'The Matrix' Rebooted? Rumor Says a New Trilogy is Being Developed

February 28, 2014
Source: Latino Review

The Matrix

It's been 11 years since The Matrix Revolutions mostly disappointed us with an unsatisfying and predictable end to what began as a revolutionary sci-fi action flick. The Wachowski siblings changed the action genre, making bullet time the hot new trend, and slow-motion action all the rage, and the script was original, mind-blowing, and totally worthy of the patented Keanu Reeves, "Whoa." However, Warner Bros. hasn't gotten anything worthwhile in box office terms from the filmmaking team with both Speed Racer and Cloud Atlas bombing hard. So what's next? How about jacking back into The Matrix for a new trilogy?

Latino Review has a new rumor saying that Andy and Lana Wachowski have already turned in early treatments and outlines to the studio for what would be a new trio of films set in The Matrix universe. Supposedly, one of the early outlines was about the birth of The Matrix, but it's unclear how this new trilogy would unfold. However, the speech from The Architect in The Matrix Reloaded might give us some insight:

As you can see, there have been several previous versions of The Matrix, and multiple incarnations of The One, so it would stand to reason that a new trilogy of films could focus on an entirely different struggle of a chosen one to save the human race from the machines, and they might not even need to get Keanu Reeves to do it. Some fans might recall that certain animated films set in the world of The Matrix, by way of The Animatrix, already dove into prequel territory, but those aren't being considered part of the canon by which Warner Bros. would develop this new trilogy. Anyway, for now this is just a rumor, so we'll see what happens. It certainly wouldn't be a surprise though. What do you think?

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The Wachowskis suck. With all of the terrible output they've had, it just looks more and more as though the quality of the first Matrix film was dumb luck. And that first Matrix is a classic, by the way. They've just never been able to match the tone; and most likely never will. If they make new Matrix films, the most I'll commit to is maybe consider renting them, if I have nothing else to do.

DaveLister_JMC on Feb 28, 2014


I called this right after seeing the awful third film! Can't wait for this to happen! Of all franchises this one to me has the potential to be new and interesting with each era. And John M I agree I LOVE the "chateau" fight scene with the Rob Dougan score in the background. I hope this gets greenlit soon.

SkyNet300 on Feb 28, 2014


Btw I love Cloud Atlas regardless of what "mainstream" audiences thought of it.

SkyNet300 on Feb 28, 2014


Lol I was mesmerized with Cloud Atlas. Felt unique and refreshing watching all of these interesting characters with their different paths that they take. The suicide scene was heartbreaking....for me at least.

SkyNet300 on Mar 1, 2014


I fell asleep during it. That happend one other time "Finial Fantasy The Spirits Within."

Brian Sleider on Mar 2, 2014


I say do it! I've been waiting for this for a long time. "The Matrix" is a classic piece of SciFi and the sequels were fun and enjoyable to me at least. I still find myself rewatching the Neo and Mr. Smith fight at the end of the 3rd film over and over again. There's tons of mythology to dive into and I'm just excited to hear we might have the chance to go back into that world!!!

Nathan Williams on Feb 28, 2014


I totally agree with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SkyNet300 on Feb 28, 2014


Oh yeah for the Wachowski's to take a further dump all over the franchise, yeah sounds amazing. The first Matrix movie is not even a classic all it's known for is it's stupid bullet time effects that have been parodied all over Hollywood and the sequels just taking that and further more ripping off other great science fiction films and turning it into their a pile of garbage. The Matrix Trilogy is overrated. I've seen far better films. But you know WB is going to agree to this type of crap sadly just for the money worth and the fans that would still shell out a bunch of dough for this. The Wachowski's have lost their minds these days. Cloud Atlas was the biggest flop ever along with it being garbage. Jupiter whatever looks like another flop. What am I complaining anyway people are still going to watch it no matter how stupid it looks. Cinematic taste these days sucks.

Damon King on Feb 28, 2014


So what you are saying is: Matrix sucks, Wachowski suck. Everything about this piece of news sucks. Everything Wachowski are producing sucks. Basically everything sucks. Got it. I Understand that opinions are like assholes, but dude, you must have a very special assho,, sorry, opinion.

Alex on Feb 28, 2014


You should just ignore this guy, he's pretty much negative about everything, 'cause he's just a troll. A persistent, repetitive troll. Yawn.

Efterklang on Feb 28, 2014


I don't think I've seen this dude say anything positive about any movie, ever. All he does is whine and bitch. Plus the mom comment is just about the most pathetic insult anyone can reach for these days. I've pretty much stopped reading anything he says.

grimjob on Mar 1, 2014


Heh, it's funny how he's deleted all his attempts at "serious" trolling now, and all that's left are these xbox-live-kid level insults. I guess he realized that he was exposed, he'll probably be back with a new account though.

Guest on Mar 1, 2014


Yep - he'll be back with another picture of Hardy from that Bronson movie.

Steven on Mar 2, 2014


sometimes I agree with you but now you blow out of proportions... the matrix is a classic movie, and by the others copies of it, the directors think so too. Everything you look for a great movie is in it. It's Hollywood at his best...

Avi on Mar 1, 2014


yes good contribution to the discussion hahahahaha..

Avi on Mar 1, 2014


Expect nothing more from First Showings resident Troll.

Brian Sleider on Mar 2, 2014


Saw the movies the other day. I'm all up for 3 more, but they need to be really careful. Bonus points if it's the Wachaowskis doing all the producing and writing.

Ricardo J C Marques on Feb 28, 2014


Nice. Not remake please, I'd accept and alternate-universe kinda thing.

OfficialJab on Feb 28, 2014


how is that not a remake? lol

Kento on Feb 28, 2014


Ideally it wouldn't be about a One, or any other characters in common with this trilogy, or have a similar plot at all, it would just exist in the same type of world. There are a million possibilities since the world can be anything and it's so huge.

OfficialJab on Feb 28, 2014


If the Wachaowskis are down then I'm down.

Xerxexx on Feb 28, 2014



lars on Feb 28, 2014


It's weird, so many people talk about Revolutions being the letdown, but in my book, it delivered. Reloaded was the one that meandered a bit too much and tried to add too much complexity to the mythology and ended up with everything being convoluted. The 3rd brought it back to the basics of the original a bit. Plus, the Neo vs Smith fight is one of the best, uninterrupted, one-on-one fights ever committed to film.

Chris Groves on Feb 28, 2014


the film just doesn't have a traditional definitive ending and it leaves a lot of questions on the table. it also begs the question of how do machines and humans live together in that world?

Kento on Feb 28, 2014


It's the ending and the question how long the peace will last that sets it up for another movie trilogy IMO.

Steven on Mar 2, 2014


Okay, I do agree in that regard, the ambiguity of the ending is not the film's strongest point. But in terms of plot-requirements, the battle of zion and Neo vs Smith delivered in a huge way. I feel that as a whole, The Matrix Reloaded has many more problems than Revolutions does. But both of them collectively suffer a bit too much from the '2 part sequel' syndrome. You have The Matrix original, then the Matrix sequel part 1, and the Matrix sequel part it doesn't feel like a true 3 part trilogy like say...The Lord of the Rings. Several of the 'Animatrix' shorts could have served as pieces and plotlines for a Matrix sequel, and in general, the plot of Reloaded and Revolutions could have been a single would simply need to trim the fat, which Matrix Reloaded had plenty of. Entire sub-plots and prolonged action sequences that were essentially only there to keep everyone busy until part 3.

Chris Groves on Mar 2, 2014


they need new ideas.

Quynh Truong on Feb 28, 2014


because they clearly have been doing the same thing over and over for the past 10 years right? oh wait no... they've been incredibly experimental.

Kento on Feb 28, 2014


Is your statement meant to refute his or to back it up? Because it looks like you agree with him despite your snide attitude.

Brian Sleider on Mar 2, 2014


He was being sarcastic. Every one of their films has been something new and daring so new ideas is something the sibling don't lack.

David Diaz on Mar 2, 2014


They need to give it a rest. The Wachaowskis hit unknown gold with the first matrix. It was pure and solid. They'll over do everything just like the sequels and add some cornball to the story.

Jim Dawkins on Mar 1, 2014


I would love to see how the machines and humans continue to interact in a new trilogy, rather than a prequel or look at another One that failed. The question at the end of the trilogy was how long would the peace last...

Steven on Mar 1, 2014


My Dreamy New Trilogy. Why Not? When they reboot Spiderman and reload Star Wars and Star Trek and Fast & Furious and Transformers or make terminator after another terminator or Jurassic Park or Indiana Jones ... Why Not This FANTASTIC FUTURISTIC DIGITAL ERA DARK KNIGHT This is my territory ... This is my F-ing Sequels ... I need them ... I want them I'm not waiting for Avatar Trilogy but I'm definitely waiting and waiting annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd waiting for this trilogy as long as it takes time. I dont want something like FIRST MATRIX , because that's IMPOSSIBLE. First Matrix was full of CREATIVITY & INCREDIBLE MOMENTS with Ultimate SCIFI SCREENPLAY and Unbelievable and Unforgettable Special Effects. Mind Blowing Action , Breathtaking Atmosphere & Bonebreaking Dialogues. I dont want something like Second Matrix , because that was Just CGI matters. I dont want something like third Matrix , because that was End of Trilogy and i dont want good things end. Ohhhhhh Good God....

Ehsan Davodi on Mar 1, 2014


aaand you've given them a title

Richie G on Mar 1, 2014


Yes! this is time (exact time) to reload "The Martrix" again.there is a big hunger for new The Matrix with updated and new themes.there is some sneaky movements to preparing minds for a new reloading just like that Anyway,a very welcome for new "THE MATRIX".

Бабак on Mar 1, 2014


I tried to look at your video and it says "Private". May I see it?

critofur on Sep 10, 2015


K. Sure - I'll bite. Just not a "reboot". Another story in the same universe - fine.

avconsumer2 on Mar 1, 2014


I wouldn't mind a Matrix 4. But not a reboot. No need. Just carry on the story with new characters. That universe is so expansive, that it shouldn't be a problem finding stories.

Michael Field on Mar 1, 2014


If neo, neal, hey the chosen one, aka Keanu Reeves Isn't in the new movie trilogy then it would be a waste of time filming it in my opinion. Lose the rest of the crew keep him. Slap on a new storyline with new enemies, new gifts and action packed ass kicking scenes. And we all will be line up, glued to the big screen. Let him venture off on a soul searching journey, inorder to better himself where he finds himself knee deep in a new thrilling adventure.

truthserm26 on Mar 1, 2014


The first one was great! The other 2 not so much!

Jimmy Love on Mar 1, 2014


I just hope they do justice to the original. I would be pretty excited to see how good the effects are nowadays.

DAVIDPD on Mar 2, 2014


I would prefer an expanding of the AniMatrix Short "Revolution" I full movie based on the Machine Human war and the lead up to said war. That short was an EPIC piece of Sci-Fi.

Brian Sleider on Mar 2, 2014


Mr. Anderson. ... Welcome back, we missed you! There is a lot of great and original ideas in "The Animatrix" series.this is proof that they can reload another fresh stories about The Matrix word again.there is not doubt "It's already begun"(a dialogue From THE MATRIX).

Бабак on Mar 2, 2014


That would be a very welcomed GREAT LINE that I would stand and clap for in the theater

Elvis Donofrio on Jul 11, 2014


They should make Neo be the main vessel of attack for the machines in the matrix. I think that would make for a cool story line via having the surviving humans struggle against him and attempt to reconvert him. Maybe even the discovery of a new "one" who would go toe to toe with Neo.

Tim on Mar 2, 2014


more Matrix movies aren't a bad thing to me...the major problem though would be going the prequel route with previous matrix(s). I always felt that with SW Prequels...knowing how everything happens in 4-6 always ruined the suspense factor of Ep 1-3..and I'm sort of also feeling that with The Hobbit. The Matrix prequel would suffer the same fate.

desispeed on Mar 2, 2014


I don't why, but I wouldn't mind seeing a prequel. How the world ended up in the Matrix!

Josh Van Den Bergh on Mar 2, 2014


Look around JVDB its happening as we speak. blue pills glued to their smartphones. THIS is the beginning

Elvis Donofrio on Jul 11, 2014


I hope this is true. Best sequel news I've ever heard. And I hope they are sequels. If they fleshed out The Second Renaissance from the Animatrix for part of a film, that might be cool. But I don't think I want to see an entire prequel film about how the machines took over. The Oracle told Sati at the end of Revolutions that she thinks they'll see Neo again. I want to see Neo again. Can't wait to get some confirmed news.

David Diaz on Mar 2, 2014


As long as they've learned that no one cares about what happens outside of the Matrix, then this could work. That's why Revolutions was god-awful and the only thing people remember from Reloaded was Monica Bellucci and the freeway scene. Set it all in the matrix, with them pulling people out or doing something inside the Matrix that relates to helping things outside the Matrix (like the first movie). Any action taking place in 'Zion' or post-apocalypse cave land is an automatic fail.

ds NYC on Mar 2, 2014


1000% truth nobody ever gaves a crap about The We are the World United Nations crapfest that was Zion. Admirable, but pointless

Elvis Donofrio on Jul 11, 2014


The "chateau" fight scene in Reloaded was AMAZING as well, FANTASTIC choreography with a really cool song. Reloaded was freakin' GREAT going from that chateau fight scene right into the freeway scene (starting a little before that and ending a little after that is the best chunk of the movie). Oracle talk in the park -> the "burly brawl" (fight with 1000 Smiths) -> [short length of boring] -> meeting the Merovingian -> "chateau" fight scene -> Freeway scene -> [slightly OK rest of movie].

Glowyrm on Aug 20, 2014


When I saw The Matrix: Reloaded in the the theater, some dude got up during the Architect's speech and shouted "I can't take anymore of this shit! What the %$# is going on?? This doesn't make any sense! I'm outta here!" and he stormed off out of the theater. It was a great Matrix moment.

TheOct8pus on Mar 3, 2014


LOL I would have died laughing. Same dude was at Batman Forever, shouted, "THIS SUCKS DICK" halfway through Val Kilmers extreme face close up

Elvis Donofrio on Jul 11, 2014


this is what makes différence between people like us and those imbécile who are still prisoners from thé system.

Sean Poirier on Jul 22, 2014


I'd be happy to see something a bit action-noir & faction-based in line with The Matrix MMO. Solid setups & interesting characters without the epic expectations that would probably lead to epic letdowns.

rainswept on Apr 19, 2014


I hope they are doing it. The matrix was and still is an awesome movie

Ваше Онтатиле Масвибилили on May 10, 2014


They have to get Keanu Reeves to do it! Though there's been multiple incarnations of The One, they all looked like Neo, as we can see on all the small screens when he's talking to the Architect, and we're shown how the others reacted in his stead before. Still, any visit back to the Matrix would be awesome! I loved all the movies, but was totally confused by the end so a reboot would be in it's place. Or even a continuation with a new hero

Christoffer Lymark on Jun 3, 2014


That's an interesting interpretation of what we see on those screens, but I'm pretty sure it's not the one the Wachowski brothers were going for (I forget where I read about this). Those screens were simply showing how Neo really felt, his human, emotional side, while his logical "machine" side is what he really used to react, which is why the Architect was somewhat impressed with him. Dichotomy is a big theme in the Matrix trilogy and this fits perfectly with that. But again, if I'm misremembering, yours is an interesting way to look at it, but it's actually really silly if you think about it for any real length of time. I really doubt other "ones" gave the Architect the finger and said, "F*ck you!". Also, none of the other "ones" were in the same situation as this Neo, they did NOT have a "Trinity" (or any woman).

Glowyrm on Aug 20, 2014


fuck a prequel. they need to show what happens after. if this is the first time the one succeeded then bring a new threat to the matrix or to zion or something. if it is a prequel we will know what happens, the one fails. i think they should show what happens after neo saved everyone, and hopefully he's still alive. but they should make that a mystery. they should show the same transition tho of someone being free'd. if you remember at the end of the last one they said.. "what will happened to the ones that want out..." "they will be free'd" SHOW US THAT. continue where it left off

@PiffingtonJones on Jun 10, 2014


The Matrix MMO is the canon story for what happened after the movie trilogy. If you look online you can find the story. It was a pretty cool idea, to take the story from the movies and continue it in video game form, gives some of the choices of what happens to the fans.

Glowyrm on Aug 20, 2014


agreed. No prequel. Matrix 4 fool!!

glenn on Aug 22, 2014


PLEASE ANYTHING PREQUEL SEQUELS ANYTHING The Matrix is Internet culture, its everything, how about a spinoff show afterwards on HBO or FX cmon do it! Do it keel me now Im hea!!! But seriously, please, now is the time!!! You know of what I speak. A great idea, lidless, wreathed in anonymity. Cmon Gandalf get off your arse and MAKE THE MATRIX Of all the reboots and remakes or pre/sequels other than Star Wars NONE is more significant than the Matrix. And maybe the Care Bears

Elvis Donofrio on Jul 11, 2014


and what if, the matrix was real? Maybe you just cannot see it. I mean, not a true virtual reality but, our system. corrupted by some elite. Your life and everything around you. What if I told you that there is no coincidence between any events? 9/11. john f kennedy being killed just before revealing the truth. The illuminati, freemasonry, the ones who control our system. We complain there's no alternative. While, there's always one. But, being corrupted, we can no longer do anything about the system. We need to make a reset before companies destroy our planet by exploiting all of its ressources. You're buying to only one company for most of any of your needs. What about your money? Does it still have any value? Don't you realize that you're paying taxes to a private bank and not to your "government"? Now that the private banks and enterprises has the entire control over you, They will try everything to keep it. They are looking us. They are watching us, everybody, everyday like a potential "terrorist". But in reality, what is a true terrorist? Who are the real terrorists in all this? Those who are spreading the truth. The ones who can think by themselves. "The programs who are doing another job than the one they was supposed to do." Because anyway, those who would trade their liberties in exchange of security do not deserve any of them. Look over the internet. This is where the truth will be spread. not during the news on your favorite tv brainwashing channel.. You'll see. soon enough, what the truth really is. for now, keep taking the blue pill and go back to your slave's life. It's not a conspiracy, it's the matrix.

PC Principal on Jul 22, 2014


I wrote the story which I believe the original The Matrix script was based on. They left out the origin story and one of my main characters. I would be happy to work with them on developing a prequel movie using this story. Before you dismiss my claim, know this: a friend of mine was the Sys Admin at Mass Illusion and I met with him and some folks from his company ~1995 and shared my story with them - I thought it was a great and compelling story, I'm glad they made it into a movie (though I am a little bit unhappy with some of the changes they made). It's been 20 years and I still have neither threatened a lawsuit nor retained a lawyer - guys, don't you think it's safe to talk to me again? Come on please.

critofur on Jan 11, 2015


I have three thoughts here: A) You're a liar. B) You're a moron (I don't really mean to insult you but if you truly wrote the story that the Matrix was based on and didn't at least try to sue, that's an incredibly stupid thing to do, IMO. That means you were robbed and you're OK with it) or C) The "story" that you wrote is actually so far from what the Matrix actually is that there was no possible way you could sue. As an example, say you wrote a story where people were able to enter and exit the computer world at will but lacks all the other parts that makes the Matrix the Matrix (plot, tone, characters, religious undertones, machine/people war, etc). In that case no, you couldn't sue and win and in that case you don't deserve to be giving yourself credit. I'd actually like to read this story of yours, to be honest. Not just to verify your claims but to see if it ended any better than the crappy Matrix sequels.

AGx on Jan 20, 2015


I'm not a liar - I'm the sort of person who gets into trouble for being too honest, saying things I shouldn't, and also, being too literal. I say what I mean, and expect others to do the same. I did not write the script, I wrote a short story with some ideas that I just thought were original, and some ideas that were indeed original. I did not publish my writing, submit it to an editor, or have a completed work suitable for publishing. What I had was some notes and about an hour long talk which I could repeat verbatim on any given day because I was exited and enthusiastic about it. A moron - hmm, well I thought the story was rather clever and good, and that is why I was trying to find someone or some people to help develop it into a novel or a movie. I'm not sure I could write a novel well on my own. I tried to start developing a story into a novel and my friend said "it reads like a textbook". I've been in car accidents where I had neck pains. I did not try to weasel lots of money out of the insurance company. I had an accident where I was injured and could have sued, I did not. I'm not certain that not being inclined to sue people and not wanting to be involved with lawyers makes someone a "moron". It seems to have happened multiple times that I tried to explain that I had a story that it was "based on" and that people equate that to me saying "I wrote the script" - no, that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying my story inspired it, and they used the key plot points from my story. I did not/do not have an ending to my story, but I did/do have additional parts to the beginning which could be the basis for a prequel. Only recently I found out from other people responding to my posts online that earlier revisions of their script more closely matched my story, and, including a key point that they had changed, that really irritated me about the movie. This was the idea of using humans as a "power source". This particularly irritated me as it seemed quite stupid, IMO. My original purpose, to the AI, of the humans in the (what they call "Matrix) system was that the AI used them for computational tasks in areas where the computer was still weak. I thought the first movie was much better than the 2nd and 3rd but that maybe because I am biased since they didn't speak to me after making the first one, and I'd like to think that's why the sequels are not as good. Please email me if you want to discuss this further.

critofur on Jan 21, 2015


If your idea is so loosely related that you weren't given any sort of credit what so ever then you don't deserve to be giving yourself credit. That's like me saying I inspired Nightmare on Elm Street because I spoke with Wes Craven about having a nightmare about a monster. Related, sure but veeeeery loosely. If it's any more than that, I think it's dumb you didn't pursue any sort of compensation for your idea. The Matrix was pretty groundbreaking. Regarding your insurance comparison, there's a difference between getting what's due and "weaseling" and asking for, at the very least a credit, for your input on such a groundbreaking work is not weaseling. If you're going to be saying this stuff, you should be backing it up with your 'short story', otherwise it's just babble. I'd like to give you the benefit of the doubt, and if I knew you personally I might but this is the internet and everyone lies about everything here, so, sorry.

AGx on Jan 21, 2015


Well, I do deserve some sort of credit and I don't expect anybody involved in creating the movies at a high level to even speak to me unless I got a lawyer. (Their lawyers would tell them not to talk to me) I'm not getting a lawyer, I'm not suing, but I would like a "thank you" and some credit from them for my contribution - maybe someday I will get that, I don't know. If you talked to Wes Craven, and you explained to him your nightmare about a specific type of groundbreaking monster idea that was unique and original, and he used it in a movie, then I think he DOES owe you something in return for using your idea - not the same as writing a whole script obviously, but some sort of recognition at the very least. No? My story involved a lot more than simply a type of monster in a dream - unless that monster had quite a bit of depth in terms of a unique and compelling story behind it. I'm not lying, and I am willing to share more parts of my story, but not all of it, and not really much more on a forum post than what I have already done. I can live without a $100 million award from a lawsuit. What I could not live with, would be not telling my side of the story. OK - well I can agree that people who sue for damages in car accidents are not always "due" the compensation they receive, I did sometimes wonder if I was wrong to not try to get something more than I did - it was painful to turn my neck much, for more than a year, and I was strangely, occasionally, extra-thirsty for several months after the accident. My neck has finally recovered 97% years later, and if I had gotten $15,000 it'd be gone by now anyway. There were other situations where I might have sued but did not, and things worked out in the end. Sometimes it takes years for that to happen, maybe things will work out OK in this situation too. Again, if you have some strong desire to know that I'm telling the truth, you're welcome to email me.

critofur on Jan 21, 2015


So let me get this straight. You come onto this thread and claim that you wrote a short story that inspired The Matrix, probably one of the greatest Sci Fi films to be released in at least a decade. You claim that you seeked no monetary compensation or even acknowledgement for your efforts You also provide no evidence to the veracity of your claims, and yet you expect to be taken seriously. Sorry, but sounds like bullshit to me.

Joshua Holmes on Feb 24, 2015


I did not claim that I seeked/seek "no monetary compensation or even acknowledgement for my efforts". I would like acknowledgement, and I would like compensation. It's twenty years later and I'm still upset that they have not even attempted to contact me to make things right. However, I do want credit for the original story, more than I want monetary compensation. I don't want a lawsuit. Zero bullshit from me - maybe I will collaborate with someone to put up a website with further information.

critofur on Mar 3, 2015


The only thing that you created is this BS lie jackass!!

Alex L on Jul 10, 2015


No, not at all. What makes you think you know anyway? One of my best friends was the main PC/Mac/UNIX support guy for Mass Illusions/John Gaeta from 1995/1996 and had worked with him and his friends before that under Douglas Trumpbull's companies in western MA. Obviously I am not sharing ALL my information on here, but I don't want to be called a liar without some proof to back it up (which doesn't exist, because I am telling the truth!).

critofur on Jul 10, 2015


Dude I believe you. Where can I read your original short story?

btodder on Nov 30, 2015


I can sit down with you in a coffee shop and explain it to you, talk about the history more, etc. Or I can answer some questions if you like. But, I'm not going to scan my old scattered notebooks and post images. I have not published a story - I have sat down with a few people and explained it to them, and told a few people that I would like to develop the story into either a screenplay or a novel. 3 of my close friends know the whole story, one person who has created an extensive Matrix Q&A website knows most of the details, and my friend that worked at John Gaeta's company? Well he says: "I'm sorry I can't remember at all, the details from back then are all very foggy" (he is very concerned that there not be any sort of lawsuit between me and W.B. etc., desperately does not want to be called on to testify, despite my assurances to him that I don't want a lawsuit either, he's still paranoid about it) - only one of my other friends has a very clear and detailed recollection of the timeline, what my story was, and the time period over which I developed the story and would sit down and discuss it with him. A third friend, who said "DUDE! They made your movie!" after he saw The Matrix, is now paranoid and does not want to discuss it with me further. Did you know that the lawyer who was working for the woman that sued the Wachowskis/Warner Bros. DIED before they could resolve all the details of their various lawsuits?

critofur on Dec 1, 2015


The first time I heard about The Matrix was when my ex-roomate told me: "Dude! They made your movie!" And I was like, huh, what are you talking about? So I went to see it, and my first thought was being pissed off that they had changed my reason for the humans being in the "matrix*" from my original reason, which was that they were used by the A.I. for performing certain computational tasks to being a "power source" - which is simply stupid, IMO. * - their term, not mine, I found that was actually taken from some other person's work when I looked into it later)

critofur on Jan 22, 2015


That really only worked in the first movie. Perhaps the sequels weren't as good because of it. At any rate, I think a quality narrative is all the Matrix needs.

AGx on Jan 20, 2015


They did not talk to me after making the first movie, perhaps that's why 2 & 3 are not as good?

critofur on Jul 10, 2015


don't they owe a lot of money to the studio for a stupid a series of films that miserably failed at the box office recently including a film that wasn't even released considering how poorly conceived and supervised it was (Jupiter Ascending)

Malibur on Jan 27, 2015


I would like to see a reboot, but with a whole new perception of reality, were reality is somehow more mind blowing and 5th dimensional, like our real bodies are not human, but somewhat metaphysical, timeless, and not individualized. It would also be nice if they could touch on the nature of consciousness and free will and how choice doesn't really exist. I don't want to see the exact same set up with a Zion, death machines, and agents. It should be more cosmological. I feel they can go deeper down that rabbit hole. In the original they didn't really go that deep. With modern books on philosophy they can do much better then before. People should leave the movie with new philosophical concepts to rip their mind open. Not the same shit that's been repeated over and over. But keep the underground cyber goth! Just maybe modernize it a little.

Andre Danielz on Mar 2, 2015


Why is no one commenting on the absolute genius of the title "The Matrix: Rebooted"?

The Master Sword on Mar 11, 2015


Contact John Gaeta, and ask him about my good friend Sean Goodman, who was Mass Illusion's main IT guy, and how much he [John] remembers from when Sean brought Chris [me] to meet with them when I tried to pitch my movie idea about this guy named "Bob" who had unknowingly spent his entire life connected to a computer in a simulated reality until one day there was a glitch which caused the computer system to think that Bob was dead causing bob to be disconnected and flushed down the waste disposal shaft... Then listen to the interview with Lana when she was asked about why they did not fight the request to make the change to the script in which, like my original story, the A.I. used the humans for their minds, to do "thought tasks" to the absolutely ludicrous notion of using the humans as a heat source! That change was perhaps the most upsetting aspect of everything that happened regarding me, my involvement with The Matrix story, and how they made the movies without asking me about using my story. Consider how "unimportant" that was to her, yet how offensive it is to me and why that might be so. I will not post photos for you, but I will meet with you and explain other details in person if the issue is important to you.

critofur on Jan 19, 2016

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