Trevorrow's 'Jurassic World' To Be Shot on Film, Partially with 65MM

February 6, 2014

Jurassic World

These dinosaurs are going to be BIG. But that's the way they should be. Some excellent news for film purists out there - director Colin Trevorrow has tweeted confirmation the Jurassic World, the upcoming Jurassic Park reboot/sequel in the works for 2015, will be shot on film. Trevorrow was tweeting about the news that cinematographer John Schwartzman (of Pearl Harbor, Seabiscuit, Green Hornet, Amazing Spider-Man, Saving Mr. Banks) would be shooting the project and will be shooting "this April on 35mm and 65mm film." For those unfamiliar, 65mm film is also IMAX-size, meaning they're shooting large format for some scenes.

Here's the original tweet embedded from director Colin Trevorrow, who revealed quite a bit of info here.

Jurassic World, being directed by up-and-coming American filmmaker Colin Trevorrow (of indie hit Safety Not Guaranteed previously), has been delayed/updated/revised many times over the last few years. This current version has actors Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jake Johnson, Nick Robinson, Irrfan Khan and Ty Simpkins all set to star. Plot details are officially being kept a secret, but early word is that it involves a completely different park on a different island with new dinosaurs. We'll be keeping a close watch on this project as it heads into production this April. Universal currently has Jurassic World set for release starting on June 12th, 2015 next year. It will definitely be hitting IMAX and other large format screens. Excited?

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Reader Feedback - 23 Comments


Best T-Rexs i see , belong to Peter Jacksons & Weta , Can this one beat that? God Bless Michael Crichton , I love Jurassic World.

Ehsan Davodi on Feb 6, 2014


Best Trex was Jurrasic Park 1 buddy and thats a hollywood FACT, stil today ILM refers to how great it looks, thats because it was a mixture of animatronic and top tier CG .. King Kong looked good, but can't hold a candle to a film that came out 10+ years before it. you must have bad vision and drink alcohol when you watch movies, cuz' ya' eyes are blind'

shane willett on Feb 6, 2014


First , i think you trying to say right or wrong doesn't based on our tastes , right? and second dude , you think JW >> King Kong but that's my wish. didn't i mention It?

Ehsan Davodi on Feb 7, 2014


For one, you english is jarbled so it's hard to understand your point, but yes opinion and fact are 2 different things, however it's a fact that the movie industry refers to that being a breakthrough in animation and also still looks better than most films today, eventually when a huge number of views are perceived as correct since these are top animators and film makers it becomes and inside fact, or industry fact, it's a term, look it up

shane willett on Feb 11, 2014


he did a great job with safety not guaranteed, one of my favorite movie of the last few years but this is a very big job! If he keeps story great it will be awesome...

Avi on Feb 6, 2014


One of my favorite series since a child ... dinosaurs will never get old as antagonist..if that's what they could be called...

shane willett on Feb 6, 2014


Jurassic Park is my favorite film of all time. I have faith that this will be a worthy follow up. Also, shooting on 65mm is never a bad thing. I'm always up for it. I'd love to get a huge blockbuster shot entirely on 65mm. I wonder if JJ Abrams is reading this.

Chris Groves on Feb 6, 2014


The Universe really loves to play tricks with me. Two directors that continue to shoot on film I don't like their work. Tarantino and Nolan. Now they are going to shoot this stuff on film? I wouldn't go see this silly thing if they shot it on 165 mm film. I know, I know...165 mm doesn't exist. Just saying. I love film and abhor the transitions to digital so when the Universe punks with me like this I just gotta laugh. Shoot Jurassic Park number 50 or whatever the hell this is on digital. It don't matter. People who go see nonsense like this can't tell film from digital anymore than they can tell a Van Gogh from a Tijuana felt painting. I know, be careful...I'm throwing out a huge hook to you all here. Don't bite. Just ignore my rant. It's meaningless. And see? I left Chris Groves alone for declaring his fav film of all time is Jurassic Park. I mean, really? Oh, I go... Out of all the great, great films made...Jurassic Park? Man oh man...Don't take the bait, Chris...ignore me. It's cool...just teasin' you is all. But you might want to take a look at The Hustler, Lawerence of Arabia, Citizen Kane, Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, Days of Heaven, Touch of Evil, On The Waterfront, Streetcar Named Desire, and oh yea...The Lion In Winter...just a few that might esculate one's taste beyond the childhood love of a film like Jurassic Park. Just sayin', but me no mind 'cause if ya do it'll only

Bo on Feb 6, 2014


I'll just say this. A movie being your favourite isn't a measure of its quality. I've seen great films, but my favourite it Tron Legacy because of how it appeals to me personally. I know there are a million better movies, but it's my favourite.

OfficialJab on Feb 6, 2014


Well, thanks for your reply. I've never quite heard a take like yours regarding one's favorite film. I suppose you could be right, at least it is for you and that's all that's important. Tron Legacy, you say? Really? Ummmm.....well, so be it. Thank the Gods or whomever, it seems my favorite film(s) all seem to be of very high quality. Lucky me I reckon.

Bo on Feb 6, 2014


Jurassic Park is in my top 3 films. All the one's you mentioned are for a more "artsy" crowd. I like movies that reflect my interests and that don't have to be real because I see entertainment as a step out of normal life. I mean if you like dino's that is the best filmed movie and the first land before time is probably the best animated one.

Stewart Scott on Feb 6, 2014


Thanks for your reply and good for you. To each his own. I would suggest you read my reply to Error up above, Stewart. I've had this discussion with people for years about 'entertainment' and stepping out of normal life. Myself, I loathe movies which I see attempting to make me forget my 'normal life'. Why would I want to do that? Is your life so horrible that it needs to be stepped out of? As far as 'artsy' I would use intelligent. I like intelligent films that take on the theme of the human condition and how we deal with it. I feel very relaxed and comfortable watching films with people stuggling against real problems of being alive and human as they either over-come them or not, which is life. I am entertained by realism, not by childish notions of life and all is just great escapism. Just the work escapism makes me shudder and I'm want to know how any one of intellligence could even suggest that they crave such a thing. Go get drunk or shoot dope. That's escapism and no different than these silly movies designed to do the same thing. Meanwhile, your normal life goes on even if you think you have 'stepped' out of it momentarily. Same for the junkie. Life goes on. One can't suspend it. Anyway, carry on. I mean no harm. I only mean to challenge and biggie!

Bo on Feb 7, 2014


It is enjoyable to see such an enlightened character as yourself leaving out the fact that there is no way taste can be agreed by discussion, adding insult to injury you also bring elitism into your own choice of favorite films... which are such classics its like picking the sun in a flashlight brightness contest. 🙂 I guess ignorance is bliss. I thank no GOD for the fact that there are so many original scripts out there for people to choose from and enjoy be it George Romero classics or Hitchtcock... White background with red font comedies, or stop motion lego movies made by 9 year olds on youtube. Everyone can enjoy what they like.. and yeah you are right, they shouldnt even HAVE to hear your rant 🙂 And you compliment yourself thinking you even brought a hook to this fishing contest? 🙂 wow.

ErrorSapiens on Feb 7, 2014


Well, Mr. Error...I really am not too sure how or even if I want to reply to such a reply as yours as it's so filled with ignorance. You might look up that word as it's not used with ill will. It simply means unaware, without knowledge as you seem to be about films and film history. Why can't there be agreement by discussion? To me, that was one of your very ignorant statements. I've been in arguements and discussions over films for the last 45 yrs. and with some of the top directors in the world. I must say, not only was there disagreements, but there was also agreements and I learned a great deal from being able to participate in these discussions. And why? Because these guys were intelligent, talented, and very, very challenging. One did not go into these with your fraility and defense of stupid movies made for children and adults with childish mentalities. Your choosing to use elitism is also interesting as I would substitute that silly accusation from elite to intelligence. You attack my attempting to bring intelligence into the discussion? Sure, I was challenging the shallow and stupid films like Jurassic...I even with irony suggested as such my telling people to ignore the hook. Which, by the way you ignored and took the bait hook, line and sinker. I would suggest people listen to the challenge to grow up and leave childish habits behind. These movies are made for the lowest of the lowest common denominator of consciousness in order to make very big money and that's the only reason they are made. Stop being mesmerized by the gross and embarrassing products these people put out to the masses. If you don't see these films as such and wish to retain your opinion that they have value, what further can I say? To use your metaphor I shall put on my sunglasses and remain in the glare of the sun in this brightness contest, thank you very, I'm having fun here and love discussing films. Take care.

Bo on Feb 7, 2014


And there it is.. the master suppression technique as I suspected. 🙂 I said nothing about my taste in movies, nor did I defend the movie in this discussion. I defended peoples rights to have their own taste, and get entertained by it. You simply assume what my taste is and what I am mesmerized by, so the word was not ignorance, but unaware i guess? 😉 Talking to Guiseppe Tornatore himself couldn`t possibly give you "better taste" than anyone else. As of your reply to my statement about agreement in an discussion about taste you leave out the the word "taste" when you enlighten me about agreements in discussion. Of course you can agree in an discussion, but you can`t say that someones taste is bad or good.. that simply implies that your taste is superior.. Which is not intelligence, its elitism.. or makes you a simple bully at best. I attacked nothing about you or your intelligence , but I may have criticized your downwards attitude against other peoples taste..altough I see your pride may have got hit in the crossfire. 🙂 Of course you are having fun, we all are 🙂 Ill give you yet another metaphor: You take on this issue is like saying "In my opinion Beatles was`nt popular" People get alot of stuff out of different movies.. and thats a good thing.. Like someone watching the fountain sees a sad fancy fantasy movie, others find a deeper philosophical meaning behind the story.. or Lost Highway, which is so open to debate an analysis from so many angles.

ErrorSapiens on Feb 7, 2014


Thanks, Error...I like you fits! I've exhausted all fun I might be having with you as it's difficult to communicate with people who's insecurity tends to make them take things personally. Of course, I can say anything I wish concerning people's taste...especially if it's poor taste...which is what I'm addressing. To argue with you or anyone who needs to defend junk like this movie is a waste of my time. Sorry, ole chap. The ordinary ruck has praise for the lowest virtures, admiration for the mediocre, and for the highest virtures no sense at all. Some wise old guy said that long ago. So which are you, Error? Are you an ordinary ruck defending the lowest virtures and the mediocre? Be my guest, but really, don't meddle with the likes of me as I left that mentality behind long ago. As they say, you can't teach a pig to never works...and besides it just irritates the pig. You irritated, Error? Shit, I'm wrong..I am having fun with you after

Bo on Feb 7, 2014


Once again I defended junk, and now I am insecure 🙂 This is good stuff 🙂 So you actually feel attacked by me? Then I most excuse my horrible manners. 🙂 You left that mentality long ago, so your basically an ex smoker... the worst kind of smoke haters 😀 hehe. . I admire your use of Master supression techniques, and To who I am, which is not important in this discussion, you can say I have been where you are, and gone further, I left the narrow tunnel. 🙂 I love arrogant trolls like you more than anything, and I`m so proud of you having fun with me, owning me.. 🙂 lolz

ErrorSapiens on Feb 7, 2014


Look, Error...these retorts of yours have taken the level of grade school playground your mama wears combat boots and my daddy can beat up your daddy so I'm going to sail on down the road as I can't for the life of me even follow your oh man...and thru all this you've never discussed films or why you might like or dislike them. Just personal attacks of the said grade school mentality. So go ahead and get in the last word to prove your mental level once again. I shall not bother to read it and just use the wonderful delete button to fly you off into the lowest levels of existence one can live. Sorry man, but you're just a damn strange buffoo of the tallest order. All this because I challenge the liking of a silly and shalloiw movie and you've decided to take up the mantel of defending those idiots because you think they can't fend for themselves which means you discount them much more than me. Bye bye now. My friends told me I'd come across strange fellows on the internet and here you are...and...there you go...remember the delete button is right handy. I do feel sad at the inability to carry on an intelligent discussion with another, but that's impossible with you. I'm awaiting the use of the delete button as I'm sure ya just gotta get that last word as you play in the sandbox, righto?

Bo on Feb 7, 2014


Every trick in the book! 😀 You rule! and by the way.. Citizen Kane is about enjoying the small things in life.. its THAT simple.. and I just Citizen Kaned you for all to see.

ErrorSapiens on Feb 7, 2014


Now we just need confirmation of animatronics and less CGI.

DAVIDPD on Feb 6, 2014


I wouldn't believe them even if they announced it.

OfficialJab on Feb 6, 2014



DAVIDPD on Feb 6, 2014


Not sure how i feel about this. I get nervous about this franchise when i dont see Stephen Spielberg at the helm.

Rock n Rollllll on Feb 7, 2014

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