Warner Bros. Pushes Back 'Batman vs. Superman' to Summer of 2016

January 17, 2014
Source: Variety

Batman vs. Superman

The packed movie year of 2015 just got a little less crazy. After rumors swirled that Batman vs. Superman, or whatever the Man of Steel sequel from director Zack Snyder will be called, was going to be shot back-to-back with a Justice League follow-up, we have some disappointing news. Variety reports Warner Bros. has decided to push back the film to May 6th, 2016, instead of releasing it on July 17th, 2015 as originally planned. The film is still in pre-production, and we're betting that recent developments like Gal Gadot being cast as Wonder Woman have proven to be a little more complicated than originally thought.

However, this could potentially mean that the rumor about Batman vs. Superman and Justice League shooting back-to-back could be true, because preparing for that production would take considerable more time than the studio may have thought. At least this way, Snyder and his team aren't rushing to meet a deadline and delivering a mediocre movie as a result. That just means fans will have to wait another year before seeing Ben Affleck suit up as Batman. And, this could mean that Affleck will have a clear schedule to direct Justice League if Warner Bros. was to make him an offer. However, this does put the sequel against an unknown Marvel project slated in that same weekend, so it'll be a comic book movie war. Thoughts?

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Dang, i was ready, but of course more time will lead to a better movie. I support this film

Snowmanfloza on Jan 17, 2014


At least we won't have to hear the constant bashing from everyone towards which movie is better (Batman vs Superman and Avengers 2) like we did the summer of 2012 with TDKR and Avengers. It's so pathetic and tiring to hear. Especially when Avengers/Marvel will always be on top 😉

JBrotsis on Jan 17, 2014


The Avengers was the cinematic equivalent of a Happy Meal. Absolute garbage

Internet Reality on Jan 17, 2014


And so it begins. I admit I did ask for that... Well being I'm not going to get into this discussion all over again and repeat many upon many rants everyone on the internet have said, I'll just leave it at box office numbers and global profit from the movie.

JBrotsis on Jan 17, 2014


Geeks don't see it in those terms though. NO geeks liked the past couple of Transformers. Truly though, I think as time passes, they like dark knight rises more and avengers less. Go figure. I like em both, but definitely avengers more. Why? Because Hulk, that's why. And I reiterate I like dark knight rises as well. Man we're all turning into critics, I'm just tryin to stem the tide!

The Walking Cuban on Jan 18, 2014


Sorry you didn't get your pretentious, over priced, small portion of a meal. The rest of us enjoyed Joss Whedon letting the gang loose.

Jon Odishaw on Jan 17, 2014


It's interesting you think the alternative to a Happy Meal is something small and pretentious. There's actually a wide gamut in between and it includes vastly superior movies like The Dark Knight Rises

Internet Reality on Jan 18, 2014


You know, there's also a magical land where people enjoy both movies equally, for different reasons.

Ali Miller on Jan 18, 2014


Yeah! Boo to having fun in a theater with others. More summer movies about Algebra!

mooreworthy on Jan 18, 2014


Good decision. Sucks it's not on my birthday anymore but cool because there's more time to get shit straight! Bring it!

JudgeMethos on Jan 17, 2014


2015 will be packed enough. There will be this summer and next to whet our nerd appetites.

mooreworthy on Jan 17, 2014


Not a good sign

Internet Reality on Jan 17, 2014


Downvoted by idiots

Internet Reality on Jan 18, 2014


Sigh *roll eyes

toonfed on Jan 17, 2014


There was rumors hours before that Ben Affleck suffered a leg injury.

Damon King on Jan 17, 2014


No matter how long it takes I feel this movie will be great

Jon Odishaw on Jan 17, 2014


really least DC has more time in their hands to improve the movie and make it better than MOS.

lars on Jan 17, 2014


Are U really Von Trier?

Ehsan Davodi on Jan 17, 2014


Avengers not was bad movie but difference between DC & Marvel is in substance & vision. DC prefer more dark & gritty world rather than Marvel. And i think DC world is more mature & realistic. In Marvel world i think Hulk is something incredible. Most important weakness in Avengers Movie for me was VILLAIN. I was very very disappointed for DC when they say want make B vs S instead of Justice League. They don't must evade from this beloved & desirable movie. They owe to the fans as we owe to them. They must get more right & precise decisions.

Ehsan Davodi on Jan 17, 2014


The success of avengers was exacly because of their huge buildup from at least 4 franchises i can name off the top of my head. DC has somewhat accepted that despite being in the clear lead moviewise for decades they where outran by marvel in their phase one. If they introduce to many to fast they risk dropping many many people who dont come straight from the latest comic book on the floor, they won't know what who can do, and how who would react to this and that. People need to know who the characters are before they are crammed into a group of 7 is it ? Making Justice league after just MOS leading up to it would be stupid

Roxtaf on Jan 18, 2014


Disagree dude , i take from your comment that you think because sense of danger in payback the money , DC didn't make Justice League. But i say to u dude : Look at the avengers itself. Why first half of movie was build up for character when at least 4 movie was built (as you said sir)?? No .. that's not issue. Every movie need enough history & character development. On the other hand , if we say every epic movie want prequels as build up that's not be true either. Proof is Avatar. I think if they would be made Justice League instead of BvsS and if someone like Cameron , Cuaron , Spilberg or Peter jackson take the helmet of it the movie would became Big Hit and plus DC could introduce the unknown characters of that movie in NEW sequels.

Ehsan Davodi on Jan 18, 2014


I have to disagree here. The idea. Of them teaming up in duos BEFORE the actual superhero teamups is interesting. I mean iron man and war machine, or cap and falcon, is one thing, but iron man and hulk! That would have been an awesome IM3!

The Walking Cuban on Jan 18, 2014


I partly disagree comics books are comics books, and they should be treated as such, look at blockbusters before they have better ratings and they were colorful an pretty fun(like Independence Day, Jaws, Jurassic Park, etc...) , and yes there were some dark films as well but comic book characters are not supposed to be treated too much like that, take it from a comic book geek, I prefer to have fun with characters that made me smile as a kid and made me become hopeful of one day becoming something close to a hero, than have a dark sociopathic person try to act as a hero in a depressing dark world without over the top elements from the comics, granted Nolan's Batman trilogy(I exclude parts of The Dark Knight Rises since I often believe the film is slightly over-rated and people don't admit its flaws and plot holes, which would not make sense in Nolan's realistic atmosphere) was masterful, the characters and scenery were great, but they lacked that comic book feeling of being able to see fun and over the top stuff. I respect Christopher Nolan's work with Batman,but most people have to realize that not all characters can be treated that way, most other characters have to be a little over the top and leave room for imagination since they actually have powers. Which is why I really like the first Iron Man movie That movie was a great example of real life issues and characters with over the top flying stuff and charismatic characters and fun, but everyone to their own opinion, no hate intended, I'm simply stating my opinion.

Fidel Reyes on Jan 19, 2014


More time just means a better movie. I'm fine with it. Only disappointed that it won't be part of the amazing movie year that 2015 will be.

wat on Jan 18, 2014


I checked the current slate of 2016 releases...and it's quickly shaping up to be nearly as beastly as 2015. Two Marvel films, Avatar 2, X-Men: Apocalypse, Independence Day 2, Planet of the Apes 3, Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Alice in Wonderland 2, The Amazing Spider-Man 3. I mean...not as many films that I personally am excited for(the upcoming X-Men, Apes, and Spidey sequels have to be good before I get excited for more) but still a lot of pretty huge releases.

Chris Groves on Jan 18, 2014


Hmm, good point. The 2016 releases haven't nearly been promoted as much as 2015.

wat on Jan 18, 2014


Yeah, well, when 2014 has just begun, and we have films like Godzilla and Interstellar to look forward to, it's hard to get jazzed up about 'Marvel Untitled July 2016'

Chris Groves on Jan 19, 2014


Most of them unoriginal, big blockbuster sequels....

dawko on Jan 19, 2014


This is great GREAT news !!!!! ROC

cabo on Jan 18, 2014



somejackball on Jan 18, 2014


As disappointed as i am that the date is further away..............*HUGE SIGH* i guess its better that they have more time to put together a great script and the right amount of Superhero introduction. Still bummed tho.

Rock n Rollllll on Jan 18, 2014


DC ain't nobody got time fo dat!

Mrteapot on Jan 18, 2014


I imagine this will result in a better film.

Chris Groves on Jan 18, 2014


What? We have to wait two years and five months? I wonder how many movies Marvel will put out in that much time.

thefinalword on Jan 18, 2014


Quality over quantity like my momma told me.

Ken Ron Swarley Tan on Jan 18, 2014


Let me know when DC makes a quality movie.

thefinalword on Jan 18, 2014


Nice Joke Just V would be enough ... JUST "V"

Ehsan Davodi on Jan 20, 2014


Catwoman? Check and mate.

mooreworthy on Jan 20, 2014


Good decision...take your time, get it right.

Quanah on Jan 18, 2014


Was really excited for it but 2016 is also good for me.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Jan 18, 2014


Ya, troll much... maybe with the movie being pushed there will be enough time for Ben to be hit by a bus before production. Not enough to kill him, that would be evil, just tard him up a little. Godsmack for making Gigli..

sammy on Jan 18, 2014


I think this was a good idea. After watching Green Lantern, and a bland Superman.

TyeFighterPilot on Jan 18, 2014


"If you get angry at me and my post, fine." Wow, I'm not angry at all, I pity your ignorance and judgement for entertainment. Comic book movies have been a hit since TV and Movies became popular. From the black and white superman to his 1st movie in 1978. How about the tongue in cheek Batman show from the 60's. The late 80's and into the 90's brought Batman. My point is each time they brought comics to the screen it made money because people wanted to see this form of entertainment. To see these modern movies and story lines they are not geared in anyway to a 10yr old. With all the problems in the world, Iran, North Korea, Oil Prices, school shootings, Obamacare, ect.. ect.. It's nice to forget about it for 2 or 3 hours and watch a movie and be entertained. Those problems aren't going anywhere and they will be around after the credits roll. I know my post isn't going to change your mind and I really don't care about that. It's just so sad you live a life that you take yourself so seriously. Your headed for heart and stomach issues. Relax. I bet other people in your life have said the same thing.

sammy on Jan 18, 2014


Here's the thing, when I see a article about a movie that doesn't interest me, I skip it and I especially do not demean or preach to those who do. And dude, 68 year old, cultured, intelligent men should never use, LOL. Hell, no man should.

mooreworthy on Jan 18, 2014


LOL u r an idiot

Guest on Jan 19, 2014


Yes, name calling from nameless cowards always a strong argument. I bow to your intellect.

mooreworthy on Jan 19, 2014



mooreworthy on Jan 19, 2014


Just for the record... in your original post, you yourself did refer to those who enjoy this genre as "immature idiots". Just saying.

avconsumer2 on Jan 20, 2014


No worries, mate, don't rethink anything, you have a right to be here as much as anyone.

mooreworthy on Jan 20, 2014


Only the man of steel is strong enough to push a date back!

MLTC on Jan 18, 2014


STFU...some of the best movies of the last decade are based on comics (batman trilogy)

Guest on Jan 18, 2014


Completely Disagree Are you hate your childhood? Sometimes don't you want back to that pure era? Plus for me every great guy in history is superhero. superheros exist. Some of them put on cap and some of them just speeches. This comic book movies told us we must care about peoples and mankind. We need sacrifice. We need courage. Yes , they follow targets of producers & governments beside but they have more good points anyway. Right , they have fictional world but DAMN that's very cruel and unbearable world without fictional fantasy thoughts. I love my inner-kid. Yes , that's passed away but always have good memories about it (even for those hard moments in my childhood times). We need just good superheros. Nolan knew it very well. Mature superheros.

Ehsan Davodi on Jan 19, 2014


i dont like the fact of a superman vs batman movie before justice league movie stop it. that happened after they was older not before the justice league remember batman and superman was best friends as well as wonderwoman. they should make a superman vs batman at a later year after they get done with justice league series. if u going to do something do it right

MARZ76 on Jan 19, 2014


Honestly, smart call.

DAVIDPD on Jan 19, 2014


I think of comic book superheroes as essentially America's mythology - similar to the Greek gods, they are full of humanistic flaws married to outlandish power. They were symptomatic of a time when the U.S. desperately needed black-and-white heroism, and since then they've been reinvented over and over again to address the anxieties and hopes of each generation (becoming progressively more complex and even morally gray to reflect our evolving cultural consciousness). Dismissing a phenomenon as resilient as comic book heroes is perhaps understandable if you're concerned with feeling "adult" and above it all, but it's silly if you have any interest in analyzing American culture - you really can't divorce the two. Apart from all that, you seem to believe that anything that could be construed as "childish" must therefore be mindless junk. This is what's called a fallacy. 🙂 Good writing matters, not genre. Many films (and books) that are considered highbrow, adult, and realistic are actually just as hollow and devoid of life as a by-the-numbers blockbuster/bestseller - and I'm personally allergic to pretension. A great superhero film can have just as much to say as a great drama, if written correctly. Yeah, we have a lot of examples of crappy comic book films these days... but the same can be said for every other type of movie, lately. Personally, I don't cut myself off from any genre because I watch movies for two things: story and character - and great ones can be found anywhere, in classic literature or in comic books.

Ali Miller on Jan 20, 2014


Wonderfully said. I'll go ahead and assume we won't be discussing the latest in animated film with our jovial new friend either.

avconsumer2 on Jan 20, 2014


If you just base it on the movies, then yeah I would say comics are for kids and hero worshipers, but have you checked out a graphic novel lately? Saga by Image comics would be a recommendation that is. It kid friendly and there is no black or white, good vs. evil, just damn good writing.

mooreworthy on Jan 20, 2014


If you think modern superheroes are about having a power figure to look up to, I would ask you to take a closer look. Most comicbook films today have a wealth of themes - about how heroes placed on a pedestal are doomed to fall or fail; about the definition of right and wrong and what to do when those lines get blurry; about whether or not it is possible to be a force for good when you are part of a flawed and corruptible system; about how our own vices and shortcomings compromise our attempts to be better people. And there are many other darker and more complex stories with these characters that have never been put to film (and probably never will be). They are not static, which is one of the reasons it's interesting to follow the genre. Change is inevitable over the 60+ years many of these icons have been around. "Of course, grown up children are going to whine and yell when told to grow up and leave childish things behind which sounds like what you were doing, albeit in quite an intelligent manner." Hmm, you accuse me of assuming too much about you, and yet you're comfortable doing the same to me? Interesting. 😉 No, in reality, I'm passionate about all types of stories - the highbrow as much as the lowbrow. I enjoy writers like Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, and Victor Hugo just as much as I enjoy contemporary fiction, science fiction, fantasy, historical dramas - everything under the sun. I don't discriminate, because I'd hate to miss out on a great story, wherever it might be hiding! There's a reason I got a degree in literature... and it wasn't to feel good about myself. "It's naive to not see that it's all about making massive amounts of money and those that are in the business know this and cater to the lowest of the lowest common demoninator in order to makes these massive amounts of money." Of course. The film industry is in the interest of making money. That doesn't preclude the possibility of auteurs creating something great and meaningful even within the trappings and dictates of a money-minded industry. I'm not sure what your point is here; the publishing industry is the same way. TV as well. If anything, today's audience has become more demanding of blockbusters than ever - we want them to have great stories, memorable characters, excellent acting, pitch-perfect art design, and most importantly: something to say. Or else we'll drop them like a hot coal. I don't think any real fan of SF/F would say they're content with mediocrity from these films.

Ali Miller on Jan 20, 2014


What makes you think I wasn't contemplating your perspective (or that I haven't considered it many times before now)? Also, is it too much to ask for the same courtesy from you? Because it doesn't sound like you're entertaining any viewpoints contrary to your own right now; it sounds more like you're dismissing them wholesale. I don't believe I was being defensive. I love a good discussion. I wouldn't get into conversations like this if I wasn't interested in the opposing point of view. That's my default modus operandi. 🙂

Ali Miller on Jan 20, 2014


Obviously you have an "interest" as well, otherwise you wouldnt be here commenting Mr. Hypocrite.

Rock n Rollllll on Jan 20, 2014


True, but see the other side of the coin. TDK Trilogy has so many elements of drama that even teenagers find it boring!

ASB on Jun 25, 2014

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