Watch: First Trailer for 'Fed Up' Documentary, the Next 'Super Size Me'

April 9, 2014
Source: YouTube

Fed Up Documentary Trailer

"I can't believe we let them get away with that!" Radius-TWC has debuted the first trailer for Stephanie Soechtig's documentary Fed Up, produced by and featuring Katie Couric, who takes an eye-opening look at modern society's abundant use of sugar in connection with obesity. I hate to use a headline that so blatantly compares this to another food doc that had an impact, Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me which premiered at Sundance 2004. But if that will get people to see this doc and actually start eating better, then screw it. I saw the premiere of this at Sundance 2014 and I think it's a very important doc for our country to get caught up in, even if it is a bit "we already know that", it can still make a big difference. Take a look at the doc below.

Here's the first trailer for Stephanie Soechtig's doc Fed Up, direct from Radius-TWC's YouTube:

This is the movie the food industry doesn't want you to see. Stephanie Soechtig's new documentary Fed Up blows the lid off everything we thought we knew about food and weight loss, revealing a 30-year campaign by the food industry, aided by the U.S. government, to mislead and confuse the American public, resulting in one of the largest health epidemics in history. From Katie Couric, Laurie David (Oscar winning producer of An Inconvenient Truth) and director Stephanie Soechtig, Fed Up will change the way you eat forever. The documentary first premiered at Sundance 2014 (early reviews), where it was bought by indie label Radius, part of The Weinstein Company. They're releasing Fed Up in select theaters starting May 9th this summer.

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Smaller portions. Less fat. Done. Thank you come again.

DAVIDPD on Apr 9, 2014


This is part of the problem. This is why a ton of candy has "A fat free food!" written on it.

Bryan Bortz on Apr 9, 2014


Oh Yeah....and fucking common sense...c'mon people!!!

DAVIDPD on Apr 9, 2014


I'm a little confused here. If you're overweight and unhappy about it, shouldn't you look at what you're eating and deduce this? It seems pretty cut and dry. Yes all this stuff gets sold, but nobody is forcing you to buy it. It's not like it's the 70s or 80s. It's the information age, you can get educated on this kinda thing pretty easily.

axalon on Apr 9, 2014


or just dont eat it lmao

dvt on Apr 9, 2014


"Super Size Me" made me realize I hadn't had a Big Mac in a couple of years. I just got hungrier during the movie. This movie makes want to gouge out my eyes. Yeah, end corn subsidies and sugar tariffs.

redtie on Apr 9, 2014


I would rather have the freedom to buy/not buy this stuff, then have the government "prevent" it for me. You want to not subsidize an industry? Reduces taxes across the board and cut gov't spending on programs that are a MASSIVE waste of money (OBAMACARE is only the most recent). I love how these film producers make the governments heavy hand always seem like the best solution. What a well put together piece of propaganda.

l.21 on Apr 10, 2014


Did you watch the trailer? We are subsidizing the @$#s making sugar as well as food animals , oil, etc... That means we are giving the rich @&^#% YOUR tax dollars. I agree about the government being bought by the rich corps, but they say this in the trailer.

ff on Apr 10, 2014


Yes, but you're buying into another lie. Politicians ARE the rich. Corruption is corruption is corruption. And I say this for business, big or small, they don't MAKE the rules, when the rule makers hustle you like a pimp, what do you do? You pay or or go under. Yes, big business pays money to gov't, but they WANT IT! It's dirty ALL over! And if this movie makes out that somehow the well meaning intentions of a few POLITICIANS are going to help us out. Enjoy your kool-aid.

l.21 on Apr 11, 2014


I agree with you for the most part, but ultimately We are supposed to be the government, and the only way to make things better is to get the money out. I hate the 2 party system as much as anyone but with decisions like the conservatives passing Citizen's United things are becoming much worse. Really what other options are there though? If the rich are buying our government then we are all screwed and we all know that's what's happening. A few well-meaning politicians may be all we have left. I agree with you overall that the waste in government is absurd. If we want to cut anywhere then the military, which is basically 1 TRILLION a year, along with corporate subsides to rich corps that already pay no taxes, is the 1st freaking place we need to go.

ff on Apr 11, 2014


"I agree with you for the most part", you don't.

l.21 on May 3, 2014


This kind of processed junk food shouldn't exist though. I know we all forget this quite frequently, but humans are animals; we are organic beings that were meant to live off what the earth provides for us. You'd rather have the "freedom to buy it"? Why? So you can poison yourself? There is nothing redeeming about it. I've been eating a completely natural, unprocessed diet for the last two years. (if something didn't grow out of the ground, I don't eat it. Simple as that.) I have SO much energy, I never get sick, and I've noticed my quality of life is waaayyyy better than it was before. I'm a college student and while all my friends complain about how 'tired/stressed out' school makes them, and I've seen many of them get sick at the worst times like during midterms/finals, I don't have those problems. I kinda just feel good all the time and I attribute it completely to my diet. In high school I ate the more typical American diet and the extreme difference in my health between then and now is astounding. Just saying 🙂

Guest on May 3, 2014


Oh boy. Just so.. I think immorality shouldn't exist. It's proven immoral behavior brings unnecessary pain and suffering to not only those who practice it, but to the generations of those who are produced by it. I've lived a moral life all my life and I look around at all my friends and they are miserable and complain all the time. I just kinda feel good about myself and don't have to deal with all the STD's and illegitimate children and child payments and so forth that come from immorality. The difference is astounding. And let's not stop there. I think cigarettes shouldn't exist. And alcohol, and marijuana. I think we should avoid depictions of violence, it shouldn't exist, nor should any form of waste, careless use of the earths resources, we should have police for that, and charge a tax to pay for the police, and make laws about people's health and the health of the planet because those things shouldn't exist. And bad thoughts shouldn't exist. Intolerance shouldn't exist. If you're intolerant, you shouldn't exist, nor your children, or your culture, or anything that was like it or supported it. ... Extreme? Silly? And the thing is, I do believe SOME of that, but I wouldn't absolute LAWS to force people to do them. You have a great diet? Awesome. Create a club. Write a book. Make money! Raise healthy children and improve the lives of people around you. Documentaries like this are no better than the fast food they are preaching against, they're pre-packaged processed low-calorie ego-fillers for a shallow soul who is too lazy to think for themselves and to selfish to go do good on their on. Don't buy it, don't see it, go plant a tree. But I would never say, "it shouldn't exist"

l.21 on May 3, 2014


Eating too much food and not exercising is depressive behaviour, but it's also cheaper than eating healthy. Will be watching this for sure. One third of America diabetic? That's crazy, good for the medical companies though, they'll be loving all that ankle blubber.

Carpola on Apr 13, 2014


next super size me? so this movie will have un-repeatable results too? results where faulsified in super size me. college students tasked with copying it could not get anywhere near the calories the guy in super size me claimes to have taken in daily. in know they don't serve the healthiest options but they are not selling death in a wrapper and super size me was biased against mcdonalds from the start and did not give them a fair enough pic. eat right and excersice and you can eat most anything. anything in excess is bad.

kreiyu on Apr 27, 2014


I also consider it amount the top 10 movies to check out next month!

Santel Phin - Top 10 Movies on Apr 27, 2014


Getting real tired of being lectured to by "well-meaning nannies".

Philip Papineau on Sep 21, 2014

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