Watch: Tom Cruise is at War Again in Full 'Edge of Tomorrow' Trailer

March 25, 2014
Source: Warner Bros.

Edge of Tomorrow

"How many times have we been here?" Tom Cruise has to die in order to win the war. That's what the new theatrical trailer for the action-packed sci-fi flick Edge of Tomorrow tell us as Cruise is forced to relive a battle that he only survived for five minutes to begin with. But with the knowledge that he can keep reliving this single moment in the war, we're betting he'll figure out how to live a lot longer, and he just might be able to save Emily Blunt too. Maybe it's just me, but I think this movie looks cool as hell. Has a Gears of War vibe to it, and I'm always a sucker for almost any film with a Groundhog Day spin on it. Watch below!

Here's the full trailer for Doug Liman's Edge of Tomorrow, originally from Warner Bros. Pictures:

Edge of Tomorrow is set in the distant future during war between a race of aliens called Mimics and the human race. A soldier fighting in a war with aliens finds himself caught in a time loop of his last day in the battle, though he becomes better skilled along the way. Tom Cruise plays Lt. Col. Bill Cage, an untrained and ill-equipped officer who is dropped "into what amounts to little more than a suicide mission," but gets stuck in a time loop on the same mission. Doug Liman (Go, Bourne Identity, Jumper) is directing. Warner Bros will release Edge of Tomorrow, formerly All You Need is Kill, in theaters everywhere June 6th this year. Follow updates on the viral Twitter account @EmbeddedUDF, posting as an embedded soldier in the war.

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Reader Feedback - 53 Comments


Not bad. Added to the 2014 watch list.

Gustav Minnie on Mar 25, 2014


'All You Need is Kill' sounds so much better than 'Edge of Tommorow'. That title is so generic.

Nadir Ahmed on Mar 25, 2014


Yeah, I wish they would have kept AYNIK, but....hell, still seeing the movie. Loved the book, and if they keep a fraction of it in the film, I'll be happy. (True story, though--some people hated the title "All You Need Is Kill" because they thought it was mocking the Beatles!)

Scopedog on Mar 25, 2014


Yeah, will definitely watch the film, the trailer looks amazing, and Emily Blunt seems to be playing a proper character, not an action film bimbo or damsel in distress.

Nadir Ahmed on Mar 26, 2014


Really do need to read the book before June lol..

T. Hakeem on Mar 26, 2014


Read it. It's short--only around 200 pages, but it's a fast read and a damned good one.

Scopedog on Mar 26, 2014


Still looks good.

Johnny Neat on Mar 25, 2014


Looks great!!

Scordatura on Mar 25, 2014


Source Code???? LIKE I LOVE Tom Cruise doing SCI-FI movies but really...LOL! 🙂

Frater Iacobus on Mar 25, 2014


Not _quite_ SOURCE CODE--it's based on a book that was published years before SC was released. It goes about the whole "reset" in a different way. Now, how that's handled in the film remains to be seen. But if you can, get your hands on the book, "All You Need Is Kill". It's a short but great read.

Scopedog on Mar 25, 2014


Every sci-fi medium has taken on this plot device. STAR TREK, TNG, DS9, STARGATE SG-1, SG ATLANTIS, THE X-FILES, FARSCAPE, SLIDERS, FRINGE all had an episode wherein a character looped for many years until they realized in order to break the cycle something drastic needed to occur.

DAVIDPD on Mar 25, 2014


Yup. I think there was even an episode of DOCTOR WHO (back in the Tom Baker years) that did this....but I'm not 100% sure, so I could be wrong!

Scopedog on Mar 26, 2014


Definite must see for me. Love the premise. Sounds like somehow they've gotten a power that the aliens have.

David Diaz on Mar 25, 2014


I am actually really excited to watch this! I'm just wondering how they're going to handle the whole time travel thing. LOL So, if either of them dies, EVERYTHING is reset? or one of them has to continue on with the lives/mission in that timeline.... Aghh, Timetraaveeellll!

Mufasa on Mar 25, 2014


Ned... Ryerson. "Needlenose Ned"? "Ned the Head"? C'mon, buddy.

bobby_drk on Mar 25, 2014


Come on now! How ridiculous does it have to get for people to come out of their slumber? This is complete nonsense. A raving mad lunatic midget man scientologist and people lack the moral decency to ignore this man and continue to make him rich and famous out of this pathetic need to be entertained? Shame, shame on you all if you pay money to see this dreck. And even more shame on you if you actually like it! Come on...wake up!

Guest on Mar 25, 2014


Blah, blah, know, you could save yourself the trouble of this apoplectic fit and just not watch or care about the film, you know?

Scopedog on Mar 25, 2014


I shall not watch nor care about the film, ya know? My only reply to you would be that waking up is hard to do and most don't want to hear about it. People don't want to wake up. If you wake up you see what's really going on. Cruise and movies like this are designed to keep you asleep. Do you want to stay asleep? If so ignore me and my apoplectic fit revealing the truth and go and enjoy Cruise and this silly ridiculous movie.

Guest on Mar 25, 2014


"Wake up"? So....what, you took the red pill or something? And how do you know that this movie's "silly"? Did you go forward into the future and see it already? Look, you don't like Cruise and you see some evil conspiracy behind this film and the actor himself. To each his own, I guess, but others would think that you're being a tad paranoid.

Scopedog on Mar 25, 2014


Nope, he didn't take the red pill. He is a troll. But one of the sophisticated kind. And you sir, are totally tangled in his web. Well done Bo.

Nash on Mar 25, 2014


Thanks Nash, even though your irony is misplaced. The tangled web is being spun by Cruise and the Scientologists and those that remain ignorant allow the web to grow. So well done to you, Nash. You and some of these other sleep walkers and entagnled and don't want to know about it. This troll label for someone speaking the truth is silly, trite and immature. Grow up!

Guest on Mar 25, 2014


Take your personal stuff elsewhere, this is a forum for discussion on movies. Not a place to grip about an actor's misplaced faith. This is why you are labelled a troll.

Steven on Mar 30, 2014


This is so immature and lacking of intelligence it's really not worth responding to, but out of respect to reply when engaged I'll so go ahead and waste my time. Who the heck are you to order me or anyone else about what to do or where to go? This is grade school playground nonsense. In the discussion of films an actor's personal stuff has a lot to do with the films they do and how they market them. As far as labeling someone a troll. What are you, five years old? From a place of intelligence the labeling of another is troll behavior itself. Can you follow that logic? Look, this issue was dead and over and you decided to jump into the fray with your control freak behavior. The question is what's your problem? Address that Steven. Trying to control others and their behaviors, especially mine, is not going to work. You should know better if you've any maturity. Quit acting like you're still playing in the sandbox and mind your own business. That'd be my advice, but then again, who the heck am I to hand out advice. Follow my drift? this is really kinda funny. Relax, man. Give up trying to control.

Guest on Mar 30, 2014


Lol you grip about people/me having control issues and yet here you are rudely telling people to wake up. This is a forum, I can pitch in anytime I wish until a thread is closed, that is the point of a forum. So if you read the logic into that your the one with a control issue. You should also get other the issue of being called a troll, and no it's not a playground insult but a standard label for someone on the internet being a jerk.

Steven on Mar 31, 2014


It's all in the eyes of the beholder, Steven, and for some reason you actually think what you think matters to me, or to anyone for that matter. You contradict yourself and continue to act like a child. It's playground mentality to label and call others names. Come on, man! Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me for chrissake! You see me rudely telling people to wake up. That's a typical response from a sleeping person. Look, I know I can't teach pigs to sing. It never works and only irritates the pig. You obviously don't want to wake up, but as to why you just had to jump into the fray is beyond me. It's just you opinion, Steven, as mine is mine. Get over it and move on. I shall not respond to you any more as I left the playground and the childish sandbox you're residing in while continuing to throw sand and childish labels and name calling a long time ago. This is a waste of time and you refuse to address the actual issue. Perhaps you should go sign up for some Scientology having some fun with you. Grow up and wake up, Steven. And now leave me alone. Your issues and your opinions have no interest to me. Can you handle that? Any response from you will only bring forth from me the delete button. Ah, the power of the internet. Nana nana nana've gone to your level....jeez!

Guest on Mar 31, 2014


Thank god....I thought I might have to read more of your trolling. Though, yes I would agree that the label of troll is a little childish, but it still stands as a recognised label for someone being rude to others and I think most people of sane disposition would see you ranting as such. Personally I don't care for people's religions and that goes for actors. It's not like everything he's done is great, as who could forget for example that dreadful Days of Thunder and that vampire film with Brad Pitt. I assume you've a personal reason to be so hatful, perhaps linked to Scientology, but you should pour hate on others or your as bad as a cult. I hope your not a Jehovah Witness with the call for people to Awake, as those that come to my door with the awake magazine are rather pleasant. Got to go and set my alarm clock.....

Steven on Mar 31, 2014


Well, I decided to reply to you after all. That is because I admire your ability to admit to the childish troll labeling. Not many people have that ability so hat's off to you. Look, Steven it is too bad you find my 'ranting' as you've label it not to your taste. The many people who know me know me as a very intelligent, very caring, very compassionate, and very aware and awake guy. I'll stick with their assessments of me rather than yours. Sorry. And no, I am not a Jehovah Witness...although I found that very funny. They can be annoying, I agree. No, my awakening and awareness falls more in the Eastern philosophy of ego death and truth realization. My comments on Mr. Cruise and his yammering his beliefs while marketing his films were geared towards the hope that people would wake up and see who they are supporting and embracing. There have been other discussions on this site dealing with this same subject, so I'm sorry my take and manner didn't fit into your level of acceptance. But hey, thanks for this last intelligent response. I acually appreciated it. Take care and beware of strange people ringing your door bell. I assure you I shall not be among

Guest on Mar 31, 2014



Steven on Mar 30, 2014


Well, Scopedog...I would think that any reasonable and intelligent person could view the trailer to this movie and see that it's quite silly. Come on, man. You are correct in that I do not like Cruise. I don't see some evil consipiracy behind this film. That's nonsense. However, with just a bit of research and inquiry one can see the truth about the cult he's a major member of and perhaps be a little more informed at who and what they are supporting and if they wish to continue to do so. I wish not to. As far as paranoid? That's the kind of accusation that enables the weird and perhaps quite evil cults and organizations like Scientoglogy to prosper and exist in the first place. So no, I am not paranoid as that is delusion and I am not deluded. Are you? Especially in these matters of which we are discussing? Or do you just choose to remain ignorant and lazy? Come on, Scopedog. The bad guy here ain't's Cruise. Don't let celebrity blind you to reality and the truth. Just saying. It's a silly movie, man. Regardless of Cruise and his idiotic beliefs and cult membership. If you can't see that there's no hope for you. I mean you no ill will. Just speaking the truth here...and that's the truth!

Guest on Mar 25, 2014


Are you as equally intolerant of other actors/directors faith or just Tom's? Will you be calling out other religions for activities such as genital mutilation of infants? Are you prepared to wail about Christianity, Judaism or Islam and their rather outdated practices or is Scientology the only belief that is deemed to be fair game?

Payne by name on Mar 25, 2014


Tom? You refer to him as Tom? Do you know the guy or are you just a victim of celebrity worship? Tom? Nothing to say to you. What I posted is the truth and sleeping people cannot handle the truth and attack those that shed light on the truth. Do with it as you will and ignore the darkness right under you nose.

Guest on Mar 25, 2014


Weak response if all you can pick up is me using his first name.

Payne by name on Mar 26, 2014


Weak? you didn't respond to your referring to him as Tom. Are you a Scientologist? It sounds like it. In regards to your question with regards to Christianity or Judaism or Islam I would feel the same if one of those nutbags carried on like Cruise did in his interview with Matt Lauer. However, none has in that manner. I would offer the same renderings of the right wing lunatic Fundamentalist Sarah Palin if that helps you. It's about seeing the truth of these so-called public figures and not being mesmerized by the celebrit and fame. But look, if you are a Scientologist you won't admit it and I'm wasting my time. Do as you will. Delusion is a heavy cloak and self deception is a strong position as it won't allow one to see that they are deceiving themselves about the reality around them. Our discussion is over Payne as I will ignore all further communication from you as you make no sense are not willing to live in the truth with me and present yourself honesty. My best wishes to you.

Guest on Mar 26, 2014


So I'm a scientologist because I disagree with you? Sounds like someone needs to add deluded fanaticism to their belief intolerance.

Payne by name on Mar 26, 2014


I can't resist one last time, Payne. You don't pay attention, or don't want to. I DID NOT say you were a Scientologist. I asked if you were and that you sounded like it. Pay attention, man. And, like Scientologists, you didn't answer the question! ARE YOU? This last reply again sounds like a typical Scientologist communication. This organization is 'deluded fanaticism' and what they do is project and accuse others of what they in fact are. Typical stuff. If you ain't a Scientologist you sure are good material for being one. But I think you already are such as referring to Cruise as Tom. I know a few of you guys and you all refer to him that way even if you've never laid eyes on him. He's a God in the cult and you all bow before him. Look, enough. He, as well as you, have a right to hold any belief you wish. Forget I said anything. It's not important. Go about your usual nonsense and try to forget I attempted to wake you up! Now go ahead and get in the last word. And as I said before...I wish you well....TOM too! lol....

Guest on Mar 27, 2014


Jesus just go away already! You don't like Cruise? Don't see his movies then. Stop crying about it

SkyNet300 on Mar 25, 2014


Thanks for your advice, Sky8Net as I won't see his movies. However, why did you enter the fray here? Why are you ordering me to go away? Do I not have the right to enter into conversation and render an opinion? I must confront you on your, to me, distorted perception as to my 'crying' about it? Really? You perceive my offering my opinion in an intelligent manner 'crying about it'? Where in the world did that come from, Sir? Were you not allowed to have an opinion as a child? Did your parents accuse you of 'crying about things' when you spoke out? I mean you no harm as these might be important questions for you to ask yourself as your reactions to my postings are what's important, not the postings themselves. And remember, you engaged me. And last, why engage me if you want me to go away? It doesn't make sense, SkyNet. Sorry that you got so upset at hearing the truth you obviously didn't want to hear, but that's on you. I wish you well, Sir.

Guest on Mar 26, 2014


What's up man!?

Xerxexx on Mar 26, 2014


Nothing much...:) Just hanging in there, as always!

Scopedog on Mar 26, 2014


hey Bo, I see the internet is back up and running in your mom's basement... good for you dude !!

Tester on Mar 25, 2014


My mom left this earthly horror show many years ago, my man! So, by your reply am I to take it that you will actually go see this movie and line the pockets of the mad scientologist lunatic's pocket? Shame, shame on you Tester. I'm laughing here, okay? It's all cool. All is well....

Guest on Mar 25, 2014


Gee, sounds like washing DC!

Stibbs11 on Apr 12, 2014


Respawn: The Movie

capitandelespacio on Mar 25, 2014


Its like the Matrix meets Elysium..

MisterBeasley on Mar 25, 2014


This couldn't be more Tom Cruise!

Robbie on Mar 25, 2014


Awesome! love to see Tom in running and battle

Бабак on Mar 25, 2014


I want it.

Quanah on Mar 25, 2014


This looks AMAZING!!!

SkyNet300 on Mar 25, 2014


I do really love this concept, and this is picky, but the apparent bog-standard marketing attempt is bothering me more than it usually would; the focus-group approved title change (from the much more awesome "All You Need Is Kill", to this blue/orange palette (a change from the awesome grey/red colour scheme of the earlier posters and promos)... so many unique things (in terms of marketing and promotion) could be explored in the run-in to June. But I digress... On the plus side, the rapport between Blunt & Cruise looks great. CGI looks great, and Blunt looks like such a badass!

T. Hakeem on Mar 26, 2014


Can you imagine... she was originally the front runner for playing the part of Black Widow in the Avengers series, but had to turn it down because of her contract work for Gulliver Travels. 🙁 She would have been awesome as Black Widow.

backwardsprogress on Mar 27, 2014


The Russos look like they've let more of her personality shine through in Cap 2, and I always liked Scarlett Johansson as Widow. But man, Emily Blunt would have epic!

T. Hakeem on Mar 29, 2014


Looks bad.

Guest on Mar 27, 2014


Looks bad... I want to see Tom play another role like Vincent in Collateral.

cobrazombie on Mar 27, 2014

Sorry, no commenting is allowed at this time.




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