Watch: Dan Marcus' Memory Sci-Fi Thriller Short 'Streamline' in Full

July 18, 2014
Source: Vimeo

Streamline Short Film

Change the way you remember. If you're looking for something a bit different than all those Hollywood movies in theaters right now, then spend 12 minutes watching this short film titled Streamline. Directed by FS contributor Dan Marcus, the sci-fi thriller is about a man haunted by traumatic memories who's also being pursued by guys in grey outfits. It borrows a bit from Eternal Sunshine and the Spotless Mind, and has some Chris Nolan/Inception vibe going on, but it's a solid thriller with some sleek camerawork. It moves swiftly, and while the VFX aren't perfect, it's an intriguing indie sci-fi short to make you think. In full below.

Synopsis for the short from Vimeo: A man haunted by traumatic memories must confront his past while eluding mysterious pursuers. Streamline is directed by Dan Marcus (follow him at @Danimalish), with a script written by by Dan Marcus, David Hammond & William Coffey, and produced by Seneca Lester. The film stars Joel Reitsma, Cheryl Graeff, Bruce Edwin Moore and Jaiden Hidalgo. The short has been in development for two years, and was just released online in full this week. We expect to see great things from this crew in the years ahead. For more info on the project, visit the official website or Facebook. Thoughts?

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Terrible short film, fancy cameras etc but no story just like everything most gear nerds fantasize about

Richard Jones on Jul 18, 2014


Also, don't mention Chris Nolan's name against this level of rubbish.

Richard Jones on Jul 18, 2014


Do you have any suggestions for some short films that you would say are amazing? Any worth watching? Other than the many we've already posted before: https://www.firstshowing.net/category/shortfilms/

Alex Billington on Jul 19, 2014


I have a few Alex, will mail you. 😉

Carpola on Jul 19, 2014


Please do! I'd love to see more of them, find some good ones. Thank you.

Alex Billington on Jul 21, 2014


This was one I thought was really well made, not scifi or anything but well made: https://vimeo.com/43331383

Carpola on Jul 20, 2014


Well, that was boring.

el copi on Jul 18, 2014


WOW yall are brutal! I thought it was a great short film. Whoever the cinematographer was is really talented! Nice production value too for what I imagine was a pretty micro-budget. CLEARLY it was no inception guys, calm down. SMH.

jay on Jul 18, 2014


This is a storytelling medium at the end of the day.

Richard 33377 on Jul 19, 2014


I dont think it has to be, but in general, yes, it is. But there are lots of different elements to appreciate within a cinematic story, and i dont know if youre a filmmaker or not, but i am, and its incredibly difficult to get every element to work perfectly in even a short film. I tend to go into short like this not directed by seasoned directors with a little more grace and an understanding of how much more difficult it is to make a perfect film when you dont have ten million dollars and a crew thats been doing their jobs for 10+ years.

jay on Jul 19, 2014


"I dont think it has to be, but in general, yes, it is." And this is how movies like Transformers 4 make millions of dollars.

axalon on Jul 19, 2014


Maybe? But experimental film often does not use narrative, but can still be effective, coherent, and artistic. Same with music video, and there are some amazingly expressive and beautiful music videos out there that dont tell a story in a traditional sense. Advertising doesnt always tell a story. Fashion videography doesnt always tell a story. Just many ways the film medium can be completely viable and artistic without using narrative in the traditional sense. Besides, why would I want to put a limit or boundaries on one of the most potentially expressive and artful artistic mediums available? that being said, the piece this article is about has a story, so not really relevent

jay on Jul 19, 2014


Besides the bad acting, bad screenplay, bad special effects it realy sucked! A complete waste of 12 minits of my life...

Avi on Jul 19, 2014


I really liked the short. Very eerie vibe. Donnie Darko-esque. Good script, intense music, and beautiful shots. I hope there are more projects in the works.

earniebankshouston . on Jul 19, 2014


I really liked it, not the traditional science fiction short. not perfect-but what is...still thanks you guys for always sharing this stuff, good or not. I thought the acting, especially the lead, the direction/editing/cinematography and coloring were exceptional...it becomes somewhat vague towards the end where it becomes a kind of meta-infomercial, but I thought the reveal and atmosphere made it a valid piece of filmmaking, with a unique perspective on the value of memory perception and cognition as the most important part of psychological health. It reminded me of a stripped down Paprika, with shades of Inception, but with none of the heist shenanigans. I'd have loved to have seen a little bit longer and fuller version, but this was a nice taste and left a good impression.

Linkfx on Jul 20, 2014


That was beautiful and very skillfully made, with a nice thoughtful and eerie tone. I liked it very much.

Argus Skyhawk on Jul 23, 2014

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