Warner Bros. Already Planning Ben Affleck as 'The Batman' for 2019?

June 19, 2014
Source: Latino Review

Ben Affleck / The Batman

With the rumored timeline of DC Comics releases from Warner Bros. surfacing recently, you might have noticed that the studio didn't have any additional plans for Batman beyond his appearance in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and the assembly of heroes in Justice League. However, it seems like their plan may be just beyond as far as that rumored timeline went. If a new rumor from Latino Review is true (and we probably won't know the real story for years, so take all of this with a grain of salt for the time being), then the studio apparently has their eye on releasing the first new standalone Batman movie starring Ben Affleck in 2019. That's what they're saying. Oh, and it will reportedly simply be titled The Batman.

The plan is supposedly for Affleck to shoot Justice League shortly after a holiday break follows completion of production on Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Then in 2015, Affleck will finally get around to directing and starring in his Live By Night at Warner Bros. to meet the October 2016 release date. And then sometime after that, the script and film will likely be developed for The Batman, with production beginning in 2017 or 2018. Again, this film is so far off, it's almost not worth talking about, but maybe Warner Bros. will include this film in a list of titles they intend to bring to the big screen in their expanding DC Comics cinematic universe, which will try desperately to keep up with Marvel's successful model. Stay tuned (for years to come) to see how this all shakes out. Are you excited to see another Batman movie in 2019?

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...let's see how Batman v Superman turns out first.

Xerxexx on Jun 19, 2014


No kidding right? So many people are against Afflek in the role, why start planning now? Oh wait, because it doesn't matter what people like, it will still make cash.

OfficialJab on Jun 20, 2014


If Batman vs Superman and Justice League are lined up, then they kind of have to prep for a stand alone Batman. Especially with this being an aged Bruce Wayne, it makes sense to know where you're going before building the character in 2 back to back teamup movies

ColinH on Jun 20, 2014


I am sure he would shine in a standalone film even if SUPERMAN V BATMAN turns out to be less than stellar. 2019 though? Damn. That'll be awhile. I'll be over 30...

DAVIDPD on Jun 19, 2014



Xerxexx on Jun 20, 2014


I KNOW. Don't rub it in, bitch. 😉 *winky face means just kidding*

DAVIDPD on Jun 20, 2014


Oh yeah!?

Xerxexx on Jun 20, 2014


I'm excited for this. This incarnation of Batman can thoroughly explore an experienced Batman who has had a long, arduous career. The Nolan trilogy was essentially about his beginnings and early years, and then skipped to his 'last ride'. Affleck's Batman can be one who has 'seen it all' and in terms of age/experience has a sense of seniority on the team of the Justice League. A lot of word around the campfire is that Affleck is a fanboy in his own right, especially for Batman. I'd love to see him commit to the role to the degree that Hugh Jackman has with Wolverine, playing the character for years and years on-screen. Seeing him star in a DCU-adapted version of 'The Dark Knight Returns' and maybe even become the mentor in 'Batman Beyond' down the road would be pretty fantastic. I honestly hope 'The Batman' comes in 2018, though, and that Affleck directs it as well as starring in it, and that he can get his Argo co-star Bryan Cranston to play James Gordon(Cranston voiced Gordon in the Year One animated film)

Chris Groves on Jun 19, 2014


I like everything you just said. I'm glad they're going with the older, gruff, experienced Batman. I can't stand the thought of another Batman origin story. And, I like the simple title of "The Batman"

Astroboy3000 on Jun 19, 2014


Yeah an older Batman is the one thing we haven't seen yet.

ColinH on Jun 20, 2014


The Batman sounds lame, good thing they got half a decade (gulp, yeah THAT long) to come up with something. Probably this is to avoid any spoilers or creative restraints in case something else comes up.

Akirakorn on Jun 19, 2014


enough with batman already holy hell

jonnyb61 on Jun 19, 2014


No plans for a justice league sequel? probably the batman first then follows a sequel to JL2 in year 2021 !!

what on Jun 20, 2014


If Justice League comes in 2017, I think 2020 would be a likely year to expect JL 2. 3 years is about the average time to get a sequel out. If the rumored leaked schedule is true, WB might be looking to have top tier and 2nd tier films out every year. In 2016 BvS is the top tier film, with the possible Shazam and Sandman films being lower on the ladder. Likewise, Justice League would be the big event film of 2017, with Wonder Woman and the Flash/Green Lantern movie being the 'secondary films' In 2018, Man of Steel 2 might be the top film, and in 2019, The Batman might be the top film....with other 'lower level' films coming out in those years.

Chris Groves on Jun 20, 2014


Wish this would come out sooner....damn I'm gonna be old when this comes out:(

SkyNet300 on Jun 21, 2014

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