Watch: Christopher Lloyd Gives Tony Hawk the First Real Hoverboard

March 4, 2014
Source: HUVr Tech

HUVr Tech

It's almost 2015, which means science needs to move fast if we're going to get hoverboards by the time Back to the Future Part II said we were going to have them. However, a comedy called HUVr Tech claims to have discovered the key to anti-gravity. And while that would normally be something so important in the world of science that all news outlets would be reporting it around the world, the first we're hearing of this advancement comes from a commercial promoting the first real hoverboard, and Christopher Lloyd was on hand to present Tony Hawk with one of the first. We can't believe we're seeing this in our lifetime.

Here's the commercial for HUVr Tech's hoverboard from YouTube: (via SlashFilm):

All right, so it's not a real hoverboard, but this skateboarding-esque commercial for the fake HUVr Tech board is pretty damn cool. Someone spent a lot of money to gather Lloyd, Hawk and other random people like Moby and Terrell Owens to test out the board and hype up this amazing piece of technology. I can't help but think that the money spent on this faux advertisement would have been better spent developing an actual hoverboard. But at the very least, the custom board that Tony Hawk gets is pretty damn sweet, and I wouldn't mind having it alongside my Back to the Future Part II hoverboard from Matty Collector. Cool?

UPDATE: As everyone should have surmised, the video was fake. Here's a follow-up from Funny or Die:

But did anyone really believe hoverboards were real because of this? We certainly hope not.

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I have a feeling it's Nike based on this...

Jon Smith on Mar 4, 2014


It's by Funny or Die. They did a pretty good job with that video.

JaninthePan on Mar 4, 2014


What makes you say this is from Funny or Die? It's not on their website, and there's nothing else online linking them to the video. Also, it's not funny.

Ethan Anderton on Mar 4, 2014


(...and I didn't die.)

avconsumer2 on Mar 4, 2014


The main "scientist" looks an awful lot like this actor:

thisfits on Mar 4, 2014


I say it's Funny or Die because the stylist Lauren Biedenharn listed it as such on her resume here: The little minx deleted it after I found it this a.m.,but I took a screenshot and posted it here:

JaninthePan on Mar 4, 2014


Kudos to you for spotting that before they made the announcement today:

Ethan Anderton on Mar 5, 2014


Nike. Hoverboard. Delorian. Forever on repeat. Forever.

Carpola on Mar 4, 2014


We really must be in the future. Look how old Tony Hawk and Christopher Lloyd are!!

TheOct8pus on Mar 4, 2014


Lloyd has more colour in his hair now than he did in the movies

Jon Odishaw on Mar 4, 2014


What was the point of that??

SkyNet300 on Mar 4, 2014


Might want to put "real" in the title.

Bibowski on Mar 4, 2014


Both the Lady mentioned below and the exec have their resumes that they both worked for funny or die. Not to mention why would the real of the discovery of the hoverboard end up with the same architecture as the one in Back to the Future II seems like the prop designers there guessed pretty close to the real deal right.........please.

Chris McDermid on Mar 4, 2014


Plus Funny or Die videos aren't all funny. Some are rather dry.

SkyNet300 on Mar 4, 2014


damn, some people may think this is real, it's because Google Glass isn't out at consumer friendly prices, when that happens show me this video again, I may believe.

shane willett on Mar 5, 2014


Christopher Lloyd's emotion in this video is proof that this video is not a fake, and the hover board in the video is 100% percent real. I just thought I'd mention that to anyone on here who thinks or believes it isn't real.

Sean on Mar 5, 2014


if that would be made in japan, I probably would it believe everything.. But we r in America, when it comes to technology we're completely off! lol.. Misdirection. What the eyes see and the ears hear, the mind believes. Maybe in 200 years.

Danny on Mar 5, 2014


Absolute junk!!!

Archie Loper on Mar 5, 2014

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