Watch: UK Trailer for 'Monsters: Dark Continent' Heads into Combat

September 2, 2014

Monsters: Dark Continent

"Killin' martians, baby." The most recent trailer for Monsters: Dark Continent, the sequel to Godzilla director Gareth Edwards' breakthrough indie sensation, showed off the larger scale story at the center of the follow-up. Now we get to see even more action as we follow a group of soldiers tasked with taking down some of the creatures across the globe. Thankfully though, it doesn't seem like they've completely thrown out the character-driven angle that made the first film so great as there seem to be hints of drama akin to Zero Dark Thirty or Black Hawk Down. This actually looks pretty decent, so we hope it ends up in the US.

Here's the new UK trailer for Tom Green's Monsters: Dark Continent from Vertigo Films UK:

Monsters: Dark Continent is the sequel to Gareth Edwards' Monsters. Tom Green ("Misfits") makes his feature directorial debut with a script from Jay Basu. Johnny Harris (Welcome To The Punch), Sam Keeley (What Richard Did) and Joe Dempsie ("Game Of Thrones") star in the film which moves the action to  another Infected Zone, a U.S. military-dominated Middle East, where a soldier is looking for his lost comrade. Vertigo Films has slated the sequel for release in the United Kingdom on November November 28th, but there's no indication of when it might make its way to the United States. Stay tuned for anymore updates.

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I'm just worried about the CGI. Doesn't look all that great yet.

ListenToVinyl on Sep 2, 2014


oh you know those monsters who were just misunderstood aliens trying to make a life for themselves? yea now they are evil and must die.

Jon Odishaw on Sep 2, 2014


So this looks like a shitty Military drama with a coat of monster paint.

Brian Sleider on Sep 2, 2014


Reminds me of Godzilla....oh never mind

TheOct8pus on Sep 2, 2014



DAVIDPD on Sep 2, 2014


monsters is a classic for me because I didn't expect nothing from it, and it was well Balanced and caracter duiven. But the strangest thing is that this is not looking that bad, and it's got me curious! And besides that it can't be so bad as Godzilla with a epic production budget. What a waste of time and to think I must choose between Godzilla and X men, and I Made a Big mistake! X men days of the future past was the best of the series and with a running time of 2:30 never dull!

Avi on Sep 2, 2014


I thought Monsters was an ok movie. It really didn't see me on the whole "monsters" I was assuming the movie was going to be all about monsters and whatnot. Turned out to be mainly, 90% human story and the last 10 minutes you actually see alien life. Basically, if you go into that movie hoping to see sci fi creatures, you're wasting your time.

JBrotsis on Sep 2, 2014


Yeah. Essentially, the nice thing about MONSTERS was how little marketing was done for it. Kind of refreshing to see how surprise can make a film that much better.

DAVIDPD on Sep 2, 2014


I dont understand the hype for the first movie. I thought it was extremely boring and poorly written.

rolyjimenez on Sep 2, 2014


I was bored silly with the first one, I wanted MONSTERS!

Bill on Sep 2, 2014


Me too! I even gave Godzilla a chance and it was more of the same crap. I wasn't even entertained with the Monsters aspect of either film. I

rolyjimenez on Sep 2, 2014


Would it be too much to ask if in the trailer it showed the 'brown people' also fighting? Or do they just know to leave the monsters alone? This film could have been interesting but it just looks like a chest thumping guys coming to rescue other guys who they love (in a non-gay way). Seen it, done that. Was one of the guys from Hollyoaks(UK tv show)? He looked familiar.

random thoughts on Sep 2, 2014


LOL. Damn this look fucking cool. But I fear the film will be much worse than this trailer.

DAVIDPD on Sep 2, 2014


I'm down.

Xerxexx on Sep 2, 2014


This is what the first film should have been! Monsters and Godzilla was a big let down.

SkyNet300 on Sep 3, 2014


So boring

SkyNet300 on Sep 3, 2014


There were more monsters in that trailer than there were in the entire first film.

MattPeloquin on Sep 3, 2014

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