Universal Confirms Plans for a Cohesive Classic Monsters Universe

July 16, 2014
Source: Deadline

Universal Movie Monsters

Before their recent professional parting of the ways, Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman were slated to produce a reboot of The Mummy and Van Helsing for Universal Pictures. At the time there were rumblings that there might be a plan to use the various classic movie monster franchises from Universal's rich history to create some kind of universe akin to Marvel's lead-up to The Avengers. Orci said, "There's an interesting thing that could happen at Universal where they have this amazing library of their old monsters and these kinds of heroes, and the idea of trying to create a universe." Now those plans are coming together.

However, Orci is no longer involved in this endeavor. Instead, Deadline reports Alex Kurtzman will team with Fast & Furious franchise writer Chris Morgan to produce and develop reboots of Universal's most revered movie monsters like Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolf Man, Creature Of The Black Lagoon, The Invisible Man, Bride Of Frankenstein and The Mummy. It's not clear if all those titles will be rebooted as individual movies, but the plan is to "expand and unify a network of classic characters and stories." That sounds like it could be fun.

The Mummy, Van Velsing and The Wolfman have all see various remakes over the years, and Universal still has Dracula Untold coming this fall (though it doesn't seem to be part of this new venture). But all these projects will be interconnected somehow as opposed to being standalone films. But it's too early to know how the films will be connected (though the use of Van Helsing seems like a good place to start). The question is whether or not audiences are still interested in these old monsters or if their prime time has faded completely in the decades passed since they were created. What do you think?

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Sounds good to me. Universal did this already 70 years ago. The 30s-40s monster movies were a shared cinematic universe. It only makes sense to do it again now that people are crossover films.

Hero004 on Jul 16, 2014


This will probably keep the writing from flying off the handle. If The Mummy needs to be in the same universe as the others, it can't be a superman who can create massive sandstorms and rain fire from the sky.

OfficialJab on Jul 16, 2014


Suspension of disbelief my friend.

Stephen Ritchie on Jul 16, 2014


The director just left The Mummy reboot because he wanted to make a horror film and the studio wanted what you described.

MattPeloquin on Jul 16, 2014


If this leads into a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen reboot, then am all up for it.

Stephen Ritchie on Jul 16, 2014


Here is a list of some directors I would want to see aboard this project: Sam Raimi (Frankenstein), Ridley Scott (Dracula), Robert Rodriguez (Creature of The Black Lagoon), Matt Reeves (The Mummy), Matthew Vaughn (The Invisible Man), James Wan (The Wolf Man)....

Stephen Ritchie on Jul 16, 2014


Creature from the Black Lagoon is one of my all time favorite films if Robert directed a remake I would be a very sad man. I'm sorry but he does not even come close to the tone and vision of what a remake should and could be.

Nathan Williams on Jul 16, 2014


I was upset when I found out the guys who directed You, Me and Dupree is directing the next Captain America movie like what the heck Marvel are you crazy!? Well call me crazy for saying this but I think something like Black Lagoon would be great for Rodriguez. He's actually a great director when it comes to horror and could bring an interesting new atmosphere to a reboot.

Stephen Ritchie on Jul 16, 2014


As long as they treat it like actual horror movies, and do not make superhero-type movies out of them (รก la Van Helsing... shudder), then I'm all for it.

Terry Craig on Jul 16, 2014


With the current superhero craze, how can the studio not want more 'Van Helsing'? 3D and CGI comic book action and weapons like Gatling gun crossbows seems to be what the movie-going public has voted for. You reward Hollywood with your money and Hollywood will reward you with more of the same old, same old.

Cal J. on Jul 16, 2014


While I personally didn't go see any superhero flicks of the recent years, of course I'm aware of that, and it's what I fear. But considering things like the Paranormal Activity series or Rec is also making money, hopefully they'll use this as an opportunity to fill a market hole, namely one of some really good horror flicks (that aren't just gore). I don't mind some action to go along with it, but I feel like if they're gonna try to create a The-Avengers-Monstermash they're gonna shoot themselves in the foot (and rightly so).

Terry Craig on Jul 16, 2014


Van Helsing made $120 million domestic on a $160 million budget. Hollywood didn't exactly get "rewarded" in this case and more than likely will rethink the approach a bit.

ersouza on Jul 17, 2014


Yet we got 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' and 'Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters' in the same over-the-top comic book action vein. Some strange bug seems to have bitten someone in Hollywood. We're asking for these classic Universal franchises to be taken seriously as horror films. I have little hope they will.

Cal J. on Jul 17, 2014


You know, seven birds one stone.......reboot The Monster Squad!

Jeff Van Sickle on Jul 16, 2014


Thumbs down on any projects Roberto Orci and/or Alex Kurtzman are attached to.

cobrazombie on Jul 16, 2014


^ This

Pop Ninjas on Jul 17, 2014


I've been aching for a reboot of "The Creature from the Black Lagoon" so if this is the only way it's going to happen, I'm totally on board. I really like the whole story idea behind Jackman's "Van Helsing" (only kill Dracula from the bite of a Werewolf and Dracula could only spawn life from a un"created" being: Frankenstein). This could work...Van Helsing and Wolfman vs everyone else. I'm up for it....mix up the crossover universe method with outside the comic movies. Speaking of Creature from Black Lagoon....was it just me...or did anyone else notice/think the creature that grabbed Wahlberg's daughters leg with his tongue in Transformers 4 looked an awful lot like the creature from the black lagoon??

JBrotsis on Jul 17, 2014


I think how 'Dracula Untold' is received will determine whether or not it gets ignored or is retroactively included in this shared universe. Even if it IS included, since it takes place centuries in the past, I doubt that we would be getting any more 'crossover elements' than Luke Evans reprising the role of Dracula for future films. Fingers crossed that Dracula Untold and this Shared Universal Monster Universe deliver.

Chris Groves on Jul 17, 2014


Mogan? Another writer please, PLEASE!

Randall Miller on Jul 17, 2014


Sounds like Penny Dreadful to me...

Jbob on Jul 17, 2014

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