Warner Bros. Wants Christopher Nolan to Direct 'Ready Player One'

December 5, 2014
Source: Tracking Board

Ready Player One

Now that Interstellar is in theaters, we should probably start thinking about what director Christopher Nolan will do next. Warner Bros. Pictures is already ahead of us on that front as Tracking Board reports the studio has an offer out to Nolan to direct the sci-fi adventure adaptation Ready Player One, based on Ernest Cline's novel of the same name. Now an offer doesn't mean that he's in talks, but that studio clearly wants Nolan to bring his talents to this awesome story about a teenage boy on an elaborate treasure hunt to win the fortune left behind in the will of the creator of his favorite virtual reality game, Oasis. More below!

However, the boy faces unique challenges as there are powerful corporations and other competitors out on the hunt, and they're ruthless in pursuing the ultimate prize. But maybe the inheritance turns out to be something that only the kid will appreciate. The book has received tons of praise for the incredible world it creates and the large scale story, and it feels like something only a director like Nolan (or maybe Edgar Wright) could pull off right now. Zak Penn, who wrote the original draft of The Avengers, is behind the script with previous drafts done by Eric Eason and the book's author himself. If Nolan ended up making this movie, that would be absolutely awesome, but we'll see what happens. Thoughts?

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Why can't Nolan get into the Rom-Com genre - or Horror - why sci fi action - how about a documentary on whales ?

shane willett on Dec 5, 2014


Maybe he prefers the genre.

Steven on Dec 5, 2014


Nolan hasn't directed a film I've disliked yet, so I'm on board whatever he directs until he does.

Chris Groves on Dec 5, 2014


In Nolan We Trust

Franklin Carpio on Dec 5, 2014


I love Ready Player One. It's one of my favorite YA books from the past 5 or so years. I would really like Nolan's take on it. But I don't see him directing it.

Kento on Dec 5, 2014


Not too sure.... I think Nolan prefers original ideas/stories. I can't imagine him doing an adaptation. You might argue the Dark Knight Trilogy was an adaptation but I think it was more of an original story using already established characters.

Ron on Dec 5, 2014


I agree, But In Nolan I trust so I would watch if he does choose to do it.

Franklin Carpio on Dec 5, 2014


Most movies he has done are adaptations of something or the other. He made only two or three original movies, of course not counting the dark knight trilogy which is also based of of comic book characters.

Armitall on Dec 5, 2014


Not Nolans style.

ragethorn on Dec 5, 2014


Bring Peter Clines EX series to the silver screen!

Xerxexx on Dec 5, 2014


How about Player of games, or any other book from The Culture series. That could be epic. But is heavy on sci fi, I would like him to do something different, maybe more historical, or political...

Armitall on Dec 5, 2014


this book has become one of my all time favorites. The characters are awesome and the concept of bringing it to the big screen is just as awesome. thanks Natalie xp

OmegaD on Dec 5, 2014


I don't really see this being a good fit at all. Nolan does a specific type of film. They're almost always amazing, but they're… they're Nolan films. And I've never seen him do anything different. Ready Player One is not a Nolan film. Although considering I have zero faith in Zak Penn ( writer of an "unusable" Avengers draft and X3 ), I guess it doesn't really matter who directs at this point.

rkuykendall on Dec 5, 2014


So we can expect a cold, clinical, overlylong, bloated, heady, plot-holed and pretentious version of a wonderful novel. Give it to someone who actually loves and understands video games.

Trey Wilson on Dec 5, 2014


Just when you thought Nolan haters couldn't get any dumber Trey Wilson enters the picture.

SplitPeaSoup on Dec 7, 2014


And just when I thought the Nolan fanboys couldn't get anymore butt hurt, SplitPeaSoup enters the picture.

Trey Wilson on Dec 8, 2014


correction...when I say butt hurt I'm talking about my own butt...I like to do it prison style with a couple of overweight bikers. There is nothing like the taste of prison semen

Trey Wilson on Dec 8, 2014


LOL. What kind of tard goes and makes an identical profile to mine, just to prove a point? Fucking nerd fanboys. NOLAN SUCKS!

Trey Wilson on Dec 8, 2014


I think Nolan should continue to work on producing new, original stories, even if they aren't appreciated by all.

Quanah on Dec 5, 2014


every movie he makes is above avarage but he should make a origin story of vlad tepes with pg27 label...

Avi on Dec 5, 2014


It would almost be criminal to have Nolan direct a Zack Penn script. I want to see a William MonahanXNolan film.

DAVIDPD on Dec 6, 2014


Hmm, so Nolan did Mind in Memento, Dreams in Inception, Space in Interstellar, Sleep in Insomnia, Anarchy in TDK, Illusion in Prestige. What's obscure left for him to do??

Abhishek on Dec 6, 2014


Umm, Virual Reality? :Flies away:

kalex_85 on Dec 8, 2014


Only idiots like Nolan films....worst director ever

Trey Wilson on Dec 7, 2014

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