Watch: Eye-Opening College Documentary 'Ivory Tower' First Trailer

April 23, 2014
Source: Thompson on Hollywood

Ivory Tower

Following a premiere at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, the eye-opening documentary Ivory Tower is coming to theaters, and the first trailer has arrived. Director Andrew Rossi (Page One: Inside The New York Times) dives into the world of higher education, looking at alternatives to the expensive universities that many of us flock towards after high school. With student debt climbing, and the quality of schools declining as they irresponsibly spend their money on many irrelevant amenities, it's a dangerous time to clamor for more education. This is a must watch for anyone considering a college education. Watch!

Here's the first trailer for Andrew Rossi's Ivory Tower from Thompson on Hollywood:

Filmmaker Andrew Rossi (Page One: Inside the New York Times) reveals the moment in history when the United States, long regarded as the epicenter of higher education, embraced a business model promoting property expansion over quality learning. Through interviews with Andrew Delbanco, Anya Kamenetz, and Internet education pioneer Daphne Koller, cofounder of the revolutionary online platform Coursera, Ivory Tower exposes the instability of traditional college education as it searches the country for alternative forms of cost-effective learning around the country with mixed results. The film debuted at the Sundance Film Festival and Participant Media, Paramount and Samuel Goldwyn Films releases the film sometime this year.

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This will make me mad for at least 3 hours after watching it.

DAVIDPD on Apr 23, 2014


College is one of the biggest scams foisted on us by the hidden controllers of propaganda today. The student loan industries are a racket, and the young and dumb blindly follow the herd into the corral, not even knowing what they want to be, or what the job market is looking for. The typical college student pays 10,000's of dollars every year, only to take a worthless pseudo-Sociology degree like Women's studies, only to graduate to a glamorous career of a barista with the crushing burdens of student loan interest accumulating each month. And they wonder why they aren't making six figures. Student loans make college exponentially more expensive. By making college "affordable" (in the very short term, of course) for everyone, they increase demand, thus driving tuition sky-high each year. Not only that, but since everyone is going to college, competition increases among graduates, since only a smaller and smaller proportion of students can find jobs. Abolish student loans, and fix the system.

Alex on Apr 23, 2014


Not only that, the mentality of " I MUST go to college to get a good job" deprives us of much needed laborers. To bad most of the degree holders I know work for peanuts in retail while I make 30 bucks an hour in the trades. Ask em if they want a better job "Oh no I went to college".

Brian Sleider on Apr 24, 2014


Not even close sir, welders, carpenters, HVAC and a host of other no degree required fields cannot file jobs fast enough. You cannot out source service work, you need a man in your house/store fixing your stuff. Problem is, these jobs are HOT and HARD, requiring LONG days. People just do not have the stomach for it these days. Because "they went to college". Enjoy that debt while I enjoy an in demand job and security.

Guest on Apr 24, 2014


As I posted above when we were losing nearly a million jobs a month when Bush was leaving office I don't recall many of those being service jobs. Of course we will always need service jobs, but not millions and millions of them like the manufacturing ones we have lost. Since you wrote a snarky line at the end I guess I'd say 'enjoy sweating your @ss off while your boss makes most of the money'. oh and you're replaceable with any other 'technical college' dropout if you don't like what you're getting paid.

ff on Apr 24, 2014


Not sure why a post I deleted by mistake still shows up. The snark was not meant to be taken as a direct comment to you. More of a general comment about the state of student debt. Oh and I do not work in terribly hot places. I also prefer to work 6am - 2pm fuck that 9-5 shit.

Brian Sleider on Apr 24, 2014


Haha. Fair enough

ff on Apr 25, 2014


Fuck, wrote a reply, needed to edit, deleted by mistake. You are a bit mistaken, you cannot out source service work, you need a man working on the unit in your house or store. You need a man installing the cabinets, you need a man to weld the joints. We do lack MANUFACTURING jobs, but by in large those are lower in pay, but they are still fairly easy to get, if you are willing to move to an area that has a manufacturing base. In a factory out of high school you can be making 15 dollars an hour. Problem isn't lack of jobs, its people not being willing to go out and work a 10 - 12 hour day in hot hard environments. Society has convinced every one they need a degree, which is a lie. People who 20 years ago would have been encouraged in High school to go into trades are being told to go to college. I have heard to many people working retail, unwilling to go get a better paying job that requires REAL work, because they have a degree, to me their degree is a 50,000+ piece of rough toilet paper.

Brian Sleider on Apr 24, 2014


Debt prisons. Just like McMansions

Carpola on Apr 24, 2014


That's why I tell my kids not to go to college....

TheOct8pus on Apr 24, 2014


Bankers need more jets, Wall Street needs more mansions...sorry kids the rich need more. Profits are at an all time time high. Wall Street is killing it. And wages are at an all time low in America. The rich own all of us, and with decision like Citizen's United they are buying the government. Greed in capitalism has put us trillions into debt where all of the profits go to the super rich while the middle class falls.

ff on Apr 24, 2014


In Europe, this is so different...

Nash on Apr 24, 2014


Because they actually make the rich pay taxes you mean? Yup.

ff on Apr 24, 2014


Sort of yes, I live in The Netherlands. Income tax for people over 100K a year is up to 50%. And college/university fees are relatively low, 2K to 3K a year. (Expect for the fancy privately owned institutions). Average debt of a graduate is like 20K or something.

Nash on Apr 24, 2014


most likely because unlike the US, the Netherlands don't have super pacs or unlimited lobbying right? literally the two worst things to ever come to our political system

dj on Apr 25, 2014


The political lobbying system is very much frowned upon in Europe and especially in The Netherlands. And since most universities and colleges here are semi-state owned, there is very little reason for running these educational institutions like commercial enterprises. When it does happen (institutions that try to grow their assets by investing in real estate or shares) it's all over the newspapers because we believe this to be unwanted.

Nash on Apr 25, 2014


As a junior in college in my OPINION there's not just one single smoking gun for higher learning being "broken". Its a litany of problems, first of all being the fact that student loan interest rates are around 3-4% and are going to increase to 5% starting July. the interest rates charged for the banks in the bailout? It was around 1% at first then decreased when they started to complain that it was "unfair". Leaving out all the politics aside i'm pretty sure we can all agree how ridiculous that is. Another problem is not enough information is being put out about how beneficial it is to go to community college for the first two years.The first two years is just a general education program with a few pre reqs to make you a "well rounded student". If you do your research you can easily find a CC that will give you the same quality education in the first to years if you put in the work. If i would have gone to a CC for two years then transferred to a major university for the actual classes for your major. i could have used that money saved in the first two years, invested that in the stock market and would have made enough money from that to not even have to rely on student loans for the last two years. there are numerous other factors at work but i feel like this post is long enough already

dj on Apr 25, 2014


Bottom line: Student debt it just another angle in the enslaving of every American in some form of indentured servitude. Period.

Johnny Neat on Apr 27, 2014

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