Warner Bros. Bumps 'Jupiter Ascending' Back to February of 2015

June 3, 2014

Jupiter Ascending

It's G.I. Joe Retaliation deja vu all over again, but this time we're betting that Warner Bros. isn't delaying the Wachowkis' latest sci-fi film Jupiter Ascending because it needs more Channing Tatum. Yes, movie fans, the studio has just announced that they are pushing back the release of the film that also star Mila Kunis from this summer's original July 18th release. But they're not delaying it by just a few weeks. No, the studio has thrown the film all the way back to February 6th, 2015. That puts it in theaters the same day as consistently delayed fantasy The Seventh Son with Jeff Bridges. Any chance this is good news?

No reason was given for the delay, but perhaps it's merely due to the fact that special effects will not be completed in time for the release. But if that was the case, why not just delay to later this year? Surely if a film is strong enough to open in the summer blockbuster season, it could work in the fall or winter. But the push back to February, where not too many good movies get released, doesn't inspire much confidence. Maybe Andy & Lana Wachowski didn't deliver the blockbuster that the studio hope for, and they're worried about another Cloud Atlas bomb. Either way, we're bummed about this news. How about you?

UPDATE: Warner Bros. has revealed that the delay comes from the fact that they need to finish over 2,000 visual effects shots, and the film just won't be done in time. We hope that's truly the only problem behind the scenes with the film.

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Probably just a timing thing.

DAVIDPD on Jun 3, 2014


Damn. I really hope its just bad timing, and the movie turns out excellent anyways... You know, its the Wachowskis, damn it, doesnt anyone want them to again make movies that get to be as nearly as iconic as the Matrix?

wylles on Jun 3, 2014


As long as they do not follow them up by the same type of sequels the matrix had.

falo on Jun 4, 2014


I wasn't really looking forward to this movie anyway. So whatever time they need to polish it okay.

DJ Jack Ryan Hardy on Jun 3, 2014


The trailer is completely underwhelming, so it may be a lack of confidence.

CoosCoos on Jun 3, 2014


That and I bet they want more time to figure out how to market this dumb looking mess.

Brian Sleider on Jun 4, 2014


2015? Yeah no competition there.

OfficialJab on Jun 3, 2014


Well, this is unfortunate. I was really looking forward to this. February release date sucks 🙁

DavideCoppola on Jun 4, 2014


It makes perfect sense from a business standpoint. People are and will be even more exhausted after all those vfx extravaganzas trown at them continuously. Their is a clear and present danger Jupiter will share John Carters fate as another failed new space opera franchise. In Feb 15 - if Warner keeps pushing the promo button very hard - the show could be much more appealing to the audience's then recovered eyes. By the way: Your URL says "february-of-2016" - hope it doesn't get that worse.

naundob on Jun 4, 2014


Cloud atlas is a great movie but I get idea I was the only one who liked it! For me it's no problem to see it delayed, it will be just as good as in July 18e...

Avi on Jun 4, 2014


I loved CA as well. Minus a few minor flaws I thought it was a great movie.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Jun 4, 2014


Its was ok. I couldn't stand Hanks Accent though . lol. It was worth watching.. nothing great though.

hi hello on Jun 4, 2014


I don't care how the studio spins it...going from july to feb is not a positive in any way and it sounds like the movie as edited didn't test well. Just like GI Joe 2 which got a late switch a few summers ago this one is looking to be a bomb.

desispeed on Jun 4, 2014


Indeed. Seems quite late in the game to be all "oh... hang on a minute... we've still got TWO THOUSAND plus f/x shots to render."

avconsumer2 on Jun 4, 2014


hahah yeah exactly.

hi hello on Jun 4, 2014


oooooh Feb... never good.

Guy who comments on things on Jun 4, 2014


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SamRutherwoodtod on Jun 4, 2014


Now maybe its time to replace the 2 leads. I love the concept and look of JA but Tatum and Mila are just...not very good actors.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Jun 4, 2014


This enough time to change the 2 leads ?

Tester on Jun 4, 2014


This means the movie sucks!!!

Professor_Bedlam on Jun 4, 2014


Bump it all the way to direct to DvD. IMO

Brian Sleider on Jun 4, 2014


NO ONE CARES ABOUT SPECIAL EFFECTS. We just want a good damn Sci-fi movie. This already looked like a HUGE FLOP to begin with. And Special Effects are not the problem.

hi hello on Jun 4, 2014

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