'Terminator: Genisys' Motion Poster Hits Before Trailer on Thursday

December 2, 2014
Source: Paramount Pictures

Terminator: Genisys

Our first impression of Terminator: Genisys wasn't anything to write home about, mainly because the promotional images from Entertainment Weekly were poorly staged and looked like a TV show premiering on the SyFy Channel. But perhaps the first trailer for the film will tickle our fancy when it arrives on Thursday. In the meantime, a motion poster has arrived to tease the movie, and it sends a clear message as to what this reboot will do to the franchise. It shows one of the classic T-800 cyborgs skulls, and then it disintegrates into a pile of sand. Or maybe it's being taken apart by nanobots? It's hard to say. Look below!

Here's the motion poster for Alan Taylor's Terminator: Genisys from the film's official website:

Terminator: Genisys is directed by Alan Taylor ("Game of Thrones," Thor: The Dark World) and written by Laeta Kalogridis (Avatar, Shutter Island) and Patrick Lussier (Drive Angry). Emilia Clarke, Jason Clarke, Jai Courtney, J.K. Simmons, Byung-hun Lee and Matt Smith all star in the film that takes a completely different approach to the Terminator timeline, finding Sarah Connor orphaned and being raised and trained by an aging T-800 Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) as Kyle Reese (Courtney) is sent back in time from the future again on a new mission. Paramount Pictures releases the film next summer on July 1st, 2015.

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meh.... i wish they woulda continued SALVATION >__> but everyting after 1-2 + sal DOES NOT N NEVER WILL exist for me .

jaganar on Dec 2, 2014


I thought 3 and Salvation were pretty fun. All of the promotions for this make it look like a knockoff called Termination, starring Arno Schwargganeger, soon to be in a Walmart 2$ DVD bin.

OfficialJab on Dec 2, 2014


Wait, are you saying this looks cheesy? No way.

SkippyFlipjack on Dec 2, 2014



OfficialJab on Dec 2, 2014


yeah I know, I don't get the hate - looks decent, but we'll have to wait and see, I guess...

Sam on Dec 2, 2014


you wish they would have continued after 4 (like they are) but it will not exist for you? that makes zero sense

Dave Garofolo on Dec 2, 2014


dave... even the team who made salvation said that they followed JUDGEMENT DAY ... everything else never happened. why do you think they signed bale and the crew to a 3 movie deal ??

jaganar on Dec 2, 2014


Salvation is dog crap. 3 wasn't quite as good as 2, but it was decent. I still think this will end up being better than Salvation, which isn't saying much. Salvation was just cringe worthy bad - Christian bale, yelling his lines way too loud, for no reason.

Sam on Dec 2, 2014


i liked salvation, it had potential. bale is a fucking POS, i want him to kill himself, looks like a fucking drug addict, narcissistic garbage pail

rick cutrone on Dec 2, 2014


This "poster" animation doesn't even look very good -- it doesn't look like the face is crumbling, it's fading with some falling dust superimposed over top.

SkippyFlipjack on Dec 2, 2014


Ikr? Disintegration effect is pretty easy, but I'm nor sure if that's what they were going for.

Apple Seed on Dec 2, 2014


They're out of their minds. Is there some way they can throw away everything they've done so far and start over?

OfficialJab on Dec 2, 2014



sanju singh on Dec 2, 2014


stop making terminator films you fucking mugs

Redwood on Dec 2, 2014


There is nothing forcing you to watch it.

Rod Haney on Dec 2, 2014


Much like the first photos, much like the first synopsis, much like every film after Judgment Day.... This looks like shit.

Coip's Dead Uncle on Dec 2, 2014


EA, if you don't like modern movie posters and promotional images for some odd reasons, why on earth do you write about them in the first place?

Tuomas Lassila on Dec 2, 2014


Clicks. The all-important clicks.

txJM on Dec 2, 2014



shaun jones on Dec 2, 2014


In the words of Peter Griffin: "I don't get why we need another Terminator."

Z-Man on Dec 2, 2014



avconsumer2 on Dec 2, 2014


Hello Arnold I'm the Doctor, you shouldn't have been banging the maid.

Frank Hodder on Dec 2, 2014


I'm going to cry. Curse James Cameron and his f'n Avatar films.

ragethorn on Dec 2, 2014


Maybe they'll reveal Matt Smith is Doctor Who the whole time! I mean this DOES involve time travel. 😛

MrXiro on Dec 2, 2014


After what was done to "Shutter Island" I'm not interested in what may have been done to Terminator.

John Snow on Dec 2, 2014


Can we have an original IP at some point, Hollywood? You know, no more reboots, remakes or sequels; something actually unique and creative. No?

The Tory on Dec 2, 2014


It may not seem like it, but there are plenty of original movies out there. Mostly independent films, Direct-to-video, or limited releases. Birdman, Interstellar, Grand Budapest Hotel, Chef, Neighbors, Draft Day, Transcendence, Earth to Echo, St. Vincent, John Wick, Fury, Lucy...just to name a few. Sometimes you have to look a little harder to find them. 😉

methos84 on Dec 2, 2014


Fair enough, but there is a serious trend, especially in Science-Fiction, towards remakes and sequels. Even if there are still original movies coming out, there aren't as many.

The Tory on Dec 2, 2014


Science-fiction has always been prone to sequels and remakes. That really hasn't changed in the last 30 years or so. I do disagree with your more sequels than original movies comment. Bring up a full list of movies for this year alone and you can take a gander. I'm willing to bet there are more originals. To be fair though, many of those films didn't make it to the multiplexes, but are available through alternative means (streaming, renting, etc.). I do understand why you'd think all Hollywood pumps out are sequels/remakes, it certainly appears that way, but it's not as bad as you think. 🙂

methos84 on Dec 2, 2014


exactly!!! every generation says the same thing - "ahh music today is not good", "Movies are crap, now!", "If I talked to my parents the way I hear some of these kids talking to theirs...", "This economy has gone down the toilet - wish things were like they were before!!!"

Sam on Dec 2, 2014


The cost of making blockbuster films means original IP's are dangerous You need a surefire hit

Avinash Tyagi on Dec 2, 2014


I want your Jacket Your boots and your Motabilty Scooter.

Dave on Dec 2, 2014


LOL. I read that and heard it in Arnolds voice. Very funny, thanks for the laugh.

Pablo Fernandez on Dec 2, 2014


The Terminator is melting into a pile of Terminator fitting.

DAVIDPD on Dec 2, 2014


I wonder if it's not radiation turning Terminator metal to dust? Could be Nano robots?

Scott Cook on Dec 2, 2014


the terminator is disintergrating........ much like this old franchise.

TheDeathStarsKeyFob on Dec 2, 2014


I still enjoy it.

OhRyanT on Dec 2, 2014


The re-imagined theme music isn't that great 🙁

mod on Dec 2, 2014


"If you want to live, get long-term care insurance."

DrObvious on Dec 2, 2014


Um maybe I'm not up on my terminator trivia but um how could the t-800 age?

Nathan Justice on Dec 2, 2014


I would assume that, since he's made out of blood and living tissue, he would age outwardly and then his internal battery would keep him alive until it drained. There's nothing in the movies to say he can't age. I mean, if he can bleed and heal, why not?

IronGod1640 . on Dec 2, 2014


I thought it just rotted after awhile. Like in the first one when the motel manager told him he smelled like a dead cat

Nathan Justice on Dec 2, 2014


He didn't say he smelt like a dead cat, he asked him if he had a dead cat in there (meaning he was very quiet, most likely killed the original occupant of the room, and exited/entered through the window). Kyle Reese stated that the human tissue was grown specifically for the cyborgs. It's probably just as good if not better than typical human tissue.

Taylor Orr on Dec 2, 2014


He had just plucked his eyeball out of his head at that time too. That could be the smell that they are talking about

⚾ Hip ⚾ on Dec 2, 2014


I would also think that there would be a limit to the damage they could take before the flesh did start to decompose and smell. Like when half of the face is torn off or the eyeball plucked out. Even when he was missing a huge chunk of his leg, I would not expect it to grow back in that case. But hey, it's the future and it's a movie so what do I know.

IronGod1640 . on Dec 2, 2014


Didn't Ah-nold say in T2 that his system power cell had a lifespan of 150 years?

Bob1bob on Dec 2, 2014


I recall him saying it would last 120 or 150 years. I believe he said it in Terminator 3.

IronGod1640 . on Dec 3, 2014


I think he said it in T2 when they are in that shelter (after helping Sarah escape from the asylum). However, a T-800 serving an orphaned Sarah Connor could easily have a far longer lasting battery and any other enhancements not seen in preceding films, on the basis that he is a model sent back from an age even further into the future than the previous terminators/soldiers were from.

Jay on Dec 3, 2014



Gabriel Cabrera on Dec 2, 2014


"Terminator: Geriatrics Attack"

KpomKwem on Dec 2, 2014


The Terminator franchise went to the crapper right after T2 and this installment will plunge it into the sewer. They appear to be trying to re-invent the Terminator for the Twilight/Hunger Games crowd which is horrifying.

KnowbodyXXX on Dec 2, 2014


The best Arnold movie was Last Action Hero, amiright?!?

Guest on Dec 2, 2014


Haha, its far from his worst!

Sam on Dec 2, 2014


Jingle All the Way......ALL THE WAY!!!! LMAO

ragefanjr on Dec 2, 2014


The movie franchise died to me when Cameron walked away. "The Sarah Conner Chronicles" was a good show though.

Dre Mosley on Dec 2, 2014


Agreed. The continuity errors of the other two movies contradict too many things from Cameron's films for me to buy them. The story ended after Terminator 2. Everything else is a "what if?" scenario.

Shaun on Dec 2, 2014


Sarah Conner Chronicles was surprisingly very good. I've hated the two sequels to T2 and was not in the mood for any more garbage, but that show surprised me. Too bad it ended prematurely.

Brad Champagne on Dec 2, 2014


Yup. 🙁 It's a shame not enough people watched the show. Also that it was aired by FOX. :V

Aaron on Dec 2, 2014


Arni is tooooooooo old.

Vince Bagusauskas on Dec 2, 2014


i thought terminator salvation was good. how does a terminator age? maybe since its skin over metal, but theyd have to have a great writer to pull that off. arnold will do anything to get back in the game, that nazi bastard, lol, hes a relic.

rick cutrone on Dec 2, 2014


The same way a car or anything mechanical ages.

TR Young on Dec 3, 2014


terminator needs obama care or terminator collects social security which is it?

rick cutrone on Dec 2, 2014


why not spelled GenISIS??? ISIS maybe???

Guest on Dec 3, 2014


you people are dummies

stefanopollisstdyo on Dec 3, 2014


Terminator : Genisys... just name it GenISIS why dont u???

Tha Rill on Dec 3, 2014


Possibly because sys is short for system?

IAmAnonymousToday on Dec 3, 2014


That's exactly why they spelled it that way. And it correlates directly with the film.

Tedzilla on Dec 3, 2014



Scared S#!tless on Dec 3, 2014

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