in the gym, but you gotta be born with charisma.

mooreworthy on Nov 24, 2014


Too many kids in the movies now who are by no means who should be in the movie. Liam Hemsworth in #2? The list of "whoevers" in #3? No, its big name action stars of yesteryear.

Brian Sleider on Nov 24, 2014


Bring in John McTiernen and actually try to make it like an 80's action film. And yeah, that means no fake cgi blood.

Nielsen700 on Nov 24, 2014


Give 'merica more BLOOD Sly! cause that's what we all crave!!!

digifruitella on Nov 24, 2014


Please just stop making them. They're not good. They're like martial arts movies without... anything good at all. The action and dialogue is just mediocre. The cast, which they seem to think is the selling point, adds nothing. Just stop.

Jonathan on Nov 24, 2014


I think i agree. #3 was the worst of them all. Everything looks cheap, the action is boring and stallone always has to fight the bad guys at the end. Having JCVD in the #2 as a villain was great but they gave him too little screen time and the end fight was a joke. And yeah the kids gotta go. I never understood, why Lutz K? Why? Who is he? At least get someone like the ROCK. I dunno, i suppose im just a bit nostalgic looking back at the amazing 80s/90s action movies. Die Hard anyone? Still the best action movie in my book.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Nov 24, 2014


Yeah, Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, Predator, Robocop... They all came out around the same time and they're great. Even the bad guys are memorable in those. In these Expendable movies, nobody's memorable. Nobody gets enough screen time, nobody is cool, nobody has awesome one liners... I can't tell if I'm just being an old fuddy duddy whining about how things were back in my day or not. If you don't have amazing action, then they have to be unnecessarily gory. Haha...Robocop was SO gory. I honestly can't even tell the difference between the R-rated ones and the PG13-rated one. They all seem like the same tragic use of screen time in my mind. They could've been amazing. They SHOULD'VE been amazing. But, instead, they're just disappointing and getting worse as they go. They should quit while they're behind... /rant

Jonathan on Nov 24, 2014


the strangest thing has just happend! In the netherlands we have the news that matthew mcconaughey will play randal flag in a 4 part movie of the last stand. But nothing on this site,CNN or imbd...

Avi on Nov 24, 2014


CNN hahahaha..oh man.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Nov 24, 2014


??? still didn't found it on the internet.And there is nothing wrong with CNN...

Avi on Nov 25, 2014


those kids and that useless mma crap was annoying

Ks3er on Nov 25, 2014


Expendables 4 should just kill everyone off. Everyone gets a death scene, some in a blaze of glory, some an introspective monologue moment, until Barney is the last man standing, with his last remaining bullet used to shoot the main villain (William Shatner gets my vote) right between the eyes. Then he can quietly go to Tibet and begin helping monks maintain old temples in solitude...until an old Colonel shows up to give him one more mission....EXPENDABLES 5!!!

theslayer5150 on Nov 25, 2014


Hey that'll get me to go see it after skipping 3. They're fun. But as has been pointed out, enough CG blood. Honestly it seems like more work then just having a squib?

OfficialJab on Nov 30, 2014


The one i'd pay to see is so off the wall for all actors and actress tell me what you think. Barney (and his team of misfits) are hired by Drummer (Harrison Ford) for a personal mission, his daughter (Gina Carano whos hot and kicks ass) is kidnapped by a mob and thier mob leader (Clint Eastwood) threatens to kill Drummer if he doesn't meet the demands, the mob leader sends his second hand (Al Pachino or Robert De Niro) and his bodyguard (Dwanye Johnson) to find Drummer and kill any one who stands in his way

Lloyd Edwards on Dec 29, 2014

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