Watch: Marvel's Official 'The Avengers: Age of Ultron' Teaser Trailer

October 22, 2014

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

"Now I am free… There are no strings on me." Well, after Hydra leaked this first teaser trailer for The Avengers: Age of Ultron a couple hours ago (it wasn't supposed to debut until next week after the new "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." episode on Oct 28th), Marvel just decided to bite the bullet and release it early, and we're really glad they did. This looks dark, awesome and action-packed. There's so much going on from James Spader's awesome taunting as "Ultron" to our heroes seemingly getting into a lot of troubling situations. Plus it has Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) & Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) in action.

Here's the first teaser trailer for Joss Whedon's The Avengers: Age of Ultron direct from Marvel:

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

The Avengers: Age of Ultron is written & directed by Joss Whedon (The Avengers, Serenity). Earth's mightiest heroes must once again assemble when a super intelligent robot created by Tony Stark created to help fight any threats that might harm the world actually turns against him and the human race. Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner and Samuel L. Jackson all return in the sequel to Marvel's The Avengers with new names like Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen joining the team. Disney & Marvel release the film on May 1st, 2015. Looking good?

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Hell Yeah

Quynh Truong on Oct 22, 2014


I am sooo pumped! Everyone who doubted Spader is now eating crow! I loved his casting from the start. And come on, Hulkbuster!!!!! I am sooo down and really excited to see this next April!

Tyler Cobaugh on Oct 22, 2014


Wow!!!! Looks so amazingly epic. I never thought they could top the first one, but this just looks awesome. Just the right footage shown as well. Great job Mr. Whedon!

Urban James Kirk on Oct 22, 2014


Love the tone! Looking forward to it even more now. Got to hand it to Marvel willing to change things up it seems. And with the Captain America 3 announcement things are definitely looking to shift within the landscape.

Neuromancer on Oct 22, 2014


Love it! looks like they managed to up the ante from the first one, im excited.

jay on Oct 22, 2014


Yes! They're fighting a bunch of faceless minions again! Except this time they're not aliens, they're robots!

Brock on Oct 22, 2014



Jorrell Mcdaniel on Oct 22, 2014


It is just "cool" to be a hater nowadays? How sad.

davidshaw on Oct 22, 2014


Yea, that's the best part.

Jon Odishaw on Oct 22, 2014



Bl00dwerK on Oct 22, 2014


Teaser trailer of Star Wars: Episode VII with Avengers : Age of Ultron. I'm calling it, who's with me?

DarthVerous on Oct 22, 2014


Nope.. Seeing that star wars releases December 18, 2015. And this releases in May. I'm betting the Star Wars teaser will be around Superbowl time. With the full trailer around May if not before.

Oblique on Oct 22, 2014


Actually, Avengers: Age of Ultron would be the perfect place to officially debut the first trailer for Star Wars. Avengers comes out soon after Star Wars Celebration whatever in April, and right around "May the 4th be with you". First half of 2015 will be devoted almost entirely to Disney promoting Avengers, then after Avengers, they'll spend the rest of the year pumping up Episode 7.

Chris Groves on Oct 22, 2014


Don't forget Ant Man. Star Wars all year after July's Ant Man.

JBrotsis on Oct 23, 2014


Yeah of course, but admittedly...Avengers and Star Wars are in a league of their own in terms of prominence. Ant-Man is a rung or two down the ladder. Not that I don't think it will be good/successful...but Star Wars it is not.

Chris Groves on Oct 23, 2014


pfft - unless they tie/tease Pym a lot heavier in Ultron, I have very little interest in seeing AntMan. I will, cuz Marvel Studios is a 100% winner for me so far, but not a midnightmadness viewing & questionably an opening weekend unless I can catch the pre-noon show.

VAharleywitch on Oct 23, 2014


Hmmm... by that point in time, there should be enough finished FX shots to bring up a teaser... and honestly, even one w/ just a few shots w/ a recognizable Voiceover... would get the geekgasms going. edit: I'll go w/ Teaser @ SuperBowl, first "full" trailer attached to A:AoU.

VAharleywitch on Oct 23, 2014


This looks old and tired. A movie about robots fighting robots... seems and feels like the pointless first avengers... i wonder how many helly carriers they will blow this time...

Ivan. tih on Oct 22, 2014


Some people can't help but be trolls. That's what they are. You seem to be intentionally doing it. Not sure what's more annoying. Wait, yes I do.

LightningB on Oct 22, 2014


Is your life really that empty? I pity you. You are pitiful.

davidshaw on Oct 22, 2014


We've reached a level of technology and cgi where robot/kaiju/alien/monster battles are like visual orgasms. And I'm excited every time a talented director tosses a new scene, shot or entire movie together with more eye popping action than the last. Go watch pride and prejudice of you want story and dialogue. We're hear to watch shit get fucked up and have a good time doing it.

Jon Odishaw on Oct 22, 2014


Very well said. these pretentious idiots trying to look smart by over analyzing a TEASER. SMH... With or without a trailer Im gonna be watching this in the theatres, no ifs ands or buts about it. Get over yourselves. This aint an art movie, its supposed to be entertainment.

ipeng909 on Oct 22, 2014


I'm more than happy to see shit get fucked up:) but really... Does it have to be the same shit over and over again?

Ivan. tih on Oct 22, 2014


If you're tired of it, don't go see it! No one's got a gun to your head. And it's not the same thing, it really isn't. The concept may be similar but the stories are not.

JBrotsis on Oct 23, 2014


Hmm...don't remember any "robots fighting robots" in The Avengers. There were aliens, and a giant green monster, and a guy in a robotic suit... Perhaps you are thinking of another film?

Chris Groves on Oct 22, 2014


He obviously didn't see Avengers nor as any knowledge to what's going to happen in this movie (SHIELD was destroyed in Capt 2; be damned surprised if there are any carriers in AoU).....he's obviously a troll.

JBrotsis on Oct 23, 2014


Looks like that HULK Buster armor is going to be their money shot this time around. WICKED.

DAVIDPD on Oct 22, 2014


That's actually the part that disappointed me the most about this trailer. The armor is a bit too "Transformer-y" if that makes sense. Everything else looks very interesting.

HyperJ on Oct 22, 2014


Spader's character looking and sounding badass was the only redeeming thing about this teaser. The overload of quick action shots werent necessary, we already knew this movie would deliver good action scenes. Otherwise, this trailer didn't show us anything (I know, its a teaser - but teasers can be done to give you an idea of the story without revealing too much, see: X-Men Days of Future Past). Here's hoping the next trailer can entice me with a little more story reveal.

Bryce84 on Oct 22, 2014


Oh get over yourself.

davidshaw on Oct 22, 2014


Just because it didn't blow me away? I apologize that I need more than a bunch of action and explosions to sell me on a movie. Spader's part looks damn awesome, but that alone isn't going to get me in the theater. I'm hoping the next one will sell me 🙂

Bryce84 on Oct 22, 2014


So you are in a position, having seen The Avengers, having in theory, seen all of the MCU films...where you are like 'Yeah, I'll see Age of Ultron IF the trailer is really great', that is your stance? Most of us have been sold based on the Marvel track record, the track record of these stars, characters, Whedon, and Feige. We just want to get a taste of what we are getting in the film, and this teaser...TEASER, gave it to us. I felt that the Days of Future Past teaser oversold the movie, to be frank.

Chris Groves on Oct 22, 2014


We're all entitled to our opinion. I expected mine to be in the minority amongst what is likely a rabid loyal fanbase viewing this immediately. Does that make me wrong? Others are expressing how they felt, but because it's against the grain I shouldn't? And being belittled for it with a "get over yourself"? I guess respect on the internet is a lost cause. I have seen all the Marvel movies (except Guardians of the Galaxy, to this point) and they have done a good job, especially recently. No company is immune to putting out a bad movie, though. I will undoubtedly see it eventually, but it just didn't sell me enough to want to buy a ticket just yet. Don't get me wrong, it looks cool and it'll probably be fun, but that isn't enough to get me into the theater. It's not hard to make a movie look cool only to have it disappoint. So again, I'm extremely hopeful for the next trailer. As for Days of Future Past teaser, I respect your opinion and understand why you might feel that way. For me, it was arguably the best teaser I've ever seen. I didn't even watch any trailer for it after that because I saw all I needed to see. Maybe that's too much for a teaser to show, but honestly teasers are too long these days anyway. I miss the days where teasers were maybe a minute long and trailers about 2 minutes. Now teasers are full blown trailers.

Bryce84 on Oct 22, 2014



Ryan on Oct 22, 2014


Dude, remember its comments section. Rule of thumb: When 90 percent of the folks love something here and you disagree, you get slammed.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Oct 22, 2014


I'm just curious, and I know you're tired of people getting on your case, so this isn't meant in a hostile way, but how big of a movie fan are you? Would you say you're a big movie fanatic to which you're daily reading movie news of all walks of films or you rather read articles here and there about specific movies that catch your interest? That may be what lies in the difference between you and everyone else who disagrees with you. Here, I know I, and a lot of the people I've seen commenting "against" you are regulars here and most likely extreme movie fanatics. We crave these things and indulge ourselves with every little detail and clip that pops up. So to come on here and say stuff like "one's enough and it's not good enough" or "this teaser didn't execute selling me on the entire 2+ hour movie" is probably why everyone feels...almost..disrespected hearing that about a movie franchise with such a STRONG track record, an above excellent first installment, and obvious loyal fanbase. Again, no disrespect to you and no hard feelings. As you said...everyone's entitled to their own opinions.

JBrotsis on Oct 23, 2014


First off, I greatly appreciate the respectful manner in which you made your point and asked questions. To answer your question, I am a very huge movie fan, I watch everything I can, from blockbusters to indie films (the only ones I tend to avoid are animated and foreign films). I don't like getting deep in spoilers about a movie however, which is why I have come to FirstShowing for many years, as the writers are extremely mindful about including them. This is the first and last site I visit every day. That being said, I also like to know a general storyline and a glimpse into what kind of script/dialogue we're going to be dealing with. I never intended to "disrespect" anyone in voicing my thoughts. Anyone that does feel disrespected, please accept my apology. I said it didn't pique my interest enough to make me want to GO see it. Perhaps this is more of an issue of what I have come to expect out of trailers. As I said, teasers now are basically what trailers used to be not even a few years ago it feels like, and trailers now often reveal WAY more than I want to know. So in 2 minutes of run time I generally expect at least a glimpse of the parts of a movie that will get me to the theater. Instead what we got was a badass Ultron and a bunch of cool action that we already expected, with nothing in the way of what the story is. Some people are taking this to the extreme as if I want the whole movie spoiled for me, but I do not. I just like to know what direction its going other than explosions and destruction. I am beyond the point now where that was enough to sell me on a movie. I know it isn't fair to judge a movie by its trailer or teaser, but isn't that why they even make trailers? To sell tickets. I'm a lot pickier with movies I purchase and especially with movies I go to see these days. I acknowledge that in this "Universe" Marvel has done a good job with their movies, but does that mean they are 100% incapable of making a bad film at ANY point? I am not one to blindly accept and praise whatever movie a studio releases, director directs or actor stars just because it was them. I'll have more hope for it (and I have high hopes for this movie), but ultimately it has to entice me.

Bryce84 on Oct 23, 2014


I suggest watching the Guardians of the Galaxy. IMHO, It is the most fun Marvel movie to date. I think part of the fun was not knowing the GotG characters as well as the other Marvel characters, i.e. no expectations. Iron Man I: Ends fighting a big Iron Man suit Iron Man II: Ends fighting multiple Iron Man suits Iron Man III: Ends fighting with multiple Iron Man suits Avengers: AoU: Entire movie about fighting sentient AI in Iron Man like suit. Iron Man IV: An Iron Woman shows up and all the Iron Men fight for her. This is the romcom for which you've been waiting.

redtie on Oct 23, 2014


Will agree there. This was pretty revealing and long for a "teaser". I abhor spoilers though. Probably biased.

avconsumer2 on Oct 23, 2014


I literally don't care if you liked the teaser or not because that's your own business and everyone is entitled to an opinion, but can you stop kidding yourself and lying to us that it's going to take an amazing trailer to get you in the theater. I'm seeing it. You're seeing it. Everyone is seeing it.

Daniel_Plainview_Milkshake on Oct 22, 2014


I did not see the first one in theaters. When I did finally watch it, it was not quite as good as I hoped, but still enjoyable. So don't just jump to conclusions.

Bryce84 on Oct 22, 2014


On the internet nobody knows your a dog

Daniel_Plainview_Milkshake on Oct 22, 2014


Speak for yourself there. Not everyone is into this superhero stuff. Personally, i dislike all of these movies as their are loud, pointless, predictable and just forgettable. Heh, my opinion. Have fun at the theater!

Sascha Dikiciyan on Oct 22, 2014


Then why are you commenting in this article? You're not interested in The Avengers. You're just wasting your own time that you could be doing something that holds your attention more? Why are you doing this to yourself?

Daniel_Plainview_Milkshake on Oct 22, 2014


and yet, theaters or dvd, you'll end up seeing it.

JBrotsis on Oct 23, 2014


Yet here you are commenting, why even waste time if you feel that way regarding comic book movies?

Noe Q. on Oct 23, 2014


who are you trying to kid. you're still going to go see it regardless if this was the only trailer released or not.

ColtNoir on Oct 23, 2014


No thanks A teaser should do just that, tease. I'm sick of spolier filled trailers and feeling like I have to avoid them to not ruin movies.

Brian Sleider on Oct 22, 2014


Man, love the dark tone this trailer gives off. Like others have said, gives room for what they may have in the future, starting with Capt America 3.

Justin R on Oct 22, 2014


That's some hot shit right there.

Quanah on Oct 22, 2014


What number would this be on Raymond Reddington's Blacklist?

Quanah on Oct 22, 2014


Do y'all think this will be better than the 1st Avengers? It has the potential to be even better. It has a darker feel to it in this teaser.

TyeFighterPilot on Oct 22, 2014


Most likely. Then again, the first to many franchises, people always love the most. Box office wise...don't think it'll make less than Avengers 1.

JBrotsis on Oct 23, 2014


Vision is going to be the big surprise in this film... Forget the twins

TheOct8pus on Oct 22, 2014


Change of underwear and a fresh towel is much needed right now....

Godzilla on Oct 22, 2014


Looks fantastic. Whedon has clearly evolved his visual storytelling, which he said he was working on. Looks like there will be plenty of great interactions between the characters, and plenty of superb action sequences. Can't wait.

Chris Groves on Oct 22, 2014


I can't wait to see the interactions Ultron has with everyone. I love his villainous philosophy because, to him, he's not being a villain. He's doing what he feels is right for Planet Earth. It's just us, humans that find him in the wrong. I hope we see conversations he has will each members where maybe he stumps them in arguments or something of the such. We know he'll kick heavy ass, but I hope we see more intriguing, gut wrenching, debates than simply "There he is! Go get him!"

JBrotsis on Oct 23, 2014


I hope we will. Loki had his fair share of conversations with most of the cast in The Avengers, and I imagine Whedon won't be able to resist giving Ultron a few great dialogue scenes.

Chris Groves on Oct 23, 2014


Spot exact sentiments. I want Ultron to drop some serious knowledge and thought provoking dialogue.

Big R on Oct 23, 2014


Great point. Right from the get go I've been fascinated by the character and like the moral ambiguity that characters like 'him' present. A bit like Skynet. They aren't driven by individual malice, a dislike of someone or the need to be a bad guy. They are just driven by what they think is right and that gives them a kind of purity which makes their motivations and character far more intriguing.

Payne by name on Oct 23, 2014


And wouldn't this fit into a Hydra point of view ... that in order to save mankind you need to eliminate said mankind .. a la thinning the herd

John Ropes on Oct 23, 2014


I just shot a load in my pants. I'm on a bus.

Trey Wilson on Oct 22, 2014

63 I have to be strong enough to not watch any more previews for it. Looks so effing good! I thought they'd digitize Spader's voice a bit more...though maybe it's not finished. And is that Serkis with the beard? Who is he playing?

Jonathan on Oct 22, 2014


I kinda like having Spader's voice recognizable. And yes to Serkis, though no idea who he's playing.

VAharleywitch on Oct 23, 2014


"There are no strings on me." Epic!

Xerxexx on Oct 22, 2014


Do you watch The Blacklist? Oughta hear his quotes on there...

Bl00dwerK on Oct 23, 2014


He plays the same character over and over and somehow continues to be praised. he's Will Ferrell without being funny.

ColtNoir on Oct 23, 2014


I don't hear an insult

Jon Odishaw on Oct 23, 2014


if you like actors with one range and who does the same thing over and over, then I guess you wouldn't.

ColtNoir on Oct 23, 2014


I take it you haven't seen the incredible Stranger than fiction.

Jon Odishaw on Oct 23, 2014


this discussion is not about Will...I compared Spader to Will because they both play the same character - that's a fact. and yes, I've seen stranger than fiction. Re-read what i said because it's a compliment towards Will. and incase it still goes over your head: Spader is like Will except I'm at least able to laugh a Will.

ColtNoir on Oct 23, 2014


I got all that but spader isn't a comedian.

Jon Odishaw on Oct 23, 2014


ColtNoir on Oct 23, 2014


While I wholly understand your comparison, I have to disagree. While with Ferrell, there a few exceptions to the rule, such as Stranger Than Fiction and Everything Must Go, James Spader's filmography is chock full of varied characters. Yes, he plays a 'villain' archetype quite often, but they are hardly ever the same when you consider their personalities, motivation, etc. Will Ferrell's, on the other hand, are one-dimensional, carbon copies of themselves, victims of his own comedic style.

matthew south on Oct 23, 2014


Lets not forget Samuel L. Jackson same in every movie

311 on Oct 23, 2014


I have to agree. "Now I am free, there are no strings on me" really is the killer line of the trailer.

Payne by name on Oct 23, 2014


whoever thought of giving the role of Ultron to James Spader deserves a cigar and a truckload of money.

Astroboy3000 on Oct 22, 2014


Now THATS how you get ppl amped! WOOOOOOH!

Liam Knurtsis on Oct 23, 2014



Have Hope on Oct 23, 2014


I see/hear they take the fullest out of being owned by Disney

HarryFiddleSticks on Oct 23, 2014


It looks so cheap, they've changed from the fullscreen format of avengers, to widescreen in this second part, but it still feels like a damn tv show.

qweqwu on Oct 23, 2014


crickets chirping.

JBrotsis on Oct 23, 2014


I piss on them...crickets chocking

qweqwu on Oct 23, 2014


That's got me pretty moist though I do hope the film doesn't cross the fine line into Transformers/Robot overload where it all just becomes a lot of noise.

Payne by name on Oct 23, 2014


Don't worry, Whedon likes giving characters attention too much for that to happen.

Chris Groves on Oct 23, 2014


I hear you though I'm trying to limit my enthusiasm to avoid disappointment!

Payne by name on Oct 23, 2014


That's fair. For me, my anticipation and my opinion of the movie are totally different. No matter how crazy hyped I am for something, I always go into the theater 'blank' so that I can avoid disliking a movie for just being 'good' instead of 'amazing' as well as liking a bad movie just because I thought it would be terrible.

Chris Groves on Oct 23, 2014


I find it hard to go in blank when memorable scenes from the trailer have a habit of staying in my mind and being, well, memorable. A bit like how one couldn't help looking for the 'Hulk catching Iron Man' shot which they used repeatedly in the trailers for Avengers or how the fight in the elevator and the heli carriers crashing into the ground in the Cap 2 trailers managed to completely remove all tension from the film about where it was going.

Payne by name on Oct 23, 2014


Well, when I mean going in blank I mostly mean my expectations of 'this will be amazing' or 'this will suck', I go in and just watch the movie. That way, if it is good, I like it...and I don't end up with a 'well it wasn't as good as I wanted it to be' reaction. In regards to moments being spoiled...sure, it happens. But the final month before a film comes out, i completely stop watching promotional materials. I turn away for TV spots, I stop re-watching the trailers. That way, by the time the film comes along, hopefully my memory of what I saw in the previews is fuzzy enough that the film itself feels fresh, and I get caught up in the opposed to just looking out for when moments from the trailers are going to happen.

Chris Groves on Oct 24, 2014


How did iron man get so fat?

DavideCoppola on Oct 23, 2014


When the shawarma flood gates open... they're hard to close.

avconsumer2 on Oct 23, 2014


Blown the fuck away! Maybe this'll have more of the dark, gritty tone DC people say Marvel lacks. I was hoping Marvel would stick to the comics version of Ultron with the solid face and glowing, gaping mouth...but I actually really like the moving, talking Ultron we see here. Really fucking love it! (I don't always curse it comments, but when I do, it's for Avengers: Age of Ultron!)

JBrotsis on Oct 23, 2014


I'm betting we'll get more than a few moments of the 'gaping mouth'.

Chris Groves on Oct 23, 2014


That means two things 😉

JBrotsis on Oct 23, 2014


I doubt it. Tony's silly witty humor and cheesy lines cant hold back.

Rock n Rollllll on Oct 23, 2014


Is Ultron quoting the song?

Tyrell Antonio on Oct 23, 2014


I expect that someone makes a comment about Stark's robots essentially being puppets with Stark or JARVIS pulling the strings... which Ultron certainly doesn't have anyone pulling his strings after his initial upgrade.

VAharleywitch on Oct 23, 2014


It's crazy how some people can break down a trailer and talk about the lighting and how it's shot like a tv show n the cinematography is etc. maybe I need a film lesson or something. But I'm kind of glad I don't, then I would be nitpicking every little thing about a alone a trailer.

Big R on Oct 23, 2014


Pinocchio FTW!

Nielsen700 on Oct 23, 2014


This is a Disney property after all.

TheOct8pus on Oct 23, 2014


Damn that looks awesome. I won't watch anymore footage. This is it.

IamSlave on Oct 23, 2014


Agree. Spoiler avoiding activate. Gonna be hard with this one though, Disney's gonna have stuff plastered everywhere.

avconsumer2 on Oct 23, 2014


I'm going to be honest here, the trailer looks bad, it looks like an episode of a tv series. Also, I really didn't like the first Avengers, it kind of was bad cinematography wise, very bad angles, I also think Whedon isn't that good of a writer, he tends to come up with sloppy and goofy dialog. But I guess I'm really getting sick and tired of kids movies all together.

Goodfella on Oct 23, 2014


if you didn't like the first movie and don't like the director why would you watch the trailer , case and point i think the hunger games are terible, so i watched one and stopped.

Matthew Sam Russell on Oct 23, 2014


Something tells me you posted this for reaction purpose.. here you go " OMG HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE IT.. OMG ... WHY BOTHER POSTING A COMMENT IF YOU LOVE NOTHING ABOUT IT" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THE HUMANITY..!!!!!!!!!!! ok there you go now you can continue being unhappy with everything

Splinter on Oct 23, 2014


Not really I'm just perplexed why somebody would do that. I'm plenty happy with many things . For example this trailer.

Matthew Sam Russell on Oct 23, 2014


Talking to goodfella dude lol, made a mistake on the reply

Splinter on Oct 24, 2014


I also didn't love the first one. I know that's an unpopular opinion to have but the writing and dialogue was terrible. Ultrons face looks cartoonish but I love James Spader. I hope Marvel chooses James Gunn for Avengers 3 because Guardians in my opinion was a better paced and directed movie.

Jason Savinon on Oct 23, 2014


You are spending a lot of time talking about a movie you don't care about, Captain hipster. You should prove your lack of faith in Marvel by avoiding any discussion about their movies in the future. in fact, if you killed yourself it would really show the rest of us how you are too cool for this filthy, inferior world.

Pugiron on Nov 8, 2014


I'm a hipster because I don't have the same opinion as you. You should go to school and learn the definition of the word hipster. I've been reading marvel comics for over 30 years. Last time I checked this is an opinion forum so my opinion is just as valuable as anyone else's. You need to grow up and realize that in this world people have different opinions about various subjects. To say I should kill myself over a comment about a movie shows your level of maturity and clearly shows your father should have worn a condom that night he impegnated your mother with you.

Jason Savinon on Nov 8, 2014


Meh..........looks just like the first. I'll still go watch it though...............eventually.

Rock n Rollllll on Oct 23, 2014


sure it does, buddy.

ColtNoir on Oct 23, 2014


Mostly all the same characters = all the same action

Rock n Rollllll on Oct 23, 2014


that's wildly untrue. the story is quite different so that means the outcome should be quite different. it in no way looks the same as the first Avengers simply because the characters are back. It should be no shock that all of the same Avengers would be back in an "Avengers" movie either.

ColtNoir on Oct 23, 2014


Never said anything about being shocked they're all back. Just stating the obvious - and thats that you'll get pretty much all the same action. Oooooo now Tony has a huge Iron Man to test against the likes of Hulk, sorry but thats just not that big a deal to me. A1 just seemed geared a little too much towards kids and i was not too impressed and this trailer didnt reveal all much different.Takes more than just cool CGI and cheesy lines for me. But hey im not totally anti-avengers, i'll still go watch it. I just wish they had added almost a whole new team by now to mix it up some.

Rock n Rollllll on Oct 23, 2014


You need to understand the plotline from the comics. There is a reason why Hulk has seemingly gone rogue. Scarlet Witch put a hex on him. The hulk storlyine should lead into the Planet Hulk and World War Hulk storylines. Ultron by the way is a VERY formidable villain

Sherlon on Oct 23, 2014


ignore R&R - he's a DC fanboy that HATES Marvel . His bias won't be moved ... As his bias is that he thinks ALL Marvel movies are geared to kids He knows who Ultron is .... The new team is coming , but you can't throw them in cold ( at least that's not the Plan ) , Every new hero/group will introduced in one movie , before a new hero/group gets their "standalone " in the Next movie

Dominic on Oct 24, 2014


HAHAHA oh man if everyone else has been seeing your endless rants of how you worship Marvel as if they're gods, they would totally ignore anything you have to say. I'm biased? No no sir, you are the biased one. Blinded so much by marvel's beautiful bright CGI that you fail to see all their imperfections. Run along troll before the sunlight hits you.

Rock n Rollllll on Oct 24, 2014


Well Rock, this should lead or coincide with the upcoming Civil War storyline. The plot gets messed up as Sony has rights to Spiderman and don't know whats up wit Fantastic 4 . Hence the reason why it cant f=go along with the actual books sometimes imho

Sherlon on Oct 24, 2014


Thats true.

Rock n Rollllll on Oct 24, 2014


u mean " That's true .. I am exaggerating my claim , a bit " .... No reply to Mr 6 ? also read my 1st reply i never said you DIDN'T know your Marvel . Just that you're biased about it , in a way that I am NOT about DC . More mad at DC management , than their scripters and heroes ...

Dominic on Oct 25, 2014


That's how it works, and shows that Marvel are DOING IT RIGHT. Why would they make everything for a fanbase they already have? That makes no sense–and would likely be boring. And I speak as a long-toothed comics fan. Yes, they have reached out to a wider audience. Just as they've reached out to new audiences constantly over the years with the comics and merch. It's a BUSINESS, not your life. "…nothing is in conjuction with how the comics are written" are amongst the dullest, whiniest words every to leave a comic fans lips. Have you forgotten that comic characters stories are revised constantly? Not forgetting the huge number of alternate, elseworlds, etc. stories. The basic threads are always there, but the details change–exactly as it is with these movies. New interpretations–in new mediums–are far more interesting than slavishly following what has already been.

Mister Six on Oct 24, 2014


you're the only one dealing with absolutes here ... but BTW it's not just Marvel AND it's not just comics that get their regular storylines changed .. So your another thing is an invalid criticism NOW ( it was more valid at the beginning of this love affair between Hollywood and CBs ) Other book/story adaptations are NEVER taken verbatim . From every genre ...( people love GofT and they still bitch about HBO changing Martin's threads ...) the CLOSEST one was Dune , and Hollywood still screwed that up by making the Baron a floating bag of pus .

Dominic on Oct 25, 2014


How stupid of them to appeal to most people instead of comics hispters like you and the three people you hang out with! Your superiority and devotion to comics is obviously worth more to them than the billion dollars this movie will make. I think your suicide is the only way you can clearly express how little you care for this movie. Anything else will fall short, so get right on that!

Pugiron on Nov 8, 2014


yeah, I totally agree...

shiboleth on Oct 26, 2014


Oh no, a hipster expresses a disdain for their movie! How will they be successful without you?!?

Pugiron on Nov 8, 2014


I was always wondering why does a robot need to move its mouth to speak?

Armitall on Oct 23, 2014


"Hey what song should we use?" "......... OOH! The one from Pinocchio!" "......what?" "Dude trust me on this its gonna freak you out!"

Josef Saltpeppaketchup Woods on Oct 23, 2014


"....When you Wish Upon a Star?" "No, dummy! The other one!" "Hi Diddle-Dee-Dee?" "Mmmm"

TheOct8pus on Oct 23, 2014


That sounds more like planet Earth than just a website.

avconsumer2 on Oct 23, 2014


Yup. Gonna watch that one.

avconsumer2 on Oct 23, 2014


Looks friggin awesome , i am stoked 🙂

Splinter on Oct 23, 2014


Aaron Taylor-Johnson has the screen presence of a grapefruit.

Richard Smith on Oct 23, 2014


I think he's Kick Ass!

Akirakorn on Oct 23, 2014


Only reason he's on screen so much is because girls and gay guys think he's hot. That's pretty much it really.

ali3000 on Oct 24, 2014


He's pretty terrible outside of Kick-Ass. Godzilla, as a whole, was bad and he might have been worse than the fact that you only see Godzilla for ~11 minutes...

ColtNoir on Oct 30, 2014


Ultron coating himself in Vibranium at :18 seconds?

Big R on Oct 23, 2014


This might be the first movie to gross a kagillion dollars.

mooreworthy on Oct 23, 2014


Watch this too 🙂 You may like this mash up of avengers age of ultron 🙂

2b619y0 on Oct 24, 2014


when you feel like a happy little child, you watch this. And, eventually, I'll do it too... Which is all that's good about it...

shiboleth on Oct 26, 2014


I love the smell of hipster tears in the morning.

Pugiron on Nov 8, 2014


whatever makes you happy...

shiboleth on Nov 8, 2014


These movies are starting to get very generic looking/sounding. Guess they will while the money keeps rolling in.

AwesomeWave on Oct 27, 2014


Your hipsterism is leaking all over the floor. Go be too cool for school somewhere else where the stink of your clove cigarettes won't offend real people.

Pugiron on Nov 8, 2014

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