Watch: Extended Trailer for Gareth Edwards' New 'Godzilla' Arrives

April 5, 2014
Source: YouTube

Godzilla Extended Trailer

"It is going to send us back to the stone age!" He's coming. WB/Legendary has debuted a 3-min extended trailer for Gareth Edwards' Godzilla. This is basically the exact same footage they showed at CinemaCon (and likely the shame they'll show at WonderCon) which features an extended look at Bryan Cranston's character's storyline, as well as some extra shots of massive destruction. What I love about this trailer is that it takes almost 2 minutes until you realize all this death and destruction you're watching is coming from Godzilla - the giant King of Monsters finally traveling from Japan to America. Something woke him up and he doesn't care about anything in his way. They're selling this movie perfectly and I am so excited to see it.

Here's the new extended look trailer for Gareth Edwards' Godzilla, direct from Warner Bros' YouTube:

Godzilla, being directed by Gareth Edwards (of Monsters), comes from a screenplay written by Drew Pearce, Max Borenstein and Frank Darabont. The cast is lead by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, with Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen, David Strathairn, Ken Watanabe and Juliette Binoche. An epic rebirth to Toho's iconic Godzilla, this spectacular adventure pits the most famous monster against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity's scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence. Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures are sending Godzilla stomping into theaters May 16th this summer. Viral site:

For updates on the new Godzilla, visit their official website or follow @GodzillaMovie. Expect more soon.

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You wrote this is a 4 minute extended trailer, but the video is only 2:31?

JBrotsis on Apr 5, 2014


Eye spy another monster that isn't Godzilla! This movie is going to be so much fun!

rickvanr on Apr 5, 2014


These trailers give me chills.

Quanah on Apr 5, 2014


It just gets better and better. This might overtake Days of Future Past as my most anticipated film of the summer.

Brady on Apr 5, 2014


2:20 exactly head shot of another monster?

Brian Sleider on Apr 5, 2014


Godzilla vs Giant Xenomorph??

si1ver on Apr 6, 2014


Yeah...I know there were 'rumours' of more than one monster being in this movie but the more I see the trailers I beginning to believe there actually are! That or did a terrible job keeping Godzilla's size consistent through out the movie!

Ron on Apr 6, 2014


2:21 shows the other monster. Never watched the originals so don't know much about it but definitely see something standing by Godzilla.

Justin R on Apr 7, 2014



Trey Wilson on Apr 5, 2014


cant wait for this film, although there was some efffy special effects shots in this trailer, i hope they sort those out before the film comes out

Nadir Ahmed on Apr 5, 2014


They will.

Scopedog on Apr 6, 2014


I am excited...just excited.

Xerxexx on Apr 5, 2014


Effin'-A. That looked....amazing. And deadly serious. Keeping the fingers crossed that the film lives up to the promise shown by the trailers/TV spots.

Scopedog on Apr 6, 2014


Both fingers crossed.

Xerxexx on Apr 6, 2014


Yup, that's how you make a f*cking Godzilla movie.

Carlo on Apr 5, 2014


I want to see this film and this trailer but given the amount of stuff that was given away in the trailer for Captain America, Edge of tomorrow etc, I think I best refrain in case it ruins the film. Good to see that it's stoking people up though.

Payne by name on Apr 6, 2014


The opening shot of the trailer for Cap 2 that I recently saw on TV showed the heli carrier stacking into the SHIELD building. That's a pretty fundamental 'spoiler' for the whole tension of 'will it take off' and 'will they manage to take it down'. I guess for those that have memories like goldfish, there's nothing wrong with trailers showing all the best bits but for some if you show a memorable shot, it has the potential to be...well remembered.

Payne by name on Apr 7, 2014


I've seen the film so I am well aware that they play the whole 'will it take off, will they be able to stop it' scenario. The trailer shows one stacking into the tower and another showed another carrier hitting the water. Kind of tension killing don't you think? Or how about the elevator scene, where in the trailer they played the whole "before we start, does anyone want to get off" line with the obligatory kick up of the shield. Even the still for the Cap 2 thread on this site, shows cap in an elevator surrounded by defeated opponents. They spend 5 minutes building the scene in the film with Steve noticing the sweat on peoples neck etc but again kinda pointless because Marvel themselves ruined the payoff with a need to show off all the best bits in the trailer.

Payne by name on Apr 7, 2014


Ok that does it for me, no more trailers as I’m sold!

Ed Blount on Apr 6, 2014


I just want to yell, "Dammit, people! You don't have to convince me any more I WILL see this!" May 16th can't get here fast enough....

Scopedog on Apr 6, 2014


what Godzilla bodypart is that at 2:16?

The Dude on Apr 6, 2014


think that's the flying monster. i think i spotted it's head at 2:20. maybe.

NathanDewey on Apr 6, 2014


I believe that it is Gigan, who has the ability to fly.

MisterBeasley on Apr 6, 2014


Definitely looks like Gigan's claw at the 2:16 mark.

Guest on Apr 6, 2014


Definitely looks like Gigan's claw at the 2:16 mark..

MisterBeasley on Apr 6, 2014


Not Gigan, Mutos.

Brian Sleider on Apr 6, 2014


Except Godzilla isn't the one doing all the damage... IT'S THE MUTOSSSSSS! Excited for this.

ds NYC on Apr 6, 2014


1:45 in the video shows everything.

ds NYC on Apr 6, 2014


Well It looks like they watched classic Godzilla and took some notes! I cant wait to see this!

Jimmy Love on Apr 6, 2014



lshannel on Apr 6, 2014


Show us some ATOMIC BREATH for crying out loud!!!

SkyNet300 on Apr 6, 2014


So his wife turns into Godzilla? :0p

DJROBL on Apr 7, 2014


no it's there baby.. she was a prego

shane willett on Apr 7, 2014



shane willett on Apr 7, 2014



mooreworthy on Apr 9, 2014

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