Watch: Michael Bay's 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' Second Trailer

May 15, 2014
Source: Apple

Transformers: Age of Extinction Trailer

"This is not war… it's human extinction." Whoa! Paramount has unleashed the full-length theatrical trailer for Michael Bay's latest sequel, Transformers: Age of Extinction, throwing out Shia LaBeouf and giving us Mark Wahlberg to follow this time. In addition, Optimus is back, but it's the appearance of Grimlock, one of the Dinobots, that all the fans have been waiting for. There is tons and tons of footage in this covering the entire storyline this time, and it looks like a wild ride, but just as campy as Bay's last few movies. The action looks insane - he always seems to keep outdoing himself there, and that is what makes this worth watching more than anything. Fire this up and enjoy! "Gotta have faith, Prime…" "We need a new army."

Here's the second full theatrical trailer for Michael Bay's Transformers: Age of Extinction, from Apple:

Michael Bay is again directing Transformers 4, or Transformers: Age of Extinction, from a screenplay by Ehren Kruger, as his last film in the blockbuster series before handing the franchise off to another director. No plot details are known yet, but Bay says, "We start four years later and there’s a reason why we’re meeting a new cast. We keep the 'Transformers' the way they were. It’s just four years later. There’s a reason the Transformers are redesigned. We’re trying to broaden the franchise and give it more places to go." The new cast this time around includes Mark Wahlberg, T.J. Miller, Jack Reynor, Nicola Peltz, Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Grammer, Sophia Myles, Li Bingbing. Transformers: Age of Extinction hits June 27th this summer.

Transformers: Age of Extinction Poster

Above is the latest poster for the action sequel, starring Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz, T.J. Miller & Stanley Tucci.

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What a spectacle. And not in the best way.

DAVIDPD on May 15, 2014


At least that poster is better than the one for Dark of The Moon, looks better than the last two in my opinion.

Fidel Reyes on May 15, 2014


Holy shit! Wow. But how many times can they "destroy" earth?

DavideCoppola on May 15, 2014


love the Troll 2 reference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deconmpose on May 15, 2014


I wonder why their facial expression is getting more and more complicated, i mean the machinery.

Voucha on May 15, 2014


Better computers for the VFX artists?

Scopedog on May 15, 2014


A bit too much for me. lol.

Voucha on May 15, 2014


Good lord this looks awful. I'm all for a good action flick but I seriously don't get the love for Transformers. Machines riding machine dinosaurs? Ugh, stupid.

IamSlave on May 15, 2014


Im the odd ball here, I like what Im seeing.

Lin Group on May 15, 2014


No you are not, most people probably like the Transformers. But the internet is an echo chamber of haters.

Brian Sleider on May 15, 2014


Go to 1:44. Is that a Transformer smoking a cigar???? Sweet mother of God!!!

JP on May 15, 2014


so transformers have beards and smoke cigars now? what's next, do they take selfies and post them to instagram?

JP on May 15, 2014


They do, but only ironically because they have beards and smoke cigars, and only listen to vinyl and drink PBR.

Aj Meadows on May 15, 2014


Yeah. That's hipsterus prime...he turns into into a Peugeot

TheOct8pus on May 15, 2014


I've seen people comment the same thing about the cigar...and it's actually a bullet. But I agree with the beards and all the human facial characteristics. If they're suppose to be alien and without human contact until T1, wouldn't everyone's faces look more robotic and alien like optimus or bee's face.

JBrotsis on May 15, 2014


i normally hate scifi movies but the first tranformers were really funny, great giggles to them, this new one tranformer looks too serious. not sure i would enjoy it but i wait and see.

arthurcucumber on May 15, 2014


Outside of the insane looking action...everything else just seems so....meh.

Jorrell Mcdaniel on May 15, 2014


I don't get it...I hate Michael bay and his shitty movies. Shia Lebooof is the only thing I liked about this franchise and yet I think this looks pretty neat. Yet everyone hates this.

Jon Odishaw on May 15, 2014


Its cool to hate on things that are liked.

Brian Sleider on May 15, 2014


I'm looking forward to this, but why does Optimus keep getting his tail kicked?

EmagSamurai on May 15, 2014


I don't care what the haters say, Bay makes GREAT popcorn flicks. Heavy on the action light on character development and plot. Not every movies needs to be deep and layered. Some movies should just be action porn.

Brian Sleider on May 15, 2014


Who am I kidding, it looks like an awesome, mindless night out at the movies, just like the previous films. This isn't The Godfather, this isn't 2001: A Space Odyssey, this is Transformers. It wouldn't be wrong to aspire to something a bit more 'high brow' like The Dark Knight, or to try and be less 'dumb' in the spectacle like The Avengers or Avatar. But being awesome and huge is still enough to get me to buy a ticket. Someone below me said it best: Action porn.

Chris Groves on May 15, 2014


Yes, completely agree. Action porn at it's best!

David Diaz on May 15, 2014


That looked expensive.

Aj Meadows on May 15, 2014


How many movies can they make with the same plot points. "Have faith in us. We can be better. Sacrifice your whole race for our far less superior race. Stay on earth for some reason." I'm sure it will be neat. But it's nothing we haven't already seen.

Alex Williams on May 15, 2014



TheOct8pus on May 15, 2014


I'm seeing this movie for the Dinobots (because rarely do dinosaurs get featured in the movies). So with that said, there's suppose to be: grimlock, slug, snarl, strafe, scorn, slash, and slog. We all know Grimlock is going to be the star dinobot, but come on!...feature another dinobot in the trailer besides Strafe! Oh and PLEASE...let bumblebee f***ing talk in this movie!

JBrotsis on May 15, 2014


It looks so silly and over the top. I guess that isn't always bad but in the age where comicbook/cartoon movies are trying to go more realistic (Batman, Superman, etc.) it just feels a bit out of place

Eric Higgins-Freese on May 15, 2014


I'm not sure why all the hate but this is Michael Bay here and I have to credit him and the fact he's brought Transformers to life. That last shot with the Dinobot is worth the price of admission. We know what we're going to get here, be thankfully there is less Shia and Fox and more than likely stronger focus on the Bots. CAN'T WAIT!

Matthew on May 15, 2014


"We know what we're going to get here..." Exactly. I don't dislike Bay, but if people have a problem with his films they don't have to see them.

Scopedog on May 15, 2014


Right back at ya Dog

Tester on May 17, 2014


Bay sucks at directing action because he can't sit still and choose what to cut. Remember the end of the last one in Chicago. I'll take Pacific Rim and GODZILLA over this nonsense any day. Just make bad boys 3.

speedracer on May 15, 2014


But...hmmm...why do want Bad Boys 3 if Bay "sucks at directing action"? Just asking....but appreciate the shout-out to PACIFIC RIM!

Scopedog on May 15, 2014


Transformers on Robot Dinosaurs.....sold

Nadir Ahmed on May 15, 2014



Xerxexx on May 15, 2014


Totally ridiculous in the right way. Get yourself a coke and some popcorn and just enjoy this mindless thrillride. That's what it was made for...

Nash on May 15, 2014


Why would a transformer have a beard?!! WHY?!!!

Qrious on May 15, 2014


Alpha Trion had both a beard and mustache in G1. Just sayin :/

RobotProphet on May 15, 2014


I KNOW!!! It means all the others are freshly "shaven" then?

Qrious on May 15, 2014


Every one of you Dumbasses that are talking smack about Bay and the trailer are gonna go see this movie. Don't try to lie like your not gonna go...So STFU!!!

damndaddy1111 on May 15, 2014


Correction-Most of us dumbasses will probably wait 'til the "trial" version appears online and watch it then. And why do you care if we're talking smack?

Qrious on May 15, 2014


Either way as much smack as you guys keep talking you will see it. If the Haters hate Bay so much why the hell did they click the link to watch a Bay movie Trailer?.....Nothing better to do than to criticize something you could never do?

damndaddy1111 on May 15, 2014


Dang... fanboy! Stalk Bay much? You gotta SEE something first BEFORE you can praise it or criticize it. THAT'S WHY WE CLICKED IT. Who knows... one day we'll click on a Bay movie trailer and realize it's actually good. Shall thou deny us this right, too?

Qrious on May 15, 2014


So emotionally moved right now. Can't wait to see this--I don't think I can wait!

RobotProphet on May 15, 2014



W. on May 15, 2014


Michael Bay movies are fun when the camera focuses on different subjects from film to film. I can make a fun day out of watching The Rock, then Bad Boys II, then The Island, and finally Pain & Gain. But watching four Transformers movies is just tedium. I was really rooting for him to try some new directorial tricks and editing styles this time. Silly me.

txJM on May 15, 2014


Nice touch to start out with Optimus Prime as a cab over. It harkens back to the original Prime. The last scene reminded me of the Jesus on a raptor meme.

redtie on May 15, 2014


I'll watch it just to see T.J. Miller, but the action does look great and not as all over the place.

Zade_92 on May 21, 2014

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