Tom Hiddleston is Involved with 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Reshoots

December 1, 2014
Source: The Daily Mail

Tom Hiddleston

Early last month, Marvel's Thor franchise supporting star Idris Elba let slip that he and Tom Hiddlseton (who plays the villainous Loki) had shot some footage for The Avengers: Age of Ultron. However, that little tidbit wasn't meant to be revealed just yet, and Joss Whedon told Vulture he may contact Elba, "Should he receive an email from me, there might be an attitude of scold." However, it sounds like that information might have gotten out anyway as The Daily Mail reports that most of the principal members of superhero sequel cast, including Hiddlseton, have been asked to set aside time in January for reshoots.

In addition, to Hiddlseton, Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man), Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk), Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye), Paul Bettany (The Vision) and Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow) have all been asked to set aside two weeks in January to shoot some additional scenes at Pinewood Studios. The source says this is to add more action to the proceedings, though it seems a little late in the game to do that with a film that requires extensive visual effects. The reshoots may not be that extensive, perhaps only close-ups during action sequences, but this doesn't seem to be anything to worry about.

What's interesting is that Hiddleston is part of this call to make himself available for reshoots, just in case they need him. Does that mean he has a bigger part than we might have otherwise thought? Or does Joss Whedon feel the need to have a little more Loki in the movie? It's also interesting to note that Chris Evans hasn't been called back for reshoots in January, so apparently he's already getting enough action in the sequel. Anyway, we've still got plenty of time before The Avengers: Age of Ultron kicks off the blockbuster summer in May next year, so stay tuned for anymore information.

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A cameo is fine but they need to tone down on the Loki

Jon Odishaw on Dec 1, 2014


No. They need to tone down on the Iron Man. He's been in way more movies than Loki and we get another IM-centric movie (AoU). I can't believe people are still whining about Loki, he has no solo movies and had like 20 minutes screen time in Thor2 compared to IM who is everywhere...

FrostGiantess on Dec 1, 2014


Im not saying they dont need to tone down IM but Loki is evil then hes not, hes dead then hes not. I love the character but it seems like they are forcing him in.

Jon Odishaw on Dec 1, 2014


Well, I call that FUN. That's why I like Loki, he's unpredictable.

FrostGiantess on Dec 1, 2014


Well the ladies like the man, and getting ladies into the theaters for these types of movies is not an easy feat. I know 2 women personally who only see marvel movies with Loki in them, "cause he's hot" they say.

Brian Sleider on Dec 1, 2014


i love the guy, he is a fairly good looking , captain america is more handsome, but i stay with loki cause tom hiddlestone is a genious, you belive in everything he say just because the way he says them

cristina willigs on Dec 1, 2014


ironman and loki are okay i love both, but what about black widow? she seems contrived most of the time specially when she was chased by the hulk and then when she fought eyehawk really? and then her tedious role in captain america over the top boring, is there any fanfic about her? no there is not, but they keep bringing her around just to please feminazis or men hungry for some eyecandy

cristina willigs on Dec 1, 2014


I agree. I feel like hes the Bumblebee in this whole thing. Always has a part somewhere. Its too much. He needs to start dying out. 3 appearances of any one character becomes too old.

Rock n Rollllll on Dec 1, 2014


"3 appearances of any one character becomes too old" Almost everyone in the MCU, then? Interesting...

FrostGiantess on Dec 1, 2014


4 tops. Avengers 2 just seems like a repeat of part 1 judging by the trailer. All the same characters aside from a couple others. my opinion 4+ screen appearances is just wayyy too much. Quite frankly an overload.

Rock n Rollllll on Dec 1, 2014


black widow was in 4 movies and the 5th is coming, and nobody said she was getting old, or maybe nobody cared

cristina willigs on Dec 1, 2014


LOL!!~ Bumblebee of Marvel...true.

DAVIDPD on Dec 1, 2014


black widow was in 4 movies and nobody complains, err maybe nobody cares, loki is great and i watch those movies because of loki, maybe tom hiddlestone is the only one who really cares about bringing some decent acting and no the studios werent pushing loki too far , the whole loki mania was allup to the fans, if someone hates loki is because is a teenager male or a man in his early 20s due to his popularity with girls, like leo dicaprio in the late 90 in titanic, he was annoying to that group of young men cause they were jealous, now everybody loves dicaprio, the same goes for loki he is terrific cause tom hiddlestone is a great actor and nothing else, i dont think that any other actor would play that part as brilliant as tom did, just think why tom hiddlestone has better movie offers than his companions in the MCU just cause he is a better actor

cristina willigs on Dec 1, 2014


Sorry but i think that was a poor use of an analogy. And honestly, i could of put together a laundry list of overloaded characters but i think most people got the gist of what i was trying to say.

Rock n Rollllll on Dec 2, 2014


it is not, i have seen tons of movies and the last thing i would do is to watch superheroes stuff, just hated that jenre since batman and robin, many people are biased specially young men because loki fanbase is their interst target for dating and this is ridiculous, loki is almost as good as alan rickman as the sheriff of nothingham wich was the only thing i loved in that awfull robin hood

cristina willigs on Dec 2, 2014


"Bumblebee" love it.

mooreworthy on Dec 1, 2014


I have nothing against Loki being in the film, whether a big or small role. Hiddlselton does an amazing job with Loki and I've enjoyed everything he's done as Loki. Iron Man does have a ton more screen time, but I guess with the ultimate demise of RDJ eventually giving up on that role, might as well make use of his contract.

Justin R on Dec 1, 2014


What does it all mean?? Whaaaat does it meeeeeeaaaaan?????

TheOct8pus on Dec 1, 2014


How many times is it possible to misspell someone's name within an article about them? This might be a new record.

Charles Oosterhouse on Dec 1, 2014


HUzzah...this should fit interestingly. Dig.

DAVIDPD on Dec 1, 2014


it might be called common sence, and please cut of most black widow scenes and put more loki instead, she is over the top annoying

cristina willigs on Dec 1, 2014


There's way too much Loki, said no woman ever.

mooreworthy on Dec 1, 2014


Tom Hiddlseton? I'm afraid I don't know who that is.

MissNatalou on Dec 2, 2014


He plays the super villain Greggy in the new Adventures: Age of Oldtron - Greggy has the power to talk about skin rashes and hold bottles of water for long periods of time ... he's a great addition to Addvengers movie.. wouldn't be a comic movie without Greggy

shane willett on Dec 3, 2014


Oh him! I loved him in Bohr: God of Tumblr!

MissNatalou on Dec 17, 2014


Loki adds emotional energy to these films. The character facilitates interesting story lines and the way Tom plays him keeps the audience guessing.

Chris on Dec 2, 2014



CreepyThinMan on Jan 3, 2015

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