Watch: Full Trailer for the Hit Sundance Comedy 'Dear White People'

July 22, 2014

Dear White People

"A minimum requirement of black friends to not seem racist has just been raised to two." Just last month, a quick teaser trailer debuted for the upcoming indie Dear White People, a racially charged comedy that debuted at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. Now a full theatrical trailer has arrived showing even more of the hilarity in the film starring Tyler James Williams, Tessa Thompson, Teyonha Parris, Brandon P. Bell and Dennis Haysbert. This seems like a provocative and amusing comedy with biting racial humor and political satire done extremely well, and that's not always easy to do. Watch the trailer below!

Here's the theatrical trailer for Justin Simien's Dear White People from the film's YouTube page:

Dear White People is written and directed by up-and-coming filmmaker Justin Simien making his feature debut. The film follows the stories of four black students at an Ivy League college where a riot breaks out over a popular "African American" themed party thrown by white students. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, the film will explore racial identity in "post-racial" America while weaving a universal story of forging one's unique path in the world. Tyler James Williams, Tessa Thompson, Teyonha Parris, Brandon P. Bell and Dennis Haysbert star in the film which premiered at Sundance and Roadside Attractions will release Dear White People on October 17th this fall. For more, visit the official site or follow @dearwhitepeople.

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Looks promising.

Ben Nesvig on Jul 22, 2014


ohhhh yeah….

Liam Knurtsis on Jul 22, 2014


Yep...looking forward to seeing this

Have Hope on Jul 22, 2014


I'm in.

Qrious on Jul 22, 2014


Just by the photo looks as irritating as ever, won't be seeing this.

Richard 33377 on Jul 22, 2014


This looks great.

jay on Jul 22, 2014


I like it. It looks like it is going to have a lot of fun playing with racial differences/barriers, and not just 'racism', and also looks like it will be looking both it isn't just 'what problems exist around white people regarding race' but looking at it from every point. The fact that there was a line about how having a show called 'dear white people' is racist in its own way...or at least racially charged. I think having films like this that are more open about topics like this, blowing the whole 'race' conversation wide open, is the only way that society might get passed some of these racial hang-ups. And it looks like it is dealing with it all in a generally light-hearted type of tone, and not being over-bearing about it in any real way. It is easy to make a film about racial topics set in the time of slavery or segregation, but that type of film isn't really relevant to modern times. Slavery was terrible, but it isn't like we are still battling slavery(in the non-metaphorical sense) in modern America. So to have a film with racial themes set in modern times...that is very interesting to me, playing with more day-to-day issues.

Chris Groves on Jul 22, 2014


The fact that you made such a long comment about something so stupid means you're just as idiotic.

Richard 33377 on Jul 22, 2014


What a neatly elucidated point you made...

Chris Groves on Jul 22, 2014


Oh, that slavery. It's history, why do we need to keep talking about it, GOD. Who exactly has racial hangups they need to get over?

sweettea on Jul 23, 2014


This trailer is working a lot better for me. The nerdy guy will be the character to watch.

DAVIDPD on Jul 22, 2014


I don't know what to say. But, I like it. Makes me laugh to silly Americans...

shiboleth on Jul 22, 2014


Black whine

John Smith on Jul 23, 2014


Looks painful.

cuckoozey on Jul 23, 2014


I'm not surprised in the slightest that all the people complaining about a raced based movie that actually looks good, well put together, thoughtful and relevant to people of color (like myself) are white people. I can't wait for this movie to come out, have been waiting for some time and this trailer didn't disappoint. And from the comments about how painful and awful it looks from the white boys on this site this is definitely a movie I'm gonna watch more than once and support 100% cause fuck yeah making white men uncomfortable in the media since your asses are always represented.

Ken on Jul 23, 2014


I totally respect this, but I'd hope that we'd all try to understand the other side (including the white boys that complain on this site, as well as yourself understanding what they're trying to say). I think there is validity to both sides. Rarely is there either side in an argument that is necessarily right or wrong. I particularly like Chris' point below on how this movie looks to take punches on all sides, not necessarily just a "white people don't understand black people" or "black people don't understand white people." Ultimately, while there are definitely racial differences, I think that if we were to open our eyes, we'd all realize that we are a whole lot more similar than we are different.

I'm Batman on Jul 23, 2014


Okay but this kind of comment assumes that white people even understand what race is in order to have anything worthwhile to say about it. What does saying "we are similar" even do when you're trying to have a specific discussion about racism? it derails an important conversation by trying to pander to this "leveling the playing fields". If you don't experience it or have the same historical context people of color do then there's a reason why many white men don't like movies like this and are even put off. This doesn't look like something that's for everyone to watch and feel comfortable about, this is clearly made to make white people uncomfortable and even open up a much needed discussion that we keep ignoring and favoring a false togetherness despite the current systemic racism that plagues this country and many others. As for trying to understand other sides, trust me, people of color are taught from birth to understand white people and "their side" over and over even when we're trying to make a point of our own as the people of color in this movie are attempting. tl;dr: if you're white and uncomfortable about this movie? GOOD! go watch it anyway, maybe you'll learn a thing or two about how racism actually works rather than what you've been indoctrinated into believing.

Ken on Jul 23, 2014


I guess you feel you have a reason to be racist, but no one else should be? everyone is a racist - welcome to the world.

ColtNoir on Jul 23, 2014


I don't think that was at all the point he was making. The point is that asking for a level playing field is essentially asking not to highlight an issue that wouldn't usually even be attempted to be understood by the other side. It's great that people want to "put that ugly business in the past" when they feel it's getting uncomfortable for their side, but the dialogue has never been equal and really can't be as long as whites and POC are having two different discussions. That post-racial society that whites often push for is first, not really what's being asked for when it's invoked, and second, not possible when the reaction to an attempt at real equal representation and public forum is to either attack it, or to claim the reason the playing field isn't level is because the side that already isn't being heard hasn't gotten over their desire to be heard. Also interesting is the fact that the number one go-to argument made by whites, once offended about a race issue, is "everyone is racist". That's literally the same message of "get over it". The statement itself proves why these things are needed.

Terwel Andrews on Jul 23, 2014


why do you say "whites" and then "people of color"? why not "Caucasian" or "blacks". do you determine one to be offensive and the other not? And if you're saying the dialogue can never be equal and essentially no matter what white people say will be wrong or hold less value then why are you even pushing for a discussion if right from the start you know you're right? sounds like arguing for the sake of it - and that's why people avoid it. and I'm not offended, watch whatever you want, but that's not the "number one go-to argument" that's just a fact of life and I accept it - I'm not going to live in a fantasy world where I think every single person is going to get along with each other. Humans have too big of egos to let that happen, white, black or w/e.

ColtNoir on Jul 23, 2014


Lol you seem to be missing all points again. I say whites because "Caucasian" is actually a term for people from certain regions, who are not necessarily white. That's something you can, and apparently should, look up. And I'm saying the dialogue can't take place on a level playing field until a certain level of listening and education, as opposed to what I'd call "bitching" at this point, happens. "Football" players and "futbol" players wouldn't be expected to play an exhibition match without first actually learning rules that each is playing by. And if one side isn't doing their homework, this new hybrid sport can't really be played to any real affect. And that resignation you're feeling is literally the "get over it" argument.

Terwel Andrews on Jul 23, 2014


I say it because It's a term that's generally accepted in the US, where I live, but that's not up to your standards I guess. and you generalize "whites". Black people weren't the only slaves in about the Irish? bitching is really all I hear - no matter what the argument starts with, it always ends with "you wouldn't know" etc, and I personally don't - most don't on both sides of the "discussion" because they personally didn't go through it either. you can call that fact a "resignation" if you want and choose to dismiss it but it doesn't change anything. that's my piece.

ColtNoir on Jul 23, 2014


It doesn't really matter what you hear, though. If you don't go out and do or say racist nonsense to people, or even care about this discussion, why are you concerned with it? You really just sound like you want to police how other people should feel and respond to things, and less interested in actual discussion. Lots of things that are generally accepted are wrong, notably racism, sexism, classicism, etc.

sweettea on Jul 23, 2014



Ken on Jul 24, 2014


You cannot be racist towards white people though. Racism is about power dynamics, I don't have the power to be racist towards a white person because they are more institutionally+systemically backed than I am. Stop using old definitions of racism written by white people and read about the academically formulated version of what racism actually is before you go around calling people racist.

Ken on Jul 24, 2014


Look at all the white people crying already and the film hasn't even come out yet.

Mari on Jul 23, 2014


Now THAT looks like a good one X)

RobotProphet on Jul 23, 2014


sounds like your mind is made up..

ColtNoir on Jul 24, 2014


Ditto. FYI, I'm white so don't talk to me about having a myopic view of the world. I'm open to other people's opinions. If they involve shutting down other people's opinions or saying their opinions amount to bitching, then it isn't so much an opinion as an utter dismissal of the fact that other people have opinions. I reject that philosophy. The corollary to this is that this movie isn't about opinions, it's about people's lives. White people everywhere are assholes to people of colour *on the basis of skin colour,* and when they get called out it's "Oh, who's racist now?!" I reject that philosophy also.

sweettea on Jul 24, 2014


Yes, white people are to black people and it's the same way way in reverse. this is a two-way street - that's my point. it's how the world works...don't place blame on white people solely because that's absolutely ignorant.

ColtNoir on Jul 24, 2014


No, it is not the same way in reverse, and not even close. How many times have white people ever been denied mortgage loans or rental units based on their skin colour? How many crosses have been burned on the front lawns of white people, excluding the possibility of them being burned against those who actively supported black people during the the civil rights movement? Somebody burned a cross at a majority black church in Tennessee *this month.* How many white people have been stopped and frisked in NYC? How many police officers do traffic stops on white people with no real probable cause? Explain to me how you or I or any other white people are victims of people of colour, excluding actual crimes that people commit.

sweettea on Jul 24, 2014


lol are ridiculous. all hearsay and speculation on your part. here's an answer "I don't know" do you care to answer all those questions you asked with actual facts or just going to continue speculating? Have a good one, I've got anything else I could doing.

ColtNoir on Jul 24, 2014


Good, you agree that you don't know how white people are victims of colour from a socioeconomic perspective. If you've got better things to be doing, what did you comment for in the first place?

Guest on Jul 24, 2014


I was using those questions to make my point. You assert that white people are victims of black people and/or prejudiced institutions. How are they?

sweettea on Jul 24, 2014


You wrote things without actual facts..that's called making things up - not proving a point...again, have a good one.

ColtNoir on Jul 24, 2014


Actually, black people are victims of every single one of those points. Do your own research and educate yourself. Telling me they aren't fact is based in what? And you still haven't answered my question. Hypocrite.

sweettea on Jul 24, 2014

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