'The Hobbit' Has 'Batman v. Superman' Teaser & 45-Minute End Battle

October 24, 2014

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

If you weren't already planning on seeing The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies in theaters, Warner Bros. Pictures might have a good reason for you to show up. Aside from being the final installment of Peter Jackson's trilogy adaptation of the J.R.R. Tolkien classic, Forbes has heard that there will be some sort of teaser trailer for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice attached to the film. It makes sense since Warner Bros. is behind both franchise films, and while the film will be nearly a year and a half away at that point, the film has been shooting for awhile, and fans are hungry for something. It might arrive online before the, so stay tuned. As for The Battle of the Five Armies, it sounds like that will be epic too.

EW has revealed The Battle of the Five Armies will end with a 45-minute battle sequence:

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

The art above is from the epic finale, and while that might sound exhausting, Jackson says, "We have a rule that we’re not allowed to go more than two or three shots of anonymous people fighting without cutting back to our principal characters. Otherwise the audience just ends up with battle fatigue.” It sounds like we might end up with fatigue anyway with a battle that long, but when you have five armies fighting at The Lonely Mountain, it's not going to be a quick fight. Surely it will look gorgeous, but these movies are already long, so hopefully it's worth our time. For more on the battle, check out the full story right here. Thoughts?

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ragethorn on Oct 24, 2014


Give me 2 hours of an epic battle. Awe yeah.

xShineyxDiverx on Oct 24, 2014


Yes! This should be very interesting. A possible sneak peek into BvS and a hella long battle in The Hobbit, more of a reason for me to go see it.

Justin R on Oct 24, 2014


I knew the movie-sphere would get awesome by late October. 2015-2016 is LOADED with massive, huge releases...and the preamble to that was always going to start a little ahead of time. Marketing for all of the big 2015 movies, Avengers, Tomorrowland, Fast and Furious 7, Star Wars, Jurassic World...all of that is beginning to ramp up, which is just awesome.

Chris Groves on Oct 24, 2014


LMAO who puts fast and furious on a list with Avengers and Star Wars. Pft bahahahaha. That's like steak, lobster.... peanut butter.

UKNOULUVIT on Oct 25, 2014


I was simply listing all of the films I'm very excited for in the coming years. It wasn't ordered by prominence, or what I think will be the biggest, it was MY OPINION...and yes, I like many others, have come to really enjoy the direction the Fast and Furious movies have taken. But maybe I should speak in words you'll understand: LMAO dude it's like not everyone has to agree on what movies they wanna see like yo some people like grapes and some people like apples LMAO doesn't mean I like grapes as much as chicken LMAO peanut butter.

Chris Groves on Oct 25, 2014


LOADED with massive, huge releases- so kind of like your underwear?

Darby O' Gill on Oct 27, 2014


If they have a rule, it should be about CG usage. Wonder how many extras are involved compared to the Rings battles.

OfficialJab on Oct 24, 2014


Godzilla not in 95% of his movie " well you wouldnt want to get fight fatigue" 1/3 of the movie being a blurry battle mess " WONDERFUL"

Brian Sleider on Oct 24, 2014


A war with 5 armies and who knows how many main cast members lasting 45 minutes is not the same as Godzilla fighting two other monsters for 45 minutes. One of them is completely sustainable, the other is not.

Chris Groves on Oct 24, 2014



Jon Odishaw on Oct 24, 2014


If you say so, Im bored already at the thought of this.

Brian Sleider on Oct 24, 2014


Then maybe devote your attention elsewhere?

Chris Groves on Oct 24, 2014


I have, sadly. These movies ruined the source material worse than LotR trilogy.

Brian Sleider on Oct 25, 2014


If you think so poorly, then I suggest not coming around movie sites any more. It clearly doesn't bring you joy to keep complaining about movies, so it is best that you do yourself, and the rest of us a favor, and as I said "devote your attention elsewhere."

Chris Groves on Oct 25, 2014


Yes genius, I dislike one movie so I must dislike them all. What a small minded twat you are.

Brian Sleider on Oct 26, 2014


Says the guy going out of his way to click on articles for the 3rd film in a trilogy he claims to hate and goes to the comment section for the soul purpose of being a whining negative nancy...and then gets upset when people ask him to go be negative somewhere else. I keep my attention to movies I like and am interested in. Nobody likes anyone just trolling around for the fun of it.

Chris Groves on Oct 26, 2014


Ok bub.

Brian Sleider on Oct 26, 2014


ignorance. You base that only on what you have already seen. Fact is, there are plenty of people that could make that work for Godzilla. Think outside the bun brahhhhh

Darby O' Gill on Oct 27, 2014


It COULD work, but you'd have to properly inter-cut with other things going on. Nothing but Godzilla fighting the Mutos on screen for 45 minutes straight would be tiring. Hence why this CAN work out. Because you'll likely be having 10-15 main/supporting characters taking part in this battle. It likely won't consist of just 45 minutes of sword clashing between two people. You'll have characters pulling off different feats and strategies that impact the flow of the battle. 5 armies and 10-15 main/supporting characters allows for a much more dynamic 45 minutes of fighting than 1 monster fighting 2 monsters. This if the last Hobbit film, the grand finale. Godzilla has sequels coming up with Mothra, Rodan, and King the extended battle sequences and larger scale stories for THOSE encounters.

Chris Groves on Oct 27, 2014


and still we have to wait for 2016 haha! Great job warner!

Avi on Oct 24, 2014


So true, 2 years production. NUTS

311 on Oct 24, 2014


Aaaaaaand this news comes a day after the Ultron teaser drops. I think they are doing this because of that. I'm excited regardless but just think it's obvious. The movie is pretty far off (Bats vs Supes) but it has been shooting for a while since it was supposed to come out next year. I think it's good that they will show something!

Big R on Oct 24, 2014


I'm afraid that I will see Legolas skateboarding or sliding over ridicilous stuff in every 10 minutes. But I'm still excited. I can bare some more for the last time...

ProjectionistHP on Oct 24, 2014


So... in the battle we'll just see two shots of random people fighting and a cut back to an invisible and knocked out Bilbo, motionless and smugly sleeping for 45 minutes. The first five minutes of the film will be like this: Smaug: I'm invincible. You'd need a miracle to kill this fucking dragon! Bard: *shoots arrow directly into smaug's chest* Smaug: *pauses... in mid-air mind you, and states,* "That'd do it..." *then Smaug proceeds to fall into the lake and gets stephen fry's combover all wet.* then we'll be treated shot of a dwarf holding an enormous carrot out of the front zipper of his pants and peter jackson will take a bite out of it.

tree on Oct 24, 2014


you must have already watched the movie on Jason scarpellis 72 inch smart tv.......LMAO

dan on Oct 24, 2014


Caught a pre screening a week ago, actually. The final product is "decent."

tree on Oct 24, 2014


Lol, its cute when ppl lie on the net. Im president Obama. Ive seen batman v superman already. I met Arnold Schwarzenneger. I kissed Selma Blair. See? Its so easy. Lmao your so full of shit.

UKNOULUVIT on Oct 25, 2014


Ish, I feel like I just a glimpse into some of your personal fantasies there.

UKNOULUVIT on Oct 25, 2014


Please do the world a favor and learn how to properly construct a fucking sentence.

tree on Oct 26, 2014


I'll just wait 'til it appears online, then I can view it on my 72 inch smart tv πŸ™‚

Jason Scarpelli on Oct 24, 2014


like anyone cares what you're going to do?

dan on Oct 24, 2014


YOU obviously do.

splashsquelch on Oct 25, 2014


your comment makes NO do realize that, don't you?

dan on Nov 6, 2014


Yeah I really want to know why you have wrote this. Are you legally going to Download this film?

disqus_HZkhbeFufx on Oct 26, 2014


I meant the teaser... obviously.

Jason Scarpelli on Oct 26, 2014


You can see why there's confusion though...

AwesomeWave on Oct 27, 2014


Not really since the article is about the teaser.

Guest on Oct 27, 2014



Jason Scarpelli on Oct 27, 2014


there is no confusion to udnerstand its clear. watch traielr on massive tv at home.

oanda on Dec 5, 2014


Who said I was going to download any movie?

Jason Scarpelli on Oct 27, 2014


Are you the download police?

Darby O' Gill on Oct 27, 2014


45 min. action sequence. They're going to KILL it.

DAVIDPD on Oct 25, 2014


With 45 min, that's enough time to kill pretty much anything and everything around you

obscurelyfamous on Oct 27, 2014


I wonder what Peter Jackson will do with his remaining four hours. Perhaps we will see a 38 minute hobbit feast?

Ryan on Oct 28, 2014


Even if it's as great as the battles seen in the LOTR trilogy, will that make up for the other two, overlong mediocre movies?

AwesomeWave on Oct 27, 2014



Jeremy on Oct 27, 2014


hobbit is well might kill it or it could be pLAIN BORING

julian zimmerman on Dec 19, 2014

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