'The Amazing Spider-Man 3' Rumored to Be Delayed Until 2017 Now

June 13, 2014
Source: AICN

The Amazing Spider-Man

While reporting yesterday's rumor about the linked release schedule for Warner Bros. Pictures' comic book properties from DC Comics, the folks at AICN have tossed another rumor onto the fire, but this time about another studio and their comic book cash cow. Despite the fact that Sony Pictures had already set releases dates for The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 4 in 2016 and 2018 respectively, the rumor is the studio wants to delay the third film in the franchise to an unknown date in 2017. It's not surprising since The Amazing Spider-Man 2 saw box office receipts plummet after a promising opening.

If you go and look at the box office earnings for every other Spider-Man movie since Sam Raimi's first adaptation, they've been dropping steadily since then, and it's only gotten worse with the reboot franchise. Audiences just might be getting fatigued with seeing the same basic story played out over two different franchises, just with different actors and different villains. In order for Spider-Man to work again, he's going to need a nice long break after this third film, or have some kind of drastic change that doesn't give us the origin story that everybody in the world knows all over again. This new franchise attempted to play with it a bit, but it's been such a contrived messy part of the series so far.

Marc Webb is already slated to return to direct The Amazing Spider-Man 3, but it'll be interesting to see how Sony regroups if this delay of the sequel is true. Will this have an impact on their development of the Venom and Sinister Six spin-offs? If films that have Spider-Man as the star are losing their appeal, then films about the lesser known villains probably aren't going to fare much better. We'll keep you posted.

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You mean 2017 in the first paragraph, not 2013. Otherwise, agree with the suppositions.

Jake Bailey on Jun 13, 2014


Whoops, fixed that typo. Yea, this doesn't bode well for Spidey... But then again, it needs a real revamp anyway.

Alex Billington on Jun 13, 2014


what Spidey needs is to be in the hands of Marvel and in an Avengers movie. but we'll never see it

ColtNoir on Jun 13, 2014


It would help if they started making better films. The reboot is unwatchable, it was so bad. AMS 2 was an improvement but it still didn't come close to the first two raimi films. I want to see more spiderman films, I am a huge fan of the character, but at least make them better than these.

cs on Jun 13, 2014


...oh no... however will we wait... Oh yeah, we have Avengers 2, Dr Strange, Superman v Batman, Captain America 3, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-man, X men: Apocalypse, Potentially: a new Wolverine, Hulk, Thor, Wonder Woman, Flash etc... I think we'll survive!

Guy who comments on things on Jun 13, 2014


TASM2 just got a passing grade for me(the ending of a certain character was a big part of it) there was just enough to enjoy to make up for the bad. That being said, I'm not interested in seeing any more of this particular run for the character. I don't want to see/don't care about the next story, the next far as I'm concerned it can be done here. But delaying the 3rd film to perhaps allow more time to work on the script should only be a good thing. It might just be a harsh reality of audiences caring less and less about Spider-Man as a character. Superhero Universes are taking over, and singular heroes all on their own might have less appeal. At least the X-Men were always inherently a universe unto themselves.

Chris Groves on Jun 13, 2014


Agreed, they're using the whole "Mystery" angle with these amazing spiderman movies, but the mystery just isn't that interesting... I just don't care that much, it's like they're trying really hard but just lack creativity and spark.

Guy who comments on things on Jun 13, 2014


Yep, I won't be shocked at all to see TASM 3 have yet again the lowest performance of a Spidey film, and for a movie like The Fantastic Four to utterly fail.

Chris Groves on Jun 13, 2014


Wonder if the extra time will allow to to make a good movie this time.

Brian Sleider on Jun 13, 2014


Kinda a bit ironic considering Raimi Spider-Man 3 was released in 2007. Now we have possibly Amazing Spider-Man 3 in 2017. Could this be a seven conspiracy? Who knows.

DJ Jack Ryan Hardy on Jun 13, 2014


What's especially sad (and darkly humorous) is that it would've been much easier to fix the problems of "Spider-Man 3" in a sequel to that franchise than it is going to be for them to un-fuck up everything they fucked up in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2." How many people are still excited for this franchise? I know I'm not, and I've been a massive "Amazing" apologist.

Krishna Shenoi on Jun 13, 2014


We should have Sam Raimi and Marc Webbs direct Maguire's Spider-man together, I have no idea why anyone would like this emo stuttering skater super-model as Peter Parker.

Guest on Jun 13, 2014


Well, apparently people do. They overwhelming majority, it seems on the internet at least, prefer Andrew Garfield's humor and agility and confidence to "FAT SPIDER-MAN TOBEY MAGUIRE--NO, FAGUIRE HAHA HIS TAP DANCING IN SPIDER-MAN 3 WAS SO LAME." Me, I think they both approach the character in interestingly different ways. Garfield is the one thing that truly sets apart this franchise from the old one; other aspects seem torn between being new and aping what worked before. I like the old films a LOT more, though, without any question. Despite its lack of originality and confusion about what it wanted to be, I think "The Amazing Spider-Man" had so much promise for a unique superhero franchise that was primarily about the people populating it. Then the sequel went and fucked that right up. End of pointless rant.

Krishna Shenoi on Jun 13, 2014


All these superhero movies are now looking the same, just different names and costumes. .... Yawn.

Hattori Hanzo on Jun 13, 2014



Guest on Jun 13, 2014


Let's not forget that Raimi asked for more time between spiderman 2 and 3. The extra year didn't help. These new films with Marc Webb are very weak. My expectations are so low for this franchise, it's not even funny.

cs on Jun 13, 2014


I would watch this.

mooreworthy on Jun 13, 2014


Maybe they want to introduce Venom and Carnage first? Fans are screaming for it.

OfficialJab on Jun 13, 2014


The American comic book movie companies are doing themselves a great credit by releasing only a measured quantity of definitive and uniquely named films about each superhero.

crystaltowers on Jun 13, 2014


Oops, meant to post that in the Bizarro World.

crystaltowers on Jun 13, 2014


Not surprised. Not saddened. Take time to think on their mistakes. Fix them.

DAVIDPD on Jun 14, 2014


Marvel should be the ones making spiderman movies not sony spiderman has been my favorite character ever since childhood and this is just painful to see. I tought TASM was really good but TASM 2 was a little off. I think they need to take a year off to make the script better and to catch more attention from bigger audiences.

Aoun on Jun 14, 2014


Everytime I think the good baddies are about to come out, its freaking cancelled.TASM2 was crap though, I give them bonus points for killing someone off. I'd hate to see another reboot to wait more years to see the cooler villains just to have the same origin story pitched in another way. i'd rather they take this year, really use it to make a quality spiderman than them reboot the whole thing altogether which I'm sure they'd do.

Armando Estrada on Jun 15, 2014


Honestly they shouldn't even make this. The ASM2 was a God awful nightmare of a film. Just stop...

Ben Moore on Jun 16, 2014


You know you DON'T jave to go see these movies. I mean since they're so awful.

GameBoi/KillaBit on Jun 16, 2014


Awesome... maybe they'll just reboot it... AGAIN... /sigh Not that I've seen this latest incarnation, but it looked like a hot mess just from the trailer.

avconsumer2 on Jun 16, 2014


So wait,,, Sony thinks the only reason this film didn't do as well is because we (the moviegoers) are "fatigued" from seeing the same story?? -No. We just know an incoherent plot with underdeveloped characters when we see one. Spiderman is a GREAT character. One of the best! Learn from your mistakes and just focus on telling a good story, stop trying to include more characters, and don't use films to just build up a franchise.

Juliet Hotel on Jun 16, 2014


All they have to do is make the Spiderman movies a little darker and more mature and bring in more dangerous villains instead of the powdercake ones. I have been waiting for Carnage and Venom to appear together in a Spiderman movie for years, but we keep getting these weak villains.

Ty_Mills on Jun 21, 2014

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